Enter the Spin Cycle
from Jill Badonsky

Hi ,
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Free Gas and Food  
Well, yes, free.. but let me explain..... it's Laughing Gas and Food for Thought.
But it IS free. Especially the gas.. 'cuse me.
I'm spinning the truth. Just a creative spin on reality to get your attention. Welcome to the spin cycle.
spinning the truth with a creative twist can leave us calmer, more content, and less cranky. Spinning reality doesn't mean it's not the truth, it means that turning the topic a bit to the right can illuminate where joy is possible even during a time when the world is sometimes not as easy as it used to be, or even when life is a bit unbalanced and rocking back and forth making a lot of noise.
When the outside world gets mean and prickly, all the more reason to tune into the inner world where peace and riches reside perpetually. The more you visit the creative resevoir inside you, the more accessible it is for both joy and difficulty - life's cycles.  There  have always been and always will be riches in our inner world. They are there now.

Spin This Way
You can either age yourself by getting sucked into the fears and media hype or you can do what makes good common sense in taking small steps wherever you can, and THEN chose to see, feel and experience the spin-within.  The truth is, we already have so much... clean water, paved roads, easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables, good friends and the ever expanding bliss of the creative mind (when you're using it).

The Spin-Within
During times like these, our inner life, namely creativity becomes even MORE important. Accessing our creative resourcefulness, engaging in the abundance of no-or low-cost creative expression that feed our souls, and choosing where we focus our attention will determine whether joy or anxiety is created in our lives. Focus your attention on what's going right, what's working, the comfort you are experiencing in this moment.. even if it's just for 15 seconds.   People who thrive during these times are the ones who use their creativity to find alternatives and shift to a perspective of exalting what's already present. 

Spin your dial 
  If you are frazzled right now, or just need the wisdom of a nurturing Muse, show up for the monthly free KMCC call which will talk more about  Creative Focus - Finding the Joy. September 16, 5 pm pacific, 8 pm eastern, midnight GMT.

Go on a Retreat
Create some memories and a connection to trust. Investing in yourself when it has to do with the creative process pays off beyond what you might imagine.  I'm living proof.. investing in my creativity has always led me down the right path and the last two years werre my best years yet.. even in the midst of what's happening externally.  We create our own reality in joy, health and finances.
You are invited to Jill and Mabel's Creativity  Retreat and Salon in Taos this coming January 13- 16, 2011 and/or July 17-22, 2011.
Make it a gift to yourself, bring a friend. This is a chance to get deep into the creative process in a magically creative place. To relax so the Muse surfaces and guides you back to your creative self or deeper into the one you already know.
The tools you learn will last long past the retreat. Just a few spots left.. this WILL fill.
Tell your friends or social group that you will bring back some creative ideas to share in a group experience  and have them each contribute $15, have a garage sale and get rid of the clutter, ask for it as a holiday gift. Trust that this is an investment in your higher self and will pay back in dividends. Let yourself be a camper again! Click here for more information.

Spin Your Own Magic
Become a Modern Day Muse Group Facilitator with Jill Badonsky and Janet Whitehead
You will go through the creaive journey yourself and then be equipped with step by step instructions on how to set-up, market and run Creativity Workshops
September 27 - December 6, 2010 click here to learn more.
The Muse is IN site..
The Spin Cycle
Spin Your Mind

Spin Your Brain.
Spin: A mysterious DJ is sent to a busy city block to mend a series of tragic events that occur in our everyday lives. Winner of 35 film festival awards worldwide. It's worth the 8 minutes and 15 seconds. Click here.

Get a haircut!! Spin your reality by listening to this audio with headphones. If you don't have any, go get some! It's amazing!  Click here.

Pop some bubblewrap to get rid of the stress .Click the simulator

As promised, Laughing Gas: I don't know what she's saying, but it's making me laugh.  Click here.

See if you can not laugh while watching this:
One way to do this is to quickly fill in unfinished sentences over and over, until you hit gold.
Pick one: Poetry is...; Collage is..; Writing is...; Music is.. ; The calm is...; Inside me is...; The garden is...;[You decide] is...
For me:
Poetry is breaking rules.
Poetry is a big yellow slide.
Poetry is a white roses and new shoes.
Poetry transports me out of the mundane and into the lavendar.
Poetry is a basketball game, a waterfall, a perfectly ripe papaya.
Poetry is never and always and black.
Poetry is sometimes transforming.
Poetry is vinyl, neon, rhythm and greens.
Poetry is haiku, verse, sonnet, Tom Waits.
Poetry is the day you feel better.
Poetry is a good cook making several dishes at once.
Poetry is running away without leaving home.
Poetry soothes, heals, entertains, maddens, scoffs, and buckles.
Poetry lifts my weary soul to a place where birds stare.
Poetry is you now spinning over to a pen and writing yourself.

Fiona Robyn: Spinning Stones

What is your creative passion?    
My passion is learning to pay better attention to whatever is around me - the  natural world, people, ordinary things.    

How did you cultivate it?  
I think writing encourages us to pay better attention - 'how do I describe that  hat? What exact colour is the sky?'. When I'm paying attention I feel more  connected, calmer, happier.    

What do you specialize in?
I would define myself as 'a writer', and that  includes the writing I do at my blogs (www.asmallstone.com and  http://plantingwords.blogspot.com) and the books I write - novels, poetry and  miscellaneous. There are themes that run through my work - but these may change  over time. Who knows? I write about what interests me.      

Where did you receive your formal training?   
I wrote poetry for a long time and went on many courses, received a lot of feedback  from my peers and read a lot of books about writing. I'd say that this has all  been important, but that even more important is READING a lot, WRITING a lot and  LISTENING CAREFULLY (to paraphrase Natalie Goldberg).     

Creative time of the day for you?    
The morning! If I don't write in the morning, I tend not to write. Although I can bribe myself to write poetry if I go to a cafe and eat cake.   

Do you have a mantra or motto? 
Umm... I have a few favourite quotes... I do like 'If you engage in travel, you  will arrive
," by Ibn Arabi.      

Key to your perseverance?  
I've always seen 'being published' as a long term project. I think a lot of it is  to do with luck. My approach has been to 'keep doing what I'm doing' in the  knowledge that it might take 5 years to get published, or 10 or 15. I also get a  great deal of pleasure/knowledge from the PROCESS of writing, so getting published  hasn't been my only goal. Having blogs and publishing a couple of books myself has  also helped me to be patient, as that gives my work an 'audience' without having to  rely on a publisher.    

Do you listen to music when you work?   
I sometimes listen to music when writing novels, depending on what my main  character likes - I listened to Johnny Cash when writing the second novel, as my  character Leonard loved Johnny Cash. I'm listening to a lot of Sigur Ros as I'm  writing my fourth novel.    

Best advice received?  
A lot of the things Anne Lammott says in 'Bird by Bird', a fantastic book. Over  the years I've absorbed advice from various sources, and I'm still absorbing!    Next big goal?    To give my three novels the best chance of being read that I can. And to finish my  next novel. And then there will probably be another one - we'll see!    

Creative spark?   
I don't know where it comes from. It just comes... Sometimes it doesn't, and that  means it's time for me to have a break and nourish my muse (by reading, looking at  art, being in nature, being still, talking with colleagues etc.)   

I know I've made it when ...?  

I've already made it. We all have. We are enough exactly as we are! And (as  Suzuki Shunryu might say) I still need a LOT of practice!   

Most favorite achievement?   
My deal with Snowbooks!   

How you get ideas ?   

Ideas for novels appear as characters. They just appear - when I've finished a  novel, a new character just pops up from nowhere, and I start getting to know them.  Poems and small stones appear from nowhere too, but usually when I'm looking at  something - a kind of'aha!'    

Where can  people see your work?   
My main site is at www.fionarobyn.com, and this has links to the books I have for  sale, my blogs and all the rest. I'd also encourage people to submit their own  small stones to my new site at http://ahandfulofstones.blogspot.com.   

Thank you for having me, Jill!
Thank you for gifting us with your words, Fiona.
Find Fiona here
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Finding Your Creative Joy: It's Your Turn
October 1-2, 2011
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This workshop focuses on three creatively empowering areas of life: INTUITION, SELF-LOVE, CREATIVITY. You will be gifted with tools that break through common blocks like low self-confidence, procrastination, perfectionism, distractions, self-sabotage and difficulty making time. Prairiewoods is a beautiful spiritual center and one of my favorite places to present.
Jill and Mabel's Creative Retreat and Salon in Taos, New Mexico!
January 17-  or July
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Creativity Crash Course
creativity crash course
A word pool is a group of randomly chosen words you begin with and add others to make prose or poetry or really whatever it wants to be. In the interest of poetic freedom: you don't have to use all of words and grammar, punctuation and even making sense is optional.

Be adventurous. Before you read the following peom, do your own word pool with these words: engulf, midnight, gesture, simmer, collect, morning, testify, electricity, actually, carry, argue, seven, handful, detective, size, hat, listen, scrawl, alley

The Morning and the New Day by Jill Badonsky
Read by Randy Herman

Morning peers like a periscope into the midnight
watching for the electric flashes of the new day.
The morning observes the new day wearing a hat
made of seven sun rays.
All the rays are the size of Africa.
The morning blinks.
The morning sees the new day arguing with yesterday
because yesterday forgot to take the garbage out
and has left muddy footprints on Wednesday's white carpet. 
As usual,
5 am brings the end of the argument
and then
yesterday and the new day make love.
Each argument results in the off-spring of an on-summer:
a periwinkle.
The new day is scrawled over the eastern horizon,
she collects small trumpet shells with long shadows,
and fading stars.
She listens to the stirring of the wind,
the flight of the great blue heron,
and then gestures to the morning to begin its handful of routines.
Morning is alive now with the new day
and simmers with contentment in the miracle of this perpetual return.
The morning delicately delivers the new day to noon.
But noon,
once again,
is out to lunch.
TAKE 40% off Your Next Unrealistic Expectation!!!!


Demand less of yourself and lower your expectations by 40% in your next creative endeavor* and notice how much easier it is to get started. Once you've started, practice and progress ensues and excellence just starts happening.
If you are a perfectionist you may not be starting at all because you're expecting too much.
Get over it. Do SOMETHING.. even if it's flawed, imperfect or downright disgusting  It is better than a perfect nothing. When you have something, it can be improved on. When you have nothing... it creates a vacuum for regret. (Don't make me get my flow charts out to explain this).
Lower the pressure, add compassion, and begin. Persevere.
* ( in addition to art, writing and music includes creating changes like weight loss, wellness, being less cranky, clearing clutter, and standing with good posture).
Find a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach to help guide you back... to yourself.
Void where prohibited by law. Not available in chartreuse. Mileage may vary. Change your shorts, change your life.
It lasts a lifetime.  Spin, spin, spin, there is a season to every purpose under heaven.

Bumper Car Girl : a painting by Jill Badonsky.
Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching is based on compassion, play, intuition, small steps, the non-linear honoring of being human, and other stuff like that which actually WORKS. We are Creativity Liberation Lovers
(R)2010  all rights reserved.. please link any use of this material to www.themuseisin.com and the Muses will put ideas under your pillow tonight and always.
Now go make stuff.
;) Love, Jill Badonsky, Muse Channeler
Creating Planet Consciousness
Tree of Compassion

Creative people have all sorts of power to create colors and beauty, music and poetry.

The earth is the ultimate creation of beauty. As we talk about abundance, just look at the abundance evident in the color green, the abundance of breath-taking majesty, the splendid sensuality of fruit, the health-promoting properties of vegetables.
The earth is worth a moment of reflection.
One way you can make a difference is by voting with your dollar.  Beam yourself here
for a list of companies that are actively making a green difference. Feed an Anirmal at a Shelter for Free EVERYDAY


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