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Mid-October 2010
What makes getting to your creativity easier?

Hi Creative Seekers, Lovers, and Loiterers,
Here are a few Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Test-Driven Sure-Fire Tools to Open the Door to Making Creativity Easier:
1. Small Question Asking the small question: "What makes getting to my creative passion easier?" When you continually ask a question like this without expecting an immediate answer... often you simply begin operating from the answer. Ask it while driving, showering,  standing in line or during car commercials (worth clicking on that one).
2. What Gets a Rise Out of You? If you have difficulty narrowing down what creative pursuit you want to get to, put all your ideas on index cards and then based on what raises your energy.. narrow it down to three. Stickers help. Pick one and just take a small step related to it. Being in action creates clarity. Sitting around just thinking about what you SHOULD start... creates acme... sort of.
3. However, daydreaming about being IN the process with a particular passion, experiencing the flow, feeling the bliss of the creative process take over so that the joy of discovery and the delight of being creative embraces you can be what we call "creative foreplay."  It gets you excited about going further... or for some of us, getting started.
4. A Habit Discipline is no longer a struggle when you've developed a habit and a habit develops by showing up for even as little as 5 minutes a day.. even if you compassionately allow yourself a day off here and there.
5. Have fun.. Why not make it fun? We can DO that. Ask, "How can I make it fun to start?" In fact, write a letter to yourself from your creative passion having it entice you back to being involved with it. That's kinda fun. Have an affair with your creative passion but practice safe creating.
6. Team up Synchronize your action either with a buddy who is working at the same time or gosh, hey.. why not a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach?
More fun at this link.

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da cover
Modern Day Muses:
Third Edition Expanded Edition
 More Art  & New Applications of the Muses
The Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard), Jill Badonsky, and Paula Verdu got together surreptitiously early last summer over triple-chocolafied helicopter cupcakes, under a cumulus cloud, and in between earthly gigs.
The Muse, Lull asked her to lower her voice.
Albert asked, “What breast?”
And Marge agreed with Audacity and took the first step.
So, now available to you is the THIRD bright and spangling edition of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard): 10 Guides to Creative Inspiration!!!
Champagne for everyone of course, but those who buy a copy in the next three days from  will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate (to the on-line vendor who sells gift certificates of your choice).. Barnes and Noble? Amazon? Dick Blick? Victoria Secret? Ace Hardware? Just send your Amazon receipt to by October 18, 2010 to be eligible.  Free color PDF of the Muse Map to all who send a receipt. Announcement will be made on the Kaizen-Muse Facebook page and directly to the winner on October 19.
The first edition of The Nine Modern Day Muses was published in 2003 by Penguin/Putnam’s Gotham division and not but two years later, the Muse Audacity  (she’s a mover and a shaker), demanded we buy the rights and republish it with more love. Well, Spills was in charge so, um, as much as we love Spills and the process, the second edition did not quite live up to the first.
Now the third edition is out with a Bea Silly touch-of-fun new illustrations, Albert’s new applications of creative principles, and something special from the rest of the Muses (which are 10 dynamic creative principles in the guise of nine Muses and a Bodyguard).
A Muse, for those of you who may be wondering, is a beacon of creative inspiration. In Greek mythology it was believed that when writers, poets, artists, and other creative people were inspired, it was because they were visited by a Muse.   Each of the nine Modern Day Muses presents solutions to any creative block you could possibly be encountering including procrastination, perfectionism, self-sabotage, distractions, fear, overwhelm, and a closet door that doesn’t seem to close all the way.
Here are reviews of the Third Edition from that wily bunch of Muses themselves:
Aha-phrodite, The Muse of Paying Attention:
“The new book has added FOUR whole new sections giving brilliant attention to essential newly identified needs of the modern day mortal now prescribing programs for:
  1. Getting through Perfectionism,
  2. Creativity for Agelessness,
  3. even The Use of Creativity with Yoga!”
Marge: “You forgot the section on Making Marketing Easier with the Muses.”
Aha-phrodite: “Oh thanks for paying attention, Marge.… Making Marketing Easier with the Muses (pssst: repeat advertising helps mortals pay more attention).”
Bea Silly, The Muse of Playfulness: (speaking from inside a Halloween costume made of cereal box tops, chicken wire, crepe paper, Slinkies ®, and a cooperative Dachshund named Dillinger):
“The new book seems to be a bunch more fun because of the colossal illustrations that I can color in with my new pack of glittery crayons… fun is an elixir for creative ideas. Ouch… chicken wire, down Dillinger, you silly dog!”


Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaches

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The Muse is IN website

Join Me in Taos for a Creative Retreat and Salon

January 13-16, 2011 and/or July 17- 21, 2011
Jill and Mabel's Creativity Retreat and Salon

Payment plans available
Life is short. Come to the Mabel-Luhan House in Taos in January or July to experience one of the most fulfilling ways to be alive: Creativity. With creativity expert, humorist, author and Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching founder, Jill Badonsky.
Creative Retreat and Salon means that one of the main reasons to be there will be to connect with your creative self through the generous solitary time provided. If you wish, you can bring that project your soul has been calling you to escape for awhile and focus on.  You can drink up the inspirational surroundings however you chose: photography, writing, painting, hiking, meditation, journaling.
There will also be morning and optional afternoon workshops that will inspire action and new ways of thinking.  In the evening we will share in discussion, laughter, sharing, and multimedia storytelling with Jill Badonsky in a "salon."
This all take place in a hotel where Georgia O’Keeffe,D.H. Lawrence, Ansel Adams, Martha Graham and Carl Jung used to go for creative inspiration.
If you go to the hotel site, it will show all the rooms taken. Your room is included in the cost and they are all taken, because we've reserved them. There's just a few spots left though, so sign up soon!  I can't wait to meet you!
Click here for more information
email Rae for questions:

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Be your alter ego for Halloween,
Jill-o-Lantern Badonsky
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