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Mary Aranas Yoga
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Mary Yoga ENews * Find Your Dharma * May 2013 * Issue #89 *

The Meaning Of Life

What is the secret of happiness? Well, I could be wrong of course; I am not yet a realized master. But like many others I am always asking that question, and the last time an answer made any sense to me, this is what I got.

The Chinese call it Dao or Tao*. Hindus call it Dharma. Christians call it Vocation* ("vocare" = Latin "to call").

*Albert Schweitzer said it: “I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”

Buddha got it. Jesus got it. What I observed in my mother's life was the sheer power, energy, and effortless joy that was hers whenever she was plugged into joyful service. My Yoga mentor Rachel Zinman's counsel ~ and mine ~ to new teachers nervous about teaching: "Choose to be of service."

*Frederick Buechner defined it: “Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world's deep need.”

*Stephen Cope's extremely readable book “The Great Work Of Your Life” presents Dharma as our key to happiness, then unearths from the classic Yoga text The Bhagavad Gita gems of Yogic wisdom for meeting Dharma in modern life.

Do you recall times and places when you knew you were plugged in, exactly where you were meant to be? These can be clues to your dharma, a path in whose service you may find lasting happiness.

For me, my moments are from motherhood, family, music, movement, words, beauty, nature, reverence, healing. From my soundings, I obtain clearer navigational guides for my journey. My heart is calm and less troubled by siren calls, so I am more free to soar in joyful dedicated service.

*Asterisked items are linked in right column.



Want Summer Restoring?

Save the date 8/24 for a possible Restorative Summer Cooler, a reprieve from too much summer gridlock, a rest to quiet the mind and body pre-Labor Day weekend.

Watch for postings; give me a shout if you want one; it is always hard to tell with the summer, if people are in the city and in the mood for a weekend chillout! TerraShield, a delicious doTerra aromatherapy blend that is grounding and naturally bug repelling, would be our scent gift if we put this one on the schedule!



Schedule At A Glance

June 7-9 Sizzling Spring: Power In Balance Weekend Retreat is sold out to an awesome & excited group. Possible fall retreat may happen late September if there is demand. Let me know!

My upcoming events seem to be all either in the AcroYoga or Restorative specialties!

See my website for full details and links on each event, and updates: eg, the 824 Summer Restorative if it happens!

6/7-9 Sizzling Spring Retreat
7/13 AcroYoga 101 Workshop, NYC
8/10-11 NYC Summer AcroFest!
8/17-21*AcroYoga Elemental Immersion NY
8/31-9/4*AcroYoga Solar Immersion NY
9/28-10/1*AcroYoga Elemental Immersion, Salt Lake City, UT
10/25-27 Mother Mary Restorative TT L1
11/24-26, 11/29-12/1*AcroYoga Lunar Immersion NJ
*Assisting the 5-day AcroYoga Immersions

Weekly classes:
Pure Yoga New York ~x6
Om Factory Flight School ~x2



Photo Thank-You's

Thanks this issue for photography to: Yael Ben-Reuven, Charles Lee, Kristina Cubrilo, Michelle Velasquez, Om Factory & AcroYoga Flying Basics students, Brooklyn Boulders & Sunday Slackline Series students, The Africa Yoga Project, Back To Earth Artworks, and my iPhone 5 for my haircut self-portrait taken the day of my summer trim, last Saturday!



Forward; Reply; Privacy

Your Email privacy is sacred with me, as I value this monthly cyber sangha connection of community through our conjoined airspace. I do not share email lists, and I welcome you to Unsubscribe whenever you desire.

You may of course, also Forward, or Reply. And if you received this ENews through someone's Forwarding it to you, you may Subscribe directly. This December marks my eighth year of ENewsletter chronicles. Privileged and delighted for your participation!



Om Shanti! From Me & Mine...

to you & yours .... Now, if we'd just get spring to actually grace us with her presence! Here is our fickle spring weather playing with us in May, en route between studios, cycling through Central Park, meeting up with my cycling thespian husband Raul.

Shalom! Peace! Namaste.
In loving service,


In This Issue:

The Meaning Of Life
Want Summer Restoring?
Schedule At A Glance
Photo Thank-You's
Forward; Reply; Privacy
Om Shanti! From Me & Mine...
More On Dao / Tao
Dr. Albert Schweitzer
The Reverend Buechner
Stephen Cope Books
Food Bank For NYC
Fruit Of My Labors

More On Dao / Tao

"The Way" in the East, origins, meanings, influences....



Dr. Albert Schweitzer

More memorable quotes than I'd realized originated with Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer, a doctor, theologian, musician, and philosopher. Including "everything happens for a reason"!

See some of his wise quotable words.



The Reverend Buechner

Frederick Buechner's an ordained minister whose life vocation is actually that of an author; here he speaks on how he was called to be a writer and at the same time called to and informed by his ordained ministry, though he has never held a staff post in a church.



Stephen Cope Books

Stephen Cope directs the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living, dedicated to bringing Yoga to children, to patients, and their caregivers, among other projects.

Dr. Cope is a western trained psychotherapist and a practicing yogi, a classical pianist and a former professional modern and ballet dancer. Linked here is one man's review of Dr. Cope's books on the yoga path.



Food Bank For NYC

From time to time I highlight a favorite charity; this summer I'm struck by the statistic of hungry children residing in NYC: 1 out of 5 rely on emergency food relief. That's 20% of our neighbor children, folks!

Summertime is the hardest, as working parents must pay for childcare, and lose the free school breakfast and lunch programs. So much so, there is a special fund at Food Bank for NYC just for summer children's meals.

Won't you join me with a few latte or smoothie dollars toward a child's nutritional needs? We ARE the village.



Fruit Of My Labors

My son Raphael at his drama class scenework at LaGuardia Arts High School, presenting scenes from the classics. Here he is with his Moliere "School For Wives" scene partner, Maeve. When I consider my dharma, this is one of the merry pictures it swells my heart to see!


Buechner Video on Ministry
Food Bank For NYC
Om Factory NYC
Pure Yoga NYC
AcroYoga Official Site
YogaSlackers Site
AcroYoga NY Facebook
AcroYoga Immersions
My FB Yoga Page
My Website
Mary Aranas Yoga • 310 Lexington Avenue • NY, NY 10016 *
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