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Wisdom Of The Earth

Loving Nature!

In this issue:

Level I Classes

Some links


Our New Albanian Lavender

Acsension Rising Conference

Level I Classes


Siddiqa... Glen Mills, PA




Lisa/Craig... Citronelle, AL




Sam... Tesuque, NM




Marah... Fort Wayne, IN




Tresa... Greendale, WI




Holly... La Grange, IL




Audre... Arcata, CA




Audre... Santa Fe, NM




Lemia/Josh... Irvine, CA




Sam... Tesuque, NM




Marah... Page Springs, AZ




Dana... Traverse City, MI




Leslie... Fallbrook, CA




Leila... NYC, NY



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Some links

Feminine Spirit Vision This is a message in memory of Stuart Wilde who made his transition last month.  He rocked my world and changed my life in the early 90's.  His voice will be missed. 

Drunvalo Melchizedek... a 2013 conversation about Planet X and more. 

Here's the link to my Facebook page where I have posted the video of the dolphins jumping... Enjoy!!!

Dr Rauni Kilde...  "The Grande Dame of Consciousness"  This is long but very valuable to watch. I just love her and she has some great information to share. 




Barry and I just returned from a trip to Loreto Bay, Mexico.  The Sea of Cortez is teeming with life, and the land is wild and alive.  Not many people live in that part of the Baja peninsula, and there is not much to do except be with nature.  We had the opportunity to rent a powerboat to visit some of the smaller, uninhabited islands to snorkel. On the way to Dansanti Island, we passed a large pod of dolphins, but nothing could have prepared us for the trip back.  On the return, after playing in the water, snorkeling and swimming, we came upon a pair of black whales.  They were slapping their tails and diving deep into the water, the pair of them swimming in tandem.  I was in awe and felt so honored to watch this beautiful dance. We watched for a while and then they went on their way.  As if that wasn't exciting enough, our boat Capitan suddenly took off for something he saw ahead.  At first we couldn't make it out, but then before us, was a gigantic pod of dolphins.  Dolphins jumping everywhere!  A dolphin playground!  I ran to get my camera phone and my heart started racing.  I have never been in the presence of hundreds of dolphins before. The dolphins were racing the boat, crisscrossing beneath us and jumping all around us.  I couldn't snap fast enough and finally I heard a voice say to put down the camera and feel the vibration.

Hanging off the side of the boat I could see dolphins deep in the water as well.  The joyful vibration was overwhelming.  We felt as if we had entered another dimension.  

I felt as if I had been cleansed, totally unfettered and set free.  The holes in my veins, in my blood and in discarded pieces of myself came back to life as I breathed in this energy. Hundreds of dancing, singing, flying dolphins were chasing the floating motor log, communicating with us, showing us the way to love, to be in joy, to be light and in peace—beckoning us to look deeply into our souls, and to be set free.  

I share this with you today to remind you of the absolute beauty and joy of nature and all her children.  There are many species that communicate and want to express their love and peace for all life everywhere.  They are peaceful, fun-loving creatures, and we all deserve to live as they do: unfettered and free.  We cannot develop peace between us as a human species as long as we are in resonance with fear.  These dolphins certainly had a resonance of love.  I have included some pics and a video for you to enjoy.  Feel into it and get your own message.


With a deep reverence for Mother Earth and all her children,

Cynthia and the WOTE Folk                                                                               


Our New Albanian Lavender

We have a new and very powerful Lavender from Albania.  We call her “Wild Albania.”  She is sort of a cross between the Spike and Stoechas Lavenders. She reminds me of Provence when they are distilling the lavender and the whole town smells like it.  I have also found that this Lavender puts me to sleep.  If you know me, you know how sensitive I am to essences, and that most of them keep me up at night.  Not this baby!  She puts me into a stupor. For those who cannot sleep, I recommend that you try her.  Then let me know if it works for you. "Wild Albanian Lavender personifies the height, width, depth and breath of what this deva does so well--She grounds you in 3D Divine Love, then propels you upward through the 4,5,6, and 7 Dimensional layers of Divine Love.  She abides in the zone we call Ecstasy." ~ Barry Kapp

Acsension Rising Conference

I have been invited to speak at the “Ascension Rising Conference” on June 21-23, 2013 at the Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona, AZ.  I will be representing WOTE and the voice of the Earth Mother, speaking about how to use essences to aid in the Ascension process, as well as allowing the energies of the feminine to be honored and integrated at this time. This is a new venture for me to be speaking publicly with such notables as James Gilliland, Sierra Neblina and Meg Benedicte.  

I am in the process of putting the talk together and getting over my fear. Amazing how fear pops up when you least expect it.  I gather that it is my ego in the way of my heart service.  When I am in correct alignment, my fear goes away. Thanks goodness for Laurel Leaf, that sweet little super hero. She lets me know it’s going to be just fine.  Especially if I let my heart speak. 

Meanwhile, here is the link for the conference.  Maybe you will be able to join us? Sierra’s quite the Braided Walk-In Galactic Princess.  Being in her presence is always enlightening.  And I am sure James will have lots to say about ET's and Ascension. 

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