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Mary Aranas Yoga
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Mary Yoga ENews  *  June 2014
Life, Growth, Change * Issue #102
Photo: courtesy Tamar Melen
Urban Mystic
You may have figured by now, if you know my ENews, or if you know my classes, or if you know me, Yoga is just a name for the ongoing urban mystic path that I'm on. And isn't it a wonderful path! It's the dance of the inner and outer life, that acknowledges what the Buddha said: life is change. Well ok he said life is suffering; what he meant though ~ life is suffering because we humans cling to the idea of permanence. And life flows, constantly, so either we suffer or we flow gracefully on the stream, like a leaf upon a moving river. 
No Buddhist scholar, I: just a girl who loved Steppenwolf's Siddhartha (the author, not the band; the book, not the movie ~ though nothing against the band or the movie). And loved the entire Narnia series by C.S.Lewis, particularly the image of Aslan's mountain, which you reach at the end of the ocean at the edge of the world. And there, everyone who has nobly borne all life, and all change, lives on in that exalted land, healed of all scars or injury ~ at the age where they were the most truly themselves in their lifetime, whatever it may be.

We wander far inward and outward in life to breathe the air from Aslan's mountain. Love, achievement, effort, nature, beauty, all give us a whiff of it. Yoga, yes: truly, I do seek it in Yoga, and seek to give it in Yoga. The taste of that mountain air, whether you are on your mat in your hometown, or wandering farther afield, may you seek it, may you remember it, may you drink it deep.
Weekend of Women

Our 5th Wagging Tail Yoga retreat June 6-8, Shining Shakti, was our 2nd Women's Weekend! What a fabulous group we were blessed with!

We were so thrilled to welcome several mothers and daughters - including my co-teacher & hostess Ora's daughter Hana Ramat, & daughter-in-law to-be, Nicole Silver. Plus, best friends, old friends, new friends, and our ever-growing ring of dear friends and networking yogini on our mutually life-transformative path!
Watch for our next Power In Balance retreat, in Fall, Winter, or Spring, as our schedules permit! To be on our early, first-notice mailing list, email me your interest. We typically send an early email invitation to our past guests before we open the retreats to the public, as we have limited space at our retreat house and center. 
View past retreat photo albums at my website or Facebook yoga page.
Two AcroYoga Festivals!
Summer in NYC includes our 3rd annual NYC AcroFestAug. 23-24, at the spectacular Circus Warehouse just one stop from Grand Central Station via #7 train to the Vernon-Jackson stop in Queens! Space will be capped ~ so sign up early to ensure you are in! All levels, multiple class times and multiple teachers; more than are listed! Si, yo tambien estoy! I will co-teach a Saturday morning All Levels class, called "Sweet 'N Low-Down": a partner stretch, Thai massage, partner therapeutics class with our own talented and gracious Linda Mittel of Om Factory's Wednesday evening Thai & Fly classes.

Fall in USA includes the 5th annual Divine Play AcroYoga Festival, October 10-12, the largest gathering of AcroYoga teachers and practitioners on the planet! Join yogis, Thai ninjas, acrobatics afficionados the world over: all levels, multiple class times, at an amazing venue in downtown Portland, with fabulous vendors, awesome music, untold surprises, sheer adventure galore! I will be co-teaching two classes: Intermediate "Elves Flying Elves" with Millissa Greenwood from Saskatoon, and All Levels "Intuitive Bodywork" with Lesley Kennedy from New York City! See 2013 video! Early bird just to July 1st, so grab that today if you've been thinking about it!
Mary's Schedule Snapshot
Direct from my web page, my summer schedule:
Upcoming Jams/Festivals:
July 7-20 ~ Wanderlust Lake Tahoe, CA ~ assist YogaSlackers
Aug 1 ~ AcroYoga JAM 9:30-11:30 ~ Fashion District 
Aug 23-24 ~ 3rd Annual NYC AcroFest ~ Circus Warehouse, NY
Pure Yoga New York Yoga Classes:
Monday ~ 10:30-12:00 Slow Flow Meditation, Pure East
Tuesday ~ 12:30-1:30 Restorative, Pure East
Thursday ~ 11:00-12:30 YinYang, Pure West
Thursday ~ 5:30-6:30 Vinyasa 1/2, Pure East
Friday  ~ 10:30-12:00 Chakra Slow Flow, Pure West
Friday ~ 5:30-6:30 Restorative, Pure East
Om Factory AcroYoga Classes & Jams:
1st Mon/month~5:30-7 Solar (Acrobatics) Open Level ~ USQ 
1st Mon/month~7:15-8:30 Lunar (Therapeutics) Basics ~ USQ
Fri~ 7:30-9:15 AcroYoga Flow Open Level ~ Fashion District 
1st & 3rd Fri/month~ 9:30-11:30 AcroYoga JAM ~ Fashion District 
Private Sessions by Appointment at Pure Yoga/your/my house:
*AcroYoga  *Thai Yoga  *Restorative  *Yoga Nidra Meditation
Logo & Photos: Thanks
Thanks, Janel DuRoss, for my new dancing M&Om logo, at the top of the ENewsletter!
Thanks to my great photographer friends   for their photos:
AcroYoga, Tyler Blank, John Thomas Suhar, Tamar Melen, Noli DeVera, all my pretty pals! ~ Thanks! xoxo
In this issue:
Go A-Wandering

Wanderlust Vermont Music & Yoga Festival June 19-22 at Stratton Mountain was a delicious 4-day weekend of enjoying nature, music, friends, Yoga, art, and assisting AcroYoga. 

Thus, when Wanderlust Lake Tahoe called for more YogaSlacker teacher assistants, I checked my iCal and said ~ Ok Squaw Valley July 17-20, here I come!

Even if you are not hopping on a plane or taking a car trip anytime soon for a 4-day escape, you can still join me for the 1-day Wanderlust 108 Festival in Prospect ParkBrooklyn, NY! Sat., Sept 13. Check it! 
There are 3 ticket prices including Free, but you do need to register. Yes, I will be there, flying, and flying you and your friends!
Path of the Infinite

My beautiful baby boy is off to Purchase College in August. And I could not be prouder if I'd written a best-seller or premiered a smash hit on Broadway.
My nose crinkles although my tongue is firmly in my cheek when I say baby; it was only yesterday I cradled this babe. And he lets me say it ~ because one of his many terrific talents is his great philosopher's gift of irony.

And I stand in awe, as I did in those first weeks of motherhood, with just this huge "wow" that I was any part of this creative feat.
I link here Kahlil Gibran's marvelous words on children, that I read to my Mother's Day's workshop guests.
Enjoy ~ bows and arrows!
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Happy Wonders & Wanders to you all in the coming sizzling month! Happy July 1st and 4th to my Canadian and American families!
Mary Aranas Yoga  •  310 Lexington Avenue  •  NY, NY 10016
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