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 The View from Here. . .
  March 2015
What Energy are You Living In? 
Every moment of every day, we establish the energy (the vibration) that surrounds us. We do it either consciously or unconsciously, and we do it in many ways. Remember Pig Pen, the character in the Peanuts cartoon who literally walked around in a constant cloud of dirt and dust? That’s what we do, except the cloud is our energy field, the dirt and dust are our negative (low vibration) thoughts and emotions, and the cloud is larger than, and envelops, our body. Some of the ways we create that cloud might surprise you.
Do you ever notice the “vanity plates” or personalized license plates on cars? Some of the meanings are obvious, and sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out what they mean. But what is the greater meaning of these personalized license plates?
Our cars are truly an expression and extension of ourselves in more ways than most of our possessions (except, perhaps, our home). We choose our cars carefully because, in some subtle and not-so-subtle ways (and conscious and not-so-conscious ways), the car we drive says a lot about us. The car we drive is like walking around with a sandwich sign that proclaims: I am a soccer mom, I am an executive, I am concerned about the environment, I am frugal, I am a rugged go-getter, I am important, I am (or wish I was!) James Bond. Many buy new cars every few years, not because they wear out so fast, but because they seemingly proclaim to the world who we are, and we want the world to think we are cool, on top of the latest trends and, perhaps, living large and wealthy (often wealthier than we really are).
Some have said that the condition of our car is a reflection of the condition in which we keep ourselves, our bodies, our homes, and, possibly, even our finances. If our car is generally dirty, unkempt, filled with fast food cartons and other trash, they say, then it is likely that some other part of our lives is unkempt and messy, as well.
When we choose a personalized license plate, we are expressing our creativity to the world, and we are also choosing—using a maximum of 6 or 7 letters—the energy that we will be driving around in. The energy of the word or saying expressed on the plate is the energy we bask in every time we get in the car and fire up the engine. We carry it with us wherever we go.
Some of the messages on license plates are inspiring or uplifting, like MOV4WRD, JOYOUS, INGRACE, LIVENOW, MENTOR, PER4MNZ, or MAGIC. Some identify a person’s job (which is fine, if the person wants to stay in that job): ASISTNT, DOCTOR, REALTOR, PILOT. Some express what we care about, like PETLUVR or GRANPA7. And some make you wonder if the person really wants to constantly energize what is on their tags: WAS HIS on a Mercedes convertible might indicate continued gloating after a divorce, but also keep her stuck in that conflict; MAN-UP might indicate someone who fears being a wimp; LOST might preclude being found; and DETHTRP on a VW Bug might indicate a death wish.
The same goes for tee shirts. You have to wonder sometimes if people actually read the slogans on their tee shirts before they walk out of the house in them. Again, they are walking around in the energy expressed on their clothing. Companies give tee shirts away to employees and customers to get free advertising, but do the customers who wear them really want to advertise for those companies? And some of the “clever” phrases don’t seem quite so clever when you think about marinating all day long in that energy: “Sarcasm is just another service I offer,” “Old and Tired,” “I’m With Stupid,” “My Get Up and Go Got Up and Went,” “Over the Hill.”  Clever? Or something else?
Consider walking around in a tee shirt that says “Almost Famous.” On one hand, it carries the energy of ambition, of “I’m almost there.” On the other hand, the continual energy of “almost” means that the goal is never achieved. The Universe is like the heroine of those hilarious children’s books by Peggy Parish, Amelia Bedelia, and takes things literally. If we label ourselves “Old and Tired,” “Over the Hill,” or “Almost Famous,” the Universe will believe us and bring things into our lives that will prove it to be true.
There are so many ways that we create the energy we walk around in, and so many ways we identify, define, and limit ourselves; and sometimes we do it consciously, and sometimes, unconsciously. Like poor Pig Pen, we cannot see the energy we are creating and establishing, but it is there, nevertheless, and it is potent. It affects us on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level, and it sends out a wave of magnetic energy that attracts people and situations that vibrate at the same level.
What are some other ways we set up the energy we walk around in? We “dress for success” or we dress to be cool—or we dress to show we don’t care. How we dress does not just affect the first impression we make, it carries an energy. If we put ourselves in debt to dress a certain way to impress, the outfit may be trendy, but the energy may be that of “I’m not really good enough.” If we make the most of ourselves on a budget, we may be less chic, but walk in the energy of self-esteem. Much depends on the motivation behind what we’re doing, for example, trying to be trendy even if the fashions don’t reflect our personality or look good on us, versus confidently setting our own style.
Our mindset and attention set our energy, too. We hold on to grudges for past offenses and we walk around with a chip on our shoulder, literally stewing in resentment and anger—and we wonder why we keep finding friends who betray us. We focus our attention on all the horrible things that we see happening in the world, and we walk around in fear and despair, angrily or fearfully filling our energy field with the idea that the world is not safe, and other people are violent and not to be trusted—and then we wonder why we get ripped off or have our car stolen. We wake up in the morning and start thinking about all the things we hate about our jobs—and we cannot fathom how or why it keeps getting worse! Or we dwell on all the things we just love in our lives—and we walk around in grace, as the Universe serves up even more wonderful things to love!
In her amazing book, My Stroke of Insight, brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor talks about how she became sensitive to other people’s energies and, out of self-protection, she started demanding that people take responsibility for the energy they were bringing into her room. Her story is amazing, about how she observed herself having a stroke and the insights she had during the actual experience and her recovery about who we really are. You can find her book and the video of her TED Talk on her website.
Not only does this energy that we walk around in serve as the raw material to create more of the same in our lives, it also affects those around us, whether we or they are consciously aware of it or not (and most of us are not). Yet, we have all known people who enter a room and light it up; people to whom others naturally gravitate, as if to bask in their energies and presence. And we’ve all known people who enter a room and lower the vibration to such an extent that people suddenly start leaving en masse (and those who remain start feeling depressed or unwell). We’ve all known people who are somehow able to create such a strong and agitated vibrational field that they literally pull us into their drama and, as if we have suddenly landed in quick sand, we have great difficulty pulling ourselves out.
Jill Bolte Taylor is right. We all need to take responsibility for the energy that we take into a room. We all need to take responsibility for the energy that we are choosing to marinate (or wallow) in. And sometimes that means walking away from people or situations that affect us negatively or, as we said in the 60s, “bring us down” and "bum us out."
We have entered the time of magical manifestation. Our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions (aka our energy field) are creating faster and faster. What we have in our lives is what we have created so far, and if we want something different, we have to change our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. If we create unconsciously, without change, we get more of the same. But when we take conscious control of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, we become awakened conscious creators.
And that is what we are all here now to do: to recognize Who We Really Are—divine, powerful creators—and to take charge of ourselves and our lives, follow our passion, start creating with conscious intent, and steer ourselves to our greatest joy and abundance.
So when you wake up every morning, set your intention and choose the energy you want to walk around in all day. And notice the difference! 
Who Is Ellyn Dye?

I am an Intuitive Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Reconnective Healing® practitioner, and Practical Mystic.  A Near-Death Experience (NDE) in 1985 expanded my psychic abilities and created a link with some very loving—and humorous—Guardians of humanity and the ancient wisdom, who gave me a huge amount of information about life and the evolution of mankind. I bring this knowledge and connection to my clients and audiences, along with over 30 years’ accumulated wisdom and understanding of metaphysics, life on earth, and Who We Really Are.
I am the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key—an adventure about believing in yourself and the power of Love; and I am currently writing a new book, Creating Heaven on Earth... One Soul at a Time; A How-To Manual from the Perspective of a Near-Death Experience.
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In this issue:
Renewal and Rebirth—
on Steroids!
Happy Equinox! Happy time of renewal and rebirth! We get this every year, as the sun enters Aries, which is traditionally the first sign of the zodiac, the time of the balance of night and day, the time of endings and new beginnings.
This year, we are experiencing a time of rebirth and renewal like no other, a time that packs a “celestial whammy” that is hitting everyone on the planet. If you have been feeling like screaming, “Are we done yet?” (because the last couple of years have brought quite enough change, thank you very much) the answer (unfortunately) is a resounding NO! In fact, we may actually just be really starting in earnest! 
The week of March 15-21 has been touted as the most (astrologically speaking) energy-packed week of the year, and probably of the decade. And these powerful energies of renewal, rebirth, and transformation do not mark an end to change; they mark a new beginning of new beginnings.
So, what’s going on? First, on Monday the 16th, we had the 7th and final exact square of Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn) in the series that started in June 2012. Again, this does not mean the end of the transformation these two planets are forcing us into. It may just mean that the deep internal transformation that we all went through will begin manifesting in the external world.
If we look back at the conjunction of these two planets in the 1960s, we see that the actual astrological conjunction ended in 1967, and that’s when all the big, external uproar really started. (For more on that, check out the article, Are We There Yet? (No.) in the September/October issue of Tunnel Vision).
Remember that Pluto in Capricorn deals with large institutions (government, banking, medicine and health care, education, etc.) and the concentration of power, and the last time we had Pluto in Capricorn, we experienced the American and French Revolutions. Uranus in Aries represents our identity, the urge for freedom, rebellion, revolution, sudden change, “aha moments,” and “I want it NOW.” So we can expect some BIG changes in the next few years.
That final Uranus/Pluto square certainly set the tone for the week. Then, on Friday, March 20, we got a triple whammy: a Super New Moon (when the moon is closest to the earth and exerts a stronger influence) in the last degree of Pisces (the very end of the zodiac and astrological year), and a total Solar Eclipse. This potent configuration was followed closely by another: the Sun moved into the zero point of Aries (the first degree of the astrological year), giving us the Equinox.
Eclipses and Equinoxes always exert a strong influence on humans, and this week we got both on the same day! These are the energies of endings, new beginnings, and rebirth—on steroids! This is a time when we can all rise from our own ashes like the Phoenix, if we can muster the vision and the courage to do it.
If you’ve been feeling off-kilter this week, feeling exhausted (yet maybe unable to sleep), slightly out of your body and/or ungrounded, irritable and thin-skinned, head-achy and nauseated, you are not alone. Some people are becoming very sensitive to these huge energy blasts from the planets. It will pass as you acclimate to the energies.
Remember to use these energies, to go with the flow, and take advantage of the boost they will be giving us for quite some time. If you have a project, a line of study or enquiry, or a lifestyle change that you want to start, now is the time to do it. The Universe really has our backs right now, if we are willing to start something new or make a change. It helps a lot if we are pursuing our passion, following our bliss, and doing what makes our heart sing. If there was ever a time to claim our freedom and our voice, it’s now!
These energies are setting the stage for great things to come. We have really entered the time of Magic, and any seeds we plant will grow to beautiful fruition and bloom beyond our wildest dreams. There is no such thing as a “pipe dream” at this point, so follow that old, sage advice, and be careful what you wish for.. because you will probably get it!
The key is to dream BIG and take action NOW! Get your hands in the dirt and plant those seeds for the new life you have been longing for, the life that is filled with love, joy, health, peace, and abundance. And KNOW in your heart that it can be yours!
Need Some Help Navigating the Waves of Change?
These are the best of times and the worst of times! Humans hate going through change, and we usually resist like crazy, even when we are undergoing changes that we want. And resistance only makes it all much harder!
If you need help navigating these waves of change, stepping into Who You Really Are, and making some of the difficult choices that often come with that, check out my Intuitive Life Coaching services on my website.
With my knowledge of the times of Shift that we are experiencing, and the perspective and wisdom I gained from my Near-Death Experience, I can help you understand what you're going through, where you're headed, and how to get there with as much joy and ease as possible.
On My Website. . .
Here's what you'll find on my website,
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