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Mary Aranas Yoga
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* November 2015 * Dream A Little Dream *
Mary Yoga ENews * Issue #119
Thanksgiving Restorative Feast ~ Nov. 21
This Saturday, 3-5PM at Pure Yoga Eastside, come indulge in a 2-hour Thanksgiving Restorative Yoga Feast for your senses.
My Mother Mary style of restorative treatment is like a magic bullet drenched with luxurious, simple, yet profound restful yoga postures on bolsters and blankets, served up with loving nurturing touch, soothing music and meditations, aromatherapy, and sounds and visualizations that balance your chakras.
My team of 4 assistants and I look forward to tuning your chakras for the Thanksgiving and holiday season. I will not have another one of these until Valentine's 2015. A little take-away aromatherapy gift for each guest, and a 10% donation to Food Bank for NYC, are included in this gift you give to yourself. 
Members and Non-Members welcome, no experience required. But spaces will fill up, so pre-registration is highly recommended.
Integration of Life
The word Integrity comes from the latin root integer ~ from a subject not my strength in school ~ integer in math means a whole number. That is, one piece, not fractions, not compartmentalized or segmented. One piece. One peace. A dream for each of us. A dream for the world. 
For me: My 5+ decades encompass so many delightful areas, each with their own kingdoms of people, philosophy, pleasures, that the challenge of being whole and not fragmented is to encompass everything, own everything, and humbly, joyfully OWE everything my debt of pleasure and gratitude.
I authentically accept and embrace it all; I honestly own, and owe it all. And for the remaining decades in my century, I'm pleasure-bent on making memories with every moment. Every one of them as honest, as true and integral in intent as I can make them. Hold me to it! Remind me to be integral ~ whole. To be wholly present wherever I choose to be. Being present with myself, and with you.  Ommmmm.
Photo Thanks
Thanks this issue for photos to: Chris Loebsack, Michael St. Cole, Raul Aranas, Megan Kelley, Deven Sisler, Fabienne Moore, Linda Mittel, Pure Yoga Teacher Trainees 2014; and Janel DuRoss for my lovely dancing M logo!
Mary's Schedule
As usual through 2015, my teaching schedule is 4x a week at Pure Yoga Eastside, and 1x at Pure Westside, and AcroYoga weekly on Friday nights at Om Factory Fashion District, with Jams on the first Friday of each month.
For a quick glance at the dates, times & classes, see:
You will also see my upcoming retreats, workshops, Immersions, teacher trainings, & more.
I respect your privacy and do not share emails! 
Happiest of Thanksgivings!

Love, Mary

In this issue:
Thanksgiving Restorative Feast ~ Nov. 21
Integration of Life
Photo Thanks
Mary's Schedule

Mary Aranas Yoga  •  310 Lexington Avenue  •  NY, NY 10016

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