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The Indigenous Environmental Network
Click here to tell President Obama to #keepitintheground
We've joined with dozens of other organizations to push Obama on this during his last days in office.
We don’t know who’s going to be President next year, but we do know the current President wants to leave a lasting climate legacy.
Unfortunately, since President Obama took office, over 10 million acres of public lands and over 15 million acres of public offshore waters in the Gulf have been turned over to energy companies for fossil fuel extraction. This is outrageous. 
If President Obama wants his climate legacy to be taken seriously, he needs to apply a climate test to all new fossil fuel projects, lease sales, and energy policies. There is simply no room for new drilling if we want to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. 
From the front lines of the Dakota Access Pipeline to the sale of more leases in the Gulf of Mexico - to selling out our future allowing drilling on public lands.... Click here to add your voice and demand action. This is no time to sit around waiting for the next President to take over.
We need decisive action before President Obama leaves office and we need your help to send this message LOUD and CLEAR!
Sign and share!
Thank you!
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