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APRIL 27, 2017
Custody Rights in Same Sex Marriage
By:  Amy B. Egitton, Esq.
In 1991, the New York State Court of Appeals defined the term "parent" by excluding non-biological parties.  This excluded parent like figures who lacked biological or adoptive ties to a child from seeking custodial rights. 
When New York State Legislature passed the Marriage Equality Act, it created the persistent question as to what are the parental rights upon divorce to a child born of a same sex marriage where one party is the biological parent and the other is not. 

On August 30, 2016, the Court of Appeals drastically altered the 1991 rule of law. 
To learn more, click here [Custody Rights].
Disgruntled Employee Claims and the Importance of Record Keeping
By:  Chaim J. Jaffe, Esq.
Terminating an employee is always difficult and stopping a former employee from asserting an unsubstantiated claim cannot be prevented.  However, there are steps that an employer can take to maximize it success in defeating such claims. 
To learn more, click here [Disgruntled Employees].
Benefits of Employee Handbooks
By:  Daniel J. Fetter, Esq.
Generally speaking, employee handbooks describe the company's policies and procedures, defines employee expectations, specifies the employment relationship and informs employees of what they can (and cannot) expect as employees of the company. 

There are key benefits to implementing an employee handbook in the workplace.  To learn more about the benefits, click here [Employee Handbooks].
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