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November 2017 Newsletter
This Newsletter Goes to Over 20,000 Firearms Collectors,
Enthusiasts, Historians and Professionals Worldwide
Over 5500 Vintage Gun Catalogs, Books and Manuals from the 1840s to the 2000s 

Calls From The Wilds
Back issues: you can view the newsletter on our website. For a downloadable copy of our catalog of reprints or manuals this will take you there. Also, we have Interesting downloads at our website. Please forward this letter to your friends.
Last month's newsletter fizzled because of all sorts of new rules by browsers and the email nannies that sent a whole lot of them to the spam bins. So, if you didn't get the October newsletter here it is: October 2017. If you go to that newsletter, look for the interesting sites that track Ships, Aircraft and Lightning across the globe.
Here are some terrific suggestions for Christmas presents. 
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Harvest Festival
and, of course, the recent Guy Fawkes Day!


Russian Memorial for 9-11
The Teardrop, on the New Jersey coast near Bayonne is a 100 ft tall, 175-ton memorial to those who died on the city's blackest day. Its designer, Zurab Tsereteli – one of Russia's leading sculptors – went to Ground Zero after the attack. He was told boats and ferries had shuttled survivors across to New Jersey, where many of the victims had lived. In the far distance are the skyscrapers of Manhattan.  Around the base of The Teardrop are the names of all those who died on 9/11 – including 26 Russians.
tatoos on rap


Well, you see officer...

truck on bridge

Uh, windstorm?
ram on wire
East of San Francisco there are these houses on the cliff...
car on roof


Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead.. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me for the path is narrow. In fact, just leave me the heck alone.
Always remember you're unique. Just like everyone else.
Never test the depth of the water with both feet.
If you think nobody cares whether you're alive or dead, try missing a couple of payments.
Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.
If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.


Rob Mouat
UnloadingLast Month - Our daughter, her baby and husband Matt visited for a few days. The girls wanted to go shopping so I suggested that Matt and I take a two hour trip upstate to one of the magnificent Michigan ORV trails of which we boast over 3600 miles. The trails "up north" as we say are for various vehicles, UTEs, ATVs, Off Road Vehicles and snow mobiles. Down here we have loads of Rails to Trails walking and biking trails.
Matt and I loaded up "Tassie" our UTE and drove in heavy rain to within six miles of our destination when the rain stopped. We had a super two hour blast around the circuit at Gladwin interrupted only by a small mishap when we connected with a tree and broke the roof. We got another and Tassie is all ready for snow with the plow mounted.
After Matt went home to work, Perrin, baby Grady and Abby and I had a beautiful day at Greenfield Village where we took Grady on his first steam train ride. If you have not visited the Village or the Henry Ford Museum, this is a must see the next time you venture north.


AH Logo

Arms Heritage Magazine has developed an alphabetical index by patentee for all cartridge patents from 1848 through 1877.  This index includes the date of the patent and the patent number.  Using this listing, collectors and researchers can obtain full copies of any of the patents, including diagrams and text at the website Google Patents.  Copies can be downloaded, printed out or saved free of charge.
Since the document runs for seven pages, it is too large to include in the magazine proper.  Current subscribers can request and receive this index free of charge by sending an email to
Non-subscribers can purchase a printed copy of this index directly from Cornell Publications for $4.95 - Cartridges for Small Arms 1848-1878 Patent INDEX ONLY
A mere $19 gets you a year of new subscriptions but also access through the archives to 6 1/2 years of the best research and most interesting articles in the collector world. Check in at Arms Heritage Magazine
New Additions

Many thanks to Mike Blake in England and Rex Barber in Australia for lending us these wonderful titles to offer to you...


Letters From Readers
(Dear Abby) Hope you can help. Looking through your publication reprints, I see nothing for the Model 1889 Marlin. Do you reprint anything for that rifle? Thanks, Don Moeller
Hi Don, Our catalog jump from 1888 to 1897 an neither lists an 1889 rifle so I'm afraid I can't help, sorry. Cheers, Abby
Hello Abby, I am looking for a copy of an out of print book. Shooting and restoring the antique single shot rifle by Croft Barker. Thank you for your help. Kent Reichow
Hi Kent, We use Addall used books. Addall searches all the used book sites - good luck. Best, Abby
Hi Abby I'm interested in one of the catalogs; it is listed as Century International Arms 1993 Gun Catalog. However I was hoping a clearer picture of a page could be provided so I will be sure it is the correct catalog I am looking for based on the year. The sample picture shows one page on the top left of an "FAL Sporter" that I'd appreciate getting a better picture of. Thanks! ~Seth
Hi Seth, That is easy! Just click on the image and it gets much bigger! Best, Abby
Hi Abby, The larger picture isn’t very clear, I was hoping for at least some of the text to be legible but everything is blurred save for the cover page. (Seth)
Hi Seth, Sorry, but honestly the two of us just can't start sending individual pictures to all the people who ask to see "... just the page that...", at least for the price we sell our reprints. Best, Abby
Hello, I wanted to ask you if in all your yrs of doing these books have you ever come across any drawings that have measurement values Bprints for , gpmg, fnfal , thompson sterling smg, 1919 a1 and Bar 1918 I collect drawings , example the gpmg has been around since 1958 and same as the fn fal, in some time the prints of the drawings have to have been available. thanks Wade
Hi Wade, No, I am sorry. People have sent us blueprints and the like in the past but we just return them because we don't want to do large scale printing. Cheers, Rob  
(Dear Rob, re: Browning 1979 Gun Catalog) Are these reprinted catalogs folded into 8.5" x 11" ? Are the prices shown in the catalogs? Fortmorganmustang (eBay)
Dear fortmu… Due to the size of the catalog it is bound 8 1/2 x 11" (see the description and index in the ad). Browning chose not to include prices in this catalog We reprint over 100 Browning catalogs and manuals- some have prices. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Rob) Not much of a catalogue photos only (Sig 2003 P210 Catalog). I was expecting a complete catalogue. I own one of the pistols.I consider this a total rip off. Regards Michael

Hi Michael, We will happily give you a refund if you would like. But please remember we didn't write the catalog, Sig did, and they chose what to put in the piece. Also, we have sold 16 of them. We don't want to mislead anyone so if you can suggest how we could make the ad more clear please let us know. Also, please let me know if you want a refund. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Rob) Tell it like it is----photos only!!! And I do think a refund is in order. Regards Michael

Michael, I asked Abby to refund your payment. The Sig you bought has pictures but also specs of the guns and descriptions. Tell me, what information are you looking for, do you really need a manual? Cheers, Rob

(Dear Rob) Yes I guess I want to order some accessories etc. Thanks Michael

Hi Michael, I think then what you want is to go to the Sig website and either order there or request a current catalog of accessories. Ours are reprints of old catalogs and they would not be much help to find things available today. Also, a manual would probably not have accessories for sale. You want a new list and if you can't find one at their website, try a gunshop. Rob

(Dear Rob,  Re: Remington 1964 Gun Product Reference Manual). The 742 page is there a way I can see that page Geare81 (eBay)

Dear Geare… I'm awfully sorry but we just are not equipped to sell or dig out individual pages from our over 5500 publication inventory. Cheers, Rob

(Dear Rob) There's a book I'm looking for also. Remington Autoloading & Pump-action Rifles: A History of the Centerfire Models 760, 740, 742, 7400 & 7600

Dear Geare… Try Addall, Rob

(Dear Abby) Do you by chance have a Powell & Clement add from around September of 1891. I have a shotgun traced back to this company that was ordered September 25th 1891. Moyerjm (eBay)

Dear moyerjm… the closest we can come is: Powell and Clement 1896 -1897 Catalog (Cincinnati Ohio)

(Dear Abby,  re: Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Sequence of Take-Down and Assembly Operations)… Is this manual for assembly and disassembly of the 1957 Winchester Model 94, with complete parts diagrams and labeling?

Dear e2dm: This is the most complete and best detailed takedown and parts manual available, not sure what you mean by labeling. What are you trying to do? Abby
(Dear Abby) Disassemble, reblue and reassemble, while inspecting and replacing any parts if required

Dear e2dm- Yes, this is the book for you. Abby

email Rob or Abby  
Rants and Raves

RE: Feinwerkbau-Modell-300-S-etc-Air-Rifle-Manual

43 People have bought this manual from us on eBay and not one of them missed the many times we mention and discuss the fact that it is a reprint. Mr. XXXX who is a financial advisor in Canada and should be capable of reading the simple large type. He gave us a neutral rating on Ebay. I sent him the following note:

Dear Mr. XXXX, Abby and I work hard in our retirement to preserve old gun catalogs and manuals by offering reprints of them- over 5500 at last count. All the advertisements at Ebay say that what we offer is a reprint in a several places (see link below). Neutrals hurt us and we have had only two in the last year out of over 1500 sales; we even offer give a refund if you are disappointed in any way. So, if I send you and eBay request would you please check the box to change your feedback to positive? Thanks, Rob

He repled:

(Dear Rob) I’m sorry that you’re disappointed in your review. I was very disappointed to discover that the catalog was a reprint. I was going to give you a negative review until I re read your posting and saw you do state, it is a reprint. I felt you could have made it more prominent In the posting. I therefore changed  my review to neutral from negative. Because I felt I was at least partially responsible for not reading the posting  in great detail. That, said, I would suggest to you, that the title of your posting be “reprinted manuals” to avoid future disappointment. Darryl Craig

So I sent him a note that said:

Ok, Darryl, I get it. You missed reading the prominent 14 point type that says:

"New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper."

Then you missed the entire paragraph about quality:

"Quality: Our mission is to preserve old firearms catalogs at a reasonable price before they are all gone, but our reprints are NOT forgeries of originals, they are exact copies of the originals but not necessarily the exact size or on the original paper or with the original binding. Keep in mind that we reprint over 5500 different publications and each reprint necessarily reflects the quality of the original or copies we work from. Not all donors are perfect by any means... etc"

Then you missed the part about contacting the seller (ebay rule) before giving less than positive feedback:

"...We have over 40,000 happy customers from all over the world, but we cannot please everyone all the time, nevertheless we can put things right, even if the post office destroys your package. If you don't like what we send you or if it is trashed, tell us. Don't just give us bad feedback. Why? Because we will refund your money or replace your item for free (of course, we don't do that too often with the same customer) ... and the Ebay terms of use require you to let us try to fix your gripe! Also, a neutral feedback is not what it looks like, it is really a bad grade and hurts our sales which raises prices for everyone. Please leave POSITIVE feedback."

And in the end  you are being stubborn about not changing your inaccurate feedback! How fair is that? Rob

(Dear Rob) Well I guess I will have to change my review.. Does “f(redacted) you too” work for you? Darryl Craig

Dear Mr. XXXX, As a financial advisor I would have expected you to be able to at least read simple documents like the eBay advert that 43 other people had no trouble with or the some 40,000 customers we have who understand we sell over 5500 different reprints. And I would certainly have thought that you would have learned over the years to be a bit more civil. At your age people have usually learned how to admit when they make a mistake. Good day, Rob


The End.
Rob and Abby
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