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Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
eLitterae No. 147 December 2017
Donald Sprague, Executive Editor
In this issue:
Classics Tidbits
Classical Conferences and Meetings in 2018
Classics Exam Deadlines
Bolchazy-Carducci eBooks
B-C Roman Calendar
Links of Interest
Editor's Note
Ad multos annos!
ACTFL 2017 Report
Tech Tip
FREE Webinars
Resources & Teaching Tips
eLitterae Subscribers Special Discount
Classics Tidbits
From Ancient to Modern
The lakeside statue of Charitas provides a contrast to the Chicago skyline.

An Echo of Caesar?
Chicago's Theatre Wit features a cocktail Bibi Vidi Vici.

The Titanic Museum
The museum timeline about ocean exploration includes several references to the Greeks and Romans. One wall of the acclaimed museum includes the names and launch dates of other Star Line ships including the Doric and the Ionic both launched in 1883.

Hoy Polloi
Hoy Polloi: An Uncommon Gallery presents a fun play on words and an opportunity to teach a little Greek to your Latin students.
Classical Conferences and Meetings in 2018
2018 Conferences
SCS/AIA—Society for Classical Studies/Archaeological Institute of America
January 4–7, 2018
Boston Marriott: Copley Place
Boston, MA
Representatives: Allan Bolchazy, Bridget Dean, and Donald Sprague
CANE—Classical Association of New England
March 16–17, 2017
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI
Representative: Donald Sprague
CAMWS—Classical Association of the Middle West and South
April 11–14, 2018
Hotel Albuquerque at the invitation of the University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
Representatives: Bridget Dean and Donald Sprague
The 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies
May 10–13, 2018
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI
Representatives: Adam Velez and Laurel Draper
ACL—The American Classical League
71st Annual Institute
June 28–June 30, 2018
University of Montana
Missoula, MT
Representatives: Allan Bolchazy, Laurel Draper, and Donald Sprague
Classics Exam Deadlines
National Greek Exam
deadline: January 20, 2018
regular* administration: February 26–March 3, 2018
National Mythology Exam
deadline: January 15, 2018
administration: February 19–March 3, 2018
National Latin Exam
deadline: January 20, 2018
regular* administration: March 12–16, 2018
National Roman Civilization Exam
deadline: February 2, 2018
administration: February 7–March 9, 2018
National Latin Vocabulary Exam
deadline: February 2, 2018
administration: February 7–March 9, 2018
Exploratory Latin Exam
deadline: March 1, 2018
administration: October 1, 2017–April 1, 2018
Bernice L. Fox Classics Writing Contest
deadline: March 15, 2018 postmark

*check online for early administration dates.
Bolchazy-Carducci eBooks
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers provides eTextbooks on a variety of eBook platforms. Bolchazy-Carducci textbooks are available through VitalSource, GooglePlay, CheggRedShelf, Adams Book, Follett, MBSDirect Digital, and ESCO. Each eBook platform offers a variety of tools to enhance the learning process. eBooks have the same content as our traditional books in print.
eBooks are purchased from the eBook provider. For direct links to purchase Bolchazy-Carducci eTextbooks, visit the title's product page on Just above the product description there is a list of the eTextbook providers and a direct link to purchase the eTextbook. Some eBook providers sell directly to schools—check with your school to make these purchases.
You can read eBooks on a Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, or a variety of eReaders. Review the eBook providers specifications.
The eyeVocab software leverages human memory for distinctive affective images* presented in isolation to radically improve the speed, depth, and permanence of second language vocabulary acquisition. Images are drawn from classical art, both western and eastern, from photojournalism and historical photography, great book illustration, and other sources.
*Learn how images are chosen.

Far more than a set of electronic flashcards, the multimodal vocabulary program facilitates a significantly deeper learning and retention. Students will readily master the frequent Vergil and Caesar vocabulary for the AP® Latin Exam and thereby devote far more of their study time and energy to reading and discussing De Bello Gallico and the Aeneid.

eyeVocab programs correspond to the following B-C books.

Caesar: Selections from his Commentarii De Bello Gallico
(Mueller) (218 words)

Vergil’s Aeneid: Selected Readings from Books 1, 2, 4, and 6
(Boyd) (162 words)

Vergil’s Aeneid: Books I–VI
(Pharr) (292 words)

Latin for the New Millennium Level 1 (423 words)

Introductory rate for each of the AP® Latin programs is $14.95. The LNM 1 and LNM 2 introductory rate is $24.95 per program. For site licenses, contact Miles Becker at
Click on each title to learn more.
Apps - gWhiz!!!
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers has partnered with gWhiz Mobile LLC to develop Latin vocabulary apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
The apps correspond with the vocabulary in Vergil's Aeneid Selected Readings from Books 1, 2, 4, and 6, Caesar Selections from his Commentarii De Bello Gallico, Latin for the New Millennium Level 1, and Latin for the New Millennium Level 2.
Each app offers a free sample of ten words to try before you buy with an in app purchase option of $9.99. Click the links above to download the apps.
The Pompeiiana Newsletter created and edited by Bernard Barcio ran from 1974 through 2003. The newsletter offered a place for Latin students to publish comics, stories, games, and articles, and was a beloved resource for Latin teachers. In 2008, Barcio granted Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers the rights for all of the Pompeiiana Newsletter. B-C is proud to serve as curator for this archive and has made the issues available for teachers, students, and friends of the classics. Check out
B-C Roman Calendar
Each September, Bolchazy-Carducci mails its Roman Calendar to Latin teachers across the nation.  Watch for yours! If you're not on that mailing list, send a note TODAY to Put Roman Calendar in the subject line and provide us the USPS address to which you wish the calendar to be sent. The calendar is also available in a digital format.

Links of Interest
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Preview Bolchazy-Carducci titles before you purchase using Google Preview.

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iPodius - Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers online shop for: audio, software, video, and a treasure trove of teacher-created materials in the Agora.

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For instance, learn about the enhanced derivative coverage in the Second Edition.

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Editor's Note
Editor's Note
At this special time of year, all of us at Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers wish you and your family a happy holiday season.
As we look to the New Year, we wish you and yours much happiness.
May you and your students take satisfaction in a successful semester of study. May you build on that success in the second semester.
And we wish our president Marie Carducci Bolchazy a joy-filled and much deserved retirement in the New Year. Please see announcement below.
All best,
Ad multos annos!
Marie Carducci Bolchazy has been a formidable presence at Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers! Whether sharing cake in celebration of a colleague's birthday, asking insightful questions about a new book proposal, or promoting the Latin for the New Millennium series, Marie has sedulously sought the best. That best means fostering a "family feel" among her B-C colleagues and through B-C providing a special service to classics students and instructors across the United States.

Marie's formidable presence stretches back almost forty years to founding the company with her late husband, Lou Bolchazy, PhD. When she retired from a successful career as a reading and language arts specialist and coordinator, Marie joined B-C full time and thoroughly enjoyed overseeing marketing and promotion efforts as well as spearheading the effectiveness of a digital* Artes Latinae program for independent study and the homeschool community. Upon Lou's death five years ago, Marie assumed the company's leadership as president and, as she readies for retirement in January, she is pleased to leave a "well-oiled machine" staffed by a capable, committed, and conscientious team of colleagues whom she has encouraged, nurtured, and trained. Part of that training has been directed at managing editor Bridget Dean, PhD, who has been transitioning much of the past year in anticipation of becoming the company's new president when Marie retires in January.

Marie leaves Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers in a position of strength to serve the classics community. As chair of the board of directors, she will continue to provide inspiration and leadership for the company while enjoying a much deserved retirement.

The Bolchazy-Carducci family wishes Marie the very best pursuing her many interests from Rotary International to table tennis and tai chi to civic involvement and public engagement activities. Brava, good friend and nurturing boss. Ad multos annos!

*Editor's Note: B-C is in the process of again updating the digital version of this Latin textbook series.
ACTFL 2017 Report
Music City—Nashville, TN—drew over 6,000 world language teachers to the annual meeting of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language held November 16–19. Allan Bolchazy and Don Sprague staffed the Bolchazy-Carducci booth. Located alongside the American Classical League and National Latin Exam booth, the B-C book display drew a steady stream of Latin teachers whose presence at ACTFL continues to grow. Many department chairs and modern language teachers also stopped by to pick up materials for their Latin teacher colleagues back home.
Exhibiting at a conference like ACTFL means maximizing space!
Teachers demonstrated strong interest in the new titles, especially A Latin Picture Dictionary for Everyone and Word Mastery through Derivatives. The children's books Arbor Alma: The Giving Tree in Latin, the I am Reading Latin series and the I am Reading Latin Stories series readily sold out. With a state adoption coming up for Tennessee, interest in Latin for the New Millennium was strong.
Don gave a presentation on the Latin for the New Millennium program. Dawn LaFon of White Station High School in Memphis, TN, had planned to co-present providing a teacher's perspective on the series but a family emergency precluded her from doing so. So, instead of a Don and Dawn dialogue, Don presented solo while competing with a loud Spanish dance session. See below for a copy of Dawn's notes for the presentation.
The increased Latin teacher presence at ACTFL was echoed by the increase in presentations about Latin and delivered by Latin teachers. Don managed to take a break from the booth to attend Kelly Northrup's "No Time for a Project: 4 Quick Cross-Cultural Activities for Latin." For each of the four projects, Kelly asked attendees to break into small groups to discuss how each project might be used in their classrooms with their textbook series. Response to the presentation was resoundingly positive.
Enthusiastic attendee Sarah Mize of William Blount HS, Maryville, TN (left), meets with her high school Latin teacher Kelly Northrup of The Webb School, Bell Buckle, TN, following the latter’s talk.
Kudos to American Classical League executive director Sherwin Little who, in conjunction with the National Latin Exam, has established the tradition of hosting a reception for ACL members and Latin teachers at ACTFL. Saturday evening saw several dozen Latin teachers assemble at the Omni Hotel for noshes, libations, and camaraderie. This gathering is a terrific way to end the last full day of the conference. Next year ACTFL will let the good times roll in New Orleans. Join us!
Dawn LaFon's Notes for the Latin for the New Millennium Presentation

I teach grades 9–12 in a large urban high school with one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation. White Station High School is also the high school that, almost every year for the past twenty-eight, produces the most National Merit scholars in the state of Tennessee. The years that we haven't been first, we have been second but most years we are number one.

I teach both traditional and honors level courses and I teach all four levels of Latin from first year to AP Latin. I have taught from five different textbook series. Latin for the New Millennium is the text that allows me to meet the needs of all of my students from the Hispanic student who is dyslexic and English is his second language to the student who easily makes a 5 on the AP Latin exam. When the latter was told that he had to keep a journal in gym, he wrote it in Latin (to keep from being bored). The coach had to bring it to me to translate. The Latin was perfect.

LNM really is a perfect fusion of a reading comprehension text and a grammar/translation text. One of the reasons that we adopted LNM was because it introduces the passive voice and indirect statement early in Latin I. This allows me to concentrate on teaching challenging English grammar that helps students to develop translation skills for my class as well as mastery of English grammar that improves their writing skills in their other classes. I like how the grammar is sequenced making it easy to cover all the necessary grammar by the National Latin Exam in March.

I like that the vocabulary is divided into the reading vocabulary for the story and then the need to know vocabulary for the grammar in that chapter. It makes it very manageable for the students and is helpful in generating English derivatives from the Latin roots. 

Having the authentic stories in Latin I based on history and famous authors builds the foundation for going from adapted texts to unadapted texts. In Latin II, having the stories show the influence of Latin far beyond the classical period is truly inspired and makes students aware of the Latin connections in their other coursework— particularly science.  I can hardly wait for us to be able to adopt LNM 3. The selections are very often the ones that I have already added to my Latin III class to provide rigor and depth. The Caesar and Vergil passages are also the perfect ones for preparation for the AP Latin exam. 

The Vergil and Caesar texts for AP Latin are very well done and the notes are helpful in training the students in producing literal translations as well as developing the analytical skills needed for writing the AP Latin essay.

I appreciate all the support materials at Bolchazy. I use Latin Everywhere, Everyday for bell work. I use Rose Williams's witty tomes as a resource for my history notes.  I recommend them to you most highly.  

Dawn LaFon
White Station High School
Memphis, TN
Editor's Note: LaFon and her colleagues adopted Latin for the New Millennium in 2010. LaFon wrote the preface for Latin for the New Millennium, Level 2 and was a cheerleader encouraging B-C to produce a Level 3 for the Latin for the New Millennium series.
Tech Tip
In the weeks before final exams, I often find myself looking for additional practice opportunities for my students. Some of them need more vocabulary work, others need to practice forms and grammar structures, and still others want more practice with reading comprehension. is an interactive worksheet platform that is really easy to use to generate lots of different types of practice opportunities. Within a few minutes, using the web interface, teachers can create worksheets that contain many different types of questions and activities to share with students.
I find a couple of types of activities particularly useful. For example, I can upload an image and have students label that image with Latin words. Using the same process, I could also have students practice geography rather than vocabulary by uploading a map. My students have found the sorting activity beneficial. We've used it to practice various kinds of groupings—e.g., tense, voice, mood. For vocabulary practice, I like the matching activity. I input either synonym pairs or antonym pairs for students to practice with. The students have to click on the first word and drag a virtual string to connect it to its pair.
Giving students access to the worksheets simply requires sharing a link or code with them. also integrates nicely with Google Classroom, Microsoft OneNote, and other learning management systems. To try it for yourself, go to

Lynne West
Latin Teacher and Instructional Specialist
Bellarmine Jesuit College Prep
San Jose, CA
FREE Webinars
2018 Winter/Spring Webinars
We are in the process of finalizing the roster of webinars for the winter/spring. We look forward to welcoming you to another round of FREE professional development webinars. Attendees receive a certificate acknowledging their professional development participation.
This past fall, we were honored to host the following presenters and webinars.
Fall 2017 Bolchazy-Carducci Webinars

The Art of Translating Latin
Presenter: Robert Cape, Professor of Classics, Austin College, Texas
Honor Among Thieves: Craftsmen, Merchants, and Associations in Roman and Late Roman Egypt
Presenter: Phillip F. Venticinque, Associate Professor of Classics, Cornell College, Iowa
Implementing Latin for the New Millennium
Presenter: Bridget Dean, Managing Editor, Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
Latin for the New Millennium: Using the Aural/Oral Component
Presenter: Terence Tunberg, Professor of Classics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky
Special Workshop: eBooks
Presenter: Bridget Dean, Managing Editor, Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
If you have suggestions, please contact Don Sprague.

What Equipment Do I Need for B-C Webinars?
To participate in Bolchazy-Carducci Publisher sponsored webinars you will need high-speed internet access, computer speakers/headphones, current web browser, and the link to the webinar virtual meeting space, which is provided in your webinar invitation.
Webinars Make for User-Friendly Professional Development
Participation is free. All webinars provide opportunity for participants to ask questions. Learn lots—attend as many presentations as you can. Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers provides documentation for your participation. You can share this with your supervisors. Many webinar presenters provide handouts, etc.
On the occasion of ACTFL coming to Nashville, Montgomery Bell Academy hosted a special dinner for the Tennessee Classical Association. TCA's annual meeting includes the presentation of the Tennessee Latin Teacher of the Year Award. Congratulations to Reagan Ryder, who is in her ninth year teaching at White Station High School in Memphis and at East High School where she teaches Latin as a founding faculty of the T-STEM school. She has also taught online Latin for the Shelby County school system. Previously, Ryder has taught at the Maret School in the metropolitan DC area. Currently, this award-winning teacher serves as publicity director for the Tennessee Junior Classical League. Ryder earned a masters in curriculum and instruction from the University of Memphis and a BA in anthropology and classics from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. As an undergrad, she studied archaeology, classics, and Celtic studies for a year at University College Cork, Ireland.
The Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers team salutes Reagan Ryder, Tennessee Latin Teacher of the Year!
Resources & Teaching Tips
√ The Classical Temple

We are happy to recommend the newly published Roman Temple: A Story of its Origins and Construction by Jessie Craft, Latin teacher in Kernersville, NC. An enthusiastic proponent of employing Minecraft in the Latin classroom, Craft takes due pride in his reconstructions of the Roman world. Craft's richly illustrated text presents the development of the Roman temple from its Etruscan and Greek predecessors. Craft uses a narrative about the Augustan-age architect Vitruvius to present the history of Roman temple building.
We also recommend Craft's videos designed for CI/TPRS language activities in the Latin classroom. The videos use spoken Latin to introduce students to Roman architecture. Check out Divus Magister Craft.
√ Roman Britain
Check out archaeological evidence for Caesar's invasion of Britain and explore the role of the Britons in that invasion.
What's new in the classical world? Archaeology regularly brings us the "new"—an amazing tomb in Luxor, images of Baiae under the sea, and the newly restored Barberini tomb outside Rome.
√ New Perspectives on Ancient Material
Stephen Fry offers his unique retelling of ancient myth while Emily Wilson breaks ground as the first woman translator of the Odyssey.
Odysseus's adventures and the peoples he encounters provides engaging material for a study of "the other."
On another note, the Odyssey inspired a father and son's own odyssey.
√ Wild for Pompeii
Pompeii mania strikes Australian students. Be inspired!
√ Rome Meets Giraffe
Did Caesar realize he was following Alexander's example?
√ Greek Music
Following last month’s offerings about ancient music, listen to these Oxonians present ancient Greek music.
eLitterae Subscribers Special Discount
eLitterae Subscribers
Special 40% Discount
Contributor: Cynthia Kaladis
128 pages, ISBN: 978-0-86516-853-4 $24.00 $19.00 

Conducted by: Clayton Lein
CD with 12 Music Selections, ISBN: 978-0-86516-706-3 $25.00 $15.00  
A great resource for the Latin classroom!
A wonderful holiday present for a music lover!
This offer is valid for up to five(5)
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This offer expires 01/15/18.
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Offer is non-transferable and subject to change without notice.)
Enter coupon code eLit23b2017 on the payment page. The special offer pricing will be charged at checkout.

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