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 Alki UCC Weekly Messenger January 26, 2018
From the Pastor
What a rich experience we had last Sunday at the Muslim Association of Puget Sound. At least 30 of us from Alki UCC attended their Open House, along with folks from Fauntleroy UCC and about 150 other people from the area. We were greeted by these children as we arrived, got to tour the mosque in small groups, join in a portion of the afternoon prayers, learned about the basic tenets of Islam, and shared a meal.
I welcome every opportunity to learn more about other religions, but it is heartbreaking and infuriating that these gentle neighbors of ours feel such an urgency to explain their religion in response to the Islamaphobia that is so rampant today. As Moustafa Bayoumi wrote in The Nation this week, “To be Muslim and American in the age of Trump is to live in a state of constant dread.”
I hope our presence on Sunday helped to put a small chip in that dread. I hope they know that we treasure our common bond as children of Abraham. I hope they know that we will do whatever we can to counter all slanderous and inflammatory portrayals of their religion, and protect them from violence and vandalism. I hope that what I just said about us is really true.
The good news is that the alarming rise in Islamaphobic speech and actions in the last year has been deeply disturbing to many Americans of all stripes, and especially to Christians and Jews. We worship the same God, who has called us to the same ministry, described so simply by the prophet Micah — do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.
The community, and individuals in it, that I met on Sunday modeled that kind of life as well as you or I do, if not more so — and all while being the targets of persecution and misplaced fear that 99.9% of us in this congregation have never known.
So one of the most important things I learned last Sunday from our Muslim neighbors is that we have much to learn from our Muslim neighbors. How do we keep the conversation going?
 — Pastor Diane
Sacred Conversations on Race
Movie Night: Get Out
Wednesday, January 31 at 7:00 pm sharp
Alki UCC Parlor
At our last gathering we decided to watch the film “Get Out” together. On the surface it looks like a plain old horror movie, which is why a lot of us didn’t see it in the theaters.
Turns out it’s very much about racism, and has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture of 2017. The lead, Daniel Kaluuya, has been nominated for Best Actor.
We’ll meet in the church parlor. Feel free to arrive by 6:30 pm, and bring food to share. We’ll press “Play” at 7:00 pm sharp. The movie is 1 hour, 45 minutes, so we’ll have about 30 minutes for discussion after. Please RSVP to Pastor Diane so we know how many to plan for!
Mardi Gras Gala Update
Masks! Costumes! Prizes!
It’s going to be a wonderful night, as we have FUN raising money. This year, we have a photographer who will be capturing the evening in all its glitter and glory.
When you arrive, Annie will be on the lookout at our special photo spot. Get a formal shot before you spill food on your outfit. Later, she’ll work the crowd, hunting for those special candid shots that you’ll either love or hate later.
Based on the photos, there will be a lovely prize for BEST COSTUME!! We’ll also have a secondary prize for “really fabulous non-costume” or something vague like that, determined by our tiny panel of judges after we figure out what we’re looking for in that category.
The Deadline for Signup is Wednesday, January 31. 
Go to and click on the red Mardi Gras box. Or, this Sunday, we’ll have a table at coffee hour for help with registration, and you can also buy a mask (only $3) to start your prize-winning Mardi Gras look.
Contact any of us with questions; we’re happy to help:

Kathy Herigstad     Charlie Hinckley     Julia Peeler

(206) 769-4165      (206) 718-2574       (206) 595-2059

Mardi Gras Gala
A Benefit for Alki UCC

Saturday, February 10 at 5:30 pm
The Hall at Fauntleroy
Join the Party!

Berea Circle Toiletry Kit Donations Drive
for Camp Second Chance
Berea Circle is looking for personal items to make 52 toiletry kits — one for every resident of Camp Second Chance. We put 39 kits together at our last meeting and left with a wonderful feeling.
We will be meeting again on February 7 and would welcome your contributions of:
toothbrushes • toothpaste • shampoo • 
conditioner • soap • lotion • Q-tips • Kleenex packs • 
dental floss • chapstick • emery boards • sterile alcohol
pads • deodorant • razors.
Travel sizes are preferred when available.
Look for the Berea Circle/Camp Second Chance Donations Box in the entry on the next two Sundays. Thank you! — Vicky Smith
Seattle Women's March 2.0
January 20, 2018
Pink hats everywhere!!
Tens of thousands of people descended on the streets of Seattle to let the world know that Women’s Rights are Civil Rights. It was so inspiring being among those who believe that immigrants and their children are welcome in America.
People representing indigenous people, the environment, veterans, faith community, the homeless and so many more were there to show that America is for all people. Cheerful, angry, hopeful people filled the streets for several hours.

One clever sign read: "You know it’s bad when straight white men are protesting.” And there were a lot of men speaking out and wearing Pink Hats.
What a great day for Women, Seattle, and America. — Julia Peeler
It's Girl Scout Cookies Time!
Naomi Thomas is selling Girl Scout Cookies again this year, and will be Alki UCC this Sunday, January 28, to take orders.
In addition to favorites like Thin Mints, there is one gluten free option: the Toffee Tastics. AND there is only a limited run of the S’mores — so the best way to guarantee getting those is by pre-ordering them. You can also order online

Please consider supporting Naomi’s goal of selling 300 boxes!
Singing & Learning about American Music
Workshop at Admiral UCC
Honoring African American Vocal Traditions
Saturday, February 10, 1-4:30 pm
Admiral Church UCC, $10 donation

Led by Pamela Gerke, Admiral Church Choir Director
American music is deeply rooted in the musical traditions of African American culture. Through the joyful act of singing, we can embody the values embedded in these songs and gain greater understanding of how this music influences political and social struggle and creates community.
Register: or (206) 932-2928
Call for Volunteers!
DESC "Adopt an Apartment Day" Saturday, Feb 17
Thanks to your generosity, the Outreach team has funds to "adopt" three apartments in the Estelle, a newly-built 91-unit affordable housing complex on Rainier Avenue in Southeast Seattle. The Estelle is a project of DESC, the Downtown Emergency Service Center, a Settle nonprofit providing emergency shelter and survival services for people living in a state of chronic homelessness.
Now we need shoppers to purchase household goods and furnishings in time for the first Estelle residents to move in on "Adopt an Apartment Day," set for Saturday, February 17. Volunteers are also needed that day to help set up basic furniture/furnishings and then celebrate as this wonderful new facility becomes HOME for 91 vulnerable, formerly homeless adults!
Contact Cinda Stenger for further information or to sign up.
In Our Circle of Prayer
In Our Prayers:
Dayle Banks is home recovering from successful, and hopefully final, surgery on her foot.  
For those grieving the recent death of a loved one:
Don Peterson, Jeff Jolly & family, Gary Gesellchen, Charley Rosenberry, Lisa Doepken and her grandson's family, Russ Thornock, Jason Huynh, Trish Dodds, Cynthia Jolly, Julia Chase

Recent hospitalization, illness and other concerns:
Sue Morris, Mike Crowley, Linda Pillo, Sallie Neillie, Patty Magnuson’s brother, Shelley Webster, Jan Cochran

For home bound members/friends of Alki UCCRuth Okada, Doris Colbert 
Wider World:  All those affected by the devastating California mudslides and wildfires; victims and survivors of extremist violence around the world; victims and survivors of the devastation in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, the Caribbean, India and Bangladesh; prayers for fewer guns and for all victims of gun violence; the migrants seeking refuge around the world, and for those who are trying to help and serve them. The rest of the missing schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram, who remain in our hearts as long as they remain missing. The hungry and homeless, the ill and the addicted, the lost and the lonely; the unemployed; US officials and troops serving abroad.  
This Sunday, January 28
I’m following up on a thread from last Sunday’s children’s sermon when I told the story about how Jesus said children were the most important people in God’s kingdom. I told the kids they were the most important members of the church, and we applauded each one of them by name.
So church, what if we lived as if that were really true? — not in a cutesy “don’t we all love children” sort of way, but in how we live our lives now.
To be specific, I’m thinking about climate change.
 — Pastor Diane
The Week Ahead
Choir Rehearsal
 Sunday at 9:00 am
  & Church School
  Sunday at 10:00 am
"Honoring Choices"
  Advance Care Class   
  Sunday at 11:30 am
Board of Directors
  Tuesday at 6:30 pm
Choir Rehearsal
 Tuesday at 7:00 pm
Movie Night: “Get Out”
  Wednesday at 7:00 pm
"Honoring Choices NW" Class on Advance Care Planning at Alki UCC
Sunday, January 28
11:30 am
Amy Hitchens and Emily Hitchens, RN, MN, EdD will lead an informative session on advance directives, advance care planning and thinking ahead about what your wishes are if some unexpected health event or accident occurs.
Class attendance is limited to 12, so please RSVP with Emily Hitchens or the Church Office.
Both Amy and Emily are trained facilitators for Honoring Choices, which is sponsored by the Washington State Hospital Association and the Washington State Medical Association.
The session offers you increased knowledge about healthcare decision making, an opportunity to review or update your advance directive, and definitions on who is qualified to be your health care power of attorney in the event you cannot make decisions for yourself. The cost is $5.00 for newly updated materials/forms.
Get the Facts!
Joe Aprile Leads Two-Part Class on Climate Change
February 18 & 25 after worship

“Climate Change, in my estimation, is the most serious threat that humanity faces — far overshadowing all other concerns. This class seeks to counter the alarming cultural inclination to discount the value of science and scientific enquiry and to regard real data as suspect. Understanding the gravity of the issue is a necessary first step towards coming up with meaningful solutions.” 
— Joe Aprile

Part I: Sunday, Feb 18
A valuable overview of the science behind the climate changes that are occurring and that are expected to occur as a direct result of the accumulation of greenhouse gases generated from human activity.
Part II: Sunday, Feb 25
Current and extensive evidence for the reality of a changing climate — an accessible introduction to the body of scientific climate change evidence and the likely consequences of an unabated release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
You can sign up beginning Sunday after worship ... or contact Joe Aprile directly.
Save the Date!
Berea Circle
St. Patrick's Day Dinner
Saturday, March 17
Anderson Hall
More details later.
Tax Prep Discount
Dan Kennedy is a new marketing partner with H&R Block Advisors and he can give you a certificate that will give you 10% off the cost of your personal or business tax prep if you haven’t used them in the past year.
The offer is valid through April 10 of this year. Contact Dan for more information.
Alki UCC Board of Directors
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Emily Hitchens
Sandra Johnson
Dan Kennedy
Patty Magnuson

Scott Mathews
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(Voice but no vote)

Kristin Michael,

  Business Manager
Diane Darling, Pastor

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