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April 2018 Newsletter
For 12 years this newsletter has gone to more than 20,000 Firearms Collectors, Enthusiasts, Historians and Professionals Worldwide. We now reprint over 6000 Vintage Gun Catalogs, Books and Manuals from the 1840s to the 2000s 

Calls From The Wilds
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Can you help me identify this gun? Sondra Wade
Iver Johnson
IJ ad
Dear Sondra, The revolver is an Iver Johnson "style" Safety Hammerless Automatic Revolver which Iver Johnson made for over 40 years. The reason I say "style" is the hammerless area of the weapon. It appears to be either newly polished, new or a plate of some sort. I say plate because it appears to be screwed or pinned to the frame. All the Iver Johnson revolvers I've seen or which appear in our catalogs have no pin or plate, the hammerless area of the frame is actually part of the frame. Yours is odd. The grips have the Iver owl logo but the plate is a mystery. I suppose it is possible someone may have converted it to hammerless and made the plate or possible it is a copy made who knows where... interesting! Readers?



vitaminA Florida woman spent five months in jail on charges of drug trafficking because a police field test misidentified her vitamins as oxycodone. It took Rebecca Shaw's husband that long to come up with $5000 bail, and another seven months for a police crime lab to confirm the pills were vitamins.
 The Week


uhaulSo many people are moving away from the San Francisco Bay area, largely because of soaring housing costs, that renting a U-Haul for a one way trip from San Jose, Calif, to Las Vegas now costs roughly $2000 compared to just $100 for a truck coming in the other direction.

 The Week


Frist day on job

dog holster!
thanks to John Campbell


“I’ve had it with your silly remarks about my weight. I’m leaving you!”
“But honey, what about our child?”
“What child?!”
“Oh, so you’re not pregnant?”
“Darling, can I go out in this dress?”
“Yes dear, it’s already dark out.”
It’s been raining for days now and my husband seems very depressed by it.
He keeps standing by the window, staring. If it continues, I’m going to have to let him in.
A 60 year old millionaire is getting married and throws a big wedding reception.
His friends are quite jealous and in a quiet moment one of them asks him how did he land such a hot 23 year old beauty?
“Simple,” grins the millionaire, “I faked my age."
His friends are really amazed and ask him what he said.
"Well", he replied.  "I said I was 87
thanks to John Campbell


Hidden Beach
no worries
thanks to Chis Jones


 Is your life drab, boring? Your modest house just hum drum? Well, then, pick up the tempo, put some real bling in your life by buying this lovely home in exciting Detroit! I comes furnished and ready to impress your friends... check it out...
furnished house


This fellow’s letter has been widely circulated on the net and a lot of people have challenged his ideas. They have said things like, “You tell your kid to sit next to a loser to keep him from killing you?" Or, “Some people just want to be left alone, don’t bother them”, or “The guy keeps talking about a killer in every classroom, that is just not the case and to fester paranoia is a bad idea”.
We don’t pretend to know the answers but we can say that from what we’ve seen, the phone and so-called social media is a very bad mix with young people, especially the social "bottom half". We are both glad to be long past that stage!


New Additions

Many thanks to our friend Paul Breakey for these. We have a load more of his to put online and we owe him a nice lunch... soon!
Erma ESP-85A Competition Pistol
Rob Mouat

Austin Bombing Suspect, Mark Anthony Conditt, Left A Confession Before Standoff

Bombed car"The suspect had been traced to a hotel parking lot in Round Rock after the vehicle he was known to be driving was located. Police and federal agents soon swarmed around the hotel — where they waited for tactical backup, in the form of armored vehicles that might help them take the suspected bomber into custody "as safely as possible," Manley told reporters.
"While we were waiting for those vehicles to get here, much time had passed, and the vehicle started to drive away," Manley said. "We began following the vehicle, again waiting to get the tactical vehicles here so we could make a stop."
That's when the suspect's vehicle stopped in a ditch on the side of the busy road.
"As members of the Austin Police Department SWAT team approached the vehicle, the suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle, knocking one of our SWAT officers back. And one of our SWAT officers fired at the suspect, as well. The suspect is deceased and has significant injuries from a blast that occurred from detonating a bomb inside his vehicle."" 


Hello Rob; Re: March 2018 Newsletter. Our local police force has received an armored car (similar to the one below) from the man and, after painting it black and applying the requisite “Police” and “keep off” stickers, has armored cartaken to parking it at busy intersections. Showing off? Nope, intimidating the (law abiding) public. And I marvel at the uproar over snipers being stationed on roof tops in Egypt during the freedom movement uprisings and the silence over the snipers on rooftops following Ferguson, Missouri demonstrations. It seems due process is now a radio command to fire. I remember 1968 too well and Kent doesn’t mean cigarettes to me. Wayne Mattox
Hi Wayne, I riled up some emotions on both sides with that and will try to clarify it next month. I don't mind police having firepower, just don't flaunt it. In my opinion that just creates unnecessary barriers. Kent State is still fresh in my mind too, of course those were not police but rather kids serving in the National Guard who had been issued live ammo. They were all children, on both sides. How sad. Then again it is the children who go to war. I have a very different perspective on the military and the brass than from back in the days when I was flying for them. There would be few wars if old men were made to fight. Rob
(Dear Rob) You’re against “Riot Gear”? So what do cops do when people riot? You may wish for Sheriff Andy Taylor’s approach but not many riots happened in Mayberry as I recall. John Simpson 
Dear John, Thanks for your note. Please re-read the piece. The second sentence says: "While I grant that police must and should have weapons suitable to take on a well-armed "perp", public displays of heavily armed cops, I believe, are counterproductive and provocative."  
So while I support police having the necessary gear to face any situation it is unnecessary to wear it in parades where people only see combat troops and not friendly cops they can confide in during times of crisis. Combat gear, in my opinion, does not project an image of "Protect and Serve", rather it promotes a "Them and Us" mentality among those members of society who most need to be persuaded that police are to the enemy. Does that make sense? Cheers, Rob
Rob, That makes sense, but if you re-read the paragraph I was reacting to (you wrote-ed):  "I feel that in small town America we want to have policemen and women who are approachable by the public. Cops have a very hard job and, as you may have noticed, they tend to pull back and look at you skeptically when approached. I understand their reticence but I think today we have to do everything we can to bring the public closer to their defenders by dropping barriers, not building them. Tanks, riot gear, black commando-style clothing and big guns build barriers not lower them. Sure, police can have that gear just don’t flaunt it."

I’m sorry if I’m misunderstanding but that sounds like an argument against cops having much less wearing riot gear. You realize that riot gear is armor against rioters throwing things like bricks and bottles, right? Technically they are barriers but if you had to stand between rioters and they buildings they want to loot I think that you’d want a helmet and face shield for yourself. Or would you? Now if you’re saying that they shouldn’t parade in riot gear I’m all for that, but your piece didn’t make that clear in my reading of it.

You can understand my confusion when in one part you object to tanks in principle and in the other say it’s okay to have them just don’t parade with them. You’ll also have to clarify for me what you’re calling a “tank”. I’ve seen too many civilians who call anything with protective armor a “tank” with all that implies (treads, machine guns, a main gun and so on). John
John, Fair enough, I wasn't clear. My whole point is to lessen tension between police and the populace. I have absolutely no objection to a police officer wearing a bullet resistant vest, but a black flak jacket equipped with smoke bombs and other riot gear while on patrol or parade is too much, uncomfortable too! I'll clarify my message next month. Thanks for clearing my mind, I shouldn't write in haste and not reread it the next day. Cheers, Rob
OK, Let me be clear. I agree with John that in tactical situations police have a right to any gear deemed necessary to protect them and aid them in their job. I do not think it is right, proper or necessary to parade in that gear or, as Wane says above, to display armored vehicles around town when they are not being used for a tactical situation.
Rants and Raves
Hi, I ordered a book about Felix Sarasqueta's shotguns. I am very disappointed with the book. I wanted a book showing schematics, parts and information about Felixthe shotguns. How much they are worth and how to tell when it was made. The book I received has nothing but the product line which doesn't mean anything to me. I can't even tell which shotgun I purchased. It looks like a model 11e but I really can't tell. I'm not going to the trouble to send this book back. I will just consider the purchase a loss of my money. I am not being mean or unreasonable I was just expecting more for the amount I paid. Stan Rogers
Dear Stan, We reprint old gun catalogs and that is what you bought. Abby tries to help you make a decision before buying by listing an index of contents with each publication, We reprint over 6000 in all. Gun catalogs typically do not contain schematics of guns they manufacture and none have serial number and date of manufacture because they are usually made to help sell guns not yet produced. If you would like a refund for your purchase, please write back to Abby and ask her for one. She can take care of that next week when we return. Sincerely, Rob Mouat
Dear Mr. Kelley, I see you filed a claim for a refund with Paypal for the 1973 Weatherby catalog you ordered. Upon checking there were apparently two separate orders. One was shipped and you got that yesterday and the other was mailed separately. Cheers, Rob
(Dear Rob) I was limited to the options on Ebay where they don't even allow contact with you and that was the best choice offered. It was reported to me thru ebay that both were delivered. I just would like the catalog I WILL LOOK FOR IT TODAY Jeffrey
(Dear Rob) .. I received my mail today no 1973 i think you forgot to put it in the package Jeffrey
Dear Mr. Kelley, You got an empty package? I guess someone stole it then - I will send you another one tomorrow.... that is pretty rare - thanks heavens, Best, Abby
(Dear Abby) No I got the 1974 but you didn't include the 1973. Jeffrey
Dear Mr. Kelley, I hope you aren't talking about us because, of course, we have a phone number. That said we try to limit the number of calls we get because of what we do. Abby and I run this little business, during our retirement, all by ourselves to preserve firearms history. We print, bind and ship all the 6000 publications we offer and it is a big job; added to that we get hundreds of calls asking if we have "an exploded view of the workings of Hoffenloboer 1871 Multibarrel Cannon", "not the one made in Germany but the one made in Argentina under license from the Crest Co in Scotland".
So, for that reason we do, I confess, make it just a little work to find our number, but it is there if you need it: 810-225-3075. We will, however, be away visiting our daughter from tomorrow (Thursday) through Tuesday next week. I hope this explanation helps. Cheers, Rob
(Dear Rob & Abby) item # 4454 Weatherby Catalog 1973 was not in the paackage Jeffrey
Jeffrey - your Weatherby was delivered per the tracking notice.... eBay is ready to refund your money because the return request is still open - I will try to cancel it but I think you as the customer have to.. I am sorry about any more time spent on this purchase. Abby
(Dear Rob) Thank you very much .. I think now that i received the catalog it has become clear that I still don't know what I was suppose to get. I had received what is called the Weatherby Guide and the 1974 catalog. In your ad for the 1973 catalog you have a picture of the Weatherby Guide and next to it the 1973 catalog. Now i have 2 Weatherby Guides 1 1974 catalog and 0 1973 catalogs .. Is what you are calling in the ad the 1973 catalog actually The Weatherby Guide or am I still without the 1973 Catalog which is what i really wanted.
Weatherby no 18 imageDear Mr. Kelly, I am confused too so I asked Abby to refund your money for the Weatherby 1973 Fine Firearms Catalog No. 18 which they called a "Guide". From what we understood from your earlier note, we thought we had not sent you the correct item so we sent another.

The image you are looking at in the Ebay advertisement shows a picture of the front page to the left and the one to the right is an inside page, page 22, to be exact. There was no other large publication made by Weatherby for that year. We sent you two copies of the 1973 Weatherby catalog (or Guide as they called it). There is no other.

We can't send another because they are very, very expensive to print and we are already under water with this deal so we just decided to make the refund. I hope that is satisfactory to you. Best wishes, Rob Mouat
(Dear Rob) You know I don’t mind paying. I just thought there was a catalog for 1974 like the catalog you sent me for 1974.
readers... it went on from there, but you get the idea... To his credit, he did pay again for it after we refunded his first payment.

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Excerpt from: I Have This Gun with Mike Carrick from the  October 2016 Issue of Arms Heritage
Question: from John Thomas via the Internet just purchased the revolver shown in the two photos. The A’s are A on Revolverabout 3/8” high and have a serif. Somewhere I read about this mark, but I cannot remember where. Perhaps you can save my sanity. They are both sides of the frame and one is quit light. thanks, John Thomas (subscriber).    
Answer: I don’t know the meaning of the A on your Colt revolver. So, I passed your inquiry around to some Colt specialists. The summary of their comments is that it is most likely a personal mark of ownership. If it were some entity that issued a few Colts, it might have been A1, A2, A3, etc. It might relate to a brand of a cattle ranch, it could be just about anything. It A Alsojust might mean the gun belonged to some guy named Albert.            
I have a Colt SAA with an S (about the same size of your A) stamped on it, but that is known to be the mark of the Stembridge Gun Rental firm that supplied props to movie makers. Stembridge was famous, and maybe there was a smaller prop rental firm with a name beginning with A? You might try ordering a Colt factory letter. Generally they show shipped to a distributor, but once in a while they show shipped to a firm or person, and that might be a clue to your A. Can any of our readers help? Mike Carrick         
Read this and hundreds of other terrific articles in Arms Heritage Magazine. A year subscription costs a mere $19 and you can have access to this year plus all the last six years!
Letters From Readers
The Internet Browsers we all use to look at emails – Firefox, Edge, Opera etc – have all decided to truncate or cut off the bottoms of long emails. While there is a tiny note at the bottom allowing you to retrieve the rest of the email we decided to reduce the number of Letters from Readers to shorten this newsletter. Rob and Abby
Fecker c1939 Rifle Telescope Manual I just purchased a 1892 Winchester 25-20 rear barrel band and screw from you, why not include this item with the barrel band and screw. Robert Maerdian
Dear Robert, We don't sell gun parts. Rob
Dear Abby, Re: Old Guns and Other Stuff Newsletter for March 2018. Thanks I look forward to these!! Tom Burden
Hi Abby, Greetings from across ‘The Pond’. Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you once again for the excellent work you and Rob do. My most recent catalogue purchases are the 1903 Cogswell & Harrison and the 1907 Army & Navy Co-Operative Society Sporting Dept ones, both excellent reproductions of obviously very good condition originals. The Cogswell & Harrison I bought as I have a 1906 C& H ‘Certus’ rifle in .300” Rook calibre, and the Army & Navy catalogue, which I’ve been looking for some time,  as I have a 1900 ‘Long’ Lee-Enfield in .303” calibre supplied by Army and Navy. The only problem? They have set me on two ‘wild goose chases’ looking for ‘hens teeth’ and ‘rocking horse poop’, in other words, trying to find some of the goodies listed in the catalogues!!! Keep up the good work. Tim
Thanks Tim, It is a great pleasure to hear nice comments; it keeps us going in our dotage and gives us something fun to do! Cheers, Abby
Abby, Just a quick note to let you know my order arrived safe and sound today. Looks great and I really appreciate it. Hopefully we can do business again some day. I have relation that still lives around different parts of your grand state. I love it up there and get back as often as I can. Not that you needed any of this information. LOL!! Anyway, thank you and I hope you have blessed day. God knows we could all use a little happiness these days. Leonard Layton, Salem, MO.
Hi Len, What a great way to start our day - thanks so much for your kind note and we love Michigan too - so many different areas - Thanks a million and be a customer again! Lake Michigan is so beautiful - all of Michigan. Best, Abby
Dear Abby: I was recently corresponding with a gun collector who specializes in revolvers with King sights fitted to them. I referred him to Cornell Publications for a copy of that company's catalogue and he thanked me for the tip and ordered one. Thanks for all the effort you put into keeping these old publications alive. Rob Fates
Dear Abby, Re: March Newsletter. Loved the paraprodoskians**, many of which I'd not heard before. re: "Going to church doesn't make you a Christian, any more than standing in a garage makes you a car",  the version I originally came across was from the legendary Col. Jeff Cooper:  "Owning a gun doesn't make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician."  Good advice, too :) ** Hopefully not related to the Kardashians!  Stuart Tarbuck
(Dear Abby) Ref.: Stevens Diamond Pistol no. 43 and Parts for pistols. Before I purchase I would like some description of what I will receive.Please describe to what detail information is provided for above pistol - is there a parts diagram with part numbers, etc.? Thank you. ghscollector42 (eBay) PS: PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIVING THIS EMAIL - THANK YOU.
Dear ghs... Well, that isn't a very complicated pistol. In the Stevens catalog there is a parts page, named parts and prices, a basic description of the pistol- sights, weight, frame, barrel etc and prices for the six models of the M48 with prices and options with prices. Cheers, Rob
 (Dear Rob) ref: Enfield/Webley .38 Revolver/Pistol 1942 - British Small Arms Training. Well it is an interesting copy but not worth the Money. I am disappointed. $3.45 at most ! ssss7777 (Ebay)
Dear sss… Well, let's see, actually, what you are paying for in addition to the paper and ink is the time to enter and process the order, print it, collate, fold, staple, trim, pack and drive it to the PO (we print to order). All for less than the cost of two cups of coffee at Starbucks. But, $8.95 minus $3.45 is $5.50 and if you would like that portion of the bill refunded, please let Abby know. Or, if you were really disappointed you can have the entire $8.95 back. We do like happy customers. Cheers, Rob (I guess the other 46 people who bought the same publication at EBay were not so disappointed)
(Dear Rob) ssss7777. yes refund thanks
Hello Abby, I am interested in purchasing the Manual – Catalog, Item #3596 Browning 1950’s (circa) FN Trombone Rifle .22. ($8.95us). I could not find any information on your ‘site’ regarding posting Manuals overseas/postage rates etc. I live in New South Wales, Australia, do you post to Australia?, if yes please advise of postage cost. Do you accept PayPal ?. Regards Robert Kneale Australia
Hi Robert, We have many customers in Australia and we ship there often. The Paypal shopping cart we use calculates shipping so just buy it and follow your nose! Cheers, Abby
Dear Rock, From the Neutral "OK" feedback you gave us may I assume you are happy with your purchase? If you are not happy our policy is to refund your money. Unfortunately, here in the US a Neutral feedback is understood as less than satisfactory and hurts our reputation and increases fees we pay. It also encourages others to follow your lead and give us less than positive feedback. As you can see otherwise our feedback is really excellent with over 19000 positives. If I send you a feedback revision request for you to OK, would you please change your feedback to positive for us? I am sorry to make this complicated but those are the ebay rules. Cheers, Rob
(Dear Rob) ok, will do.
Dear Steve Stewart, Ref: Beretta Series a303 Shotgun Manual- $8.95. Thanks so much for your order and support for our efforts to preserve over 5000 old firearms and manufacturing catalogs, books and manuals. Your order has been entered in our print queue but it may take a few days to print, collate, bind and ship your order. Please see all our reprints at our website Cheers, Rob and Abby Mouat, Cornell Publications
(Dear Abby) Thanks for your email. I will wait for your bound copy of my manual. I trust it will look professional. I will leave feedback accordingly. Steve
I tremble in anticipation of your approval… Abby
(Dear Abby) I note the 1941 catalogue contains, "Police and Riot Equipment". Perhaps the page I seek a copy of is contained in this edition. I would be grateful for whatever help you can provide with regard to a clear copy of the page as attached. The copy I attach does not provide clear resolution of the details of most items on the page. Kind regards. firstderry (Ebay)
Dear first…  I'm sorry we can't sell our reprints by the page. Kind Regards, Abby
I have become aware that you have different years of the Stoeger catalogue for sale. I am not sure which year carried the page I seek. I can only hope that it may be in one of the catalogues from the years you hold. A clear image of the page would be of great assistance & benefit to my historical research. I apologise if my requests cause offence - this is not my intention. Kind regards. firstderry (Ebay)
Dear first… Not to worry, no offence taken. Cheers, Abby
(Dear Abby) I received my Bear 1980 Archery Catalog earlier than expected. It is in excellent shape and I am very satisfied with your service and product. 5 STAR RATING!! Thanks, Beth Thoreson
HI, Received the books yesterday.  Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity!  You two are the greatest!! All the best, Roger Smith
(Dear Abby) Good Morning, Has my order been shipped?  If not, will you notify me when it does? Thanks, George
Dear George, Yes it did, check your spam mail for the notification email. Best, Abby
(Dear Abby) I received your package today. Thank you so much. Nice dealing with you, George
Hi Abby, I read you might provide a reprint of a catalog that includes detailed disassembly & reassembly of the 1886 Winchester rifle. It’s supposed to have photographs of cutaway workings and part positions. Not sure, but it might be the 1896 Winchester catalog? Can you help me. Steven Kogan
Hi Steven, We are on holiday so I'll keep this short. I think the catalog you should get is the 1900 Winchester with 9 pages on the M1886 including 2 cutaways and a flat plan parts view. It does have instructions but I cannot tell you they are in tremendous detail but are typical of the day. The cutaways are detailed line drawings not photographs which was also typical of the time. Finally, this is for the M1886 of that era, not modern ones, especially post 1964. Hope that helps. Cheers, Abby
Abby, Thanks for the help. I placed the order. Steve
Hi, I have left positive feedback for you.  However, I discovered that the New Frontier Scout does not have an exploded schematic, just the parts list.  Is that page something that you can send me?  I hope so.
Please let me know, Thanks, Rod Steiner
Hi Rod, I added several schematics to the piece I sent you and sent the file in PDF format. Let me know if you want a print copy and next week when we get home I'll send it. Cheers, Rob
Hi Rob, Thank you...those are the schematics I needed.  Have a great day, Rod
Dear Abby, I received a facsimile 1921 Webley & Scott catalog today in response to my eBay purchase on the 12th March 2018. Regrettably, I need to mention that I am not satisfied with the quality of the copy sent to me for the following reasons:
1). I clearly ordered a facsimile of the 1922 Webley & Scott catalog which was clearly advertised for sale. In fact, my invoice from you clearly indicates that I ordered the 1922 Webley & Scott catalog.
2). Moreover, the 1921 catalog sent to me appears to be truncated with the result that a considerable number of images and information have been cut from the catalog.
Please refer to my attachment which clearly illustrates my compliant. I would appreciate receiving a complete facsimile of the 1922 catalog or a refund. Kind regards, Harry, Vermont, Victoria, Australia
Dear Harry, Right you are, you caught us! We pushed the wrong file, the file next to the one you wanted, it printed incorrectly truncating the pages and then we sent it to you without noticing. I'm very sorry. Tell you what, I'll refund your money and send you the correct one. How's that? Just toss the one you got, no need to send it back. My apologies, Abby
Dear Abby, Thank you. Much appreciated. Kind regards, Harry
Hi. Ref: Breechloading Shotguns 1860-1940 Vol. II G-P.  Does the listing for Joseph Harkom & Son give substantial information and photos/drawings of their models? Thanks. jdickson397 Ebay
Dear jdick… No, this book is more of an overview of hundreds of makers. Rob Mouat
Ref: Browning c1970 9mm Parabellum Automatic Pistol Manual. Good morning i wish the manual you sent me had a better break down of the gun it does not have many pictures so it is hard to relate to the reading with out a picture thanks Jim lulubell715
Hi Jim, I'm sorry but, of course, we didn't write the manual, Browning did. I looked through all our Browning HiPo manuals and this one has the most pictures: Browning High Power c1965 FN Pistols Manual. Cheers, Rob
(Dear Abby) I received the envelope from ABBY,MANUAL, CORNELL PUBLICATIONS PO BOX 214, BRIGHTON , MI 48116, marked DO NOT BEND,USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL. The envelope was completely wrinkled and torn on two sides and EMPTY! It was contained in a clear plastic envelope marked \USPS WE CARE and stated " Dear Postal Customer --We sincerely regret the damage tom your mail during handling by the Postal service , etc etc, ending with Please accept our apologies".In short the manual was removed/lost by USPS and I intend to carry it back and ask the USPS to refund my money and know that they will not ( So I will try to stick it up their "Nose", trying to be nice) Please consider sending me another manual, If you want me to ,I will buy another one. Thanks Bill Meyer
Dear Bill, Of course I will send you another one - check our feedback of 14,600 we do ship lots and very few get smushed in the Postal Machinery but it can happen..... it is their attitude that annoys me - I will send another to you. Abby (readers… see there are gentlemen out there!)
(Dear Abby) Is the date printed on the Ithaca 1912 Gun Catalog ? My research indicates that the first year of production of the 12 ga hammerless was 1920? Thank you, vettin76 (Ebay)
Dear vett... Ithaca catalogs are difficult to date but there are clues to help. The "Introductory" refers to the Ithaca Gun Co as operating under that name for 29 years. The company was organized in 1880 which would make this catalog 1909. However we were told it is a 1912 by people much more knowledgeable than we are. Ithaca made hammerless 12 ga guns as early as 1901. Oh and the "introductory" page is in many of their catalogs, each refers to number of years in business. Sorry I can't copy and paste the image of the page in this format at Ebay. Cheers, Abby Mouat
(Dear Abby) Ref: Mossberg 1977-78 Parts Catalog. Will this catalog contain the first model 500 .410 shotgun? Also do you have any catalogs from William Ford of England? Best regards, Tom littletommy7736 (Ebay)
Dear Tom, All I can tell you about the M500s is from the index of the catalog which is in the advertisement. Sorry I don’t know more about the variations of the models. I can tell you we also reprint a 1958 and a 1946 Parts catalog and neither of them list a M500 shotgun.
(Dear Abby) I will give you the courtesy of not leaving negative feedback right now but this manual looks Like I copied it on my color printer. If you refund my purchase price and shipping immediately - I will not place negative feedback, if not I will do so and request a refund thru eBay. Your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated. browntrout485 (Ebay)
Dear brownt… Our policy is to refund people who are disappointed, no need to return the publication. Abby and I work hard to preserve firearms history by reprinting over 6000 old gun catalogs and manuals during our retirement. We do the best we can given the many different types of originals we work from but we cannot make forgeries or exact copies of all pieces hence our no questions refund policy. Sorry to not live up to your expectations, Abby refunded your purchase. Cheers, Rob Mouat (readers- Ebay policy is to remove negatives left after threats have been made, but we do have the refund policy so we refunded his money, this has been a difficult month. Also, we do use a color printer, albeit a big one!)
Abby, thank you both so much! A wonderful resource and needed by many of us. I'll spread the word rather than keep your existence a secret (which was my initial plan).  Joseph Reinhardt, age 65 and still enjoying a Remington Fieldmaster purchased in 1939 by his grandfather.
Hi, Are the 2 Beretta BM59 catalogs that you offer substantially different. eg different photo's, information, and text? Thanks. hamish9archery (Ebay)
Dear hamis… I am so sorry, we are snowed under and just don't have time to compare manuals for differences. Also, we have learned, the hard way, that whatever we say, it will be insufficient or wrong in some other way. I am afraid you will have to rely on the index Abby did for each publication to infer differences. Cheers, Rob
Hi Ref: Abercrombie & Fitch Firearms & Sports 1937 Catalog. I am doing research on some Fiber Lantern Cases that A&F manufactured in the late 30s and 40s. I was hoping you'd be willing to look in the index and see if they are listed in this catalog, I believe they'd be under "Fiber Lantern Cases" in the index. If they are in the catalog and if you can send me a photo of the page showing the lantern case(s), I will buy your catalog. If you are willing to check this out for me, I'd really appreciate it. If you don't have time to do this, I understand. Kind regards from a prospective buyer. Wildwildwestdeals (Ebay)
Dear Wild…There is no such item listed in the index of the '37, '38 pr '41 A&F catalog. Rob Mouat
Rob, I really appreciate you checking into that. I know your time is valuable. Have a great day. Mike Weise
(Dear Abby) ref: Colt Paterson Folding Trigger (written in 1934. What is this item ? dallarinke0 (Ebay)
Dear dallar… We reprint old firearms publications: This is what the ad says: Colt Paterson Folding Trigger (written in) 1934, 24 pages, about 11" x 8", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original.
    Colt Paterson Folding Trigger
    William Renwick 1934
    Paterson New Jersey
    The Importance
    Models and Types
    Illustrations and Description of Specimens
    Type Characteristics
    Presentation Types
    Location of factory Numbers
    Questions and Conclusion
What else would you like to know? Rob Mouat
Hi, I saw you might be able to help me with this. I have a double barrel made by Simonis-Janssen & Dumoulin. It is called the Universal. I am trying to find out what years it was made. Thanks, Craig elco3
Craig, ref: Breechloading Shotguns 1860-1940 Vol. III R-Z . There is a long answer to your question. The company sold guns through many resellers in different styles (including the Universal) many of which Vorisek illustrates- hammer and hammerless. Vorisek certainly gives a some good insight into the company including some serial number/date information and models using observed specimens. Although this book may not identify your specific gun it would tell you more than you probably know now. Please don't return the book if you buy it though. We print to order and have no way of storing and reselling returned merchandise. Cheers, Rob
Dear Rob, ref: Manual for Winchester Model 1897. Rick A. Phillips here do you have a manual for the above?  Thanks.
Dear Rick, The answer is yes but with a but...  Winchester made over a million of the M97 from 1897 through 1957. The good news is that Winchester put manuals in their catalogs through about 1920. Good manuals with nice cutaway drawings and parts drawings with instructions. We reprint most of those catalogs so any of them should do the trick. Also the 1938 and 1950 Salesman's manual is a good read with illustrations. Does that help? Rob Mouat
Yes it does thanks Rob. I now have a better understanding of what was done.
Hi Abby, I’m working with a television production company in Australia and we’re producing a WWI documentary. I’m trying to urgently access a digital high resolution scan of a fold-out page from LEWIS MACHINE GUN manual by Savage Arms model 1917. We are using a number of out-of-copyright military manual scans for our Computer artist to design onscreen animations. I know that this book is out of copyright yet I’m having a difficult time finding an undamaged foldout page to scan in libraries around the world. And I wondered if you might have a version that you use to print your facsimile books. We’d be happy to discuss a fee. I’ve included an image below that shows which diagram we’d like to get a digital high resolution scan of. Unfortunately this request is rather urgent, I’d like to locate a scan this week. Do you think this might be something you can help me with? Kind regards, Julie Raffaele, Archive Researcher – Artemis Media (Australia)
Readers: We sent them what they needed, hope it goes well.
(Dear Rob) Do you ship the goods to Russia ? I hope you're out of politics . Regards, Vaclav
Dear Vaclav, No we don't. It has nothing to do with politics. We stopped shipping to Russia because 50% of shipments resulted in claims that the package was never delivered. Ebay and Paypal automatically refund such claims so the money was in the wind. I am sorry but Russian shipments just are not worth the trouble. Cheers, Rob Mouat
Hello, I have a question about the 1937 Sears Gun Catalog (item #1244). Does this catalog contain a Ranger M34 or 34A? I could not tell from the picture on your website. Thank you for your time,  Austin Nickerson.
Austin, Thanks for writing but I don't think I can help you. There are a lot of Ranger .22s and shotguns listed in the catalog but they are named and have a catalog number like 6E264 or 6E200 etc. There are Ranger single shots, bolt actions, autos, pump, shotguns etc but they all just have a description and stock number and none are referred to by the model numbers you asked about. Rob
Rob, Thanks for the response. Austin
Dear Abby, The manual arrived today and I am very pleased.  The copy is excellent, it was shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Thank you, Frank Courtell
hello, I'm a fan of colt python, I'm interested in this but also I would like to have the complete set of Factory Paperwork. Can you get this for me, for the years1981/1982? Regards, gcpd1blu (Ebay)
Dear gcpd… We do reprints as you know, and we do offer the 1980 and 81 catalogs. Other than that I'm not sure what you mean by factory paperwork? Cheers, Rob
Hello, for me the factory paperwork are: the Python safety instruction manual, Colt Warranty Card, Colt Welcome Letter, Cold Union Proud Card showing it was proudly union made, orange hang tag, Blue NRA registration card, and the Colt Companion pamphlet. Would also like to have white gloves with the colt logo...can you help me?
Dear gcpd… No, I'm sorry we don't do that. In fact everything we do is purposely a bit different than the original so in that way we are not making forgeries of originals. We provide information only. Thanks for asking, Cheers, Rob
March 12, 2018: Hi, my name is Jim Parrott and on the 10th of February 2018 I made an order with you for a total of $47.05, and paid by Paypal. I was informed of the tracking number but have lost all the records of that transaction except my MasterCard bill, showing that you received payment. I waited patiently because I know that this is an international delivery, but I don't think it should take over a month. No longer having the tracking number, I don't know where the delivery has got to. Has it been returned to you? Is there a problem with the address? Can you re-send the tracking number, or find out from your own records where my order is? Thanks in advance for your assistance. If the delivery gets here in the immediate future I will certainly inform you, of course. Jim
Dear Jim, Here is the tracking information to date - it seems that beyond going to the airport for shipment abroad there is no information - below is the information showing for your parcel... there is a 90 refund policy at PayPal so we could wait the 90 days but I would like to put it at 60 days and then I refund. The US has had terrific storms and I can imagine many flights held up and cargo sitting waiting to go out. I wish I could do more but shipping abroad is always a little risky. I did pay the extra money for tracking for just that reason. Again I wish I could do more. Hopefully it will just appear very soon at  your mailbox. Abby
Abby, Abby, Abby. You have to pardon my concern  - my order arrived today and I am very happy with it. Sorry if I got you upset, and I don't know whether to blame the US or Canadian postal services. I guess that as I get older I have to develop more patience. Thanks for your attention and after I show my catalogues around I hope you get more orders from up North. -Jim Parrott
(Dear Abby) Ref: Ideal 1936 Hand Book No. 32, - Ammunition & Reloading. do you offer any manuals that are older? does this one have data for 32 win self loading ctg.? Lostriverwayne (Ebay)
Dear lostriverwayne, We reprint all the Ideal catalogs from No. 1 in 1891 through Lyman-Ideal of 1957 then the Lyman catalogs after that. We also reprint most other reloading catalogs of various years as well as Wildcat handbooks by Ackley and Speer. Unfortunately, with over 4000 publications on Ebay it is hard to tell you how to locate specific ones other than to go to our "store" at ebay and look to the left for reloading. To answer your question, the Ideal catalogs from 1936 does have .32 Win Self-Loading information. Cheers, Abby, Cornell Publications LLC
(Dear Rob) marlin 1966 catalog on eBay. I just received the 1966 catalog I ordered on eBay.  It is not what I was expecting.  When I ordered it I thought I was getting an original catalog, had just lost a 3 way bid on another one and thought I had better get this one before 2nd bidder bought it, and didn’t look at more than the top of the page. How do I go about returning to you? Tom Lawman (Sent this over week ago have not heard back)
Dear Mr. Lawman, I checked our email folders and we never received your email. All our listings are "Buy it Now", we never sell at auction because we don't want people bidding against one another and raising the price too high. We want to be fair and, to that point, we offer a refund policy. Abby has refunded your money, I'm sorry you thought it was an original, we do try to make it clear that we sell reprints but I can see how, in the heat of the moment, you could make that mistake. No need to return the copy we sent you. We print to order and have no capability to store and resell returns, we would just throw it away. Have a good day, Rob
Rob,  Thank you for the refund.  Feel bad that you don’t want back after your trouble. Tom
(Dear Abby) Ref: BSA c.1913 Rifles de Aire Comprimido $8.95. Would you except an offer of seven dollars total including shipping? Friendlyfiredon (Ebay)
Dear Don, No, I'm sorry, we operate a store and we sell with fixed prices that are fair to everyone. Abby
(Dear Abby) I bought this publication with the expectation that you have this in inventory for immediate shipment. Ebay shows "more than 10 available" on the item site. I am not in any real hurry for this item but the description is a little misleading. John Bradley (Ebay)
Dear John, Ebay, in general, doesn't make things easy for sellers. We print to order and that way we can offer the over 6000 titles we reprint. Keeping a stock would require a much bigger operation than we can imagine and the cost to you would be many times greater to support the operation. Now, if we said we had just one for sale ebay and we sold it we would have to go to ebay and upload a replacement each time. That would be very time consuming again raising prices and delaying everything. The only alternative at ebay is to say we have 10 or 20 available and that way, we have some breather room and we only have to check "stock" now and then. I can see how saying we have 10 available could be misleading so we do say elsewhere in the ad at ebay that it takes time to print, collate, bind, pack and ship your purchase. I’m sorry for the confusion. Please check our feedback to see we really do a pretty good job, this awful weather recently excepted! Cheers, Abby
Hello. would you have a complete trigger assembly including the pins for a Ithaca SKB Model XL 900. Thanks, Barry
Dear Barry, I am sorry, we don't sell gun parts. We are publishers only. Rob
Abby, Is there one comprehensive source in print on serial numbers to dates of manufacture for Colt, Smith & Wesson? By the way I received your Colt Fire Arms Catalogue 1933 promptly and in great shape. Thanks,  Where are these other Jerks coming from? Regards, Paul
Hi Paul, Not of which I am aware, sorry. There are, of course, dozens of anecdotal and some authoritative sources but I haven't come across any complete source for either. This is the best for colt.  Cheers, Abby
email Rob or Abby  
The End.
Rob and Abby
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