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Be The Medicine
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The Skies Have It.
Truth is Loving and Kind.
Be You!
Open to More.
How to Flunk Co-Dependence
Exciting Times-Support with Changes
The Skies Have It.
Dear Friends,
ENDINGS AND NEW BEGINNINGS. This summer is a time of looking at life, people, and us in new ways. Six planets retrograde help us shake out what and who does not work and welcome in new ways of being. We are often surprised by what leaves and what comes in during this period. It's all good even when it hurts as there are better things ahead. Going with the flow helps us see where we are stuck and choose to let go and open to a better flow for us. We have several more weeks of this. The New Moon Eclipse tomorrow will bring in more clarity and strength, changes and opportunities. Keep breathing and living gently through it all. By the September Fall Equinox, we will be in a clearer space moving forward. Enjoy the Journey. Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine
Truth is Loving and Kind.
"In determining our true inner voice; know that it does not judge, complain, shame, doubt, fear, or blame. It is clear, supportive and loving. It does not avoid, excuse, or give reasons for decisions. It just is and speaks softly and strongly. The truth never needs proof as it manifests. The lies are always trying to hypothesize. Where we put our attention becomes stronger. Which voice or life do we want to live? Put your focus there. Choose again and again until you live from the one true you that supports you and manifests health and happiness and all you call for." Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine
Be You!
One major cause of anxiety
is not living authentically.
Be true to you and peace will ensue. Janet StraightArrow
Open to More.
The most powerful limits are the ones we impose on ourselves. Be The Medicine
This Weeks Blog on Freedom
How to Flunk Co-Dependence
I am okay, only if you are okay, is a fallacy, and not okay at all.” Janet StraightArrow
In this world of people pleasing, we hurt everyone. No one is happy when they are living lies and trying to figure out how to contort themselves to fit into beliefs and expectations that might not even exist.
Being independent, then interdependent, allow us to find perspective and truth and a better way to live. First, know who you are and feel safe and true to you. We never find peace and safety in trying to fit something outside of us first.
Breaking the roles and rules of challenging childhoods we discover short breaths and bursts of freedom to be us. We explore our authenticity and even begin the know what that is.
We cannot be authentic when we try to fit in. When we are who we are we discover matching people and energy and also discover healthy boundaries.
I will admit I sometimes want to follow what pleases others. Then I feel the inner pull to reflect and listen to me, and stop before I fall into the abyss of co-dependence.
Co-dependence is a way to improperly take responsibility for someone else or expect others to do for us what we do not wish to do for ourselves. We make excuses and list reasons for their or our inability to be and do what is correct and then try to fill in.
People who think I am nice and easy will be fooled when they try seducing me to take care of them, at my or others, and especially their, expense. I do not relent. Standing strong takes wisdom and practice and understanding how it helps all.
Heart and Soul
We do not speak our truth when we are afraid someone will leave us physically or emotionally after they know how we feel and what is important for us. We keep our truth inside and deepen the doubt and fear and lose ourselves in this.
People who feel abandoned can begin to notice that who is abandoning us, is us. when we do not live our true self and hide it from us and everyone else.
The world is such a mess of illusion and lies and it all begins with each one of us not allowing what is true to be known to us first in our lives.
Take space and time to learn to quiet your mind to discover what your inner self who is infinitely wise, has to say about you, and your relationships and life. This voice is never critical or mean, there is no fear, doubt, shame, or blame coming from here. Supportive, knowing and wise is what comes from inside when we develop listening to that true vibration and words.
The loud and fearful thoughts are the lies, they are the ones that drowned out the true wisdom we always have. Its a habit and ongoing practice to release these and find the higher truth that is here always.
As we begin to listen to us we are safer than we have ever been. Relationships will change or leave or return depending on where we all are. Our life becomes infinitely easier with clarity and purpose.
Being real allows true love and care for all and us that we can enjoy and count on. If we are only loved for what we can do for another then we are lost.
Find you, find true, allow that process of being true to you. When we are true to ourselves only then can we be true to another or offer valuable service that uplifts all.
Releasing co-dependence allows everyone their own power to be and do who they are. No pulling or pushing, just flow. Discover where you participate and let go to allow a new way to live and love with joy and freedom.
PS if you are always angry inside and or out, you are likely to be living the above and not honoring others or you with loving truth. It is what sets us free and allows the best to be.
Enjoy the Journey,
Janet StraightArrow
Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500
Get to know the truly wise and wonderful you, and learn how to let go of what is holding you back in your life. This is one of the many things we work on together in sessions and classes. How to get real and heal and be of service in healthy ways for all. Let’s have fun breaking the rules that hurt and discover the truth that helps and heals and manifests great relationships and our best life. Skype, phone and in-person too.
Heal and Fully become Love.
Exciting Times-Support with Changes
Dear Friends,
It has been a busy and exciting summer so far. I stepped back off the wheel of teaching classes and retreats to utilize all of this transformative energy to refine all I am to share with you.
The newsletter has a new format to offer weekly inspiration on your journey.
I am writing and creating and working with professionals to get my writing and work out in many forms. I am also and working one-on-one supporting clients new and past on their journey. 
It has been exciting to see how quickly people transform, change and awaken deeper gifts and manifest what they desire in their lives this summer.
There is a schedule available three days a week to see clients or work on the phone or Skype. Email and call 973-647-2500 for appointments and we will find a day and time that fits for both of us as we can.
A new schedule will open up soon. Please let me know of your interests to assist in planning. New Moon Eclipse Blessings.
Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

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