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Amigos de los Animales
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It's your last chance to join us in the national-wide efforts of 2018 Clearing the Shelters!
ADLA has participated in the initiative Clear the Shelters (Desocupar los Albergues in Puerto Rico) since it began in 2014, adopting its rescues at the reduced fee of $50. This year, we've so far adopted 15 during the month of August and we need your support get as many dogs adopted as possible during the remainder of the month!
On Saturday, August 18th, ADLA's adoption center will be set up in the public plaza of the municipality of Loiza. Loiza is also where the ADLA Shelter is located and is one of poorest municipalities of Puerto Rico, with a majority of its population living under the poverty level. Every day, we cater to this disadvantaged community by continuing to rescue stray dogs that are roaming the streets and beaches.
During August, all our adoption fees are reduced to $50. Yet we are still adopting out with the same benefits, in other words, each dog must be sterilized and fully vaccinated, including a clear 4DX. Our Breakdown per dog is: 
  • A veterinary visit prior to the adoption to ensure the dog is healthy: $15                         
  • Vaccinations (including rabies and cost of deparasiting): $85                                             
  • 4DX which checks for heartworm, ehrlichia, anaplasmosis, and lyme disease: $65                 
  • Heartworm treatment (if necessary): $350                                                                                 
  • Sterilization: $100
Total cost comes to: $615 per pet.
Your donations go towards covering these costs!
Clear the Shelters is also an educational opportunity
There are an estimated 300,000 stray dogs on the streets of Puerto Rico. With each adoption, not only is the adopted dog's life saved, but we can then rescue another dog that would otherwise be on the streets.
The community is benefited by witnessing animal rescue and responsible pet care. We promote sterilization, vaccination, and otherwise proper pet care, focusing on educating whole families, including the children, even if they are not the primary caretakers of the pets. It is important to instill the values of compassion and respect for all life (including animal life) in the next generation.
We do house-checks of potential adopters to make sure their house is ready for their new pet! If its not pet-ready, we let them know what improvements they need to make!
Donate through Paypal
Donate now to make Clear the Shelters 2018 an all-around success. We've had 15 adoptions or transports so far during the month of August. In the next Sato Subscriber, we'll let you know the final results!
For more videos and photos of our dogs (as well as other ADLA news), follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Amigos de los Animales (ADLA) rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes abused and abandoned animals in the island of Puerto Rico. ADLA operates a Shelter located in Piñones, Loiza. We rescue dogs from the streets or the beach, rehabilitate them, vaccinate and sterilize, and get them adopted or transport them to no-kill Shelters in the mainland United States. We depend on tax-exempt donations and volunteer support to complete our mission and our rescues. 
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Amigos de los Animales  •  HC 2 Box 7622  •  Loiza, Puerto Rico 00772-9654

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