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Northeast Fiber Arts Center
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My favorite season is upon us!
 Some of my friends are discouraged by the days getting shorter but I find that just makes it ever more enticing to cozy down each workday evening with a good knitting project, glass of  mulled cider and a good book on tape! 
Or to sign up for a class and learn something new to carry us thru the long winter that is coming.
 It's important to carve out some creative time during these longer nights to "be one with the wool"- study after study shows that creatively making something with our hands (and especially the repetitive nature of knitting) has benefits to our health and mental well being.
  I've got some new "Events" planned for the fall and I scheduled a few more new classes since the last newsletter - all of which give you more unique opportunities to be creative this season. So be sure to scroll down for more info and don't forget to check out the EVENTS page on my site - it has good stuff just like the CLASSES!
I've highlighted a few of the new classes below,  but not all -  so be sure to click thru to the classes page when you're done reading the newsletter so you don't miss out on an opportunity to learn something new.
I had several customers already disappointed that they were late to register for the Sashiko/Boro class that started last week.  And two friends who were slow to register for the beginning felting class before it filled, too.
So it can happen that if you wait too long,  a class can fill. It can also happen that if you hold off too late to register, we may cancel the class before you register!  That is what happened to the Intro to Spinning class this past winter -
1 week ahead of the scheduled date we cancelled the class because only 1 person had registered and we wanted to let her know that she was going to be free on Saturday and then in the 5 days between when we cancelled it and it should have run, we had 6 customers call or come in to register! Enough that I would have run the class had I known more than a week ahead!
So if you are thinking about registering for a class, keep in mind that we make go-no go decisions a week ahead of the scheduled date.
Lastly, I'm in the process of working out classes for 2019, so if anyone has a suggestion for a class they'd like to see offered, let me know! I'm open to input.
I look forward to seeing you all soon - happy knitting, felting, spinning & weaving. And enjoy this new cooler weather that has finally arrived!
Intermediate Spinning &
Silk Paper Making Classes
SOAR spinning mentor and silk expert Robin Russo is offering two classes here this fall.
 Intermediate Spinning will give you the knowledge and techniques to take your spinning to a whole new level. From better understanding how to use your ratios, to better fiber prep, long draw and realizing how twist angle and twists per inch can so dramatically change your outcome - you will be much more in control of creating the type of yarn you want for a desired project when Roby has worked her magic!

And Silk Paper Making is not to be missed. Not only is it a lovely way to spend a day - immersed in the lovely natural & dyed colors and the many forms of silk - you will not only make paper (and lots of it!), but also learn how to do some basic book binding while using the silk paper you've created to make notebooks, but also you'll learn how to weave baskets in 100% silk.
Silk paper has so many possibilities beyond just paper for notecards and wedding invitations. Make lampshades, work silk paper into felt, quilts, mixed media, etc. Endless possibilities!
Garment Guidance & Magic Loop Techniques
These 2 classes have been scheduled in response to customer input.
It turns out that a lot of customers have not learned either the basic Magic Loop or the 2-at-once magic loop because they thought these techniques were just for sock knitting,
Well, magic loop is great for sleeves, mittens and hats too!
And for those advanced beginners who have expressed to me their need for help with a garment at certain stages - and yet don't have the time to join a full sweater workshop -  I am offering Garment Guidance.  This once monthly session offers you the opportunity to bring whatever sweater you are in the midst of in for help.
Need to learn how to seam the pieces together? Or pick up stitches neatly? Or maybe there is short row shaping you don't understand? Whatever it is about your garment that you want guidance on, this class offers you the opportunity.
Sleeper Yarns....
Perhaps because I offer so many lovely yarn options, or maybe it's because so many customers come in now with their mind already set on getting a particular yarn that they don't explore other/newer options, I occasionally stock a great yarn that gets overlooked.
So I wanted to bring your attention to 2 yarns in the shop right now that I think you may have missed!
Stratus by Juniper Moon and
Amore by Cascade.

Stratus: If you are looking for a lovely knitting experience and want a cozy garment at a heavy worsted - aran gauge that will be warm but feel light rather than bulky or dense, then Stratus is a perfect choice. This yarn (blend of merino and alpaca) is constructed in a way that gives the yarn even more insulating properties, makes the yarn less prone to pilling, and yields a bigger knitting gauge without the bulk!
 I just finished knitting the new store model in this yarn (shown above) and loved every minute of knitting it! The pattern is free with the yarn purchase.

Amore: If you are looking for a great
value for some of those holiday gifts you have in mind to make this fall, then check out Amore. This is a recycled wool that offers great yardage at a really reasonable price. And it has terrific stitch definition if you are working in a stitch pattern like cables or lace.
This cowl pattern shown above shows the yarn off beautifully.
Everywhere Everyday Sweaters...
These two sweater patterns are such simple classics that you will find yourself wearing them everywhere, with everything, everyday!
This raglan turtleneck (easily adapted if you don't want a high neck) is knit in The Fiber Co.'s Arranmore. A classic tweed, it is soft and offers a "little something special" in the fabric when knit up due to the tweed flecks in it.

The simple garter stitch cowl  pullover shown here is knit in Stratus by Juniper Moon - like the lastest store model shown left- and is so cozy and comfy to wear.
I loved every minute of knitting them both - the yarns felt great drifting thru my fingers and the fabrics are both wonderful.  They were knit on US 9-10, so knit up readily.

And above is a photo of a cardigan that I think would get a lot of use - the classic cabled pattern is free with the Silk Garden Solo purchase. We've got 3 or 4 new colors of Silk Garden Solo in stock - lovely deeply saturated, rich colors!
Fibonacci for design
I think I've written about this design tool every year for 20 years and yet, because I have new customers coming in the shop all the time, I discover knitters who have never heard of it!
So Elizabeth's wrap project made me think it was time to talk about this tool again in case you want to...
read more
Sashiko & Boro
I am now stocking the traditional sashiko thread for this decorative Japanese mending technique, as well as the needles for Sashiko & Boro  Sashiko Supplies
A few quick cowl project help you get a head start on your knitting for gift giving...
Ito, by Noro, is featured in this fabulous cowl on the cover of the latest Noro Magazine. The pattern is free with the yarn purchase.

This cowl uses 1 skein of Amitola and 1 of Kid Silk and features a simple feather and fan design. It is available as a kit online, or come in and pick out your own colors!
This reversible cable cowl shows off the soft and silky hand of the new Cozy Alpaca, machine washable yarn I'm stocking from Ella Rae.

This cowl used 2 skeins of Amitola silk and wool by Louisa Harding and features a really interesting, but simple stitch.

Knit using 1 skein of Katia's Balloon chunky gauge (1.5 - 2 sts.inch) yarn, this simple hat is lightweight, but a quick knit on US 13 - 15 needles.
Just a reminder that today is the last day to register if you want to learn to Eco-Print paper next Saturday! The instruction is free, but there is a charge of $10 (payable at the time of registration) to cover the watercolor paper and propane.
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