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Amigos de los Animales
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Special calling! 20 puppies are looking to take a Freedom Flight to a No-Kill Shelter in New Jersey. Your support can get them there...
This is René. René was practically born at the shelter. His mom, Cookie, gave birth at the veterinarian's office only 1 day after her rescue. Cookie will be flying to a sister shelter in New Hampshire, but René and his four brothers and sisters are still waiting for their chance to take their Freedom Flight. We can get them there with your help!
We have partnered with a no-kill shelter in New Jersey that can take rescued dogs, 5 at a time, and find them better homes. Your support can get them there!
Go Fund Me
With each shipment, ADLA will continue to rescue dogs off the streets and beaches. The partnership is AMAZING for ADLA as the chances of adoption in New Jersey are immeasurably greater than in Puerto Rico. There are just too many strays in Puerto Rico and not enough people able to adopt. 
With your help, each pup will immediately start living the life it was born for: a life of unconditional love, health and belonging. 
Freedom Flights to no-kill shelters in the United States make up a crucial part of our mission to save lives. This week, three of our shelter residents flew to Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance in New Hampshire: Cookie, Mali and Bobby. These were all adults who had been in the shelter for over four months and were much less likely to get adopted in Puerto Rico. Cookie already had an adoption pending before she even arrived at her new destination!
In fact, during 2018 alone, we have transported 109 dog to no-kill shelters of foster networks in the mainland US. 
Fostering is Fun! Ask Wanda...
Foster Wanda
Wanda was found as a stray on February 5, 2017. In the past, we've had shelter representatives from large shelters in the United States come to choose dogs to transport to their shelters for adoption. Most small dogs were always chosen because they are easiest to fly. Wanda was never chosen for transport due to her timidity and defensive/aggressive behavior. We had tried putting her outside with the larger dogs and inside with the smaller dogs and neither worked. It was when she was alone and not around other dogs that she did best. But making this happen for her was an almost impossible task, as the shelter is always overrun with dogs coming in and out.
In early August Wanda began losing her hair and scratching and biting herself uncontrollably. We knew something was seriously wrong and that we had to take action. After taking Wanda to the vet and learning that her behavior and hair loss was stress-related, we contacted the ASPCA's Behavioral Rehabilitation Center with the hopes of sending her there. However, the Center was unsure they would be able to help as their rehabilitation depends on the dog's ability to get along well with other dogs, and Wanda's problem was exactly over stimulation from other dogs at the Shelter.
Thankfully, and just in time, one of our volunteers offered to foster Wanda, with the understanding that if she did not get better, she could be returned to the shelter at any time.

And, oh has she gotten better! Wanda has grown almost all her hair back and is living the good life with her new foster daddy in Miramar, Puerto Rico. She loves going for walks and little by little is getting accustomed to meeting new people and hanging out with other dogs.

This is Wanda playing with Nala (also an ADLA alumna) at her foster daddy’s office.
This past month, we've heard quite a bit of Happy Beginnings news...
Liz and her parents fell in love with Juan during a vacation to Puerto Rico. They could not fly him back immediately, and so Liz asked for help in rescuing him and boarding him until he was able to join them in the U.S.
Recently, Liz messaged us: “Juan is living his best life. This was yesterday, after throwing him the ball 800 times.” 
Adoption Juan
More happy and adopted satos: Joey and Buddy are two ADLA alumni now living the good life in Connecticut. And Natasha was adopted by Mark Kitchenman and his kids. Mark is the President of Terminix PR and each month his company performs full extermination services at the shelter at NO COST to us, so we were very proud and excited about his choosing Natasha. Thanks Mark!
Meet Paloma and Princesa, our October satos
These sassy gals arrived at the shelter in August and have since taken over! They are little princesses who have basically made the shelter their Sato Kingdom. Too adorable to deny, they are our October satos and we'd love them to get adopted together. If you cannot adopt, please Share... Your actions matter to these animals. 
Remember to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all adoption news. And always remember to Share... Getting the word out lets others know there is an overpopulation problem here in Puerto Rico, that there are people helping to solve the problem, and that they can help as well! 
We depend on tax-exempt donations and volunteer support to complete our mission and our rescues. 
Amigos de los Animales (ADLA) rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes abused and abandoned animals in the island of Puerto Rico. ADLA operates a Shelter located in Piñones, Loiza. We rescue dogs from the streets or the beach, rehabilitate them, vaccinate and sterilize, and get them adopted or transport them to no-kill Shelters in the mainland United States. 
New! Now donate through ATH Móvil Business or Facebook! 
If you are a user of ATH Móvil, you can now donate through ATH Móvil Business. Our pATH is /ADLApr.
If you have a Facebook account, donate through our Facebook page, and we receive the entire amount donated! NO COMMISSIONS!
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Amigos de los Animales  •  HC 2 Box 7622  •  Loiza, Puerto Rico 00772-9654

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