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 The View from Here. . .
Spring 2019
After an Awakening--Then What?
Most of us were raised on those fairy tales that always ended with the phrase, “And they lived happily ever after.” In retrospect, we might think, “Well, maybe, until the honeymoon ends.” And we’d be right, in a way. “Happily ever after” implies that there is no further work to be done, just sit back and coast happily forever. But we all know that isn’t exactly what happens!
The same can be said for profound spiritual awakenings. Lots of people really want them, and NDE-envy is a real thing. People want to experience those 10 minutes in Heaven, and the massive awakening that comes with it, but they don’t understand that the profound experience is just the beginning of a long, slow process of integrating the new understandings and perceptions that come with it.
With the energies that have been streaming to the planet in the last few years, it doesn’t take a full-blown Near-Death Experience to have a profound spiritual awakening. Actually, it never did, but perhaps an NDE was the quickest, most dramatic and well-known way. Now, people are achieving awakenings through means: meditation, sudden Ah-Ha moments, and through suddenly confronting one’s mortality or that of a loved one. “Awakening” is, quite literally, in the air!
What IS an Awakening, and Why Would We Want One?
An Awakening is a sudden shift in perspective and understanding about Who We Really Are. It can include a new understanding of “God” and our place in the Universe—and the place of others, such as the understanding that we are all One (interconnected and ultimately from the same Source, with the same spark of the Divine inside).
We all want Awakenings. We want to know more. We want Enlightenment. Perhaps it’s to shore up our need for control. Or perhaps we fear eternal damnation, and we feel that Awakening will show us how to avoid that. Or maybe just enquiring minds need to know!
The shift can be so profound that suddenly our old life—our relationships, beliefs, priorities, values, habits, entertainments, jobs—no longer “fits,” because we simply do not resonate with the things we resonated with before. We see things differently and, when we explain that to our friends and loved ones, we don’t understand why they can’t go to that new perspective with us.
And the problem is, most of them can’t, and most of them don’t want to! In fact, they often want us to change back! On one hand a profound spiritual awakening is an amazing and wonderful thing, because we get a rare peak at so much more than we ever saw before. On the other hand, it throws us out of sync with our lives. We are literally changed forever, and as a result, our lives will be changed, whether we want that or not. Like the caterpillar, we have broken the chrysalis as we’ve flown away and we can’t go back.
So… You’ve Awakened! Now What?
Awakening isn’t something than happens and then it is over. It’s more an opening, a beginning of the new. The process starts and continues. Like a spiral, we keep going through the same integration process, circling around—and often encountering the same issues, problems, and challenges—again and again, each time at a higher (or deeper) level. Fortunately, if we do the work and allow ourselves to change, each time we go through that spiraling process, it seems easier, because there is less resistance.
And resistance is the key! Because the biggest part of integration is releasing resistance—in fact, in its essence, the continuing integration process is primarily about releasing everything from our lives that does not serve or support us in terms of living the Love that we experienced, that we Are. It is a releasing of everything that is Not Us, to reveal more of Who We Really Are. And it is not necessarily a short or easy process.
The first part of processing an Awakening is taking “inventory” of the discernible changes. You have a new perspective on yourself, as well as everyone and everything in your life. At this point, you probably think that no changes will be required, that you can simply continue your life and everything will be fine; you’ll simply have a greater awareness of Who You Really Are and a wider perspective on everything as you continue your life.
You are so excited about your experience and your new-found perceptions and understandings, that you share it with everyone you know. It is all so clear to you, that you believe that if you merely explain it to people, they will get it, too, and have their own awakening. It’s so clear and simple, after all: We are all divine, powerful beings; we are all connected; in fact, in essence, we are all One; and the only thing that matters is Love. It’s all so simple!
The Breakdown Phase
But it really is like getting a software upgrade, without a manual (we should be used to that)! You have become You 2.0. Suddenly you don’t know what combination of actions creates the result you want. Suddenly you do something you used to do, and it has a totally new result. Or worse, you have new limits that you don’t know about, and you suddenly experience the old “blue screen of death” and you don’t know why!
Before long, you start realizing that you no longer really fit into your life, or at least you no longer fit into major portions of your life. That sucking sound you start to hear is you gasping for air as your old life starts to squeeze you so hard that you can no longer breathe. You realize that you need to make some changes, and you probably aren’t happy about it: it may be your primary relationship that suddenly feels too small, or your old friends no longer “get” you, or you are feeling smothered in the job you used to like. Perhaps you can no longer stand living in the city, and you yearn to be surrounded by nature.
Either you will make the necessary changes, or they will be made for you (or to you). That is, if you don’t break up from the spouse who no longer understands you or dislikes your new priorities and values, they will break up with you. If you don’t leave the toxic environment that is your job, you are likely to be downsized or fired. Your friends drift away or create nonsensical fights to create distance. On a vibratory level, when we change, everyone around us must change, too, or eventually go away as the vibrational gap becomes too uncomfortable to bear.
This “breakdown” process can take several years, but at some point, you’ll find yourself with your old life in tatters and your new life not quite there yet. You won’t know who are anymore or what you like.
Identity Lost… and Found
Depression may set in, and you may feel that even though you now have a clearer idea of Who You Really Are in the larger sense, you don’t really know anymore who you are, as a person. You have a pretty clear idea of what doesn’t fit with you anymore, but it can take a while to figure out what fits now. You no longer like the things you used to like, but what do you like now? What activities make you happy? What brings you joy?
You enter into a discovery phase that can take a lot of trying things and trying other things. It’s like going to the clothing store for the first time after losing 30 pounds—you have no idea what sizes you wear, and your taste in clothes, now that you are slimmer and more attractive, might be completely different. You spend a lot of time in the fitting room trying things on!
And in addition to dealing with this shift in identity and the loss of connection with friends and loved ones, you also may be dealing with how to survive economically—your old job sucked you dry, but what new job will support your soul? And are you trained for that, and where do you find it?
What’s important in your life now, and how do you incorporate that into your life? How do you find like-minded friends when you barely know what “like-minded” is to you now?
Of course, each person has his own process. Some are luckier than others: perhaps their friends and relationships are able to shift to accommodate the new perspective; perhaps their job and workplace are healthy and supportive, and an internal job transfer can take place to create a new, better fit.
Much depends on how far out of alignment you were from your True Self when the Awakening takes place. But one thing is certain: if something or someone is no longer in alignment with the New You, the more you resist losing it or letting it change or go, the harder it will be!
Ongoing Integration
While grappling with the slow disintegration of the known—or, more to the point, the shedding of the parts of your outer life that were not supporting and nurturing you, not resonating or aligning with your True Self—there is another aspect of integration, and this aspect can continue for a long time, and can be fairly difficult.
You have a new sense of yourself. You understand the Truth about and the need for more Love in the world and in your life. You know that we are All One, from the same Source. We are all Loved Beyond Measure. But does your personality and ego know how to incorporate and integrate those new understandings into your everyday life?
Depending on the type of personality you have “lived in” thus far, integrating your new understandings into your day-to-day life might not be easy.
What if you were raised in an environment of sarcasm, bullying, and making fun of others? You suddenly realize those activities do not support Love, but how do you change your habitual sense of humor? How do you stop yourself from making fun of someone, when that has been your habit?
What if you were raised in an environment of looking at those who are not like you as “less than,” or negatively judging others by their skin color, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or economic status? You suddenly realize that we are All One, all from the same Loving Source. How do you change a lifetime pattern of judging, and train yourself to first tolerate, and then love, others who are different from you?
If these habits and beliefs were created as ways to build yourself up, make you feel good about yourself and better than others—that is, to mask your lack of real Self-Love—you will need to work on learning to love and accept yourself, too, which is not an easy task, especially if you can’t accept the parts you don’t want to look at, the parts you’ve shoved down and covered up.
It really is a process of retraining your mind and ego, and changing old, no-longer-conscious beliefs and habits, based on your new understandings and realizations, and, as anyone who has ever tried to lose weight or change a long-term habit, “old habits die hard.”
Old habits are like quicksand, and it is extremely easy to slip back into them. So the ongoing process of integration is the process of making the unconscious conscious, so it can be changed, and then being alert to stop yourself and change your response when you slip back in!
The true gauge of the depth of an Awakening and successful integration is the level of humility and Love you have reached. If you’re wearing your Awakening like a badge of intelligence, enlightenment, and superiority, you’re still in your old ego and you have a long path of integration to tread.
So…. You Want to Have an Awakening??
It may sound daunting, but this is not really just the process of Awakening or even the process of integrating an Awakening. It is the process of Life on Earth as a Human. If we allow Life to lead us (or God, our Angels, our Higher Self, or our Guides, etc.), we are constantly learning, constantly experiencing new awakenings, recognizing that our beliefs and attitudes and habits need to be adjusted and tweaked. It is the journey into Love, and that’s the journey that we’re all on.
The process is continual. We awaken, we learn, we grow, we change, and then we circle back on the spiral (at a higher/deeper level), and we often encounter variations of the same lessons again and again, to continue learning and growing and incorporating and radiating more and more Love.
And the more consciously we work at this process, the greater the rewards. The more we love, accept, and respect ourselves, the more we can love, accept, and respect others… and the more love, acceptance, and respect we receive. The more Love we give out, the more we get back until we reach a point when that’s all we put out and that’s all we get back… LOVE.
The more we learn to let go of our resistance and our illusion of control (falsely thinking we know what’s really best for us!), the more we are blessed by God/The Universe/our Higher Selves and we receive more of what we really need and what is really best for us… LOVE.
We are all being provided so much assistance in these times of chaos, challenge, and change, as the very Universe pushes us to Awaken and journey back to Love. We can Awaken slowly or all at once, with a Boom! Can you embrace it?
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In this issue:
After an Awakening--Then What?
Who Is Ellyn Dye?
The Ongoing Collective Awakening
It's that Time Again! Mercury Retrogrades through Most of July!
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The Ongoing Collective Awakening
Many of us look out into the world or watch the evening news and really wonder what the heck is going on out there. It appears that chaos reigns, and order (and sanity!) will never be restored!
And we all yearn for order and sanity! But we don't all agree on what that would look like.
In the late 60s, things looked the same way. Many of the Baby Boomers were horrified at what "the adults" had created--ongoing war, a society ruled by white patriarchy (often to the detriment of everyone else), and an economy and social structure that dictated everyone's roles in life. Blacks had few rights. Women had few rights (and none over their bodies). Few people even whispered about gender identity!
Too many were dying in war, and we found out with the publication of the Pentagon Papers that the government had routinely lied to the public, with the aid of the media. So we rebelled against that world view and that society.
Those in the "Establishment" were horrified that these upstart kids thought they could do what they pleased and question authority!
We all wanted order and sanity, but we all had different views of what that would mean. We didn't accomplish our goals in the 60s (which may not have been possible, anyway), but we planted a lot of strong seeds. 
So here we are, under the influence of the Uranus/Pluto square, the next step in the cycle started back in the mid-60s, doing a re-check on how that worked out, and all those issues are back up.
People didn't realize that the process of looking at all those issues would be such a long process, or that we would see that we haven't come very far.
So here we are, back in chaos, as we collectively look at the society we have created and how it is or isn't working for people. 
We are all in the process of Awakening. Some are waking up slowly, and others are having sudden, huge Awakenings, like being tipped off a lounger into cold water. And everyone is at different levels of awareness and integration.
Those who have benefitted most by the structure of society are trying to hold on to their wealth and/or power. Those who have gotten the short end of the stick are starting to demand more. Some are trying to keep pushing forward with reforms, while others are pushing to roll back reforms that have been in place since the 70s.
People are seeing situations with new eyes and having Ah-Ha moments and new understandings of things, and demanding change.
Those who are staunchly still in ego are standing in sanctimonious RIGHTNESS (on both sides), unwilling to consider the others' views or recognize that at the core, we all want the same things.
There's so much lying on the part of government officials and the media that we now have "fake news" so we all have to use our discernment to decide what's real and what's true.
Unfortunately, what's true for one isn't necessarily true for another, and we even argue over facts. We're just all working this through. And it will take a while.
For my own sanity, I try to stay out of it unless there is something I can personally do. I am aware of the insanity and chaos, but try not to get sucked into that quicksand of drama, because worrying about something is like constantly praying for something you don't want.
I prefer to focus on the kind of world and society that I want and things I can do. When I see something I like, I yell, "Thank you! More of that please!" And the rest of the time I take care of myself and do my best to remain in the vibrations of peace and love. As FDR said, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."
This, too, shall pass! It's a cycle of Awakening, and we're all going through it in one way or another. We are all grappling with the question of "Who am I now?" and trying to define who we are individually and collectively, what we want, and what will make us happy. We seem to have reached the point where most of us have identified many things that don't make us happy, and we're still trying to figure out what to do to change things.
We'll get there! We are all powerful, divine beings, playing at being human, and we'll figure it out. In the meantime, try to relax, relax your grip on Being Right, turn off the news, and have some fun this summer!
It's that Time Again!
Mercury Retrogrades through Most of July!
The last couple of months have had some pretty disruptive energies and a lot of people are feeling frazzled. And in July, we have Mercury Retrograde again, July 7-31!
Everyone freaks out about Mercury Retrograde because there's a good chance of encountering issues with electronics and mechanical things, mis-diagnoses, missed trains, lost reservations, and small print in contracts that comes back to bite you after Mercury goes direct.
BUT... Mercury Retrograde is a GREAT time to hit the pause button, take a deep breath, and look back at what you've accomplished (or what's happened) since it was last retrograde in February and March. 
Life doesn't move in a direct straight line forward, and we shouldn't expect to do that, either. We need to stop periodically, catch our breath and review, and possibly revise. 
To read a longer article about Mercury Retrograde, go here: Mercury Retrograde: That Time We Love to Hate (October 2013 issue of Tunnel Vision)
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