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March 2019 Newsletter
For 12 years our newsletter has gone to more than 20,000 Firearms Collectors, Enthusiasts, Historians and Professionals Worldwide. We now reprint over 6000 Vintage Gun Catalogs, Books and Manuals from the 1840s to the 2000s. 
Calls From The Wilds
Back issues: you can view the newsletter on our website. For a downloadable copy of our catalog of reprints or manuals this will take you there. Also, we have Interesting downloads at our website. Please forward this letter to your friends.
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Bumper Stickers Seen on Military Bases:  
  • 101st Airborne Division- “ When it comes to combat, we care enough to send the very best” 
  • “When in doubt, empty the magazine” 
  • “Sniper – You can run, but you’ll just die tired!” 
  • “Machine Gunners – Accuracy By Volume” 
  • “Except For Ending Slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism, war has never solved anything” 
  • “The Marine Corps – When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be Destroyed Overnight” 
  • “What do I feel when I kill a terrorist...  a little recoil” 
  • “Marines – Providing Enemies of America an Opportunity To Die For their Country Since 1775" 
  • “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It” 
  • “Happiness Is A Belt-Fed Weapon” 
  • “It’s God’s job to forgive Bin Laden – It was our job to arrange the meeting”  (Gen H. Norman Schwarzkopf) 
  • “One Shot, Twelve Kills – U.S. Naval Gun Fire Support “
“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. The US Marines don’t have that problem."
Thanks to John Campbell


Draper Cartridges
Hi Rob- I always find something interesting in your newsletters so keep them coming. I thought you might not have seen one of these, they were early cartridges and were produced in many calibers by Draper. There is also a tool to remove the back portion should it get stuck and not turn off easily. As you can see the idea is to allow number 11  primers (like used in muzzle loaders) to be used to fire the ammo. Best, Dick Carleton
draperDRAPER CARTRIDGE - Actually a misnomer, these are really Wills Patent (#45,292 of 11-29-1864). A screw-off base reveals a percussion nipple. Several dozen variations are known in various calibers, lengths and base styles. A few (rare) rifle rounds are also known. The bases are marked "Patented  Nov. 29, 1864 F.D. & Co .


Cowboy 1880
Cowboy c1880s, I can't make out his weapons... he might have been a mail order customer.

José Doroteo Arango Arámbula (Pancho Villa) - circa 1914. On his way to Home Depot for some home improvement supplies (Villa- get it? OK, not so funny.)... He made a mistake in 1916 by crossing the border from Mexico into New Mexico resulting in the Battle of Columbus. That transgression earned him a lengthy pursuit back into Mexico by the U.S. General "Black Jack" Pershing.
Bonnie's ride
Bonnie and Clyde's infamous Ford flathead V8. Note the holes made by armor piercing rounds in the much heavier gauge steel than is used today. Below is the car today in a Primm, Nevada casino.
bonnie 2
Michigan loggers c1890 (before chainsaws!)
The horses seem to be saying, "Wait, you want us to PULL that"?


The U.S. Army posted a notice in January that it is soliciting bids for the rifle, which is intended to be a high-tech platform that could accept a range of increasingly sophisticated add-ons or modifications. Task & Purpose wrote that the NGSW team said they hoped for the rifle to include “a specially-designed fire control system engineered to boost hit probability at extended ranges,” “an onboard processor hardened against cyberattacks” called the Advanced Small Arms Ballistic System that works like a miniaturized artillery positioning and range-finding systems and a “multi-laser rangefinder system” to detect things like wind speed and help soldiers adjust their aim.
The military also wants the rifle to have a suppressor base and hopes to integrate an “aim augmentation” system sometime in the future, Task & Purpose wrote. According to the Military Times, integration with a heads-up display system that will be mounted in helmets is also planned to be an important part of the NGSW project.
How Lucky Can You Be?

Rock of ages



WolfFinnish scientist, Kaj Granlund, and Will Graves have just published a new book (in English) titled “The Gray Wolf Revealed". It contains  factual information about wolves for hunters as well as sportsmen.  The table of contents is published in the Ebay listing
In 1150 AD, the holy Bernard of Clairvaux stated that “L‘enfer est plein de bonnews volontés ou désirs” (Hell is filled with good wishes). This evolved into the famous statement that “The quickest way to hell is paved with good intentions.” The “rewildling”, or returning large predators to populated areas, is one of these good intentions.
People who want us to believe that true wilderness can be recreated in settled landscapes without consequences for our urban society. They even argue that introducing large carnivores, wolves, into residential areas will increase human well-being.
The lack of facts and knowledge about wolves creates a vacuum that quickly fills with rumors, yearnings, fables, and desires. Together they form the basis for fanaticism, politics and misguided leadership. We have millennia of experiences living with wolves, however, once again, facts appear to be the first victims of this contest. In this book, the authors reveal the real wolf and compare that with how he was viewed in past centuries.


Rants and Raves
We don't know if this rises to the level of a RANT but it does illustrate how tenacious some people can be in pursuit of information (we added the links):
Hello - Do any of the H&D Folsom 1929 catalog show engineer boots? I know that "Buckhect" was an early manufacturer of this style, and I am looking for early examples in print. Thanks for any info, woodchuck108
Dear woodchuck108, all the Buckhead boots pictured are lace-ups. Rob...
Hello - Does this Abercrombie & Fitch Firearms & Sports 1936 Catalog include any type of engineer boots? Thanks for any info, woodchuck108
Hello - Does this H & D Folsom 1932 Arms Company Catalogue have any type of engineer boots? Thanks for any info, woodchuck108 (ebay)
Hello - Does this H & D Folsom 1937 Arms Company Catalogue include any type of engineer boots? Thanks for any info, woodchuck108 (ebay)
Hello - Does the Abercrombie & Fitch Firearms & Sports 1937 Catalog include any type of engineer boots? Thanks for any info, woodchuck108
Hi - Does this Abercrombie & Fitch Firearms & Sports 1933 Catalog include any type of engineer boots? Thanks for any info, woodchuck108
Hello - Does the Abercrombie & Fitch Firearms & Sports 1938 Catalog include any type of engineer boots? Thanks for any info, woodchuck108
Hello - Does this Abercrombie & Fitch Firearms & Sports 1935 Catalog include any type of engineer boots? Thanks for any info
Hello - Does this H & D Folsom 1936 Arms Company Catalogue include any type of engineer boots? Thanks for any info, woodchuck108 (ebay)
Hello - Does this H & D Folsom 1931 Arms Company Catalogue include any type of engineer boots? Thanks for any info, woodchuck108 (ebay)
Dear woodchuck108, We don't do research through our eBay portal, sorry, Abby

AH Logo

AH 3/2019
danceArms Heritage has just published Volume 9, Issue 1 of Arms Heritage Magazine - Their 49th issue. This issue features a compendium of Dance Revolvers, the Story of Ernest Hemingway’s most iconic gun, an article on the M1 Garand Gas- Trap Rifle and a comprehensive study of the Ruger Blackhawk series in addition are M1all of our regular columns. A subscription to Arms Heritage Magazine is unquestionably the best bargain in arms literature.  Here’s what you get for a mere $19:
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  • Instant one-click access to dealer and auction websites
  • Instant access to all collector websites.
  • Regular columns on cartridges, accoutrements, market trends, book reviews and identification of arms.
  • You can still view a sample copy free by going to the website.
Printed and bound versions of the annual magazine compendium are available with this link.  We've taken the first seven years of Arms Heritage and bound them into seven Annuals, one for each year.  Year 8 will become available in the spring.  All ads and editorial material have been deleted, leaving nothing but pure content.  Price is $44.95 each plus shipping. Years 1 through 7 are currently available. 
Read this and dozens of other terrific articles in Arms Heritage Magazine. A year subscription costs a mere $19 and you can have access to this year plus the last eight years!
Letters From Readers
Most Internet Browsers – Firefox, Edge, Opera etc – have decided to truncate, or cut off, the bottoms of long emails. There is a tiny note at the bottom allowing you to retrieve the rest of the email. Rob and Abby
Dear Abby, I live in the England . I own a Holland &Holland royal double rifle, serial number 19260. Do you have any advertisements posters of this gun for sale or pictures of this gun? This particular gun was built in 1900. Is it possible to see copies of the prints before I purchase? Best wishes, Will Carter
Dear Mr. Carter, I'm sorry we don't offer posters or pictures, only the catalogs listed under H&H at the website (link below). As far as extracting pages for customers to preview I'm afraid we just don't have time to offer that service either. There are about six pages of the 1900 catalog devoted to the "Royal" and the same pages were duplicated in the 1904 catalog. HOLLAND & HOLLAND - ALL CATALOGS Cheers, Abby
Hi Abby, Thanks for the follow up on my order of the savage 1861 manual sheet. Did you see my follow up email about that being printed on the parchment colored sheet instead of yellow? Hope that's the case. There was no space to write directions on the original paypal sheet. Best Regards, Bill Babcock
Hi Bill, Abby passed your note along to me. There are two problems with your request. We don't have special papers for printing because with 6000 publications it would be impossible to accommodate all the possible different types and requests. Also, the image came to us with a yellow background. While it would be possible to remove the yellow to print on whatever paper is needed the image itself isn't perfect. So, your request is very much a special order that would be expensive, probably $50 for the work and the paper. I suggest you either cancel the order or wait to see what you receive before making a decision. Please let us know what you would like to do. Cheers, Rob
Hi Abby, Thanks to a wonderful lady on that end you straitened out an old fella that doesn't know to much about this computer age .Thank God for me (not knowing too much) and to a woman who understands and put up with me. Thanks for all your help, Ross
(Dear Cornellpubs) I recently ordered the Winchester 1907 Jan- Repeating Arms Co. #73 Catalog. After receiving and looking through it, I found that it was not the catalog I needed. I have a Winchester Model 1892 WCF .38 patented Oct. 14, 1884 rifle. Based on the research I did for the serial number it was manufactured in 1906 or 1907. That was my reason for ordering the 1907 catalog. I did find listed on the publications list inclosed with the catalog I received a Winchester 1892 July- Repeating Arms Co. Catalog, 84 pages, for $16.95. I would like to return #73 catalog and order the Winchester 1892 catalog if you think that would be the correct one for my rifle. In either case, I would like instructions to return the catalog I have. Joseph Burdeshaw
Dear Mr. Burdeshaw, Reading your note I'm not certain I understand your dilemma. From what you say your rifle was made in 1906-7 and I would think the catalog that corresponds to that date, the one you bought, would be the most logical one to accompany the weapon, don't you think? It doesn't make sense to me to get a catalog from 15 years earlier, but of course, you are the customer and if you want an 1892 catalog I suppose that can be arranged. By the way, there is less information about the M1892 in the 1892 catalog than in the one you bought.
As an aside, you have hit on the reason Abby and I, in our retirement, have preserved all the 6000 catalogs and manuals we offer. They give collectors and enthusiasts the best connection and information about their period guns. Cheers, Rob
(Dear Cornellpubs) Thank you very much for your response to my email. After reading your response, I went back through the 1907 catalog and did find information about the gun I have.Thanks again for your response. Joe Burdeshaw
(Dear Abby) I just received an order from Cornell and it turned out to be a Browning BPS Pump Shotgun Manual instead of what I ordered, a Browning 1970 Side by Side Manual. Could you please send my the right catalog? Thanks, Gary Lowe
Dear Mr. Lowe, I had the BPS Pump identified with the wrong item number... and it has been that way since 2012 so either we don't sell a lot of them or buyers didn't notice the difference between a pump and a SxS! Thanks for telling me and we'll get the correct manual out tomorrow. Sorry for the foul-up. Cheers, Abby
(Dear Abby) I have an older gentleman here who wants to get a catalog in the mail. He is not big on computers at this time or at least not familiar with them. He asked if i could find the catalog. Claire Ashley 
Dear Claire, Yes that's fine, thank you for contacting us! Best, Abby
(Dear Abby) Is there a way to order a catalog for mailing? Claire Ashley
Dear Claire, Sure, but we would have to know what you want to buy and where you live to figure shipping. Or you can order right at our website: Best, Abby
(Dear Rob) This is not an original. I have a couple of originals,  and what you sent me is (not original). I'm not satisfied with this.   I'd like to request a refund.  Matt Lim
Hi Matt, Yes, you are correct, we reprint over 6000 old gun catalogs and manuals as part of a retirement project to preserve them before they are all gone. I'm sorry you thought what you bought was an original and I'll ask Abby to refund your money. Best wishes, Rob  (readers- what I couldn’t say?../ read the damn advertisement where it says REPRINT. It was ebay of course!)
Hi Abby , It's Ava here from CoffeeDorks and DentalDorks. I'm emailing because I see you sometimes accept guest contributions on and I'd love to write something for you. I have some great article ideas that I think you might like. Can I send some ideas over for you to review? Thanks! Ava
Hi Ava, My fault, first time around I thought the note was spam, I'm sorry. What do you have in mind? Cheers, Abby (this was an odd email, but we never heard back so I guess we will never know)
(Dear Cornell) ref: A Basic Manual of Mil. Small Arms 1945 (WWII All Country Manuals) Is this the 2nd edition or the 3rd edition? (Both were printed in 45) john_farqu (ebay)
Dear john_farqu: There is no mention that I see of what edition this one is. Author refers to the one "2 years" earlier and talks about the "present edition" but that is all I can fathom. We also reprint the '43. Rob

(Dear Rob) Okay, thank you, I have the 1943 first edition, 1st printing First Edition had 2 printings 12/43 & 1/44 Second Edition had 4 printings 2/44-4/44-10/44 & 3/45 Third Edition one printing 10/45 Really want originals of the 2nd & 3rd editions to complete the set as it were Thank you
Dear john_farqu: Ah, well, OK. Rob
(Dear Cornell) Do you happen to have any reprint information such as owners manual, etc. available for the Interarms Mauser Luger 9mm that was manufactured in the 1970's?  I would like to purchase anything appropriate. Ed Nuzbach
Hi Ed, I think the only thing we have on the Luger would probably be an Interarms catalog:  Cheers, Rob
(Dear Cornell) anything for a model 1921 32 cal made by fabrique nationale during occupation? thanks Mark Allen
Hi Mark, I don’t think so, Rob … Readers?
(Dear Cornell) I wonder if you could advise on the best catalogue for me -  I’m looking to find information (mainly actual period cost) of various firearms during the 1920s (handguns, rifles, shotguns, and others if possible). I’m looking for 1 or 2 catalogues that give best coverage of the 1920s period (ideally circa 1924-28). You have so many catalogues for this period its hard for me to pick out the ones that might best suit my needs, as I say, getting an actual 1920s prices for firearms is my primary aim. Any guidance you could provide would be marvelous. Many thanks, M Mason
Hi Mike, I'll give you some links to 1920s big resellers (all have indexes of makers at the link):

If these are not enough, these are some more resellers Cheers, Rob
(Dear Cornell) Picked up a Richard Ellis 12 gauge made 1889-1905?? Trying to find out more. Thanks again. Scott
Hi Scott, If you put "Ellis" in the search bar at our website you will see the name is mentioned in some catalogs down below the title portion of the results. Other than that if you can be specific about what you are looking for I'll try to help. Cheers, Rob
Hi (Cornell), ref: Bianchi International 1986 Holster and Access Catalog. Would it be possible for you to look in the Scorpio Shoulder Holster section of your catalog and see if the the photo's match the photo I am attaching to this email? Bianchi made three generations of the Scorpio SH and I am looking for the catalog for the first generation, where it had two shoulder yokes with two 2" horizontal elastic straps. Thanks! Doug
Dear Doug, Not sure, see photo attached? Rob
Hi Rob, that appears to be it! I see where it says to 'See Scorpio Redesign in Catalog Insert' Does your catalog have the insert with that redesign in it?
Dear Doug, No, I don't think so. Rob
(Dear Cornell) ref: Marbles 1905 Specialties for Sportsmen Gun & Knife Catalog. How many pages is the marbles gun sight section. Trapperjimm (ebay)

Dear trapper… Eight pages. Rob
(Dear Cornell) I am in possession of I believe a Hopkins and Allen 1800's suicide special. All that is on it is LIFE GUARD NO3 AND THE SERAIAL NUMBER OF 1020 under the left BIRDGRIP. It has the left single slide release, nickel plated and wood hand grips.- in 38rf. Would you like pictures of it. I purchased your book (Suicide Specials) and seen no listing on it. Kenneth Wetzel
Dear Kenneth, You can send a picture if you like and when we have time I can see if I can do some research for you although I have to say that is not really our business, we are first printers.
I can tell you off the top of my head that manufacturers made thousands of different models of guns in the early days of cartridge guns- often for different sales outlets and often with the same trade names. "Suicide Special" is a term used to describe any cheap handgun and could apply to almost any maker although I doubt any manufacturer would market a handgun with that name!
Life Guard is a brand associated with Forehand & Wadsworth and a maker called Otis Smith (active in CT in 1870s and 80s) but I don't think H&A used that name (H&A did buy Forehand in 1902 but that would have probably been long after your revolver was made). One other point is that the manufacturers in Norwich, CT. were an incestuous group. They often had common ownership and employees roamed back and forth. When one bought the remains of another they often continued production or renamed the gun as their own. Rob
Hi (Cornell)-I want to complain, but you have taken that joy from me.  I ordered on Saturday and had it in my mailbox on Friday.  The print quality is wonderful.  It was packaged well.  The binding is very workable. The price, for something hand produced, was low.  I shall thus have to console myself during a bleak New England winter storm with reading the data that I have longed for, without the warming benefit of a good complaint !  ;-) Thanks ! Jim Shepherd
(Dear Cornell) ref: Winchester 1923 Full Line Catalog. Hi I saw your catalog and am interested if it contains a particular model produce around that time frame. It's a Winchester model 20, .410 gauge single shot. If so would you sell scans/reprints of individual pages, as I have no interest in the rest of the catalog. Thank you for your time. Travstac (ebay)
Dear travstac, Individual pages would cost you more than buying the whole book, it is very time consuming to do research and then dig out special pages! Cheers, Rob
Hello. I have a question about this Ljungman c1958 Automatgevar M42B Swedish Semi-Auto Rifle Manual. I own a very nice Ljungman 1943 AG42B. Is this later rifle manual the correct one for my rifle? Thanks in advance for your reply. wesglo-2012 (ebay)
Dear wesglo... To be honest I really don't know, I'm not at all familiar with Ljungman weapons and can only tell you that this manual is for the M43B. I'm sorry not to be able to offer better guidance. Cheers, Rob
(Dear Cornell) ref: Montgomery Ward 1921 Gun Catalog. I just wanted to take a moment to Give You a SUPER THANK YOU!!! That was Very Nice! Have a Blessed Day!!! Tim @ supercollector1967-ebay
(Dear Cornell) I got my book today and it is excellent!  Very nice job and quick service too.  Thanks again.  Brian Capps
Rob & Abby, Thanks for the update. No rush, ship when you're ready. Your manuals, etc. are always worth the wait. Take care. Paul
Hi Abby, I noticed you have a booklet List of People Names and Where They Worked in the US Firearms Industry (pre 1940) Do you have any data on the Winchester employees of the 1960s or 1970s or other Winchester personnel apart from the above. Do you have a Manual for the Winchester Hotchkiss M1883 rifle?  Perhaps in an early Winchester catalog? Love to get the Newsletter Cheers, Keith
Hi Keith, No, we don't have names of later Win employees. The 1883 Hotchkiss manual is in this catalog: Winchester 1884 January Firearms Catalog. Cheers, Rob
(Dear Cornell) My God, the Pontiac ad, I love it. That’s why when I was a kid in the 60s and 70s with our muscle cars we didn’t want a Corvette. No back seat- you can read between the lines. Keep up the good job. Steve Davis
pontiacHi Steve, Imagine my disappointment when Larry Roettger was quick to tell me the Pontiac ad was a fake, someone had added the lettering. Pity, I liked the naiveté! Rob
For those people who are interested, these are replies to our question last month about replacing our website. We really appreciate the help all the people who responded offered and will use their advice to decide what we should do with our website:
Dear Abby-- Being somewhat of an antique myself, I don't use any of the new whizz-bang devices; I just sit down at my antique computer and enjoy your pub-grams. The site does everything I need as is, and I'm not qualified to speak for newer generations. Don
Dear Rob and Abby; I have been a loyal, if not frequent, customer for years. I appreciate the contributions that you have made to both my sense of humor and the pursuit of my hobby. I am an old computer programmer, yet, I also ran into the same aging website problem as you have. Since “old” is the operative term here, I was lucky enough to have family in a position to accomplish generating a new one for me for T&M.
I have often seen these companies come in with their BS $25,000 quotes…which seem to inflate over time. I would like to suggest that you consider posting your job on an internet job bidding site, of which there are several, such as Freelancer. You simply describe the job (maybe even post your newsletter item) and talented people from all over the world will bid against each other for the work. You can ask for whatever references you want and don’t need to accept any offer, I don’t believe.
Be realistic – decide what you expect to spend up front and don’t fall for the $199.95 bid. I would expect this effort to be at least $2,500 for a person’s real time? Of course the standard of living is very different elsewhere and this could be a great way for someone to get pin money in their spare time, too! Just an idea, in case it hadn’t come up. All numbers above are WAGs. Sincerely, Wayne Mattox
(Dear Cornell), Don’t change it, I do not believe your readers need a new one to read on their cell phones! Leighton
Dear Rob and Abby, for me you can keep everything the way it is. If you have to change, that's okay too.   Love your work. Cheers, Gerry
(Dear Cornell), Like I read in your email, we also have a very long term business built on very old systems, thousands of pdf file documents, equipment, etc, and we cannot just pick any available CMS centric system...   
We have a massively detailed migration plan to effect a transition to a new, single platform capable of ensuring the integrity of many years of built up SEO value, layers and layers of indexed, cross indexed, and rather deep tracing trails for any one part number, and so much more...    After looking at many different systems, some of them beautifully crafted, but very expensive, we finally found what we were looking for, but we had look at  it through very technical eyes to see the capabilities for our needs. That system is the Magento ecommerce open source platform...   As an organization and our culture, we tend to start onto something like this and remain on this path for years before we make any significant leaps. Good luck, hope this is one you will look at.   It surprised us.  Mike Trayler
Hi Folks, I wish I could be more help except to say that I have never had any trouble with your website. I just made a purchase just to try the navigation and found what I was looking for : Early 1900’s, catalog, firearms and accessories. I do not use my tablet (Kindle Fire) or my phone (Motorola/Android) to make purchases on any site. I imagine that is because I am an old guy (70) and although I have been around computers since the basic program language days (as well as Cobol) I try not to stay that connected. That said I can see how you need to be able to take orders from “smart” phones and tablets just to keep up with customer needs. Perhaps just key word search instead of drop down menus and cross indexing would do. I am with you anyway you go. Gerard Smith
Hello Abby, and Rob, You may or may not recognize us as one of your recommended gun parts dealers. We have a totally different product line, but, we face the same challenges you do. We’ve been in the specialty fastener business since 2007, and like you, we have seen websites (and smartphones, tablets, etc.) develop into much more sophisticated beasts than we could have imagined at the start. 
The first website I built myself, and the second one, too, using a bejillion PayPal buttons and the PayPal cart/checkout/payment functions already built in. As our inventory exceeded 1,000 or so different items, this became unwieldy, and, as with you, it didn’t accommodate small screens. We looked at about 8 different shopping cart vendors, and it eventually came down to a toss-up between Shopify and Americommerce. I don’t remember what the deciding factor was, but we chose Americommerce, and our website is still there today. 
Hope this is helpful, and feel free to ask questions. Browse our site; look around. We always enjoy the newsletter. Thanks for asking. Dick & Suzanne Naven  Blacksmithbolt 
(Dear Cornell)
Do you use the drop down menus on the side of our pages?
- no
Do you find the cross indexing on the right of many manufacturer pages useful?
- yes
Can you manage to navigate the website as it stands with your phone or tablet?
- tablet is OK, never tried cell phone.
What problems have you found?
- none
Do you have any suggestions or improvements if we do a new website?
- none, I have no problem with corrected shipping costs. You are providing a great service for researchers. Ken Rabeneck
I do use the drop down menus. I do not have or use a smartphone, so that stuff is inconsequential to me. I have had no issues with the website on my laptop or desktop. Thank you both for what you do. I love to read the rants and raves, it's much like a stand up comedy act from some people. I look forward to the latest newsletter. Gene
I use and appreciate and use your cross indexing and drop down menu. And I find your website very complete and easy to use. However, I also use a desktop computer.  Thanks    Bill Stapleton
I generally don’t use the right hand or left hand dropdowns. In fact, I usually send you an email and you find it for me. I am 78 years old and don’t have a smartfone. A Tracfone at about $100/yr is adequate for my wife to micromanage me. I don’t know if you can insulate yourself from shipping regulation changes by just charging a flat shipping fee. I do know I am happy with your current website. I admire your business ethics and your uniquely valuable service, and wish you to find an optimal economic solution. Larry
In response to your five questions in the newsletter:
    1.  I do use the drop-down menu, but it isn't necessary. 
    2.  I seldom use the cross index. 
    3.  I do not use either a phone or tablet for Internet browsing or for ordering.  (I don’t own a "Smart" phone, and have no intention of acquiring one.) 
    4.  I have never had a problem with your site, nor with any aspect of ordering from you. 
    5.  Just don't mess it up.  (Improvements seldom are improvements.) 
        Earl Snyder 
Hello Abby and Rob, I use the drop down menus, as well as the manufactures right side of the page. I have not had any problems navigating anywhere on the website on my iPhone 8. Nice to say hello again. I will have to look at the vast list to see if there are any books I can order. Until then stay safe. Jim C.
Hi Abby and Rob, Greatly enjoy both your newsletters as well as your website. Though I haven’t ordered anything in a while, I do keep you folks in mind!

As to your questions:
1) I’ve never used the drop down menus on the left side. I should mention the only way I search your offerings is through the search bar at the top of the screen, and that has always worked great for me.
2) The cross indexing on the right is nice, but I don’t believe I’ve ever really used it.
3) I’m running an older iPhone 6+ with IOS 12.1.2, and have no problems on your site. I have no problems navigating your website either from my phone or laptop (MacBook Pro running OSX/10.12.6).
4) I haven’t really found any problems to speak of.
5) The only possible improvement I can suggest is perhaps more verbose descriptions of the contents of each document (on the right side of the screen) when viewing an individual document (I think having the table of contents there is great; I just wish at times it was a little more descriptive).

Thanks again for offering a truly unique and valuable service for firearm aficionados – your efforts are greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Shawn R. Daniel
Hi Abby; hope you & Rob are doing well.  It is pretty darned cold up in these parts -33 with the windchill this morning, but a darn sight better than last week when we got to -63 F one morning with the windchill!
As to your questions regarding your website:
1. Do you use the drop down menus on the side of our pages?
yes, but only to bring me to the British/Commonwealth section.
2. Do you find the cross indexing on the right of many manufacturer pages useful?
yes, especially for sections where the specific item may be included in other catalogues (eg. B.S.A.Co.)
3. Can you manage to navigate the website as it stands with your phone or tablet?
Don't use one as they don't work at the cottage where we spend 8 months of the year.
4. What problems have you found?
Not enough British catalogues ;-)
5. Do you have any suggestions or improvements if we do a new website?
I'm not a techie. but if you do come up with a new website for mobile devices, would it be possible to also keep the old one, as I have found that mobile specific shopping sites do not translate well to desktop monitors. Best Regards, Jim
Dear Abby, How about a printed catalog, with mail-in order forms?   :) Doug
I have no problems with your website. Since I travel in an RV for months at a time, at least once a week I have access to a real stand alone computer at a campground. In between times, I just make notes on my Kindle or IPhone.  I don’t know how many of your customers are wedded to a smart phone, but I see no problem with what you have. RCB
Per your inquiry, I see no need to change your website at all, especially at the cost you noted.  Cross referencing and searching go very well.  "If it 'aint broke, don't fix it".
(Dear Cornell) I have exactly the same problem you describe with your web site: mine won't display properly on "smart" phones either.  And I'm damned sure not going to spend thousands to have someone else adapt it.  If you come up with an answer, please let me know.  I like your site, I use it, and hope you find a solution for the people who use phones.  The damned things are complicating EVERYONE'S lives..  Tom Caceci   Visit The New River Valley Outdoorsman Blog 


The End.
Rob and Abby
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