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The Magic and Mystery of Life
Natural Shamanism
Begin Your Shamanic Journey 4/6-7
Soul Shamanism Be Who You Are 4/27-28
Catskill Retreat Vision Quest Mitote 8/9-11
The Protected Healer 4/13 or 5/4
Be Your Own Guru - 4/29- 6/10
Achieve a Quiet Peaceful Mind 5/16
Shamanic and All Services and Sessions
The Magic and Mystery of Life
Dear Friends,
Happy Spring!
Here in the Northeast we are just seeing bulbs pop out of the ground and little buds on some of the trees. Some areas have snow on the ground. Spring begins in our heart.
This newsletter is about how Shamanism and aligned practices empower your life and spiritual understanding. There is so much more to know and understand. It is not religious, as all traditions have natural Shamanic healers and ways.
Today, you do not have to be a Shaman to access higher spiritual connections, energy, and wisdom through Shamanic practices, initiations, and awareness. Shamanism is all about being natural and organic, real, and not ideal. 
In teaching and healing with Shamanism in our work here with Janet and Be The Medicine, we work with Universal Laws focused on purity and truth which eliminates confusion and releases any side trips into alternative worlds that do not support us. We learn to see our challenges and heal and deal with them in ways that awaken our direct path to greater awareness in practical matters, and enlightenment in everyday life.
Janet's focus in her work has always been to assist people in having their own authentic experience. Janet researched what blocks us from connecting directing to spirit and the divine to assist people to let go and allow these experiences to occur naturally. In her teaching and private sessions Janet helps you to have direct experiences to who you are and the higher levels of the spirit in all things to assist in healing and accessing innate wisdom. 
Once we move out of our box of expectations we find we are so much more than we thought and there are options that we did not know existed for our life and us. Students and clients leave empowered to be who they are and it is a glorious experience and often a wonderful surprise. Shamanism is a perfect way to commune with the wisdom in nature and the life in all things
Janet StraightArrow brings a unique quality to the work. Her extensive studies of traditions from around the world allow great understanding, compassion, and oneness without fear or separation. StraightArrow's focus on truth assists you in learning discernment in your Shamanic journey's and your life, which allows great wisdom, and authentic healing to occur.
When in safety and knowledge we can have great fun in our explorations. Sincerity replaces serious, curiosity replaces limitation. Life and our practice becomes fun!
Enjoy the blossoming of Spring in the earth and you!
Enjoy the Journey,
Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You.
973-647-2500 or Email us 
Join us for a class or session. Check out our events page for a full schedule of many types of spiritual, learning, healing, and practical workshops, classes, trainings, and retreat offerings in several locations. We just added many new mini opportunities and longer ones too. for daily inspiration and links to other pages of support and opportunities.
 Check out our last newsletter on Reiki
Many more classes on our website since this newsletter.
Natural Shamanism
Shamanism is a path of service to the planet, her people, and the community. Shamans have been the original holistic healers in traditions around the world and are known for their ability to heal themselves.
A Shaman is a person who dedicates their lives answering their spiritual calling of service. They have a spiritual focus that is inclusive of mind, body, emotions, and soul.
Connecting with our spirit and the spirit in all things awakens meaning to life and helps us understand more levels of us and all. Today people are practicing Shamanism and are helpful in the community to do their part to support healing and spiritual awareness and growth in these times.
The primary purpose to pursue Shamanism is to learn and heal through a direct connection to our spirit, soul, and spiritual guidance. To do this, we break out of ego limitation to the subtle realms of spirit to awaken higher wisdom and knowledge. Nature, animals, seasonal and life cycles, and all of life on earth and beyond are honored in Shamanic practice.
The Shamanic Journey is a way to accomplish our spiritual awareness and connections and is a discipline to experience and explore. Learning with an experienced teacher allows you to safely travel, learn, discern, heal, and discover the truth of us on many levels. This practice is also a way to determine our path of service and purpose.
Some traditions use drums and rattles and gongs to move into the subtle Shamanic realms.  Some others will use breath work, dance, or song and move into a deep connection. Each tradition offers unique perspectives. Natural products like sage, stones, and feathers are used by some practitioners for cleansing and healing.
There is no need to use drugs for a natural Shamanic experience as when we achieve an authentic spiritual connection; we awaken bliss, happiness, fantastic visions, and higher truth and love.
A natural Shamanic practice is used with an open mind and loving heart focused on being of service to all. Explored with pure intent, we create a sacred space to connect, heal, learn and grow. Shamanism is a precious natural way to awaken, heal and be.

Janet StraightArrow discovered her Shamanic calling in 1992, at the age of forty, as a single mom and top Realtor who had been studying spirituality and healing for twenty-years and living it. She began teaching immediately from memory and continuously awakening higher wisdom and sacred knowledge. She found she carried many lineages from around the world and pursued studies to bring Ancient wisdom together for our modern world today.
She has studied with Native American, Tibetan, Celtic, Toltec, African, Huichol, and Siberian Shamans and Shamanic practitioners Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, and others at the foundation for Shamanic Studies, and renowned spiritual healing masters from Yoga, Sufism, Zen, Buddhism, and other traditions around the world and found the unity and unique perspectives and gifts that fill in the missing pieces to make us whole again.
Live the Power of You!
StraightArrow’s work and mission Be The Medicine is the “how” to live healing and our true self in service to all simply, easily, and directly with joy. More on Shamanism and Soul Shamanism on this website. See her upcoming pieces of training and a summer Vision Quest retreat on the calendar page. Private sessions weekly.
This work empowers each person to walk their walk and increase their energy and awareness. Holistic practitioners will benefit and so will their clients and students. People from all walks of life will feel more connected to self, others, life, nature, and the earth.
Call to speak with Janet to see how this might assist you on your spiritual, healing, life journey. 973-647-2500 or email
Join us for an introductory training April 6 & 7, or Soul Shamanism April 27-28 and/or our Vision Quest Retreat August 9-11. Details below. Sign up ASAP to begin preparation for this transformative retreat.
Shamanism Classes Programs Sessions
Begin Your Shamanic Journey 4/6-7
Introduction to Shamanism and Journey Training. A weekend of Shamanic Initiations, greater spiritual connections, and learning how to Journey into aligned worlds of reality through Shamanic Journeys.

Janet StraightArrow creates a safe space and offers a deep understanding of how to travel to the Shamanic worlds and let go of any resistance so that we can journey and experience higher levels of us and all.

We open to greater perception and develop the spiritual abilities that are natural to us in all areas of our life.

*We meet and learn to communicate with higher level guides and guardians including our power animal, angels, and soul connections.

*We work with Sacred Ceremony and the Medicine Wheel and experience how we are all one, honoring the directions, symbols, signs, nature, and create sacred space.

*Energy workers, yoga teachers, and other healers will awaken abilities of perception far above where you are now. We will see, hear and know more about clients on many levels.

*Our life becomes rich and full as our day to day awareness increases.
*This experiential class will be a healing and learning experience and expand your view of life.

Bring a blanket, eye covering, journal, pens, joy, curiosity, and love. If you have a drum or rattle bring them too.
Allow your weekend to be a retreat allowing space for yourself before during and after.
Sign up today. $295.00 prepaid by 3/28/19. $325. after till 4/6/19
Checks to Janet StraightArrow, 39 Greenwood Ave, Madison, NJ 07940 or credit cards on
fill in the correct amount
$25. Off each, when 2 or more weekend participants registered together. 
Soul Shamanism Be Who You Are 4/27-28
A profound gift of connection and healing. Become one with you as you explore this practice from Far Eastern Shamans. A grounded spiritual practice that awakens you to your soul. You experience immediate knowledge of who you are and why you are here.

Join Janet StraightArrow as she initiates you into your-soul-self, you will explore your inner space that directly reflects your body and entire life. You will never feel alone again. You have direct access to your inner wisdom and knowledge.

This Universal, Spiritual Shamanic practice makes the mystical – practical, immediate and real in everyday life and working with others. A great class for healers, teachers, therapists, coaches and All who are ready to Be and Live who they truly are. From this day forward you will feel empowered by the depth of your soul, self and all of your personal connections and tools received from this experiential class.

Your life purpose awakens and readies you to move forward in all areas of your life in profound, simple, clear ways. Heal yourself deeply and directly from present concerns and past hurts. Find inner peace, tranquility and knowing. Awaken Medical Intuition and other spiritual gifts and abilities.
Enjoy this profound addition to your spiritual healing tool bag that is a precious gift that takes all Spiritual and Shamanic Practice to new deeper and higher levels for Shamanic Practitioners, Healers, and everyone. This class is an important beginning to assist you to Be The Medicine.
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $395 By 4/20. $425 prepaid by 4/25. Send deposit to hold your place and complete payment as above. Sign up early as this class size is limited due to the depth of the work.
Send a check to Janet StraightArrow, 39 Greenwood Ave, Madison, NJ 07940 or for credit cards use Pay Pal Link

Janet StraightArrow has been teaching people to Be The Medicine for decades and has been initiating them into their soul self in real ways with profound results. This is a deep practice that is grounded and real and sacred and brings you into wholeness in ways you might have always wanted to be. for more on Janet and her practice and teaching. 973-647-2500 for questions or Email her at
Catskill Retreat Vision Quest Mitote 8/9-11
A TIME FOR YOU. Enjoy a weekend in the country to go deeper on your personal journey. We begin the journey with weekly emails to fuel your inner process and preparation soon as you sign up.
Are you moving through big change this year? Come for a powerful weekend of ceremony, Journeys, transformation, and rebirth, with Shaman Janet StraightArrow. Awaken clarity, life purpose, and joy, as we break through illusions, fears, and ego. This gentle yet powerful weekend is life changing. We begin at sign up for ongoing support in preparation for the final journey at this weekend retreat.

Blending the Toltec Mitote with the Quest with intent and focus allows for a deep transformative experience. By the time you come to your silent time on the weekend of questing you are ready to have a profound experience. By the end we are rebirthed into us gently and take the space to begin to process and integrate by the time we leave for home. You might want to take Monday off for home integration.

We meet on Friday August 9, 3pm and the ceremonial weekend retreat ends on Sunday, August 11, 3 PM. 973-647-2500 for any further information.
Each retreat is powerful and unique focused on the people and the energy and phases we are all moving through.

Energy Exchange is $575. Includes lodging and healthy food for the weekend. Single prepayment discount by May 15., $500.00
Preparation and follow up are included and begin at sign-up. Regular emails are sent to assist you in preparation for the retreat.

Payment schedule. First payment ASAP to begin preparation and due by May 15, $200., second Payment $200. Due by June 15., final payment $175., due by July 15. See testimonials from past retreat participants.

SEND DEPOSIT ASAP TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE. Send Check to Janet StraightArrow 39 Greenwood Ave, Madison, NJ 07940 or Credit card on more on Janet and Be The Medicine and our teachings and programs at

Dates and times of retreat are August 9-11. Friday to Saturday 3pm to 3 pm. Email preparation begins with sign up. Reach out to me if you would like to know more. I would like to speak to all who sign up. to set up a call. Janet StraightArrow

EZ Commute for seekers from Delaware to New England. Fly into Albany or Stewart Airports for distance travelers.
We are close to New Paltz and Woodstock, NY. Easy access to major highways. See payments and policies page on our website.
The Protected Healer 4/13 or 5/4
This advanced class is on energy awareness, protection, and clearing and will assist your greater perceptions, understanding, and ways to take action.

There is a need for people and practitioners to have a greater energy awareness in everyday, when they are with people-everyone, if they are working with them, teaching, or going to groups, classes, and events, and so much more.

Energy attacks and transmissions can be very subtle and we can miss them and think they are something else and become ill or affected in many ways on one or more levels.

In working with many groups as teacher and taking many classes I know how important it is to understand deeper ways of taking care of you and others especially when you are doing healing, energy, therapy, yoga or other spiritual practices.

Join us Prepay $150.00. Space limited. Available both days. Sign up ASAP and choose which day you are coming, as space is limited.
Checks to Janet StraightArrow, 39 Greenwood Ave, Madison, NJ 07940 or credit cards

Janet is a Shaman, Reiki Master, and Medical Intuitive and has always focused on being a guardian as well as teacher and healer aware of the energy and spirit in all.
Be Your Own Guru - 4/29- 6/10
Begin this exciting adventure with Janet StraightArrow. To Be The Medicine we also are our own Guru. In this class we begin to learn to listen and be our authentic self and live as our own advocate in all areas of our life.
The sages say that humanity became lost when they stopped listening and following their true Self. We find our wisdom, power, purpose and joy when we learn to know and trust our true self. Enjoy the journey of self knowledge and empowerment in new and exciting ways in this class.
Learn to live your true self, body and soul, the one who knows and acts from inner wisdom instead of ego. Learn to look inside instead of continually looking outside for answers, responsibility, and purpose, while releasing all of the patterns, blocks, and interference to be your own Guru-True Self-Master.
Are you ready to move into your personal spiritual mastery and learn how to live it more each day no matter what is occurring? All of your spiritual, healing, and practical life will be enhanced and progressed in amazing ways.
This group is open to those who are ready for advanced adventures on our journey for learning, experience, support, community, awakening, healing and spiritual growth together. Drawing on Universal truth and many traditions from around the world we will be taking all I offer further than ever before.
Ongoing work allows for complete teachings and continuous growth. Janet has been on a conscious spiritual journey for over fifty-two-years and studied with Masters of traditions around the world. As she learned and practiced each step she lived a traditional life in a spiritually conscious way and been a successful mother, entrepreneur, healer, teacher, coach and friend to thousands. Her mission is to offer a clear, neutral, universal path to enlightenment and perfect health in today’s world.
This course offers some of the best teachings Janet has gathered and developed to guide you on the journey of you with understanding, confidence, peace, and love. We always have fun as we break down what is holding us back and awaken the best of who we are, and learn to live a spiritual life in the material world successfully.
You will develop your spiritual gifts and abilities and discover deeper life purpose. Your everyday life will be easier, and you will have more time to live the life you want. There are deeper opportunities to grow with this in the newsletter and on our website. We will continue this class at Studio Yoga with enough interest.  All of our courses and sessions help you achieve the goal of this class. Join us and begin the journey.
Monday nights 4/29- 6/10, 7 - 8 pm at Studio Yoga Madison, NJ $132. 6 Monday Nights. We skip Monday Memorial Day.
Ask to join our Be Your Own Guru Group Facebook Group and for daily inspiration.
Achieve a Quiet Peaceful Mind 5/16
Enjoy this foundational practice to live in awareness, personal power, and peace. Become present and open to life, spirit, and all from a quiet mind and open heart.
Experience teachings, practices, and profound wisdom that will give you immediate relief and discover your ability to choose what thoughts and emotions to give power to and how to release the ones that sabotage and hurt us.
Janet has assisted thousands of people to overcome anxiety, fear, stress, and disease, and to know who they are, what they want, and how to accomplish these in their life. We learn to use this practice to move into a beautiful quiet meditation together in class and after.
This practice goes deeper and becomes more natural with everyday use, and you continue to discover who you are beneath the minds emotionally led roar.
You will learn strategies to live in peace, empowered to create the life you want. A life changing class developed over time by Janet that you will use for all of your life.
Thursday night May 16, 6:30 - 9 PM The Early bird price is $150. Prepaid by 5/12. $170.After. Recording on practice and teachings are included.
Credit cards or send checks to janet StraightArrow at 39 Greenwood Ave, Madison, NJ 07940
Shaman, Healer, and Sage, Janet StraightArrow’s work Be the Medicine, goes directly to the source and offers profound teachings from the study of mind, body, spirit, emotions, and soul from traditions around the world all focused on living our empowered wholeness.
Questions or to schedule a private session 973-647-2500 Email Janet
Shamanic and All Services and Sessions
Janet StraightArrow is a Practical Mystic, Healer, Teacher, Shaman, Sage, Astrologer, Integrative Healer, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master, Life & Health Coach, Yogi, Writer, and Entrepreneur. Janet StraightArrow is a grounded loving being who shares practical wisdom and encouragement with all she meets.

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Be The Medicine  •  39 Greenwood Ave  •  Madison, NJ 07940

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