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May you know the Beauty and Truth that is Who You Are.
May you know the Wisdom within, and always listen to and express the Song of you Soul.
Booking now for August and September
About Beth
Session Specials!
Booking now for August and September
Hi Everyone,
I have a few specials I'd like to offer you. Take a peek and let me know right away if you'd like to book an appointment.
$10 off a 90min Combination Session:  A combination session blends massage, energy medicine and intuitive information. During these session I able able to share with you what I 'see' and intuit about your situation or presenting issue. Regularly $125... with $10 of your session will be $115
$20 off a 2 session series: Schedule 2 different modalities within the same month, and receive a total of $20 off. Options include 60 or 90 minute massage, 60 minute chakra balancing/energy medicine, Cellular Activation, and intuitive reading. 
$10 off a 60min energy healing session: Includes chakra balancing and attention to whatever issue is important to you. Energy medicine can address physical or  emotional situations, as well as assisting in calming the mind, and opening one's own spiritual and intuitive connections. Includes intuitive insights. Regularly $85...with $10 off your session will be $75
To receive a special:
* Just reply to this email or give me a call at 816-305-4670 (PLEASE NOTE THIS NUMBER MAY BE DIFFERENT THAT WHAT YOU HAVE FOR ME)
* Mention the special when scheduling.
Contact me by Tuesday July 23rd to book your session(s)
Please feel free to pass this along to others who may be interested.
Lots of love,
A Word on Health, Medications & Doctors
More and more I have clients, family, and friends who end up on medications for issues ranging from depression and high blood pressure to insomnia or trying to quit smoking.
I have seen first hand how medications can both help, but also many many times, cause adverse reactions and unusual symptoms such as feeling sick, dizziness, body aches..etc. 
As you know (or maybe you don't), I have a medical background as a registered nurse. My mom was also a nurse and was a professor for most of my life, at the school of nursing in Kansas City. I remember walking the long hallways with her, the smells of sterilizers, the various parts of the hospital and their different feels. Some places felt still, quiet, and serious. Other places buzzing with activity. A hospital is a place filled with all sorts of various energies and people having many many different experiences with their body, emotions and psyches.
I actually loved my time with my mom in her place of work, the hospital and the nursing school. It's not why I became a nurse. I became a nurse because of my love of science and biology, and to provide income to support my love of and training in complimentary medicine and healing modalities. 
But a great gift of all of this experience in my life, is that I am not afraid of hospitals or doctors, I am an empowered patient.
And this is the point of my writing this. I want you to be an empowered patient. I'd like to help you know how.
First, I want to encourage you to look to modalities such as herbs, massage, and acupuncture before you jump into medication. Do your own research. Google "Herbs for xyz",  "Natural remedies for_____" , "Alternative treatment for_____"
Sometimes medication may be the answer, but sometimes other things can do the trick when done with consistency. One person I know had been taking Ambien for insomnia. I told her about Melatonin and she's totally off the Ambien now!
Research the side effects of any medications you are taking or are considering taking. I have had clients experience very uncomfortable side effects. Herbs usually have no side effects.
How to talk to your Doctor:
When you do your own research, you will feel more empowered to have the following sorts of conversations. Research online, talk to herbalists and other alternative health practitioners. 
Here are some scripts of ways to communicate to your doctor:
"I'd like to try _________ before getting a prescription medication"
ie.. "I'd like to try massage and acupuncture once a week before resorting to medication for my high blood pressure."
"I understand, but I'd like to skip the dental x-rays this time. Sure I'm happy to sign the waiver."
"Ok, I will consider that but I'd like to try _____ first."
"Have you heard of ______ for depression? I feel like I'd like to try the herbal route first."
"I understand, but I feel more comfortable trying ______ first."
"I think I'll wait on that procedure for now. I want some time to do some research and think about it."
By the way, you can go ahead and get the referral for the procedure of specialist visit. Then schedule it when you're ready and not a moment before. 
I know it can be difficult, because we view doctors as the ones who know what our body needs, and they often do. But a person can't know everything there is to know. That's too much to expect. We must use our own resources as well. Do our own research, and tap into the vast body of knowledge that is available from many sources.
Sometimes we don't know the right choice for sure, and may choose to go with what the doctor suggests. This can sometimes bring peace of mind, and turn out to be the best decision we could have made. 
I would never tell you what to do , or shame you for taking a more conventional route. I just want to be a support, and encourage you to be empowered in whatever choices you make. The medical world is becoming more and more aware and friendly to things like massage, herbs, acupuncture, thermography. This is a great thing! Work with your doctor, know you can ask questions, know you can take a moment to consider options, and can ask for a little time before going the route that they are advising. 
Good links for research:
Great on for research:
Lots of love,
Insight Timer
Join me on Insight Timer.
Currently you'll find these three meditations from me:
* Finding Stillness
* Your Soul Seed
* Abundance Alignment
VIEW HERE or Download Insight Timer from the app store and search for Beth Budesheim
Insight timer has a large library of curated guided meditations, and I'm so happy to be a part of it!  I've been using it for 4+ years as my meditation timer, and absolutely love it. 

About Beth

Beth is an energy medicine practitioner, professional intuitive, bodyworker, artist, psychosynthesis life coach, RN, 20+ years meditator, yogini, and nature lover. Supporting others to go deep within, find inner stillness, access potent bits of clarity, their innate healing energy, and unique soul essence, are some of her great passions. She believes that world where there is a greater sense of center, of calm, clarity, inner peace, and wholeness, is a more peaceful world. For over 18 years, Beth has assisted others through her creativity and sessions, with their inner spiritual connection, their dreams, physical & health issues, career or relational indecisions, and general need for self care. Sessions are available in-person, and through phone, Skype and email.

Beth Budesheim  •  PO Box 215  •  Tesuque, NM 87574

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