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Alki UCC Weekly Messenger August 22, 2019
From Pastor Kelly
A lot of exciting things are happening at Alki UCC, including active reflection on the church's core identity. There are many wonderful attributes inherent in the character of the congregation.
One way to think about the congregation is its size. Small, medium and large churches actually function quite differently and if a faith community is moving from one size to another there can be significant bumps along the way.

“Small family-sized churches” (50 or less in worship) tend to resemble extended families and emphasize fellowship, relationship, intimacy, belonging and member involvement. People matter more than performance, so high value is placed on volunteering, rather than on professional skills one may possess for the work that needs to be conducted. Small churches tend to be lay-led organizations and thus they may be reluctant to hand over too much authority to the minister.
The next size up are called “clergy-centered congregations” (51-150 in worship) and yet bigger isn’t better, just different. These churches tend to hand over more responsibility for care of the congregation to the clergy and the clergy’s presence at meetings and activities is very important. The clergy bring most proposals to the church board for decision. Lay leaders and clergy work closely together.
Congregations with 151-400 in worship are considered “program-centered churches” and their expectations are markedly different from smaller congregations. Those who attend program-size churches tend to seek quality over relationships. They want well-run programs, well-organized activities and professional leaders. The governance structure of the program-centered church tends to be large with several clearly defined committees and/or ministry teams.

All three of these sizes are good! There is no one right way to be a church and depth of spirit can and is cultivated in all of these configurations. At the moment, Alki UCC falls in the middle one. The desire to know everyone in worship on a Sunday is probably a hope that falls into the family-sized church category while dreams of a large, self-sustaining youth program are indicative of a program-centered congregation. Right sizing is one of the focus areas now through the fall, ensuring that programs, teams, staffing, budget and building are the right size for the church. Any one of these things that is off kilter can impact the smooth functioning of the congregation.
Feel free to shoot me an email ( or give me a call (206/935-2661) with any insights or questions about church size. 
Pastor Kelly
Ministry Teams & Council
Ministry Teams ... You have a section in the newsletter! Send your announcements to the Church Office by Tuesday for Thursday publication.
Upcoming Team Meetings
Wednesday, August 28, 6:30 pm
Light dinner and conversation/planning on Cinda Stenger's patio
4118 19th Ave SW Seattle WA 98106
(206) 356-7559
Music & Worship
Sunday, September 8 after Worship
Faith Formation
Sunday, September 15 after Worship
Caring Community/Fellowship
Monday, September 16 at 6:30 pm
Verona Ryan Home
Sunday, September 29 after worship
Worship & Logistics
Sunday, September 8 after Worship
* * * Ministry Team Announcements * * *
Last Sunday in church, I described a new opportunity for congregants to participate in worship by selecting a favorite hymn. We are calling it the THIRD HYMN because typically the first two hymns of the service are chosen to complement the scripture and sermon.
If you submit the name of a hymn that is particularly meaningful to you — for example, because of your faith journey, or family history or the majesty of the lyrics — we will schedule that hymn for a particular Sunday, giving you sufficient notice to prepare your remarks about what makes this music special to you.
Please email your selection to me at, or if you would rather use paper, I will have a form in the narthex for this purpose.
We're hoping for a prompt and enthusiastic response so we can get your favorites on the schedule soon!
— Gretchen HawleyWorship and Music
Alki UCC Fall Choir Workshop/Retreat
Saturday, September 7
9:45 am to 3:00 pm with a potluck lunch
Home of Verona Ryan
Interested in joining this dynamic, energetic, loving, diverse group of folks who love to sing? No prior experience nor music-reading capability needed.
The choir normally rehearses twice a week (Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings before worship) and strives to create a culture of support, encouragement, accountability and fun.
Please contact Marshan Goodwin-Moultry (our Minister of Music) or Cindy Ogasawara (choir president) with any questions.
Remember the Raise the Paddle event
at the March Gala?
Your generous donations from the Gala fundraiser made big changes at Ndavaya Primary School in Kenya, who recently wrote us about the exciting delivery of beds, mattresses and bedsheets. Your gifts also made it possible for them to repair the dorm roof.
Check it out!
What your gifts made possible  .....
The supervisor, Juliet Odera, in Kenya sent the pictures to show what a difference the girls will experience this year.
Nancy Jayne, our local neighbor and spokeswoman for the school, is in contact with the school and is able to keep us informed how our donations are changing the lives of the girls.
Thank you to all who were part of this blessing.
— Julia Peeler
In Our Circle of Prayer
For those grieving the recent death of a loved one:
Larry Gill, the family and friends of Ruth Okada; family and friends of Shelley Webster, Kathy Herigstad and family, friends and family of Jeanne Anderson, Amy Young and family, friends and family of Eric Erickson, Lesa Henry

Recent hospitalization, illness and other concerns:
Bonita Corliss, Jim & Bev Connor, John Kinsman, Dayle Banks, Lois Constantine, Kathy Herigstad's sister Jackie, Don Peterson, Jan Cochran

For home bound members/friends of Alki UCC: Doris Colbert 
Wider World:
Prayers for fewer guns and for all victims and those affected by gun violence; for all those affected by the increasingly cruel and inhumane US immigration policies imposed by the current administration;  victims and survivors of extremist violence around the world; migrants seeking refuge around the world, and for those who are trying to help them. The rest of the missing schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram, who remain in our hearts as long as they remain missing. The hungry and homeless, the ill and the addicted, the lost and the lonely; the unemployed.
This Sunday,
August 26
at 10:00 am
Life in Transition
Sermon Series
at Alki UCC
Through September 1
The 11th Sunday
  after Pentecost
  Colossians 3:12-4:1
  from The Message
Color: Green
Liturgist: Gretchen Hawley
 Table Conversations — “What is our moment?”
We celebrate communion the first Sunday of the month and the sermon turns into an opportunity for members to share their responses to September’s question — “What kind of a moment are we in?”
You can answer the question from a local, neighborhood perspective or from a broader, cultural one.
If you are willing to share your thoughts during worship next Sunday, September 1 contact Pastor Kelly or Larisa, our Office Manager
Food Drive
Big Thanks to everyone who helped fill the first two barrels with donations to our Summer Food Drive with Admiral Church.
Your donations have already fed hungry children via the West Seattle Food Bank ... but the big barrel is hungry for more!!
Alki Beach Pride Event 
August 25 
Alki UCC will be an enthusiastic presence at this year's Alki Beach Pride this Sunday, August 25 beginning at 11:00 am near the Bathhouse (Alki Ave SW & 59th).
Volunteers still needed at 10:30 am to help with setup and later to help with cleanup.

Contact: Julia Peeler
Big thanks to everyone who signed up to staff the table.
Admiral UCC Invites You ...
Admiral Church
4320 SW Hill St
Eating Flesh and Drinking Blood —
Cannibalism or Christianity?
Tuesday, August 27
at 7:00 pm
A lively discussion on the diversity of opinion about Holy Communion in Jesus' church, considering the Biblical sources as well as the church's interpretations, led by Pastor Andrew
# # #
Practical Strategies for Resisting Islamophobia
Sunday, September 1
at 12:30 pm
Featuring Aneelah Afzali,
executive director of the American Muslim Empowerment Network
(AMEN) — part of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound.

Afzali said that the goal of AMEN is to mobilize people to take action against hate, to educate Americans about Islam, and to empower young people to contribute to their communities.
Call To Action! 
Help protect SNAP benefits for vulnerable families, The Trump administration is working to end SNAP benefits for three million people by restricting eligibility.
This policy would cause more hunger in our communities, especially for working families, children, and senior citizens. We have 60 days to provide comments. Let your voice be heard!
Access the comment site here.
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