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Be The Medicine
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It is Time for Surrender
Survey:What support-classes would you like?
Community Zoom Wisdom Healing Circle by Donation 3/31 at 7 EDT
Janet is here to assist on many levels.
It is Time for Surrender
Dear Friends,
How are you and yours? I would love to hear from you. Prayers for all of us and the earth.
This is a time of personal and spiritual growth. Let go of resistance to responsibility. Find ways to live through this time intelligently. Our ego wants control, It's time to say, "hell, no!" The sooner we all let go of having it our way, the sooner we all will come together again in health. Love to all. Be well. Self-care and looking out for others with respect and love is the answer. Always in Love. Janet StraightArrow
Home is inside of us. Home is being in our abodes. Home is with family, friends, and community. Home is planet earth.
Finding home inside of us is an important part of the spiritual journey. As we relax into our humanity, we discover our divinity. Looking from the inside out we find our center of truth, love, and perspective, and from here we can see others and our place in the world.
After seeing a big sign saying Smile on the front of a lawn in the next town in colorful paint, I bought these pansies to place on my porch. Pansies to me are like sweet little faces smiling.
During these times we have ample opportunity to see one another around the world. And yet we are alone and need support too. Each country and state and county and town have its own drama and trauma. Each family has their own situations. All businesses have shutdowns and concerns.
When we get out of our self, and think of all, it lifts us as well. We are all in this together. It is a perfect time to open our hearts and minds to the grace and love in all humanity. It is also the perfect time to let go of what is blocking us and creating dis-ease. We are not alone, we are all one. It is great to see so many reaching out to others in many ways.
In Life there are cycles of death and rebirth and our world is experiencing a major time of this for many years now and this is the apex.
Individually and collectively we all have parts in this play called life at this time. This pandemic has helped us experience compassion. Compassion means we understand that we are all in this together. No one better or worse, bad or good, just one. 
ALLOWING ALL TO FALL APART. I lost my youngest daughter Lisa, suddenly on April 1, 2008, and within 2 years had so many unbelievable things in my life fall apart. And yet I found that somehow I was always okay, and supported in equally unbelievable ways.
It was far from easy, very painful on all levels, and taught me great resilience, and how little I could live on, and with. Each day was like a year, and felt like it would never end. This experience taught me to surrender over and over again. The most important part was, I stayed away from feeling sorry for myself, and kept going.
This took me to my depths shattering every part of me. The extra pieces of trauma shot me down over and over again to choose; do I want to die, survive, or thrive? I choose the latter as my long term goal, and that made all of the difference.
It has been 12 years of healing and rebuilding every area of my life since Lisa died, by staying present, and taking responsibility. I realized that patience is being present and accepting what is and move from there as I could each day. It has also been a great practice to stay in the body, and trust all will be okay, and continue to be aware and awake to all I could do and be.
One day at a time had tremendous meaning with all of that loss and continuously unexpected happenings, each breath and step was all I could focus on.
I also appreciated how blissful and peaceful it is when we keep letting go pain and suffering, ego and control, and reside in that divine place inside which is God.
Breathe, and focus on what is the best of now and keep going.
What shattered was my ego and heart. What I gained was humility, total trust, and inner peace, and allowing others to help me after decades of having to take care of me, and others continually. I know that whatever occurs, all will work out, and it will be what it is, not what I expect.
I also gave up a fear of death. Life goes on on other planes of existence. I do not feel now is my time to leave, there is much to share and do, but I will see as life unfolds.
I also refined and deepened my work and teachings and practices while also helping thousands of others. My purpose, kept me present and going as well and I am grateful for this. Inch by inch I faced the worst and made the best I could. Some days, weeks, and months, were easier than others.
I tell you this as I asked many times why I had to suffer this? I heard that many would need support in similar situations, and having moved through it with grace and strength, I could help many.
We are shattering our expectations and illusions and watching nature itself have its say. We can awaken out of the hypnosis of the material world, and be more Spiritual-Natural-Universal in our awareness and living.
The greatest result of this time is honoring nature and the power of balance and alignment with our highest truth on all levels.
Reach for Heaven on Earth. Stay positive, productive, and present. Rest, nurture, nourish, let go, and be.
The Earth and the Universe are calling for balance. Astrology has been speaking of these next two years for many decades as a time of the breakdown and restructuring on all levels of the material world. 
We are amazing spiritual beings living in this material body at this time. Some will choose to leave, as it is too much, or their time to leave. What I have experienced over and over again is that life continues for all of us. Endings move into new beginnings.
Learning to align and balance us with nature, higher wisdom, and knowledge supports this process. We also can discover what agreements we have made to be and do our part to help, heal, and learn too.
Learn to clear monkey mind-negative thoughts and fear, and open to wisdom heart. Since I was a little girl I saw images in the media of the sky falling, the end is near, and more, year after year. It's all real, and an illusion. What is falling is our ignorance and our belief we can control things that we cannot.
As we do our part in making sure all are taken care of and supported, we grow together in greater humanity.
Has the pendulum swung far enough for us to know it is up to us to bring it into balance? Each person will let go of things, ideas, and attachments we thought were necessary. We are going to appreciate our connections now more than ever to love and support one another.
A Toltec Nagual Shaman taught us to let go of false needs and know that that we only need; a little water, a little food, and breath. All else is optional.
Notice what upsets you in these times. Is it necessary? Can you let things go that you can do without? What matters is people, family, love, and... you fill in the rest.
What is your part in the whole and in your individual life? Stay present. Meditate. Reflect.
As things continue to unfold stay tuned in to what comes next.
Fear takes us out of all that is helpful. 
This is a time for us to remember our divinity in our humanity.
There is always abundance and love.
Let us align with divine wisdom and wholeness and find the holiness, strength, and wisdom we all have inside. 
Dig Deep. Aim High. Stay home. Stay well. 
FREE SUPPORT. I am posting on Facebook daily. I AM CHANNELING Supportive daily video messages, and inspiring posts, and sharing others posts that are inspiring too. I WILL CONTINUE TO POST WRITINGS OF SUPPORT HERE. I am working on several things and excited as they will help many now.
We all play our part in the transformation unfolding. May we continue to rise up and find our way home inside and out. Praying for all.

Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You.
I am here 973-647-2500 Email
Sessions daily.
See below and please offer feedback.
Zoom circles, classes and more soon. Stay tuned on Facebook. Website. Newsletters Here.
Lots of ideas perking. It will be a quick notice so peek in. Looking at lots of ways to stay connected and moving forward together. 
I appreciate you and your support, always in love. 
Donations Always Graciously Accepted
Checks to Janet StraightArrow, 48 Frederick Place, Morristown, NJ 07960. Credit Cards. Thank You.
Survey:What support-classes would you like?
Now that we are on Zoom we can work together around the globe. I just bought a plan that offers longer classes and options.
What trainings or topics would you like?
We are all moving through so much and I have decades of training, tools, and practices as well as support for all areas of your life.
Some suggestions below for groups or one-on-one sessions.
  • Group ceremonies and healing-learning sessions?
  • Progressive spiritual advancement?
  • Support for the earth and one another?
  • Meditations?
  • Advanced self-healing tools?
  • Healers trainings?
  • How to discern truth and lies?
  • How to Love and Trust yourself?
  • How connect and know divine peace, grace, clarity, and love?
  • Classes or trainings you see in my classes page online.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly hour or longer meetings?
  • Deep personal sessions, reading, learning?
  • Sliding scale as needed.
  • Reiki Learning and healing self, others, the world?
  • Shamanic experience, learning, and healing for us and all?
Anything else you can add as I meditate and reflect and create on this? Your feedback and interest are everything so please Call 973-647-2500 or Email for responses to the above or for appointments.
We are going to need more healers and I am here for training and further learning and support.

Community Zoom Wisdom Healing Circle by Donation 3/31 at 7 EDT
Drawing from wisdom and practices gathered from around the world, we deepen our connection to the divine in us and all. Meditations, Journeys, Spiritual practices are shared and experienced in each circle.
Community Gathering Online. Each night will be unique in its orientation and purpose and will be led by what is called for in that evening. 
We will address what is happening in our lives and the world and develop the understanding of higher spiritual truth and love and how to live it now.
StraightArrow’s high vibration of energy and wisdom blended with the group will raise us all up and move us light years ahead on our journey each month. As an experiential spiritual learning circle bring questions and Email Janet with anything ahead of time as well.
For many years Janet has held groups of amazing personal healing-learning-awakening results.  Community building and support is an important component of this gathering
In these times, especially this year, it is a great value to have a foundation of neutral unconditionally loving support, wisdom, and knowledge to keep us grounded and positive.
To know and trust our own wisdom is a practice worth deepening and growing. We know more than what we imagine or think. Be The Medicine is based on a continual process of living our inner wisdom and accessing our limitless being in everyday life. No Fear. Love and Trust.
Tuesday evenings from 7-9 pm. Come to experience peace, love, truth, community, and how to deepen it in our lives today.
Tuesday Nights 3/31, 4/21, 5/19
RSVP with payment. Prepay by Credit Card  
Checks to Janet StraightArrow, 48 Frederick Place, Morristown, NJ 07960.
Join us All donations accepted and appreciated in this time.
Zoom link sent by email with payment. This is a deep class.
Sign up by 2 pm the day of class please.
You will leave feeling energized, supported, and connected and more.
$50. suggested a session. $140. prepaid for all three if you can.
Attendees can take a 20% discount off sessions in-between the classes.
 A Comprehensive testimonial
Janet is here to assist on many levels.
I chose one testimonial to share how I can support you, and yours, near or far. 
“TRIFECTA. Years ago, I found myself in a truly intense “dark night of the soul”.  Everything in my life had fallen apart, I was experiencing profound trauma and I needed healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  In my search for help, I came across Janet’s ad in a local publication.  When I saw her photo, I knew she was the one I needed to see. I knew she could help me to heal and to navigate my way out of my current crisis. I’m happy to say my intuition was right on. The healing Janet facilitates is profound.  She addresses all levels---which was truly what I wanted and needed.  For me, psychological counseling is not enough.  There are always many factors and influences contributing to our struggles. She does counsel and does so with equal parts frankness, compassion and humor---all of which I appreciate!  But her counseling incorporates wisdom and information from many areas: shamanism, astrology, health and nutrition and other healing systems and traditions. Janet also does some of the most intense energy work I’ve experienced.  I now live in California and we do sessions over the phone and I will tell you, the energy healing I receive from her long distance is as powerful as it is in person. One of the greatest things about sessions with Janet, however, is how she teaches you tools and techniques that you can use to continue your healing. So often, when I’m going through a rough time, I think, “What would Janet do?” Usually, I need to lighten up, do some clearing or shift my energy---all of which I can address with tools learned from her. I am grateful for all she has taught me and all she has given to me over the years.  She is powerful, compassionate and playful---which is quite a trifecta, if you ask me! And no matter how black my mood is she can ALWAYS get me to laugh! Janet also doesn’t just talk the talk but she truly walks the walk. She leads by example, sharing much of herself and her experiences when she works with you. There’s always a feeling or an atmosphere that we’re all in this together.  I think that is one of her greatest gifts---and again, I am grateful.” PN
Phone, FaceTime or Zoom Sessions available. 973-647-2500   Email Janet 
One session can move you into a peaceful, clear, space.
Please refer me to others who may need what I am able to offer. Thank You.

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Be The Medicine  •  48 Frederick Place  •  Morristown  •  NJ  •  07960

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