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MAY 2020 Newsletter 

fly2The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months

For over 12 years our newsletter has gone to more than 20,000 Firearms Collectors, Enthusiasts, Historians and Professionals Worldwide. We now reprint over 6000 Vintage Gun Catalogs, Books and Manuals from the 1840s to the 2000s 
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Calls From The Wilds
Back issues: you can view the newsletter on our website. For a downloadable copy of our catalog of reprints or manuals this will take you there. Also, we have Interesting downloads at our website. Please forward this letter to your friends.
Most Internet Browsers – Firefox, Edge, Opera etc – have decided to truncate, or cut off, the bottoms of long emails. There is a tiny note at the bottom allowing you to retrieve the rest of the email. Rob and Abby
I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc., I called the Suicide Hotline. I got a call center in Pakistan, and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited, and asked if I could drive a truck.


 Jimmy Carter once left nuclear launch codes in his dry cleaning


Getting your money's worth:
With reports that the final cost of New Yorker, Michael Bloomberg's crash-and-burn campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination was $1.22 billion. That's more than the combined campaign spending of every other Democratic candidate, and more than the National Rifle Association has spent on lobbying in its entire existence (it was founded in 1871 also in New York).
The Week 


 This is very clever:

thanks to :John Campbell 


The Society of the American Side by Side Shotgun is a Facebook group that has been created as a place to go to post fond memories you have had, heard or shared while using an American side by side shotgun. How many times have you side by sideheard someone say, “if only this old side by side could tell a story”?! Well, join us in posting your pics of the old side by sides you have and or sharing the memories you have with these old pieces of history. Maybe a story you remember from your grandpa or dad that they told you in the past. There are many of us out here that would love to hear your story and see a picture of your favorite side by side shotgun. To find us, just search Society of the American Side by Side Shotgun on Facebook and ask to join our private group.


Jäger: Europe's First Special Operations Forces: History, Organization, Arms & Equipment of the Austro-Hungarian Empire's Elite Light Infantry to 1866


Written by a historian and a West Pointer with thirty-three years' service in the U.S. Army, this comprehensive and illustrated book introduces readers to Austrian Jäger arms, equipment, training and tactics, as well as their unique role in the Habsburg Empire's conflicts. By Jim Capua and Carl Kruger

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I Read it in the Papers...
 Are you sports deprived? Locked in your house...
Well, here you go:
Elevate and Relax!
What more could you ask for with plenty to do right at home?
"Recently renovated four bedroom Hampton Farmhouse has an AMF commercial bowling area and a shooting range. The home features a master suite with designer bath, a family room with fireplace and bar, a wood paneled foyer and study, a solarium and a chef’s kitchen opening onto a covered patio and barbecue area.2 acres and two garages."
Saddle River NJ $4,250,000
New Additions

All the contributors who, over the years, have lent us originals, scanned their originals for us and even sent us money for the project are the backbone of what makes us successful. This month we want to thank Geoff Nesbitt, Gordon Anderson, Jim Hughes, Mike Carrick and Georg Priestel.
I’m listing the Gas, Air and Spring Guns book because many of you collect non-powder guns and if you don’t have a copy of this book you should buy one. I don’t know of a better job anyone has done ferreting out and describing all these weapons. Even if you aren’t a collector of these guns this is a terrific read and I don’t think we sold one last month! Gas, Air & Spring Guns of the World, W.H.B. Smith
The 1800s saw some dramatic advances in ammunition, from flintlocks to machine guns. Some information we previously thought was correct isn’t and sometimes a picture is the only thing that clarifies the issue. Dr. Priestel does a marvelous job describing all the intrigue. Jean Sam'l Pauly, Henri Roux, & Succ'rs- Their Inventions From 1812-1882- New Light on the Forerunners of Modern Firearms Ammunition

Jim Hughes takes us through the complex maze of weapons used south of the border for a hundred years. Weapons imported from all over the world and used in battles Jim describes in detail. This is a great opportunity to learn a bit more about our neighbor.
Mexican Military Arms, The Cartridge Period, 1866-1967  
The Colt Six Shooter. Who would have thought that weapon was manufactured in so many variants? David Brown knows it all and shares it in a detailed manner that any collector needs for reference. The 36 Calibers of the Colt Single Action Army- D. Brown

Rants and Raves
The Telephone Call

"Hello, I've been tracking the package you sent and it went to someone else in another town, I want a refund.
OK, let's look this up, what is your name?
Mark ____,
Let's see now, the address I have here on your credit card receipt is for XXX, Cheswick, PA. Should I resend it to that address?
Uh, no, I haven't lived there for a year, I live in Avonmore, you sent it to the wrong address. I want a refund.
OK, where do you think I got that address?
Well, you used my old address! Uh hmmm, well, I guess I'm sorry, I suppose it's my fault, can you refund the price or send another?
Yes, what is your current address, and please correct your address at Paypal."
This is an abbreviated version of the call and the same thing happened three times in two days with different people. And some people become really indignant that we sent their package to an address where they haven't lived for years! Darn, what were we thinking to do that?

Letters From Readers
Hello Abby I just read your April 2020 Newsletter and noted the enquiry from Chris regarding his old Iver Johnson .38. He mentions that the grip has the letters "US" on it. in place of the standard Iver Johnson "OWL" trademark. Iver Johnson solid frame (Model 1900) and top break models (Safety Automatic Double Action) were also produced and sold under the subsidiary company name of "U.S. Revolver Co.". These were offered in .22RF, .32CF and .38CF calibers. The frame top strap of such revolvers were usually stamped, "U.S. Revolver Co. Made in USA" and the grips have the letters "US" on them. The serial number appears on the underside of the trigger guard. As parts are interchangeable between equivalent models, it’s certainly possible that original I.J. grips could have been replaced with U.S. marked grips. FWIW, Numrich Gun Parts lists some parts for both the solid frame and top break models. Brgds, JGD
Hi Abby - Wow, this package is on a real journey, I’m in IL so why the package went from MI to TX is a head scratcher.  I guess we’ll see if it comes back north again! Thanks, Bob
(Dear Abby and Rob) Ref: Stevens 1924 Arms Company Gun Catalog.  Hi, I am interested if there is any mention of the Stevens Rifle being offered in a 35-40 Maynard cartridge commercially. I could then buy the publication and use it as documentation for my appeal to the NRA. Currently there is a NRA sanctioned sporting event called BPCR Silhouette Competition BPCR is short for Black Powder Cartridge Rifle. In addition to shooting period correct (1896 or earlier) single shot falling block action rifles, one of the requirements is that the cartridge must have been commercially available. Unfortunately the NRA has declined to permit the use of my 35-40 Maynard in competition, even though it fits the spirit of all the other rules. That was the reason for my inquiry...... Thank you, Bob Melehan
Hi Bob, Just so I understand correctly, your interest is in finding 35-40 Maynard cartridge that could have been bought prior to 1896. If so, can you tell me why you were looking at Stevens catalogs into the 20s, why Stevens at all (they did sell the Maynard Jr, a .22, I know, offhand). Why not a cartridge expert, we have dozens of cartridge catalogs, or the Maynard catalogs themselves? I'm not trying to put you on the spot, only trying to figure out where to look. Best wishes, Rob
Hi Rob, The only rifle manufacturer that I know of that I heard was producing a rifle chambered in 35-40 Maynard was J. Stevens. Maynard, a proliferate designer, contracted with Massachusetts Arms Co (Stevens) to build his rifles. Ultimately the J Steven's Arm's and tool Company bought out Mass. Arms and marketed rifles under the Stevens Name. As a result, the only catalogue I think will have the rifle cartridge listed will be J Stevens catalogues. Of course, you are probably correct, the 35-40 Maynard may be listed in a Maynard catalogue but for some reason I didn't think they Maynard actually made rifles designed by them after 1882 (the year of design for the 35-40). Thanks for your interest but I would not spend too much time on researching this as it is more a curiosity as I think the NRA is going to quash any reconsideration of their prior ruling as they have done in the past... Bob
Bob, The 1885 Maynard catalog lists the 35-40 Mod 82 for the Model 1882, even shows a picture of the cartridge. How bout that! Rob
Rants and Raves, What the hell. Do not people have any idea what’s going on? Things are jacked up right now. Sorry for you guys, and everybody else who has to deal with these selfish dumb asses. Bob Rovak
Good Afternoon Rob & Abby:  I just ordered online the three Winchester catalogs that have the Winchester fishing tackle (bamboo fly rods) that I’m interested in. How long does it take you to make the copies to then mail to the customer?...and will there be any kind of tracking number that can be given to me when they are shipped? Michigan is just across Lake Superior from me up in the northwest corner of the big lake; so hopefully it isn’t too long, but I’ve had eBay purchases that normally take a couple weeks take over 5-6 weeks to get to me. The worst was over 8 weeks from the beginning of March that I just got this week… Best Regards: Fred Dean
Hi Fred, 5 or 6 days to ship, we'll send tracking if the email we have for your order is good, only God knows how long the poor USPS will take to deliver. Rob
Thanks Rob! Hopefully I’ll see it in about three weeks then (by the end of May)…maybe before the end of June otherwise…. Best Regards: Fred
Are these Marble's reproduced catalogs that you have on EBAY put together in catalog form and stapled or are the just seperate sheets of paper for each one or two pages? Thank you for your time. Tacnam- Ebay
They are either bound or folded and stapled depending on the size of the original and the number of pages. Some of our 6000+ titles are just one or two pages and those are inserted in a plastic envelope. We don't corner staple anything. Read the description for a better idea. Rob
(Dear Abby and Rob) Ref: Bear 1967- So can you do me a favor please and send me the page through a picture of the Kodiak magnum. I still want the book but need that to see if my bow really is my birth year. And you can use this message as proof that I requested that. Through you sending that photo I cannot and will not cancel or return my order because you have fulfilled your order. Thank you, James Kendall (Ebay)
Sorry, we don't send "just the page that...", we just don't have time. Rob
(Dear Abby and Rob) Hello, can you ship this item to Switzerland?
I'm sorry, we no longer ship overseas through our eBay account. For that service you would have to go to our website.
Abby/Rob: Just got the 1884 J.A. Ross & Co. Catalog. Thanks! Some great stuff! Where do I start? First, this puppy literally lists its Act of Congress copyright date as August 1884 right on the front cover so it totally zeros in the time frame.
Next, it starts its ads, as late as September 1884, with its muzzle loading shotguns. Oh it follows up with its top of the line breech loaders and even hammerless, but it begs the question: Was Ross aggressively going after the low end trade? Did they just have zillions of these things left in stock? Who knows?
Then, best of all, for a relatively brief catalog, it is quite detailed in both it's descriptions and engravings of accessories, which to me, is the real beauty and value of these preserved documents. Among other things, on page 17 it's got a great close up engraving of both the handle and the tip of the Number 140 Bridgeport Gun Implement (B.G.I. & CO.) rifle cleaning rod . On page 30 it lists and illustrates many diverse knives and all through the catalog it lists and shows lots of "off brand" firearms. Definitely a gem! Paul  Milligan
(Dear Abby and Rob) Ref: Bannerman 1904 Gun, Cannon and Surplus Catalog ($17.95).  Hello. I'm interested in your item but not sure if its what I need for my research. I'd like to offer you $10.00 for the item plus shipping. Best Wishes. Kevin - 53Scots (Ebay)
Sorry, we don't make reduced price deals. We try to price everything at little above cost so we can offer so many titles (many of which are on ebay), over 6000 at last count. Rob for cornellpubs
(Dear Abby and Rob) Ref: Colt 1972 AR-15 Model SP1 "Sporter" Rifle Manual($13.95) - Hi, I just missed a manual for $9.10 about 4 hours ago, would you do $14.00 shipped to 92860. PLMK Thanks - edkel1 (ebay)
No, to be honest, it is more trouble to reduce the fee than it is to sell it at the regular price. Perhaps the $9 version will be relisted. Rob for cornellpubs.
Dear Mrs. Mouat, I have received my order, two 1973 Darne Catalogs, in good order.  Thank you for the service. Regards, Floyd Hightower
Dear Mr. Hightower, Thank you for your nice note, it is so rare today that people are both polite and proper. Best wishes, Abby
(Dear Abby and Rob) Ref: Dupont 1975-76 Handloader's Guide- Smokeless Powder-  i have a question doe's this dupont smokeless powder guide have reloading data for imr 4064 smokeless powder imr 4227 smokeless powder imr 3031 smokeless powder imr 4831 smokeless powder imr 4320 smokeless powder or imr 4350 smokeless powder in it...
Hi Abby, it has been a while but I still enjoy reading your newsletters. There was a favourable review a while ago for a bore light that was compatible with an iPhone, but I can’t remember exactly what it was. I wonder if you might recall? Seemed to be a brilliant idea! I hope that you’re somehow managing to cope with the current catastrophe. Here in Australia we have it relatively easy. Kind regards, David Rasko.
Hi David, Thanks for the nice note, it's in this issue of the newsletter. February 2020 - Endosnake- borescope. There is a link at the top of our webpage leading to all newsletters and with descriptions of contents. Cheers, Rob
Dear Abby,  In terms of price, quality and speed in filling my order, Cornell Publications was dead on. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work. Dwight Morrow (Purchased Webley & Scott Mark IV .38 c1922 Manual)
(Dear Abby and Rob) I am looking for information on a double barrel Black powder breach loading shotgun. The maker of the gun is A. Woodhill or Alfred woodhill. (Christopher King)
Dear Mr. King, Please go to our website and enter “woodhill” in the search box. I doubt it would be worth spending for the Breechloader books just for the one maker so you are left with three or four retail sellers who featured Woodhills in their catalogs. These are adverts so will not include much detail about the gun but perhaps more than you have. When on that page, the red "check contents" links give you a popup with the index of the catalog. Cheers, Rob
My latest order for items #3719, 649,and 3643 arrived in good order. I have only one complaint and, believe me, it is not a deal breaker. Every second page was upside down. The information was what I am looking for so I am still glad to have the documents. Steve
Hi Steve, I'm so sorry, my fault. One of the printers went screwy and I didn't notice. We have lots of reprinting to do and your is in the works. Just toss the copies you have when the new ones arrive. Apologies, Rob
Abby, Bless your heart. I will tell all my friends about your great service. Steve Nelson, Nelson's Custom Guns, Inc. 7430 NW Valley View Dr Corvallis, OR 97330-9144 (541)745-5232
(Dear Abby and Rob) I receive the booklet today, I was very disappointed, every other page was upside down. To read it I will need to keep flipping the book. Can you please send a corrected booklet? Thanks Brian (6.23 PM Saturday)
This is the second time I have tried to contact you, the booklet you sent me had every other page upside down. If you don't work with me to correct this issue, I will leave you a negative feedback. Brian - myname96 (ebay) (2:02 pm Monday)
Brian, I read your first email time-stamped at 6:23 pm Saturday night. On Monday we had not yet caught up with answering our emails when, at 2 pm, we received your second note threatening to give us a negative feedback (we've had only one of those in the last five years- no neutrals either). Your replacement copy of your order was printed and you should receive it shortly. I apologize for any inconvenience. Rob Mouat
The reason I was contactung you was to give you a chance correct the problem. I know accidents can happen and I believe in giving sellers a chance to correct them. Thanks for working with me on this issue. Brian
All you had to do was let us know we made an error, no need to make threats. Rob
(Dear Abby and Rob) Ref: Remington Model 24/241 Repair Manual. Abby Cornell, First of all, I was charged $30.38 for two manuals and received only one. Secondly, your product in inadequate and not at all what your ad led me to expect.  Your correspondence was very polite and promising. If you would, please, I would like to receive my money back for the full amount. I will be returning your product ASP. Cordially yours, Pastor Justin Everson
Dear Pastor, Thank you for your note. You say, "your product in inadequate and not at all what your ad led me to expect." Would you please be kind enough to tell me exactly how our description differs from what you expected? Over the last 15 years we've sold a couple of hundred of these manuals without complaint so I am interested in how I can be more forthcoming with customers to avoid a future misunderstanding, also, Abby did the index and wants to know what she wrote that was wrong or misleading. Cheers, Rob
Thank you for your immediate and kind response. I'd be happy to explain. Here is your product description: Remington Model 24/241 Repair Manual "13 pages, about 11" x 8", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated." First, I received only one manual. I expected a manual illustrating how to repair the gun. The cutaway view made me think that there would be technical drawings demonstrating the repair process since it was "fully illustrated."  Being "digitally enhanced" made me believe that any pictures would be far superior to a photo copied image. I associated the "13 pages " with "glossy" and "full color." I was thinking of a fill color, glossy paged repair manual. Lastly, the booklet's pages were printed sometimes right side up and sometimes upside down. This was not the quality I imagined. Having a drafting background, having been an art teacher and commercial artist, and being experienced in three digital drawing programs, I was, admittedly, setting the bar high. Still, I do appreciate that you have created an ingenious business opportunity and would encourage your progression. Please, also understand that I mean no insult or disparagement of your efforts. You have hit upon a very needed project. Hopefully, these few candid remarks are helpful to you. Sincerely, Justin Everson
But then:
P.S. I've just returned from delivering your booklet to my gun-smith friend (I purchased it for him.). He was thrilled to get it! He didn't care about the pictures but said that the text was golden, even though every other page was upside down. He also said that we were lucky to get it as there wasn't anything like it out there. I had not read the booklet but responded to the pictures and layout- probably because I'm not a gun smith! So, you will have a very satisfied customer as long as I get the other booklet as ordered and paid for. Thank you for considering this long-winded response. JE
Hi Justin, Thanks for your detailed response. It would be argumentative for me to nitpick your complaints because I can understand why you could be disappointed with only one of two and upside down to boot. Quality-wise, we do our best with what we have, remembering we didn't make the original material and can only restore it just so far and that one is pretty good. The upside-down issue and our failure to send two is a different story, completely my fault. We were busy and I failed to check one printer batch and, of course, that one was completely printed upside down- lots of orders I'm trying to track down. Next, in my haste, I failed to notice the order was for two so I was wrong there too.
So, we will get two new copies to you with the next post and my apologies. Oh, one more thing, the "glossy soft-cover in full color" refers to the cover, the insides were in B&W. If insides are color I note that later in the description. Cheers, Rob
Hi ABBY/ROB, First I want to tell you both that the world will never be able to thank you enough for the labor of love that you put forth in your endeavors to preserve the histories & irreplaceable information you replicate & share, THANKYOU!!! I am looking for information/schematic/parts list on the (LONDON PISTOL CO),  this 31 caliber percussion pistol was produced by the (MANHATTAN FIREARMS CO.) from 1858 - 1862.  If you, at your leisure, can let me know what publications that you have access to that have information that I might be able to use I will purchase it/them. Thanking you in advance for any help you may be able to provide. ALWAYS ALL THE VERY BEST SAMMIE DOUAN  
Thanks, Sammie, we appreciate your comments. Unfortunately, we have no leisure time to do that sort of research for customers. We get hundreds of similar requests for old/antique/classic and current guns of every make and just can't do that sort of study. Now, if you find a publication we offer you think might have something you need we will try to take a look for you. All that said, schematics or three-dimensional drawings of guns didn't come into general use until the 1950s and one for that gun probably does not exist in any format. Cheers, and thanks again for kind words. Rob
Hi Rob, Thanks for the prompt reply.  It was just a shot in the dark, hoping for a hit. Sammie\
Ref: Thompson October 1942 Ordnance Maint M1, M1A1, TM9-215 Manual - Is this a detailed print of the m1A1 With exact breakdown and build dimensions? brobbins1982 (ebay)
Hi brob… no, this is a maintenance manual not a manufacturing guide with schematics and machining dimensions. Rob for cornellpubs
Rob and Abby, I found some information for Don about the Springfield 1871 rifles he was asking about in his correspondence that you shared in the April 14, 2020 email Newsletter. The information is contained in the book, "Remington, America's Oldest Gunmaker" by Roy Marcot. The official authorized history of the Remington Arms Company, published by Primedia, copyright 1998 by Remington Arms Co., Inc.
The information is contained in Chapter 4, "The Rolling Block Years", on pages 87-90. Much of the information he has been told is correct. Many of the rifles built at the Springfield Armory were sold to France, and also the New York National Guard bought a large order of the rifles directly from Remington. The book says that the Navy's initial order for 10,000 rifles went to France, at a profit, and the Navy then ordered 12,000 more, with slight improvements to the rear sight position, from the Springfield Armory.
There is a high likelihood that many of these Navy rifles may have eventually been issued to National Guard units in later years. My own grandfather was in the National Guard during World War I, in Nashville, TN, assigned to help guard the city's water reservoir. I have a picture of him in is uniform, carrying his issued Trapdoor Springfield from the 1870s.
In 1871 the New York National Guard ordered 15,000 rifles from Remington. In 1873 NY ordered 4500 more of the rifles and 1,500 carbines directly from Remington. All these rifles and carbines were chambered for the .50-70 Govt. centerfire cartridge. The state of New York was apparently happy to support their "local" source for their military rifles. Sincerely, Milo Johnson, Redding, CA
(Dear Abby and Rob) Thank you so much. I am very glad to be getting the manual for the Greener Harpoon Gun. I am a fishing captain, own one, and have used it. It's a very interesting and effective firearm. Sincerely, Scott Bannerot
(Dear Abby and Rob) Rec'd the book today.  Outstanding!  Something tells me you will hear from me again. Left you a good positive feedback at Gunbroker. Thank you, Don Baggett
(Dear Abby and Rob) Ref: RWS Munitions 1908 Hulsen Katalog - Hi any whistles or calls or game calls bird calls in this one? Will be glad to buy ones with Thanks Avner Strauss, Berlin (ebay)
Not in that one Avner. Please, as we have mentioned before to you, we don't do any research of that sort through Ebay. Most of those items are mentioned in the index Abby did for each publication we offer. You can search the indexes at our website. Rob for cornellpubs
Hello Ms. Abby, I just wanted to drop a line or two real quick. I've ordered a few times now and I haven't been let down with my orders. You have a huge variety of products, very high quality considering the age of the original catalogs you make the copies of and you offer very fast shipping. Keep up the good work and stay safe, I will be a returning customer for sure. Thank you! Jorge Estrada   ESTRADA ARMORY, LLC
(Dear Abby and Rob) Y’all are awesome! Thank you! I’m really happy with the book and am excited to get the new one. I’ll keep this one as a reference or in case I want to hang up a couple pages as wall art.  Keep being awesome and you all are my new printing go to for manuals!  Ryan
(Dear Abby and Rob) Thank you. This is like a candy factory.  I'll check it out and see what I can't live without. Tom Taylor
(Dear Abby and Rob) Thank you for your quick response. I am impressed with your attention to my request. Looking at my J Stevens 1901 reprint catalog I see that the Stoddard patent divider is listed as a Combination Divider on page 27. The Stoddard imprint is not evident. I was able to see that you do show a table of content in your listings. Once again thank you for your help.
Rob and Abby
The End.
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