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Mary Aranas Yoga
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Mother's Day Edition   *   Mid-May 2020
Mary Yoga ENews   *   Issue #173A
Short Sweet Soothing
Dearest children of the Earth; happy Mother's Day. We've seen Passover, Easter, Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, so many birthdays and special personal anniversaries come and go from inside our windows ... and now Mother's Day.
More than ever, we are offered the opportunity to forgive every feeling, to know we are tenderly loved, by ourselves, tenderly cared for, doing our very best, with what we've got.

Cradle ourselves now; croon to ourselves & rock ourselves gently, let the tears streak our cheeks. Let the growls and howls ensue. Let the laughter and cackles that release tension rip.
And rest in our own tender, caring arms, and heart. Receive your Mother Love. Never mind whether your earthly mother is here; we have this here, now, for us.
"Yes, my love, my child. Yes, you're all right. You are my beloved."
Can you connect to Her? Embody her, as you would be her. Feel and own her, for yourself, now. Own your Mother's Day.
Zoom: Updates
My Zoom online classes change periodically; check my website for times and if a class is on (depending pre-registration 6-12 hours prior).
Also, please update to Zoom 5.0, which Zoom urges everyone to do between April 7th and May 30th, for your continued security and ease of use after May 30th.
My web page lists the charities we've donated to. Classes are: $5-$15 suggested donation, as you can. 50% of all donations will weekly benefit a different charity each week.
May 11th Week is Heart Chakra Theme. All Hours = Eastern Time.
Monday 12:30-1:30: Mon. Lunchtime Yoga Nidra Meditation
Tuesday 10:30AM-12:00: Tues Slow Flow Meditation
Thursday 8-9:15PM: Partner Thai Massage
Friday 2:30-4PM: Fri Slow Flow Meditation
Saturday 8:30-9:30PM Sat. Yoga Nidra Meditation
Photography Thanksgivings
 St. Bart's Church, photographed by Grant, above, was my NYC spiritual home for over two decades. I renewed my marriage vows, served as lay prayer minister, saw my son in Christmas pageants, led cub scouts, attended centering prayer and more there.

Even now I volunteer with Crossroads' pantry and kitchen services, within St. Bart's facilities. This soaring sanctuary offers weekly yoga and meditation donation classes in non-pandemic times, and online yoga nidra, centering prayer, and BrenĂ© Brown podcast groups now. The space is open every day for quiet meditation year round when there are not services and rehearsals. And the sacred music and architecture are world famous.
Grant Henry met me on a chilly November weekday in the narthex, and we tiptoed through the nave, picked a quiet respectful moment and place, and he lowered himself to the floor, as I gazed upside down onto Park Avenue, in this holy place I have walked as parishioner, lay minister, mother, volunteer, nearly two dozen years. Thanks, Grant!
Thank you, St. Bartholomew's. You were there for us in 9/11, and Hurricane Sandy, and I know you are here for New York City now.
Thanks to David Sauerhoff, NYC frontline nurse/ yogi / photographer, for Central Park sunrise above, and this Costa Rica sunset here! With permission, perfect Yoga Nidra scenes.
Thanks to my acoustic guitar Yoga Nidra accompanist, Raul Aranas.
Email Privacy & Thanks
I honor and value your email privacy. As always, please feel free to Reply, Forward, Subscribe, or Unsubscribe.
Om Shanti! Peace!
Until next update ~ 
In this issue:
Short Sweet Soothing
Zoom: Updates
Photography Thanksgivings
Email Privacy & Thanks
My Yoga, My City
Book Pics/Video Clip
My Yoga, My City
I am wowed, honored and dazzled to be one of the New York yogis that appear in the pages of the beautiful new yoga book out this week for advance orders.
My Yoga, My City celebrates this glittering, soulful city of contrasts, of light and dark, of beauty in artistry & in nature.
More than 100+ yoga students and teachers speak about their practice, and city, on these pages. Don't be surprised to see your classmates, teachers, and neighbors in the pages!
Erica Chen and Grant Henry have a mission to make yoga all-inclusive, and healing for populations that most need it.
20% of book sales go to support Exhale to Inhale, a group that brings empowering, trauma-sensitive yoga to survivors of domestic violence. See MYMC's IG page here.
Book Pics/Video Clip
Here are a few other lovely photos for the yoga book, and a video collage. 

 To see more about it, or place your pre-orders, go to the website:

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Mary Aranas Yoga  •  310 Lexington Avenue  •  NY, NY 10016

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