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Be The Medicine
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How to Deal with Life and Loss
Dear Friends,
The world is very crazy now. The best we can do is deepen our spiritual connection and learn to focus on what is real. 
This week we begin the season of Fall as we let go of the heat of the year and welcome some cool weather and watch as the earth lets go of the colors and leaves.
Prayers to all who have major weather and mother nature challenges. In this year with the pandemic and trying to keep our health, mind, and emotions in balance there is much to keep us awake.
Love to you holding many jobs at work and with educating children. Love to caregivers it is especially trying now. Love to all experiencing grief of many people, homes and possessions, and beliefs of how things used to be.
This too shall pass and we will look at this time with awe as to how we lived through it.
One trick I used when overwhelmed was to take care of me first so I could take care of many others. Women, especially, are best to learn this. When we have our needs met, sleep, food, exercise, and basic needs, we can then be strong and clear to assist others.
Our mothers and grandmothers and beyond did not do this and that is why so many generations are a mess. Begin a new lineage for your family. You are not a servant. You are a support to help others grow up and show up in their own lives.
It is okay that the children and others are struggling with the challenges offered in this time. It is for each one of us to learn from in our own life. No fixing it for others. Show by example and guide, but do not do for them. You would be stealing their power and life force by doing their part.
This is also what causes exhaustion when we are not doing our part for us and focusing outward. Balance, alignment, patience, and allow the changes with acceptance instead of resistance.
I wrote an entire newsletter on this and I attach it here as many did not open it. Disease is not normal, and is fueled by fear and an imbalanced body-mind-emotions-spirit. Learn to calm down and tune into what is important and needed now.
The norm for us is perfect health. This knowledge has kept me well since a child. I looked for causes and what brought pain and disease and made changes to allow my body to heal.
This unique way of looking at things helps us overcome the limits that are imposed on us and awaken healing in all areas of our life. This is an important part of what Be The Medicine is all about.
We have access to our wholeness and holiness and can heal and accomplish many things that are said impossible. As I wrote in my last newsletter, I love to accomplish the impossible.
Be at peace and in love. I am here to support your journey. I am offering sliding scale pricing on two events on Sunday evenings to refresh and energize you to begin your week. 
People wonder what the journey is, and when it will end. We are spiritual beings in a physical body experiencing life on earth. This journey ends when the body dies. No rush.
Enjoy the journey the best you can with the innocence of a child and the wisdom of the ages. Support, events, and discount offers are in the last newsletter linked here. How to Live Peace Today
Enjoy my mini-memoir below filled with wonderful lessons I learned along the way. May these stories help you continue to walk your walk with confidence and joy.
Blessings this Fall. It is quite a year for us all.
Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!
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Janet StraightArrow provides an unparalleled opportunity to bring you to the real you. It’s a well-worn path for her; she knows every part of this amazing journey.
Janet emanates love, respect, and, most of all joy in this great adventure.
If you are ready to walk the path back to you, there is no better guide, teacher, mentor, and friend than Janet StraightArrow.”
My conscious journey began when the doctor told me I was not going to live long. I was only fifteen and was very sick. My father was forty-three and retired because of severe illness. The doctor said I was on the same path as my dad, and would not live as long.
I will always be grateful to that doctor for this wake-up call. I remember saying no, this is not mine, and we do not have to be sick or in pain. I was inspired by the stories of Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible, and saw how it relates to all of us. I wanted to understand how to live this healing and unconditionally loving life now.
I did not limit my studies to the religion I was raised in. I wanted to know what the oneness was they spoke about. When I heard we are all one, and then that only we of our religion go to heaven, I realized there was much to explore and learn.
Although my decision to live what Jesus lived and taught was conscious, the path has been a surprise a minute. On many levels, I understood and knew many truths. My human person in this body had different challenges and experiences to break through to live them.
I am a warrior for myself and others. I have fought for life and health, both mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. I found that no matter how my wisdom and truth were perceived by others, living my truth kept my sanity and health.
Since a child, I was not afraid to follow my inner self. Whenever I tried to pursue something else, I got into trouble. I chose a life where I was challenged at many turns, and I chose me, and truth, and let illusions and fitting in to gain acceptance behind.
A natural teacher, I am always looking at how I can impart knowledge to others, so they can experience and receive it. I am not the average woman or person, and I am very okay with that. Average, is an illusion. I do not follow the program in the culture that is against me being me. This did not make my life easy, and yet it was the only way I could be.
The many pearls of wisdom I heard attributed to Jesus and master’s from many traditions, made sense to me. In later years as I read the higher wisdom of traditions from around the world, I was relaxed and felt at home as that was wisdom that I knew all along.
The world’s cultures, beliefs, family, and religions taught lower level truth and bits of the higher truth and twisted it with fear, which is the cause of confusion with all that has been happening in our society.
Living in the world, and not of it is not accessible until you have reached a level of deep understanding and consciousness. I have had a lot of practice with this, as it has always been a challenge since I was a little girl. Knowing higher truth and trying to make sense of it bridging and sorting and discovering truth, love, and peace, through the lies of the world.
People who live lies want to live in their boxes of illusion about who they and we are. In my search for healing, I found that the primary cause of dis-ease and disease is living against our true self and not being responsible for caring for us on all levels.
Mental illness is born of living lies and ego wounds and a lack of connection with truth. When we live beliefs, fears, and lies with others, and us, we are living in no man or women’s land of illusion. In this ungrounded reality, we are lost, and our whole being, our body/mind/emotions/spirit is not supported, nurtured, or can operate to be happy and healthy.
My journey has been to discover who that true self is for me and help create a simple, straightforward path for others to find themselves as well. My path is not your path. I do not ask people to follow me but instead to find their way home to themselves. All traditions are honored and lead us there as we drop lower-level truths for the purity of Universal truth that serves all. There are straightforward simple, easy ways to use this blueprint to find our way home to us.
To Be The Medicine, we are the solution, wholeness, and holiness of us that co-creates our life with the divine. When we believe the lies of humanity, which lead us to being victims and out of any reasonable control of our lives, we do not take our life and death seriously.
We are co-creators of this life, and we choose consciously and unconsciously every moment of each day. Seeing where we make choices for and against us is one of the most powerful things to learn and choose with awareness again and again.
It has been an adventure every step of the way. Staying awake is vital. Letting go of ego, expectations, fear, doubt, judgment, and blame have been a big part of the journey to awakening the true self. These are blocks in our way that must be released along with shame and guilt for being us.
We are not sinners, as in tainted souls that are destined to be bad. We are good and God and beautiful souls who have challenges that can heal or fall apart depending on many things. Each one of us has brought into this life sets of lessons to learn to ascend and grow. There are no short cuts; instead, there is a more direct path.
My journey of fifty-three years of consciously moving forward and breaking through ego boundaries and raising my consciousness and choosing to go beyond what most people in my many worlds and experience accepted has been like an adventure in dangerous territory. I traveled my path anyway.
It was not easy with family and co-workers. They thought I was crazy. I knew my truth and what was of value to me and was willing to go on my own journey alone.
I did not often speak of it, I lived it, and people watched. Some years and decades, it was tough being in this world, when so many worlds of awareness, love, and truth were opening up. I worked and raised two daughters and was an entrepreneur and a householder and ran a healing center with several people running the basic structures and caring for details.
I worked with people as healing students and clients. I also continued to learn from masters of many traditions to further my personal journey and knowledge.
My gifts and path did not follow the narrow, accepted ways of being a spiritual teacher and healer. When I was twenty-eight, I remember hearing that at forty years of age, I would awaken fully to who I am and live my purpose.
Twelve years later at forty, I was busy studying and expanding my consciousness while integrating truth and wisdom as a top-selling Realtor.
My Success occurred by taking care of me and my daughters, and being in integrity and awareness as to how to best serve my clients and get the best home or sale possible. I was living these higher ways of thinking and working through my career selling an average of 42 homes a year. 
When I turned forty in 1992, my broker came into the office excited to tell me that he met a Shaman that morning at breakfast in the diner. My broker knew I read three books a week on spirituality and healing. That moment was the threshold of consciousness that would totally change my life.
I quickly completed my business, and left the office to meet this man at a shop he had recently opened in the next town. It was full of Native American things, some I knew of, some not. He was standing in the back with two women. He seemed to be counseling them, so I stayed in the opposite corner to give them respect and privacy. In that corner, there was jewelry from the Native American Reservations, which were high quality and exquisite.
I waited for them to be complete, while looking at the many unusual things he had in the store. I wore a red pinstriped suit with a skirt and high heels and gold jewelry. My big blue Mercedes was outside the window.
The women finally left, and we were alone in the store. I felt him come over with very soft, deliberate steps. He was a few inches taller than me, a thin body, with a black ponytail, moccasins, faded jeans, and a native American print T-shirt.
I turned to him and looked into his loving soft doe eyes as he took my hands and said, “You are a Shaman, just like me.”
In those quick moments, I processed this. I remember hearing myself say quietly inside me, “If I am a Shaman, it is not going to be quite like you, it will be more fitting into the mainstream of life.” Having been on aa profound journey for many years accessing inner wisdom, I allowed this experience to be and see where it took me. 
This lovely man was my second significant mentor and teacher.The way we were the same was in teaching unconditional love and Universal truth from a deep place of living it.
My first Mentor was an Astrologer who I had met nine years before. There was not a flow of one to the other. At times she did not like the path I was on and as much as I respected her and still do today, I trusted my inner guidance. She was not always comfortable with Eagle Bear. I was okay with that and knew it was my path.
I trusted my experiences and discernment. I did not follow anyone or way without clear inner trust. Eagle Bear was the perfect person in helping me to process many of the teachers and masters and Shamans I studied with for the next six years. He also was a good sounding board for a higher perspective on working with people and so much more.
When Eagle Bear died, he passed on most of his earth energy and lineage to me. I felt the energy come to me and for three months I was in an altered state integrating all of it while trying to live a "normal" life. This was the first of many spiritual initiations I would receive over the years at very unexpected times and ways.
Although I learned many Native ceremonies and practices with permission to use them, I only used and passed on the ones that felt authentic to me. It was essential to stay in integrity and not pass on these ways without great respect and alignment. I was not a wanna-be.
To be an authentic Shaman is very challenging on every level and not something you choose. There is a challenge in everyday life, leadership, and ways of being, that are averse to worldly ways of believing.
I let go of my Real Estate career in 1999. I had been doing healing, teaching, and Real Estate sales and I felt drawn to dive into my journey to discover more of who I was and what my whole purpose was and live it fully.
Magical healing occurred with people who worked with me. I continued learning through the science of experience. I surrendered to higher wisdom and what was coming through on all levels and did not follow one specific way or path that limited what was occurring.
I followed my inner teacher-healer guidance, and studied with many masters and teachers and healers over the next years. One led to another, and at one point, I was studying with three masters of different traditions; a Toltec Nagual Shaman, a Tibetan Shaman, and a Sufi Master. They each gave me pieces of the puzzle of mastery in unique ways. As I integrated the teachings and practices, I cleared out any fear, control, and manipulation to purify the teachings and practices that I chose to pass on and live.
I have been a pioneer to create a simple, straightforward logical way for people to heal, awaken, and become the higher self, wise, healed, and whole humans we are. That means I have learned, remembered, and discerned all along the way.
Breaking through common understanding to allow higher truth to be known takes a lot of guts, wisdom, trust, and work to release illusions and rules of the world, religion, family, and cultures to decide what is true.
I was guided to explore many traditions with many teachers. From Astrology to Zen. Many from the far east and many from the west, some for many years, several for two years, and some for six months and some for a day or a weekend. I read voraciously and was guided to the perfect book and teacher that answered the next questions or was organically the next step for me each time. 
I was never just on my own journey. Every step of the way, I was focused on how to assist others and taught, healed, and coached all along the way. Even in my personal life, I lived and shared and loved people who came into my life and had experiences with them that catapulted me as well. 
What I learned was far from a normal. I learned from teachers and masters who did not always know what I understood, as I saw the missing pieces in the teachings. I also saw the fullness in the teachings as I broke through the illusions. 
I would open up to a body of work and find that I innately knew so much more and could teach and live it. It was an awakening to do deep work and experience with a teacher or master as it opened memory and wisdom in me. I could go more deeply into it all, reorganize it in ways that could move students, clear out fear and beliefs that did not work, and teach on that wisdom and tradition for a very long time as it kept awakening in me more and more.
When I let go of Real Estate in August 1999. Many people in the industry and my office, and my family were confused and disappointed. How could a top Realtor just leave? I always knew it was a learning place for me to live my work in business and to fuel my studies and support my family. I was 100% invested, and when I was teaching and healing and doing Real Estate together, it worked until it did not work for me. 
Both girls were in college and grad school, and their expenses were covered, so it was time to immerse myself in my purpose. Living in both worlds became very difficult, and it was costing me more to stay in Real Estate than to leave. 
By that time, I was a Reiki Master and had a very complete program that had depth. I added Shamanism and many of the learnings from my extensive experience and continue to do so.
I began offering an ongoing program of healing and personal mastery as I continued to study with masters and brought the work to the students and incorporated my higher understanding and practices. It was a time of 25 clients a week with teaching most weekends and several weeknight classes as well.
For the next many years, I had ongoing spiritual initiations in person as well as organically. My conscious reality was shattered over and over again. From the outside, I was able to carry on as people did not realize the huge changes I was moving through.
Advanced studies and offering training and sessions helped me learn and refine and define spirituality, healing, and what helps us and what holds us back.
It was very intense, and I relied on my inner guidance to support me. The Shaman I had worked with died in 1998 and my Astrology teacher was concerned with my Shamanic path, as she did not understand what I was going through. It took some years before we reconnected, and we fully support one another again. 
The walk of an initiate is one of walking one’s own walk. The ultimate test is following you and not another. As a guide and a teacher we can be tested to see if we follow Self, or give power to others. I trusted myself after following this for most of my life. I felt the truth even when I did not fully understand it.
This is an essential part of my mission in Be The Medicine to teach people how they can know and trust their inner truth. We have been taught against our innate wisdom and have many blocks in place. We learn to discover, trust, and live our innate knowledge and wisdom.
Universal truth and wisdom is the core of our humanity and life on earth. Be The Medicine has been developed as a way to follow your own path, not mine. I have assisted thousands of people in deepening their knowledge of who they are and how their life moves best with them.
This has not been simple or easy for me to develop something simple and easy. It has taken tremendous time and effort and personal work with me and others to refine and more clearly define the way to assist others. 
Setting my intention to stay with my path was essential Finding out what my highest purpose was and living, it took tenacity while running a business and supporting myself. 
It is the biggest challenge, as many want to follow ego and do not know the difference, which is a big part of the work I do with people from all walks of life and ages too. Discerning truth and ego are fundamental. Live truth or have consequences.
Having so many teachers did not mean I believed everything they said, or I was trying to fit into their system. I was always looking for greater wisdom and answers, and each one offered me pieces of the puzzle and also how they were similar too. I have lived with discernment to decide what is truth and lies since a small child. 
In 2005 I sold my home and center and took a sabbatical to put all of the pieces together. What happened at first was inner healing and letting go of years of patterns and programs and expectations. This gave me the space and time to relax into myself and be. I worked part-time with people and moved through so many levels and layers.
Students and clients have always been my partners in healing. Each one informs and moves both of us in many ways. Healing and teaching are a circle. If it goes only one way, it is stagnant and empty and limited for all. 
I teach healers to have good boundaries and yet allow the co-creative learning and healing to occur, as it does anyway. If we think we are separate or better than a client or student, we lose out and so do they as we employ ego where unconditional love can be.
I was guided to live in Woodstock, New York, after that first sabbatical year. I had taught and held retreats in this area for many years. It was a great experience to break from who I always was and known for and be new and me in this unique town. Being a Shaman was accepted and understood, and people knew I offered the community something special just by being here.
I enjoyed living in a spiritual community who were aware of the many traditions of the world. Mirabai, the bookstore where I had taught for years was a focus point. One of the co-founders of Omega Institute, Stephan Rechtschaffen, was my coach. He gave me so much support and advice from knowing many of the worldwide teachers professionally and personally and had a good understanding of my mission and work.
Those 18 months were so precious and precarious, and I walked and hiked barefoot and went deep into myself and many things. I was a Jersey girl, and, as I knew from meeting that first Shaman, my work was to bring it to people in the world and not just in a spiritual community. It was difficult to leave Woodstock, but it was time, so I moved back to New Jersey and opened a center in Morristown after working out of several other offices for a few months.
In 2007 in New Jersey, I was the prodigal daughter returning home to clients and students and the community of healers and teachers. Group classes were up to forty in number. It was exciting, and I felt it was time to fully bring out Be The Medicine. I made another International connection and felt understood and supported in ways I had not before.
I was excited all of my decades of work would now come together and out. I heard a voice in my head that I had more healing to do to allow the work to come out. I rejected that inner voice and kept going. 
Four days later, my youngest daughter, Lisa, died of a pulmonary embolism in thirty minutes. I was stopped in my tracks. Lisa’s death was my biggest heartbreak and loss, and also my biggest enlightenment experience. My reality was split into a million pieces. 
Lisa spoke to me the moment she died in the ambulance as I was working on her from the hospital lawn miles away. I had many breakthrough awakening experiences over the sixteen years before that, but this one was quite complete. Although the others shattered my consciousness, and, it was not always easy to stay focused and teach and go on, Lisa's death stopped me in my tracks.
I tried to work, or go on in some manner of normalcy, and could not. A month after Lisa's death, I was beginning to show signs of some of the health challenges I faced at fifteen. I heard an inner voice say, you can stop and heal, or go with her. I immediately let go of trying to work and asked for help from spirit and soul. I then said, show me the money, so I can take the time I need to heal and come back together again.
The answer came when my ex-husband called me a few days later and said that we had to keep Lisa’s car and pay for the remainder of the lease. He suggested I sell my car, which, was paid for and held good market value, and, the estate would pay for the car and insurance.
It was not easy to drive her car, and, yet, I realized it was her gift to help me have the opportunity to heal from her passing. The years after her death, my life was challenged in even more in many ways. I felt like I was being machine-gunned, and, the holes in my body were real. I used all of the tools I taught and used to continue healing. 
I was not a victim; I accepted each loss and challenge, and decided to survive to thrive. It was the most challenging time of my life, and, yet I saw the brilliance in the divine plan I co-created to live the work I was teaching. I indeed had healing to move through as I heard days before her passing.
Lisa has been with me ever since and we have had amazing experiences together this twelve years since she vacated her physical body.
The time since Lisa’s death has refined my work as I lived it through tremendous trauma. People who did not get my work suddenly watched me live it through multiple losses and realized the brilliance of it.
My life is about living my purpose. I was not interested in dating and many things a woman of my age might be interested in.
It has been a journey to move through many levels of consciousness, and reality, and survive to thrive each step of the way. Any mental, emotional, physical, or work challenge, was met with my firm intention to heal, clear, or transcend the problem.
In 2015 my oldest daughter asked me to assist her in building her title insurance business. Having been in the industry earlier in my life, and being successful in Real Estate sales in a tough market, she knew I would bring great value and support.
Working in the business world again helped me come all the way back to me and also to remember how people who live in the world think, and what their needs are.
My Real Estate Sales experience on top of my title and mortgage banking experience was a good combination of experience to support her. I closed my large healing center and sized down my business to work both, while I was still writing and creating.
I had been in deep process for seven years and it was time to come back to being in the world and still not of it in new ways. Getting dressed up with make-up and fun business clothing was so good for me to begin to get back into my wholeness.
I have been a model and dancer, a race car driver, a sailboat captain, and an athlete. I have known how to live very fully in the world and bridging my spiritual worlds as one feels wonderful.
My first-year college major at 18 was fashion merchandising, and I always loved dressing in smart, fun ways, and enjoy creating beauty in our homes and all of life. I later majored in nutrition and psychology. In the mid 1980's that was new to combine nutrition with psychology. We have come a long way since then.
I had put some of myself on the shelf to go deep spiritually those many years. Now it was time to survive and thrive from death and loss on the many levels of me. Most people would never know of my struggles, only, a couple of people traveled that deeper journey with me.
Step by step, since Lisa's death, I have done whatever was needed and showed up to reclaim myself in a whole new way. I am working out and practicing yoga and biking and walking and getting back to my slimmer self again now.
Being so totally broken was not seen by others but felt by me. If I did not have the awareness, ability, and tenacity to keep going and listen to my higher wisdom and focus on my mission, I would not be here today.
I have been sharing wisdom on Facebook, beginning in December of 2008, the year my daughter Lisa died.
Sharing wisdom and love has been healing for me and a way to share all I have learned in ways that support others. Inspiring others in an important part of my purpose.
In my posts and writing, I tune into the energy of the collective and bring through something that will speak to what people are going through. It is an honor to be able to do this, and, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow more by doing this as well.
As I am getting altogether into my body now, with higher consciousness, it is a great joy to be clear and whole in a clear, and powerful way.
A big test came last year in mid-July 2019, as I was preparing for August’s Vision Quest, I found I had to suddenly move my home and workplace. My landlord was being ridiculous, with something I could not live with. 
I had planned to move that winter, but I was compelled to move at that time. I had just had oral surgery and was recovering, and our sweet cat Sedona, died at home that same week. It was exhausting on all levels and yet I had to carry on.
I felt like I was playing fifty-two pick up with all of me splayed all over the place. Taking one breath and picking up one card at a time, I focused on what was important, and was grateful to hold a sacred quest with twelve women a couple of weeks later.
When I came home from the Vision Quest, I gave 6 weeks’ notice to my landlord, and, the search for a new home base began. Staying connected to the source and me, I researched possibilities. Many gifts were given on all levels and, I found the place that was waiting for me.
Having faith is vital in all of our journeys. Staying Positive, Present, and Productive is the best way to find freedom. Knowing we can have what is ours to have and allowing the gifts to be received is also something to remember.
The study and practice of Astrology has helped me understand my journey, agreements, abilities, timing, and more. Astrology explains many things. There are many places we are guided to find answers, and yet it is through the filter of our soul that our accurate guidance leads us. We find truth and love and all of the best things.
I have just begun studying with a master of Ancient eastern lineages to go deeper and higher on my journey to mastery. The journey keeps being refined as I walk and am ready to learn and experience more.
Many writings and programs are being prepared to come out over the next years. Much is written; it is a matter of putting it into many receivable forms to assist people on their own path of healing, living, and enlightenment. I am receiving the support needed to fully get it out in the many forms I have been guided to prepare. 
Now, as we are inside and gently adapting to new ways of living during this pandemic, I am bringing my decades of writing, recordings, and pathways of work in the world using the media and support in these times when we need it the most. My new website is set to come live by month's end.
I pray you to find your inner truth and strength and purpose. There is no time to wait. It is all here.
Please reach out to me if I can be of support. Life is a journey. Each one is unique. I hope you enjoyed learning more about my journey. Blessings and love to you as you keep living yours.
Check out my Facebook Janet , Facebook Be The Medicine, pages, YouTube Channel and Website.
Blessings and Love. Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You.
Email Me 973-647-2500
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