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Blues Festival Guide
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Blues Festival Guide
Sept 24, 2020
Vol 15/Issue 39

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Photo Moments with the 18th Annual BFG Magazine!
Grammy nominated rockin', soulful vocalist Gema Pearl recently performed at Medicine Bow Lodge in Wyoming at the third annual “Rockin’ the Ranch.” Word is she and her all-star band brought the impassioned crowd to their feet with songs from her new album True Blue at this outdoor event.
Before showtime, Gema Pearl had a chance to peruse her copy of the Blues Festival Guide.
Photo: Lee Brovitz
*Don't have your 2020 magazine? Order one hereOnce you receive, have fun, get creative and SNAP A PHOTO of you, your friends, and/or artists, etc. with the BFG magazine and EMAIL your photo, caption (120 words or less), a URL if applicable, and photo credit to your e-Guide editor! We Encourage Individual Subscribers. However, if you know of a location that's open that we might send a box to, please let us know.
The Blues Foundation is the official sponsor of our 2020 Blues Festival Guide!
CD, Single & DVD Releases 
Music Maker Relief Foundation has confirmed the release of a new compilation album of sacred soul and blues, Hanging Tree Guitars, out September 25, to accompany the release of the book of the same name. The book, published by Bitter Southerner and released September 1, focuses on the work of Freeman Vines, an eastern North Carolina bluesman, luthier, griot, philosopher, who made a series of guitars from a tree used for lynchings. The book includes tintype photographs by Timothy Duffy, an essay by artist/musician Lonnie Holley, and interviews with Vines conducted over a five-year period, edited by folklorist Zoe Van Buren.
Two tracks on the album are previously unreleased: the newly recorded Johnny Ray Daniels’ “Somewhere To Lay My Head” and Faith & Harmony’s “Victory.” Meanwhile, the Glorifying Vines Sisters’ “Get Ready,” from a 1977 single, has never been available digitally. The other recordings span almost 30 years, with the earliest from 1991 and the most recent from this year. Produced by Timothy Duffy and Aaron Greenhood, Hanging Tree Guitars is drawn from the archives of the Music Maker Relief Foundation, which has released almost 170 albums and has many more in its vaults. Liner notes by North Carolina folklorist Will Boone, likening Vines’ guitars to the makeshift creation of music that spoke their truth, accompany the album. Hanging Tree Guitars is sequenced for the blues songs to come first, followed by the sacred soul music.

Though the blues is often thought of as a music of subtextual subversion, these recordings show a strain of the music not intended for commercial record labels that tackles race relations head on. This parallels such examples as Big Bill Broonzy’s midcentury work recorded by Alan Lomax and later for Folkways Records discussing race, whereas his earlier Bluebird Records label songs did not.
"Slavery Time Blues"
Guanipa King Band :: GUITAR MAN
Santiago Hernández, Guanipa King (1971), was born in Galicia and moved to Andalusia at a young age. Self-taught in his musical training, he plays the guitar and harmonica. Composing from a very young age, it is with this project, the Guanipa King Band, that he wants to express those passions and bring them to the stage. Musical influences range from Joe Cocker to B.B. King, to Buddy Guy and John Lee Hooker among others. Two projects prior to this one defined his style. A first project, the Latin Blues Band, is where he began to present his own compositions in Spanish. Later it would be the Guanipera Blues Band with which he toured the southern part of Portugal combining his own compositions with versions of classics such as “Let The Good Times Roll,” “Sweet Home Chicago,” “Born Under A Bad Sign,” etc.
In 2017 he started and promoted the Guanipa King Band to definitively embark on his own compositions in Spanish. Joining this project are Sevillian drummer Jorge Hidalgo and Canarian Fabio Pérez on bass. Together they shape this compact band that brings a show full of strength and elegance without fanfare to the stage.
In 2018 they recorded their debut album, El Camino más Difícil, featuring 10 original songs in blues, rock and country styles. In 2019, their second album, Whiskey y Blues, offered another 10 original songs that feature styles from folk, rock, blues.
In 2020 they've recorded their third album, Guitar Man which Blues 21 calls "rock blues in it's purest form."
"Guanipa King Band is a blues-rock trio led by songwriter, guitarist, harmonica, and singer Guanipa King. A blues and rock and roll devourer who insists on moving away from orthodoxy to incinerate the most purist ears with his eloquent penetration into the twelve bars. Sing in Spanish, your language, and in profane ears it may not fit, but the texts, the force and their mimicry are inherited directly from Chuck Berry and John Lee Hooker. Rock blues in its purest form." (Guitar Man review from
"Kisses Around Me"
Featured Video
SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME... blistering new video from Clay Melton 
Clay's new single, "Say That You Love Me," was recorded by the world famous, five-time Grammy award winning Malcolm Harper of Reelsound Recordings. The normally passive, gentle soul on the street comes alive on the big stage as his inner creative abilities shift into high gear. The audience is stunned and the smiles are quick to light up the night. This is blues rock at its best and "Say That You Love Me" fits the bill perfect. 
For this special recording session Watchtower Entertainment retained the Big Room at the famous White Oak Music Hall in Houston Texas. Early in the morning the trucks arrived and the sound and video equipment was unloaded and set up with the audio control center behind the stage and the multiple camera personnel positioning themselves in the audience area. Approximately five hours later the sound and visual checks were completed and Clay and band recorded “Say That You Love Me” exactly ten times in a row.
The room was electric, the anticipation at an apex, and the band hit the mark all ten times. Afterward there was a private screening and interview session back stage and all agreed that the session could not have happened any better. The visual team had already left the Big Room and were heading to their editing suite for the final brush up. The video you see today is the culmination of the creativity of Clay as a songwriter and performer, the determination of the band to lay it down perfect, the professionalism of both the video team and the audio team to get it right, and the acoustics in the Big Room being spot on.
...Click YouTube button here for the Video.
"Say That You Love Me"
News Flash... 
“Can’t Stop the Blues-Athon” series Sun Sept. 27 & Sun Oct. 4

The blues world has come together to support Can’t Stop The Blues (CSTB), a not-for-profit virtual blues venue that began in the first days of the Covid crisis and has evolved to become the largest ongoing virtual venue for blues performances in the world. “We are hoping to become self-sustaining in the next 6 months”, Gottheimer explains. “We are working with Penn State Erie and their affiliated colleges, as well as University of Nevada, Las Vegas, on multiple projects, including becoming a 501(c)(3) and obtaining grants and sponsorships. We are still in the process of prioritizing all of the things we’d like to do, but our main goal is supporting professional blues artists however we can, while growing our community of blues lovers.”

In a 2-part series on Sept 27 and Oct 4 at 9pm EST, over 50 artists will be participating in a fundraiser to keep CSTB operational, as a one-of-a-kind platform that brings exclusive blues performances to the world. (During regular broadcasting, 100% of all proceeds go directly to the musicians). Participating artists to date include: AG Weinburger, Aki Kumar, Alabama Mike, Alexis P Suter, Alex Lopez, Ally Venable, Ben Rice, Billy Price, Bobby Blackmon, Bob Margolin, Chris Cain, Diana Rein, Doug Macleod, Dudley Taft, Eliza Neals, Eric Johanson, Erin Coburn, Fred Hostetler, Grace Kuch, Greg Rhan, The High Note Group, Jake Thistle, Janiva Magness, John Blues Boyd, Johnny Burgin, Johnny Sansone, Jon Shain, Katie Knipp, Kelly’s Lot, Lakota John, Larry Mitchell, Lisa Leuschner Anderson, Lisa Mann, Lucky Losers, Meg Williams, Mighty Mike Schermer, Mike Dangeroux, Mitch Woods, Nancy Wright, Nick Moss, Odds Lane, Professor Louie & the Crowmatix, Red’s Blues, Six String Andrew, Sonny Green, Terrie Odabi, Texas Slim, Tommy Castro & The Painkillers, Val Starr, and Veronica Lewis.

You can contribute to Can’t Stop the Blues via GoFundMe, PayPal and via the Bravo app.
...Find more about Can't Find The Blues
Win an Epiphone Guitar signed by Joe Bonamassa and help feed the hungry
Blues Against Hunger Society (BAHS) is offering you a chance to win a brand-new Epiphone Guitar* signed by Joe Bonamassa. The winning ticket will be drawn on December 23, 2020. With your help, BAHS will continue to feed families in need. Purchase a ticket today... it's a win-win!

Blues Against Hunger Society is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation with a simple mission: Produce live blues music events that promote the collection and distribution of non-perishable food donations to the hungry while supporting, promoting, and preserving the blues in the communities they serve. The pandemic has interfered with these “live” goals but people are definitely still in need.

Along with purchasing your ticket to win the guitar that will help purchase food for the needy, they invite you to also make a donation here or Paypal.
See the BAHS website for complete details on the offer and the organization.
Stay Connected! 
*Shipping arranged at winner's expense
B.B. King Museum & Delta Interpretive Center offers Online Activities & Quizzes  
(INDIANOLA, MS) - We're open, but B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center continues to offer online tools to educate your family during the COVID-19 pandemic. Download any of the resources on our website based on age range. By participating, you can be entered to win some FREE merchandise or entry into the Museum!

How To Enter: Post a photo to social media with the tag: #BBKingEducation or email your completed project photos. New winners are chosen and notified every two weeks.

Weekly Quizzes For Kids & Adults: B.B. King Museum has added new quiz questions for September for adults and children to be entered in a drawing for a Grand Prize!
September's winner will be notified October 16, 2020, via email address. 
Toronzo Cannon will retire from bus driving
"I’ve put in the time behind the wheel, now it’s my time.

Award-winning, internationally touring Chicago bluesman Toronzo Cannon — who for the last 28 years has driven a bus for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) by day while performing blues at night, on weekends and every day off — has announced that he is leaving his job with the CTA to devote all his time to playing the blues and focusing on his music. His last day at the CTA is September 29, 2020.
According to Cannon, who is a world-renowned ambassador for Chicago blues, "...Now I can focus on my music more and be with my guitar. I look forward to not having to wake up at 4:30 a.m. anymore."
Cannon's expectation-defying original songs, ranging from wryly sung, slice-of-life tales flavored with humor to burning social commentary, are as broad-shouldered as his boundless blues guitar work, both echoing the sounds of the city. His fervent vocals are filled with personality. “It’s not just about the solos,” Cannon says, “It’s about the songs. People get used to everyday life, so it’s easy to miss the things around them. I write about those things. I know the problems of Chicago, the hardship. But I love and respect the city. I'm proud to be carrying the Chicago blues tradition forward and honoring those blues giants who came here from the south and created the city's blues sound.”

Upon release of his Alligator Records debut, The Chicago Way, Cannon burst onto the international stage as one of the most electrifying bluesmen to emerge from Chicago in decades. Since then he has played major cities all over the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Using every vacation day and day off and working four ten-hour shifts a week, Cannon would arrange his schedule to gig out of town as much as possible.
As for leaving his bus driving job behind, Cannon says, "I'll miss seeing the daily hustle of life, having somewhere to be, and the camaraderie with my coworkers. I’ve known some of them for over 20 years. I won't miss the traffic or the carelessness of other cars and drivers. I’ve put in the time behind the wheel, now it’s my time."
Virginia's Cigar Box Fiddle
Several weeks ago, I received a message from fellow cigar box guitarist, Clint Herriman stating that he had discovered another historic cigar box instrument in Burnet, TX. What made this different than most was that it was signed and dated by the builder.

Herriman asked if he could donate it to my collection in order that more people would get to see it and promptly mailed it to me. I agreed, but I insisted on sending him a box full of shirts, books and stuff from

The instrument is a crude, but impressive 4-string fiddle, featuring an Addison Tinsley Tobacco's Natural Leaf plug tobacco box. (This is the first instrument I've ever seen with a chewing tobacco box.) The box itself measures 13 x 7 x 2.75." The entire instrument is 24" long and sports a very thick neck, at almost 4" thick at the heel. 

The builder left her signature on several places throughout the fiddle, with the most prominent one on the back. It says, "Virginia Lorraine Mather, Burnet, Texas May 3 1946." After digging around Google, I found a Virginia Lorraine Burnet who fits the location. If she is indeed the same person, I estimate her age to be 8 years old at the time this was built.

The tailpiece was made from a bent soup can lid. Four holes were drilled for the violin strings and three nails hold the tailpiece to the butt of the instrument. The bridge was fashioned from a piece of moulding and nailed into place. The headstock features one remaining eyebolt that served as a tuner. Three other holes are visible, showing wear marks of where strings used to feed, especially on the first hole.

The plywood body has seen a lot of wear over the years. I'm amazed it's still intact.
The fiddle is currently in my private collection. It will someday be on display at the Cigar Box Guitar Museum inside Speal's Tavern in New Alexandria, PA.
...Shane Speal
Enter to Win a One-On-One “Live” Video Experience with an Award-Winning Blues Artist
Our One-On One “Live” Video Experience Contest
Hey Blues Lovers,
Our 3rd winner has now been picked and we're in the process of notifying them to set up their one-on-one with Southern Avenue!
If you haven't entered our contest yet, it's time to do so now and you could win a private Zoom visit with Dawn Tyler Watson! She's an international touring artist, multiple Juno Award Winner (Canada), and IBC 1st place Winner and nominee in the 2020 Blues Music Awards.
Enter as many times as you wish. Accepting entries through Sept 26.
All winner’s names will be randomly drawn by celebrity entertainer BigLLou. We’ll then notify you and send you a ZOOM invite. If you don't have a computer, we can arrange via phone. During your one-on-one, 15-minute Zoom (or other method) "live" visit with one of these world-class blues artists, you can ask questions, they may play you a song, or you can just chit chat… connecting you deeper with the artist and their passions. 
Entrant has the option of having the Zoom meeting moderated by pro-podcaster/blues recording artist Tom “The Suit” Forst and recorded/aired by Chasing the Blues Podcast.

Note: By entering contest, you agree to have your email address added to our weekly Blues Festival E-Guide list (emails will never be sold).
Find complete details and enter your info at this link and you could win a private Zoom visit with one of these artists: The contest goes until Sept 26th so share, share, share!

This contest is brought to you by Blues Festival Guide, Chasing the Blues Podcast, The Blues Foundation and BigLLou. Must be 18 or over. No purchase necessary. 

Thoughts about venues opening... share yours!
Hey Blues Fans!! We see some blues music venues are opening up around the country. Albeit, opening then closing then opening, etc.
We're interested in your thoughts:
- Have you attended any shows and where?
- If so, how was the vibe (i.e. joyous, awkward, crowded, etc.)
- If not, when will you feel comfortable attending?
- If you're a musician, have you performed live for an audience recently? 
- If so, how was the vibe and attendance?
Email me 100 words MAX and make sure to put "VENUES OPENING" in subject line (so it doesn't get lost in my email). Tell us where in the world you're located. Feel free to send me a pic of your favorite blues music experience if you like, too.
Wishing you all good health and peace,
Which Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise Hits Your Groove?
Our Artists & Headliners Stay & Play, They Don’t Hit & Run!!
LRBC#35 Southern Caribbean: Oct. 24~31, 2021 From Ft. Lauderdale, Fl To Willemstad, Curacao; Oranjestad, Aruba & Half Moon Cay (Bahamas Private Island) On Holland America’s Ms Eurodam. Cabins & Info HERE
LRBC #36 Eastern Caribbean: Jan. 29~Feb. 5, 2022 From Ft. Lauderdale, Fl To Tortola, St. Thomas & Turks And Caicos On Holland America’s New Flagship Ms Rotterdam. Cabins & Info @ HERE
Visit Reservations Or Call (816) 753-7979 To Reserve Your Cabin!
313 Lawrence St., Kansas City, MO
(816) 753-7979 |
- More Than A Cruise… More Than A Festival…
More Than You Can Imagine! -
Chasing The Blues Podcast
Tom "The Suit" Forst Presents: Whitney Shay + YouTube Launch
On this episode, Ruf Records recording artist Whitney Shay calls in to chat with Tom about her Billboard Blues chart topping album Stand Up! She's a four-time San Diego Music Award winner (including 2019 Artist of the Year) and 2019 Blues Music Award nominee. Her latest release on Ruf Records Stand Up! debuted at #1 on the Billboard Blues charts and also reached #1 on the Roots Music Report. Shay's received high praise from music critics calling the singer “a future blues icon” (Blues Matters!), “one of the next best things in soul music” (Blues and Rhythm Magazine), and “the epitome of a rising star” (Elmore Magazine).

A 30 min TV SHOW FORMAT of Chasing the Blues has also been LAUNCHED ON YOUTUBE!
On the debut episode of Chasing the Blues Video Show, host Tom The Suit Forst welcomes multi-platinum singer-songwriter and recording artist John Oates of Hall and Oates. Oates shares inspirations, influences and interesting stories about recordings, a serendipitous meeting and about his new, blues-inspired solo album, Live in Nashville. In sharing how the blues influenced his solo music and songwriter, Oates shares deep insight into how Hall and Oates were inspired by their love of Motown's group The Temptations “When you're a musician who understands history, you build on the past to go the future," he says. Watch here!
Listen for Chasing the Blues Podcast on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and wherever podcasts are streamed around the world. 
The Chasing the Blues weekly audio Podcast is produced by Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT. and Marketed by Factory Underground Media (Norwalk, CT). The season sponsor of the podcast is Blues Festival Guide Magazine, which Bobby Rush calls the "Roadmap to the Blues."
Video of the Week
John Nemeth "I Can See Your Love Light Shine"
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18th Blues Festival Guide Magazine Print & Digital Editions
(ARCATA, CA) — RBA Publishing offers the 18th annual Blues Festival Guide magazine in both print and digital formats as well as our weekly Blues Festival e-Guide newsletter.
Blues legend Bobby Rush calls our magazine: The Roadmap to Everything Blues. Indeed, the articles offer something for everyone, all blues related, of course. This year’s engaging editorial is once again from aficionados in the blues community.
- Living Legend: Charlie Musselwhite By Eric Steiner
- Blues Movies Reel Away the Blues By Roger Stolle 
- The Healing Blues By Anita Schlank, Ph.D. 
- What’s Cookin’ with Victor Wainwright
- The Jus’ Blues Music Foundation
- Jammin’ On the High C’s On Board the LRBC By Mitch Woods
- A King and A Duke By Reverend Billy C. Wirtz
- Festivals Receive KBA
- Blues: An African Sonic Response By Pascal Bokar Thiam, Ed.D.

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Intros and Outros
Thoughts & Birthdays
Birthdays upcoming of note:
Sept 24- Tarheel Slim (1924-1977), Chick Willis (1934-2013), Blind Lemon Jefferson (1893-1929); Sept 25-Roosevelt "Booba" Barnes (1936-1996), Sept 27- Bob Corritore (1956), Larry "Mud" Morganfield (1957); Sept 28- Koko Taylor (1928-2009), Ben E. King (1938), Rev. Billy C. Wirtz (1954); Sept 30- Z.Z. Hill (1935-1984), Nick Schnebelen (1978), Tony Braunagel (1949); Oct 1 Albert Collins (1932-1993), George "Wild Child" Butler (1936-2005); Oct 2-Coco Montoya (1951); Oct 3-Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954-1990), Billy Branch (1951), Keb' Mo' (1951), Deborah Coleman (1956-2018)
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Billboard Blues Album This week
Billboard's Top 3 Blues Albums - Week of Sept 26, 2020
FLEETWOOD MAD: 1969-1974
Fleetwood Mac
Bettye LaVette
Me and the Devil Blues 
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A Day of Blues
Long Beach, California USA
Can't Stop The Blues Fundraiser
Can't Stop The Blues Fundraiser
Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival “Festing In Place”
Interstate Blues Fest
Nov-6-2020 - Nov-7-2020
 Hagerstown, Maryland, USA
Bude Blues Rhythm & Rock Festival
Nov-06-2020 - Nov-08-2020
Cornwall, United Kingdom
For festival-event links
please go to our website
 CT Rhythm & Blues Festival
Nov-13-2020 - Nov-14-2020
Farmington, Connecticut, USA
Blues at Bridgetown
Nov-13-2020 - Nov-15-2020
Bridgetown, Australia
Looe Blues,
Rhythm & Rock Festival
Dec-11-2020 - Dec-13-2020,
Looe, United Kingdom
Cleethorpes Blues,
Rhythm & Rock Festival
Cleethorpes, United Kingdom
Great British Rock
& Blues Festival
Jan-15-2021 - Jan-18-2021
Lincolnshire, Skegness, UK
Clarksdale Film
& Music Festival
Jan-29-2021 - Jan-31-2021
Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA
Bluesberry Festival
Covington, Louisiana, USA
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