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Mary Aranas Yoga
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R.I.P. Pure Yoga East * Mary Yoga ENews
Finding Sattva * Issue #177 * Sept 2020
My Yoga Home
On March 16th, Pure Yoga East shut its doors, along with all NYC non-essential businesses.
Now COVID-19 claims my Yoga home for 11 years, just one more on its growing list of businesses not re-opening. Join the line.
In the above cover photo (which year of Pure Yoga Teacher Trainings was this? Grads, write and tell me!) we enjoyed a different line: an Utkatasana Chair Circle of Connection. This rings true, still. Thank you, Kay Kay Clivio, for the privilege to offer trainees playful connection, in a sample AcroYoga class each season.
November 2009:  I began at Pure East by subbing Restorative for Dana Slamp and AcroYoga for Sandhi Ferreira.
Shortly after, I joined the faculty, hired by Michelle Demus.
I led AcroYoga at Pure East book openings and party events, we performed at street fairs for Pure East and for Pure West's opening.
Eleven years of leading classes, workshops, teacher trainings, immersions, and privates. Yoga, Thai bodywork and Reiki sessions.
They say no act of love is ever wasted. The energies reside in the Universe and are not lost. I believe that fervently about all the care, transformation, growth, and love, that we created there, the teachers and students together, in that sacred space.
So corporate on the outside, so leaky and glitchy by times, a revolving-door through years of people passing through, but nonetheless a living heart of Yoga thriving within the city's ribcage. And I mourn her passing. I honor her. I love her.
Thousands of beloved hours spent studying and sharing, with colleagues, staff, friends. Pure East New York, my longest yoga home, I give you all of my love, and release all regrets, let them all wash away as on the waters of the Ganges.
Because love triumphs over everything in the end. I have to believe that; it is the force of life, it is the force of nature. I see evidence of that everywhere. I am living testimony of that: as are you. As are you.
That does not mean I do not weep. But I welcome the tears, they rain with love on my garden of care. May the softness of weeping everywhere bring gentleness to hearts. And strength to souls. New births of creation and expansion. Are you game to grow? Let's do.
Equinox, Pure West
Pure Yoga West will re-open once group fitness classes are permitted. Protocols for wellness will seem odd at first, and then quickly become a new norm, as with NYC health clubs which are already already open for the use of their members.
Students have left the city, teachers have relocated; but new communities will form, and friends will reunite. I look forward to the new face of Yoga indoors in coming months. With care, with caution, with deeper appreciation.
The new Pure West schedule is TBD.
Equinox Clubs have long included yoga teachers I admire who also teach at Pure and other studios. I am excited to offer a variety of my favorite yoga at several Equinox Eastside clubs. And more may become confirmed.
E.85 Street ~ Tuesday 12-1PM Gentle Yoga
E.92 Street ~ Tuesday 1:45-2:45 Restorative/Yin
E.54 Street ~ Sunday 11:45-12:45 Vinyasa
Restorative Teacher Training Online
My 100-hour Mother Mary Restorative Teacher Training was paused with Pure's shutdown in March.
It resumes on ZOOM with me in January 2021, and Pure will honor YACEP hours, both the 25-hour modules for each level, or all 4 levels together for the full 100-hour Advanced Teacher Training, under Pure Yoga's RYS program.
We repeat Level 1 for those starting in 2021. For those who have completed Level 1, join us in Levels 2-4. There are single module prices, discounts for 2 levels, and a 100-hour bundle. There is also a 125-hour bundle if you add the Yoga Nidra TT weekend to be scheduled in spring 2021. Information here.
For this unique Restorative Training, there will be recordings of lecture segments and class segments for the first time, for you to keep, there will be my full TT Manual, and in Levels 3 and 4, for the first time, there will be Reiki training attunement, Levels I and II respectively.
Privacy; Schedule
I honor your email privacy, now more than ever!
I do not share email lists. Please feel free to Reply, Forward, Subscribe, Unsubscribe, any time.
Although I now have a Blog on my website, I write there sporadically, but honor this monthly ENews since 2006.
And while I now have Instagram and for schedule alerts as well, you will always find my updated offerings on my website.
Please note that for weekly classes (Zoom or Park), I require a pre-registration of minimum numbers, to run the class.
In this issue:
My Yoga Home
Equinox, Pure West
Restorative Teacher Training Online
Privacy; Schedule
Zoom Weekly Classes
Park Flow Yoga
AcroYoga Workshops
Sattva: Balance
Zoom Weekly Classes
From the ease of your own home, practice with me via ZOOM.
Mon 10AM Slow Flow Meditation
Friday 3PM YinFusions
Sunday 8:30PM Yoga Nidra
Park Flow Yoga
Through October, on these beautiful autumn kissed days:
Thursdays and Saturdays at 5PM, I offer Chakra Flow in Central Park, by pre-registration.
We've met by the Delacorte Theater (Great Lawn, West 81st St.) so far.
Learn more about the health benefits of touching the earth with bare skin: watch Earthing movie ~ thanks Frank Camacho!
AcroYoga Workshops
While the weather holds, I offer Park AcroYoga Weekend Workshops, by appointment, for partners/ pods to learn and practice AcroYoga, safely masked and distanced, temperature tested, and hand-sanitized.
With enough interest, on some weekends we may also add a seprate family workshop, for parents and kids.
Reach out for details!
Sattva: Balance
Sattva means balance in Sanskrit. What that means for me: my Yin practice takes on greater import for me these days. Thus YinFusions on Fridays: I cycle through 4 weeks with Yin/Yang, Yin/Restore, Yin/Nidra, then pure Yin.
Each morning, I enter my Reiki and Meditation practice in my Sacred Svadhyaya corner. Here, just for the fifteen minutes of my timer setting, or sometimes for hours, I have my Mudras, texts, journal, my Reiki sending. These bring me Sattva.
What balances you? Do you surf? Bike? Play an instrument? Sing? Garden? Create in the kitchen? Is it your handstands? Your yoga flow? Is it poetry or song? Or writing? Is it a beloved animal, or other connection to nature, like slackline, or walks?
Reach out if you need a Slackline 101 ...

Praying for peace, praying for transformation, praying for meaningful love, life, growth, for you and for yours!


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Mary Aranas Yoga  •  310 Lexington Avenue  •  NY, NY 10016

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