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October 2020 Newsletter 

not what you think

For over 15 years our newsletter has gone to more than 50,000 Firearms Collectors, Enthusiasts, Historians and Professionals Worldwide. We now reprint over 6000 Vintage Gun Catalogs, Books and Manuals from the 1840s to the 2000s 
Calls From The Wilds
Back issues: you can view the newsletter on our website. For a downloadable copy of our catalog of reprints or manuals this will take you there. Also, we have Interesting downloads at our website. Please forward this letter to your friends.
Most Internet Browsers – Firefox, Edge, Opera etc – have decided to truncate, or cut off, the bottoms of long emails. There is a tiny note at the bottom allowing you to retrieve the rest of the email. Rob and Abby
This is one of our favorites:


Your stomach manufactures a new lining every three days to avoid digesting itself.
As a part of the digestive process, your stomach secretes hydrochloric acid (HA). HA is a powerful corrosive compound also used to treat various metals. The HA your stomach secretes is also powerful, but mucous lining the stomach wall keeps it within the digestive system. As a result it breaks down the food you consume, but not your own stomach.
By the age of eighteen your brain stops growing.
From that age forward it begins to lose more than 1,000 brain cells every day. Only two percent of your body weight is occupied by your gray matter, but is uses up to 20% of your overall energy output (it needs carbohydrates). Your brain works continuously and never rests, even when you're asleep. Aside from producing REM dreams, your brain works overtime to replenish its ability to function normally during your daytime waking hours. 
Oh, well that explains a couple of things...


This interesting map shows counties- the orange counties have the same population as the red counties. Tells you there is some elbow room in the "fly over region".


"But Ma'am, my Quetzalcoatlus Northropi (the largest flying animal ever), is my emotional support animal whenever I fly"...


I Read it in the Papers...
With American roots going back to the 1990s, Arise’s list of corporate clients, past and present, includes not only Airbnb, Comcast, Instacart and Disney, but also Amazon, Apple and AT&T. There’s also Barnes & Noble, eBay, Intuit, Home Depot, Staples, Princess Cruises, Peloton, Signet Jewelers, Virgin Atlantic and Walgreens. It is now owned by Warburg Pincus, the private equity firm where former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is president.
So what? Well, Arise provides those workers who, after putting you on hold for 20 minutes say “thank you for patiently holding…” etc. Notice I say “provides workers” Why? Well, actually, the people don’t work for Arise or their clients because they are independent contractors. They work from home and pay for their own equipment, phones, training etc. Aside from that they don’t get health benefits, overtime, and other legal protections, plus there are questions about payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, social security and the like.
This is a tale of the changing American workplace worth reading about.
Rob Mouat
Conservation Frontlines Organization
Bird-proofing wind turbines takes . . . black paint. That’s the finding of researchers in Norway who reduced bird mortality by an average of 71.9% by painting one blade of each turbine black. No word yet on whether this also works on bats; ground birds like ptarmigan tend to crash into windmill bases, not blades; and more research is needed—but such a solution appears functional and inexpensive. Anthropocene reported the story on September 2.
So just how cold was the Ice Age? In August, researchers from the University of Arizona released their findings: Average daily temperatures worldwide during LGM, the Last Glacial Maximum (the Ice Age) was 46 degrees Fahrenheit, or 6 degrees C. That’s 11º F cooler than the average global temp during the 20th Century. 
United States
Yellowstone grizzlies may be de-listed. Under legislation considered last month by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, the Dept. of the Interior would be required to remove the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem grizzly bear from the list of endangered and threatened wildlife. The Grizzly Bear Management Act (S. 614) would also exempt the delisting from judicial review.
Unique collegiate hunting programs at the University of California Davis and Louisiana State University are being created to help wildlife students understand the motivations and culture of hunters before they go to work managing wildlife resources and developing conservation policies.
Hawaii has eradicated an invasive species. With the help of landowners, the Big Island Invasive Species Committee has apparently succeeded in wiping out pampas grass, a noxious weed that contributes to wildfires, after 18 years of effort.
California wildfires also jeopardize condor recovery. The Dolan Fire, in Big Sur, California, burned through the condor sanctuary operated by the Ventana Wildlife Society. In what one biologist called a “miracle,” two missing California condor chicks were found alive after the fire.
Coronavirus drives outdoor recreation. In late August, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Wisconsin saw an increase in state park attendance, campsite reservations and the sales of fishing licenses and spring turkey hunting licenses coincident with the coronavirus pandemic.
Poaching and bushmeat hunting are surging in parts of Kenya as many rural communities, which have received almost no help from the government, suffer “COVID hunger.” The report (with graphic images) appeared recently in Britain’s The Telegraph
A notorious elephant poacher was sentenced to 30 years in prison in the Congo Republic in July. According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, and reported in the Daily Maverick, Mobanza Mobembo Gerard, known as Guyvanho, led poaching expeditions that may have killed more than 500 elephants since about 2008.
Elephants are engineers of the forest, writes a Purdue University ecologist in American Anthropologist. Her research on elephant trails leading to Dzanga Saline, a famous forest clearing with a large water source in the Congo, evaluates the role of biological anthropology in conservation. “Elephants shape the landscape in many ways that benefit humans. We’re talking thousands of miles of trails. If we think about the loss of elephants over time, then we will see the forest structure change and human activities also would shift.” 
Burkina Faso’s wildlife reserves have become battlefields as extremists target rangers and kill game at will. According to a September 13 article in The Washington Post, “The forest takeover marks another violent chapter in Burkina Faso’s four-year fight against militants loyal to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.”
The snow leopard is facing extinction, even though it’s perfectly equipped to roam the steep mountains of Central Asia, says the August 14 IUCN report “Action for snow leopards.
Snow leopards in northern India’s Himachal Pradesh are the focus of a recent National Geographic article that details efforts by rural communities to conserve blue sheep and ibex, the secretive cats’ prey. Kibber, a small hillside village at 4,270 metres (14,200 ft) has become a hotspot for snow leopard tourism.
Cave bear remains with soft tissue, fur and internal organs were discovered by reindeer hunters on Bolshoy Lyakhovsky Island in the East Siberian Sea. Meanwhile, a mummified cave bear cub was discovered on the mainland, in Yakutia, according to a September 17 report in Live Science. The bears likely lived between 39,500 and 22,000 years ago.
Thanks to Conservation Frontlines
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Arms Heritage
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The editors have decided to retire Arms Heritage Magazine (not Cornell Publications, as some have misunderstood) with the December 2020 issue after 10 years and 60 issues of publication. They have stopped active solicitation of subscribers and renewal notices. However, some people may wish to subscribe since active subscribers will have access to all back issues in the Archives section, that access will remain throughout the period of the subscription. We are proud to have published more than 200 articles, each written by the foremost authorities in their fields.

If you wish to have a permanent library copy, subscribers can go to the website and download the pdf version, it can then be saved to a CD, thumb drive, your computer’s storage or even printed, although, be warned, printing takes a lot of ink!

Meanwhile thanks to all of those who have supported us over the years.

Dick Salzer, editor

This is the latest issue available now:

Rants and Raves
I received my manual today you sold me for the reminton rifel I tole you about on the phone but the picture you sent doesn’t tell how to assemble the boltwhich is the problem I cant fix on the manual. It lifts up and when I pull it back it doesn’t pick op the next round for the chamber but it does eject one if it is there manuly. Dex Lawton
Dex, you ordered a Remington 25 manual which is for a semi-automatic rifle, not a bolt action rifle you describe, if I understand you correctly. The lift up and pull back to pick up the cartridge confuses me. Please confirm the type of action your rifle has and the model so we can help. Rob
You tole me to buy this manual fo a reminton 25 which I have. Likr I said the bolt doesn’t pick up the next crartertige. I don no what you are talking ablt with a bolt.
Dex, You said you lift up and pull back the bolt. How do you do that with  Remington automatic? Are you saying the bolt cocking mechanism is not functioning properly? If I understand correctly and we are talking about the cocking bolt, it should pick up the next cartridge as it moves forward, not backward. Rob
You don know what the hell you are talking about fin another business.
Letters From Readers
Readers, Ebay charges us about 1/3 of the selling price to sell at ebay after you wash out all the “listing and value fees” and other nonsense they have dreamed up. Ebay listing fees alone kill us because we sell few of any one of the roughly 3500 items at Ebay in any time period (remember too, we have many more items, over 6000, at our website than at Ebay).
Because we try to keep profit minimal, when you apply the Ebay fee structure, Ebay is basically a loss or break even, so, to fix that, we are planning to substantially increase our prices at Ebay. At present we have no plans for a big increase at Gunbroker or our website (although there may be small increases necessary to keep up with higher prices for ink, paper and the like). That should even out things a bit in the old ledger file!
So please, buy from our website or at Gunbroker and save yourself some money too. Rob
 Hi Abby, I am need of a part number but do not know what manual it comes from.  I have a Stevens 311A in 12 gauge, I need an extractor in 12 gauge, Numrich Gun Parts Corp shows it is item 9 in there 311A manual, it is out of stock/no stock, and they stock by GPC part number not a Stevens Part Number.  This part is gauge specific, cut to fit the shell.  The manuals I have looked at don’t list the Stevens actual part number, they just list the item number on the diagram,  Do you have a manual that I can order with diagram and actual part numbers,  I have located some extractors they are listed as Stevens 530-747N-  I think this is 410. Stevens 530-747M think that is a 20 gauge,  and 2 more but can not tell difference but think one is 12 gauge other is 16 gauge --530-747J, 530-747K. Is there a manual that lists what J K M N stands for? Thanks for the  assistance. Del Wardlow
Del, After considerable time looking the answer is no, we don't have a different part number than the one in the diagram. Also, none of the Stevens parts catalogs prior to 1952 list a model 311A. There is a M311 and a M311T but no A. The c1951 parts catalog has a nice image of the part, as do other parts catalogs back to the mid 30s. The 311T could have a different part but it is difficult to tell from the image angle. Did you check the parts dealers on our website?  I did not go further than the early 50s when Stevens was absorbed by Savage. When was your gun made? Abby     readers?
Can you identfy my gg-pa's 12 ga hammered side by side Belgium made...thanks for your time.....steve
Abby, I never got my item and you don't answer my emails. Gary
Gary - if I had known that you had not received your order on GunBroker another one would have been sent immediately - that is how we have so many good feedbacks. You were a gentleman to give good feedback although you had not received your item and I thank you. I cannot find any note from you or maybe your note was lost in email.  My sincerest apologies for this.  A replacement is in the mail. Abby Sept 13, 2020
Abby, I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I appreciate your message. l must have sent 10 messages to them(Gun Br on 07/30/20)and at least two to you I thought (at Gunbroker's website) So in the meantime I purchased another one of your catalogs for the same gun Universal from eBay(09/09/20)cost a little more, but I got it long before I got the one I ordered from the gun people. I have in reference all your catalogs but I will be buying more gun catalogs for other rifles and BB guns in the near future. The work that was done with those catalogs was excellent. I will recommend to my friends at the gun club and anybody else that's looking for a replacement manual. Thanks again. Sept 29, 2020 Gary
Hi, I would like to buy the cataloque. No Paypal or creditcard, i can pay throughout bank transfer. Please let me know. Benny - trompetter1 (ebay)
Sorry Benny we do not accept bank transfer payments, credit card or Paypal or Ebay payment only. Also, we no longer ship outside the US. A lot of bad actors would like to have our bank credentials and when they get them they just need…. More and more personal information. Cheers, Rob
Hello Abby, I just received my Feinwerkbau owners manual, thank you for the timely shipping. I also appreciate the card board insert to protect the manual. I am disappointed in the quality of the paper stock it is printed on….I can see through the “cover” page enough that the printing on the back side is visible. On the second page in a blank section I can easily see through to the following page where there are illustrations of the rifle. I understand the letters might be slightly distorted using an old manual for the source, but the problem is that too light a paper stock was used for this “reproduction”. Could you make me another with heavier paper please? One that doesn’t show through to the other side? Thank you, Kevin Wright
Hi Kevin, You are right about the translucence, actually the original was on air mail paper and was the same but I get your point. I also assume you want to use it for display so I'll print it on smaller and heavier 24# 8.5.x11 paper to more closely match the original (we made it a bit bigger, which is a pain to print, to make it easier to read). I've done that and it is on its way to abby to post. Cheers, Rob
Rob, I’d like to thank you for such a quick response and a “better looking” manual for my well loved collectable rifle.  That has to be some of the best customer service I’ve ever received, thank you! An extremely satisfied customer,
RE: Winchester 1907 Jan- Repeating Arms Co. #73, Catalog. Will the catalogs look just like the picture? Reason I’m asking is my last name is Winchester and I’m doing for a collection and wall decoration   jmax0_1 (ebay)
Jmax- Yes, but the image has a 1/4" white border. Let me know if you need an extra cover for your wall when you buy the catalog. By the way, we reprint almost all the Winchester catalogs from 1871 to 2007 (and the 1865 Henry too) but I don't think too many of them are on ebay where we pay a huge commission to sell them. Some are 8.5" x 11" and some half size. Cheers, Rob for cornellpubs
Rob- I recently purchased 2 catalogs from you and they were not what I thought they were going to be. I would like to return these items im sorry for the inconvenience and I will not go post any negative comments or any thing of the sort.  Once again im sorry but I would like to return these items Jordan Winchester, Intake Coordinator, Hickory Hill Recovery Center
Hi Rob and Abby just wondering how my order going? Cheers, Brian.
Hi Brian, Thank you for your polite inquiry - you have every right to ask this question... we have had many problems with shipping outside of the US - Tomorrow I am hoping to mail these two handbooks priority to you. The problem has been something about customs and us prepaying customs charges and other ridiculous things. Usually I declare the value as the value of the paper it is printed on a very low price. I will try again tomorrow to see if I can sort this out and get these to you. If you would like a refund due to the slowness of our shipping I fully understand. Abby
Abby, No all is good don't let them bully you I have ordered bullet moulds with less problems there should be no paying on your end only on mine on the declared value of the books when they get to Canada the less value the better for me as they charge 13% on the declared value they are just books shouldn't be any problems at all also the tracking you provide with USPS will be transferred to the label when it clears Canada customs so I can track it when it gets here also if you ship USPS priority international prices start at $26.90 if you need more $ for shipping no problem just let me know anyway hope some of this helps I have been getting packages from the USA for quite some time. Brian. 
Abby, Just got the Winchester 1897 catalog. Interesting that it doesn't have the 1897 shotgun in it.  That's what I was really looking for to go with my Model 1897 Do you have a catalog with my shotgun in it? Mine was actually mfg. in 1897. Tom Murphy
Hi Tom, The M1897 was first listed in the November 1897 catalog, but not the earlier March issue (I checked). Here is a link: Winchester 1897 November- Repeating Arms Catalog no 60 Wikipedia has a nice piece on the gun: Cheers, Rob
Do you have the #60 catalog? As I said, I need it for a display.  I'm a gun writer and am doing an article on the 97.
Tom, please look at the link I sent you. It is to the #60. Rob
Need your help, I have bronchitis, also unable to speak on the phone at the moment. Thank you, Paul 
Sorry about your ailment, what can we do for you? Rob
Do you have any info. on the Warner Arms Infalable. The "ugly one" as i call it. Like to fine a parts diagram or list of parts or manual. I have a couple and one I would to like to repair , if possible. Thank you for any help you might supply. Gary Nelson
Hi Gary,  I don't, but Ed Buffaloe has an article online that may help.  Best wishes, Abby          -        Readers?
Would there be any possibility of getting one of these at a discount:Adolph, Fred Modern Guns c1914, Genoa, New York. My Husband, James W. Adolph, is a Grand Nephew of Fred Adolph and also collects guns. He does not know I am writing this to you, as I wanted to check with you first. Or, due to being a relative of Fred Adolph, could he get a complimentary copy of this for his family history story! Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you regarding my request. Shari Adolph
Dear Ms Adolph, I am sorry but no. We get loads of requests for publications by people with surnames the same as something we reprint. If we were to give away free books to all of them we should go broke. Cheers, Rob for cornellpubs.
Do you have the 1963 Ben Pearson catalog? jasm6050 (ebay)
This is what we have, thanks Rob:
Hello, I was wondering if you have available the book:  Jacketed Performance from Cast Bullets by Veral Smith Would you please let me know? Thank you, Richard
Hi Richard, No, I don't see one on the website. Sorry, Abby
I am back home 9/26 after four months away and do not see my package. Can you please confirm. Ed Musetti
Hi Ed: Delivered Friday, July 17, 2020 3:41 PM, Tracking: 9400111699000539116074
Hi just wanted to let you know that has been a week since you mailed the catalog that I purchased. If I am reading the tracking correctly it doesn’t look like the item has left the regional center in Detroit. Is this something that you can check on?  Thanks,  Katherine Sineath 
Katherine, mail is very slow now due to the virus, I'm sorry but there is nothing we can do about alternate tracking etc. I'm sure it will get to you shortly, many other people write every day with the same complaint. Again, I am sorry. Best, Abby
HI, would it be possible to post these documents to New Zealand ? If so what would be the extra cost to have these 3 items:Webley & Scott c1920s Mark I Air Pistol Manual
andWebley & Scott 1932 Air Pistol Catalog andWebley Premier Air Pistol Manual c1973 combined and posted to New Zealand;?   Andrewkainga (ebay)
Andrew, I'm sorry, we no longer ship overseas through our ebay account. For that service you would have to go to our website where shipping is calculated by the cart. Cheers Rob for cornellpubs
Hi,I was wanting to buy 4or 5 manuals on your website,but paypal cart wont combine shipping cost,is it possible to combine shipping on your website ?
Yes, the website calculates shipping based on price so it is less than ebay. Also, at the website Abby can refund overages if requested. Automatic combining isn't possible because we don't know the weight and size of each of over 6000 publications Abby and I offer, about 3500 of which are on ebay. Rob for cornellpubs
Ref: Weatherby 1982 The Guide 21st. Ed. Can you sent me a picture of the page that shows what is in the guide?  flo1018: (ebay)
flo1018: scroll down in the advert for our index. Rob for cornellpubs
Thanks. Will be ordering asap. Carroll     flo1018:
When I selected personal check I thought it would be an electrtroninic check. As it is I am in the hospital with. Concussions brain bleed and septisemia.( all under control) and will not be out and have access to my checks until mid to late next week. Can I call to pay with a card or pay through the Gunbroker site. I would have paid with it originally, but had sent out for lunch for the staff that has been taking such outstanding care of me. Thanks. Robert Gollberg
We hope you are doing better. Thanks for your order, it is all set to go out. Best, Abby
Hello. I'm sure you hear this all the time. I have just purchased the shotgun Breda Gemma 12 gauge. It is a very rare shotgun and you have the manual that would make it more valuable. I live in Ontario Canada across the border but our borders touch. When I click to buy from you it States, "will not ship to Canada". I know this is your real but if you would consider an exception I would be grateful to you for it. If you are interested my postal code in Ontario Canada hear his k0H 1G0 Kingston Ontario. I do realize that things get lost at the border and if that were to be the case I would simply accept it as part of doing business. Thanks for your consideration. DAVE
Hi Dave, We no longer ship our reprints outside the US through our eBay account- too many obstacles! For that service you would have to go to our website, but be cautioned, Detroit mail is a mess and shipping is really slow for most items. Cheers, Rob
REF: BRNO ZKM611 .22 Win Mag Rifle Flyer The magazine on this gun stops with two to three bullets left in it I can only get off 3 to 4 shots with this gun? Is there anything we can do I understand the extreme high price in clips for this gun and realize it was probably sold as is. I also feel like I got a good deal on the gun other than the clip not working properly can we make some kind of a deal on me buying a new clip? Thank You Jim Kuzilik 501-250-4021
Readers, can anyone help Jim?
REF: Colt 1972 AR-15 Model SP1 "Sporter" Rifle Manual  Hello! Is this an original manual or a reprint? Thanks! njc_01 (ebay)
Hi, The description at the top of the ad should help you with that... “17 pages, about 6" x 8", with 8.5 x 11" diagram. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid-free paper. Fully Illustrated.”
Rob and Abby
The End.
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