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Introducing New Song from Link&Chain's new EP

The album delivers classic authentic reggae with songs like "Jah Is Great" — an epic chant;
"I gave you Rose/Be My Lady" — a lover's rock tune;
"Long Road"; "Again and Again/Over and Over"; and
"New Day Revisited"
These songs reinforce the group's traditions and conviction
to the reggae genre.
Link&Chain is a unique musical group of four extraordinary dedicated Rastamen that have been performing and recording
for about 25 years:
Dwight Campbell “Ta Seti”, Paul Williams, “Mirror”, Trevor Douglas “Kasha”, and the newest member of the group, O’Neil Griffiths.
The name is as unique as the group and came about through a process that involved high meditation and elimination. “Kasha” (Trevor) was the inspired member who first suggested Link&Chain and as explained by “Ta Seti” (Dwight), “Many links make up a chain and the chain is binding. Every member is a link, every fan is another link and this chain now will become a link to
world unity through music.”
Reflection on the shackles and struggles of the Blackman was a part of the thought process that makes this name such a
universal and striking one.
 Link&Chain was originally a trio made up of well-intended youths who had music plastered all over them. Based in quiet Port Maria Bay, these youngsters were LINKED to the Island Recording Group Foundation by a thread that ran through their life,
their music and their sound. 
They gathered up at Beverly Hills and rehearsed; they had an affinity for learning the music and musical creation. They already sang like birds. "Mirror" and “Ta Seti” learned to play the guitar and the “foundation” for this formidable group was set. O’Neil, who was already a spiritual member, had later officially joined the group as its fourth harmony. There was a cross fertilization between these groups and eventually when Foundation moved to Island Records, Link&Chain and Earth Messengers were poised to become big stars as a part of producer Lawrence “Jack Ruby” Lindo’s new entourage. He signed Donovan and Foundation to Island Records and Link&Chain and Earth Messengers were
to be next. He only half fulfilled his dream before he passed.
New Day Revisited is significant because it was the first attempt at a studio recording and the second song written by “Mirror,” who had already written, “My Head Was Anointed with Joy.”
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