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December 2020 Newsletter 

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For over 17 years our newsletter has gone to more than 50,000 Firearms Collectors, Enthusiasts, Historians and Professionals Worldwide. We now reprint over 6500 Vintage Gun Catalogs, Books and Manuals from the 1840s to the 2000s 
Calls From The Wilds
Back issues: you can view the newsletter on our website. For a downloadable copy of our catalog of reprints or manuals this will take you there. Also, we have Interesting downloads at our website. Please forward this letter to your friends.
Most Internet Browsers – Firefox, Edge, Opera etc – have decided to truncate, or cut off, the bottoms of long emails. There is a tiny note at the bottom allowing you to retrieve the rest of the email. Rob and Abby
Why Cornell Pubs doesn't bother with social media... at all!xx


1935 Ford Pickup Custom Hot Rod
While we appreciate the work that goes into them we are not normally fans of hot rods but this one really caught our attention, we think they did a beautiful job... and they resisted the LS engine in favor of a quad four with a five speed- really nice.
If you like it, it is for sale at Hemmings for a mere $65k.


I75, for discreet drivers only...
The I75 corridor near Detroit is notorious for gruesome accidents. Its reputation was probably not enhanced when a hacker gained access to a video billboard and patched in a porno film causing drivers to be even more erratic than usual.
Dealing with Covid 19


“Medical devices and consumer electronics are converging to create a new generation of hearing aids” said Suzanne Oliver in the Wall Street Journal. Incorporating “wireless technology, smartphone apps, miniature digital components and rechargeable batteries” the latest devices do more than just amplify human voices and reduce background noise. They “also take phone calls, stream interaction, and will even turn on a Bluetooth connected coffee pot”.  Phone based apps are becoming “hearing and control centers” with volume controls to customize settings for different situations, say in a restaurant, on a city street, or watching television. The Livio A1 hearing aid, from Starkey Hearing Technology has a feature that can detect if a wearer has fallen and automatically send a message with a map of the wearer’s location to a caregiver.
thanks to The Week
I Read it in the Papers...
Who's that in the attic?
It is now illegal to use the term “illegal alien” in work places or housing in New York city. A new directive from the city’s Commission on Human Rights allows for fines of up to $250,000 on employers or landlords who use the term “to demean, intimidate, or offend”. The directive further warns of legal consequences for other “discriminating” behavior such as hoteliers forbidding staff ”from speaking Spanish while cleaning”.
Arms Heritage
AH Logo
Please check out this index to all the AH articles. You'll to find loads of interesting articles and you can print the index for future reference. Remember, the December issue of AH is the last, last issue because all the terrific guys who for ten years slaved over the production of these masterpieces of research are putting their baby to bed. But, with some luck, the annuals we print will still be available.
Rants and Raves
ebAy neutral
Dear Fred, Abby and I work hard to share old firearms information with enthusiasts. Neutral feed back hurts us badly because it encourages other buyers to "pile on" and that increases fees and ultimately raises prices for everyone. The M48 Mauser manual you bought came with the rifle and was the only document sold with the gun. It has cleaning instruction before firing, bolt disassembly, loading and firing. We do offer other Mauser manuals but they cost more then the $3.45 you paid for this one. Would you please agree to amend your neutral to a positive if I send you the proper link? We would appreciate the courtesy. Sincerely, Rob Mouat
According to Cambridge Dictionary a manual is a “book” that gives you practiTV smackcal instructions on how to do something or how to use something, such as a machine, firearms, aircraft engines etc.  I’m and aircraft tech by trade because and instructor. What you presented as a manual in the trade is a data sheet of instruction. I’m sorry that you are a fended (sic). Nevertheless, just because is comes in a box with and item and is only one sheet (two actually, ed) does not make it a manual according to dictionary definition. However, I will not change my feedback in fact your (sic) lucky that I wasn’t sterner in my reply. In fact I’m concerning (sic) returning it because the information in your so call (sic) manual is free on the Inter Net (sic).  freddearing09 (ebay)
Fred, The manual you bought from us was fully described in the description accompanying the ad- see below. If you choose to return the item, please make sure you pack it carefully with the plastic sleeve intact to protect it as well as the backing cardboard it came with. Single sheets can be mangled by the PO. Oh, and don't fold it so we can reuse it. We hope you find a "manual book" for $3.45 "on the internet". By the way, we've sold 30 of these with nary a whisper of complaint so you are alone in your indignation!
Best wishes for the holiday. Rob

from the advertisement on ebay:

Mauser M48-48a Yugoslavian Manual
4 pages, about 11" x 8", flyer. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated. Original copy was a bit smudged so this copy isn't perfect.

This stinks! During the last 15 years we have had over 50,000 happy customers from all over the world, but we cannot please everyone all the time, nevertheless we can put things right, even if the post office destroys your package. Just let us know if you are disappointed.

Yugosalvian Model 48/48A Mausers
Mauser Model 98 Variation
Bolt Disassembly
Clean before Firing
Firing Procedures
Loading the Mauser
Operations of the Safety
Ten Commandments of Safety
I'll keep the damn thing because it'll cost me more than I paid for the "F" to return it.
Fred, Save yourself some trouble unwinding what you started at ebay by informing them of your decision to keep the Manual, otherwise, we have to file a complaint etc., etc.! Sorry if I sound, uh, stern, but your action could take some time to fix. Oh yes, in your spare time you could monitor all the gunmakers that include just a sheet or two of paper as a manual with the guns they sell, I could send a list if you like. Perhaps you could send nasty notes about them to the Federal Fair Trade Commission... just trying to help! Cheers and Happy Holidays, Rob for cornellpubs
I'll tell you the same thing that Rhett Butler told Scarlett O'Hara as he was walking out near the last seem (sic) of the movie "Gone With The Wind". The reason that I decided to keep the damn thing is that it would cost me more to return it them I paid for it. So gone (sic) ahead and file what ever you want to do because it does not make a difference to me. And I will not even loss (sic) any sleep over it.
Don't fret Fred, I'll "go ahead" and take care of your problem "per se". So our last "scene" will be worth a damn after all. Don't lose any sleep! Cheers, Rob for cornellpubs
Rob Mouat
Letters From Readers
Greetings! I am an always-satisfied repeat customer.............I have a brief question about this book - Weatherby 1961-62 Fine Firearms Catalog - but I don't want to sound stupid. From your description, I cannot tell if only the soft cover pictures are in full color, or does the book contain full-color photos throughout? Thank you very much in advance for your response, and keep on doing what you do so well! Best Regards, Tony Crupi
Hi Tony, The 1961-62 was the last WEATHERBYthey printed in B&W, the following ones were in color. Cheers, Rob
I noticed you posted two 1931 (Browning) catalogs, one early one late. Which gun serial numbers apply to which catalog? Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. 123sacbd (ebay) BROWNING AND BROWNING FN - ALL CATALOGS AND MANUALS
Catalogs never list serial numbers because they are published before the guns are made. I suppose if you could find a list of serial numbers corresponding to the date the guns were made you might be able to impute the catalog but even that would be a guess. Sorry, I can't be a better help. Rob for cornellpubs
Hi Abby, I received my most recent order in a timely manner. Thank you. I am specificallycolt resellers looking for a Colt catalog that includes a retail price list or just a simple price list, any where between 1900 and 1940. Do any of your publications have Colt retail price lists included in the texts from those dates? I'd be interesting in buying any of them available between 1900 and 1940 that would include that info. My most recent purchase, "Colt 1936 Firearms Catalog- A Century of Achievement", surprisingly, does not. Regards, Dane Burns
Hi Dane, I accepted the challenge and looked through all the Colt catalogs to 1940 and none had prices after 1888 which did. There are a couple of possibilities. There could have been a separate price sheet with each catalog that had been lost by the time it got to us (doubtful because a couple of them were brand new catalogs we copied) or Colt just did not publish retail prices.
I can suggest a work-around for you. Resellers did publish prices and we've made a list of them chronologically on the right of the Colt page. If you get one or more of them they will give you prices for any chosen year. See the image. Cheers, Rob
Hi Rob, That will work!  Thank you :)
Ref:Henry 1865 Repeating Rifle Catalogue . When was the original first published? steve79a (ebay)
1865. Rob for cornellpubs
Ref: Gunsmiths and Allied Professions of South Carolina. Greetings, Are the pics in this SC bk also included in the "Carolina's" book? steve79a (ebay)
There are pictures in both books, I haven't compared them side by side. Rob for cornellpubs Gunsmiths and Allied Professions of the Carolinas
Hi, I see that you shipped my order… Thank you I appreciate it! It is a replacement for one that I had purchased from you about three weeks ago. Apparently my German Shepherd dog thought that it might be delicious as a snack! Best regards, Paul  pendleton-antiques1962 (ebay)
Dog ate our document? Please give him a nice rewarding walk from us! :-)
I sure will! :-) Paul
Hello Abby n Rob  I hate to ask but is there anyway to track this order as i haven't received it yet It tracks to border then nothing I have spoken to Canada Post and they are no help as they say tracking no. is of no use to them I'm not ready to give up yet but not sure how long i should wait for Books to get here so I'm not sure what to do I hate
asking you to send again if these show up as I know how busy you people are let me know what you think Thanks  P.S keep up the great work you do hope you are safe and well   Brian Herd
Hi Brian, We had several packages mailed to Canada this fall that have crossed the border and are now slowly, very slowly making their way to the recipients. They apparently get there eventually and the holdup seems to be customs, whether they are concerned about the gun subject or covid lurking in crevasses, I don't know, but you will just have to be patient... I am sorry though. Cheers, Rob
Brian - we have had no end of trouble with Canada postal service... we have to pay $6.95 import tax for everything but a thin letter. We cannot have the customer pay for every item... it is crazy and I do not think that I added that to my postage for your package but rather put to have you pay the tax. Apparently, shipped like that it sits in customs for months or is tossed out.  You have been a great customer through the years and we appreciate it - I am sending a new package with customs of $6.95 paid and hopefully you will receive them soon. Happy Holidays ahead to you - Abby
Thanks Abby, customer service doesn’t get any better than this I’m not sure how something so simple can fly off the rails like this as I have had no trouble before even the order I had placed a few weeks before came thru without problem  I had chased shipment down to RR Donnelly as foreign receipt and that was it . Anyway thanks again for stepping up n saving the day you truly are wonderful people to deal with and I will be back again to dip into the wealth of knowledge you people have accumulated Thanks again Brian Herd 
Just got the Bannerman 1927 Military Surplus Goods Catalogand it is incredible!  It is going to take me a lot of cold winter nights to go through all of the information in it.  I've folded down a lot of pages already.  Excellent quality, too.  John Hamilton. Texas
Thanks John, I still read it after all these years. I had the Bannerman 1927 Military Surplus Goods Catalog60 years ago as a youth. Rob
Ref: HOPKINS & ALLEN1914 Arms Parts Catalog- hi do you mind to ship this catalogue to Canada actually it not contain military secrets and any sensitive information what be incriminated as a spying kopeivladi (ebay)
A reason we don't ship to Canada through our ebay account is that delivery is slow once the package reaches the border (and often slow on this side too). Ebay hates slow and then they get involved it is a pain for us to keep up with the paperwork and directives. They want us to use their shipping program. Anyway that is why our ebay account is limited to the US. Rob for Cornell Publications

Hi dear Cornelius - Do it only one carrier of mail in US. And this is ebay delivery service. With idiots working in global ebay delivery who can detain polished mother of pearl shell as marine products. Sorry for disturbing you hope Barden make America . Wish you best. kopeivladi (ebay)
Ref: SPEER1956 Handloader Manual No.1. - i am looking for an original book do you have one or is it just a remake. Ric-5507 (ebay)
Ric, this is from the Ad at ebay:Speer 1956 Handloader Manual No.1 , 143 pages, about 11" x 8", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated. Rob for cornellpubs
REF: NAVY ARMS1980 Gun Catalog - Does the catalog have a listing for the navy arms siamese rifles converted to 45-70?
There are 45-70 Mauser action rifles listed, I have no idea where the actions came from. Rob
REF: NAVY ARMS1980 Gun Catalog - Siamese actions are the only Mausers converted to 45-70. Are there one or more photographs of the 45-70 Mauser rifles listed? That is what I desire. Thank you for your quick reply.
Yes there are pictures, Rob
I would appreciate advice on contents of same. I have a CARL GUSTARDS, GENEVA MEDORI  6.5x55mm Swedish Mauser with a synthetic stock, ( circa 1990s ?) I can not find any information on rifle any where, I”ts a GUSTARDS not GUSTAFF Appreciate any help. Enjoy the Newsletter. Thank you, Peter King.
Hi Peter, I put GUSTARDS in the search bar at the website and nothing came up so I'm sorry, no we don't have anything on the weapon.  Abby
Ref: ITHACA1974 Gun Company Parts and Service Catalog - Is this just diagrams or does it have procedures in it. Mainly in Ithaca century 1 trap gun pineypiper (ebay)
Pineypiper- Some of the guns have detailed takedown instructions. The Century has major problem solutions and I assume the takedown is handled in similar models. Rob for cornellpubs
MARBLES1932-33 Outing Equipment Trade Catalog - Corny, Your add is worded like the item is vintage. It is not. Your add is deceptive. Please change it or I will report you to ebay. Globigje (ebay- of course!)
Rob and Abby, Best wishes for an enjoyable Thanksgiving, especially given what a crazy year this has been. I greatly appreciate the products I have ordered from you and appreciate your service which brings many old firearms and accessories back to life as well as form a good read.  I regret the rants of some of the knuckleheads with whom you have to deal but I must confess their letters and your responses in trying to honestly and appropriately resolve their issues do bring a smile from time to time at their efforts to prove they truly are that special snowflake.  FFF Regards, John Fowler
Hi Rob & Abby, Just to let you know my WW GREENERBlue Rock Pigeon Gun Catalogue arrived safely today all the way to Australia and i am thrilled with it. Thank you for the effort you went to in packing it safely as it arrived undamaged which is rare these days.  I recently purchased a Greener Blue Rock Vintage Shotgun so your Catalog is a most valuable complement to this beautiful English Shotgun.  The unique service you offer in preserving there historic catalogues is truly valued and appreciated worldwide. Keep up your good work.  Thank you again.  Kind Regards Vito Bugeja, Australia. 
For my part I'd love to see you omit all rants and raves.  Do what you need to do for your business but I don't care if some donkey misreads an ad or posting and spews crap everywhere.  When you fight with pigs in the sty you get filthy and they are happy. I enjoy the good parts of the web page and have purchased several catalogs from you that pleased me very much. Thank you, John Hamilton
Hi John, Thanks for your note. I think you miss the point of the rants. A lot of people read the newsletter (and buy from us) just for that section. After each newsletter we get a ton of mail from excited readers who want to go out and curse the "bad guys." It creates excitement for us and sells product, so that is why we print all that stuff. Also, to be honest, I like to play with the bums who write the nonsense in the first place, give me a distraction. A do agree with you that if we were to take it too seriously, our published comments aside (Abby has fun with them too), it could be a problem. Cheers, Rob
A While back I ordered a manual for a Remington Mod. 24 it came on time it was not everything i hoped for (NOT YOUR FAULT YOU DIDNT WRITE IT) but it helped some so im happy. Then I received your newsletter and thought why are they sending me this? Then i read it I love it it is great I consider it a bonus Thank you !  I also read the letters from dissatisfied customers it seems you go out of your way to make them happy they should be thankful most companies wouldn't do this now a days iits not your fault if they dont understand what they're doing bunch of cry babies. Please dont retire i may need more stuff in the future.    Louie   
Dear Abby & Rob, Thanks for the November 2020 news letter , I look forward to each monthly letter and enjoy them very much. I sometimes wonder , where will collectors of the future get their research information from when you guys eventually retire. The other thing that concerns me is , with the amount of information you have , what or where will this go after you retire ??  
It seems to me that there are a very small number of “ Dick Heads” out there , who want information and don’t appreciate the efforts that go on behind the scenes to help and expand their knowledge and enhance their collections. I understand your feelings and frustrations , I  am in my early 70`s and for 45 years ran my own Power transmission business here, I guess on an average of 1 per week , I would get some “Turkey” come into work and try and tell me my business and expound the “ expertise “ that he got from a “ mate “ who was an expert. ( x = unknown quantity , spert = drip under pressure ) Fortunately for the “ turkey “ I never gave them want they thought they needed , but actually gave them what they actually needed. Anyway , don’t let the “ turkey`s “ grind you down , you run an honest business , a very helpful business to us shooters & collectors, and WE appreciate it. Looking forward to the next letter. Regards for now, Rex, Australia
Good morning, I have a pair of Winchester 1897 takedown shotguns.  I am looking for a manual to help me with restoring these old classics.  I have spent some time searching your site, haven't found anything.  Do you have a reprint of the manual or book that would help me? Steve 
Hi Steve, Most old WINCHESTERcatalogs have manuals included in their pages. For example, the Winchester shotgun is in the 1900 catalog and many others: Winchester 1900 April Gun Catalog No. 65 Cheers, Rob
I have ordered a number of reprints from you. All have been more than I expected in terms of both content and the quality of your work in copying them. And, I have referred Cornell Publications to several gun enthusiasts who were seeking catalogues, etc, including members of the Colt Forum. My note today, however is about the Rants and Raves portion of your newsletters. I really appreciate the wry wit applied to the comments you receive from some customers. I always get a few laughs from each newsletter, and laughter is good for me! Keep up the good work! Rob Fates,
Abby and Rob, Please don’t “retire” (other than each night to rest up for doing what you do each day). Yes the World is filled with ignorant, obnoxious, emotional rather fact driven and just plain rude people. Just because one kid is  jerk at Halloween does that mean canceling it and spoiling it for all the others? The fact that you have created such an archive and that you “share” this treasure of literature is commendable, sure they aren’t original, you make sure everyone knows that, but it gives us the possibility to have/see the “paperwork” that was an important part of our World’s firearm history. I enjoy and look forward to your “newsletter” and the humor within. Your like a best friend I’ve never met. Thanks again for not only preserving history but making it available for all of US (and at such a reasonable cost!)  David Fairhurst
Ref: SAUER& Sohn c1930 Gun Catalog (in English) - I did not order this - dwon1946 (ebay)
Dwon, I think we need a bit more information to respond properly... like what prompted you to write the note to us? Rob for cornellpubs
I received a demand for payment. dwon1946 (ebay)
Dwon, Sorry, we didn't send it, we have no way to send a bill through ebay. Ebay has its own billing system they started a few months ago. They handle all billing and payments and then, a few days later, send us the payment. It sounds as if something went screwy with their system, but it wasn't us. If I were you, I would ignore it but if it worries you, and I hate to say this, you can call them and try to get them to figure it out. Rob for cornellpubs
Abby, I need your advice.  I'm looking for information on the Ideal No. 6 duplex powder measure.  The unit bears a patent date of 1899.  Logic dictates that I should choose an Ideal Handbook from 1900 or later.  Do you happen to know if this unit is covered in any of the Ideal handbooks?  Of course, I would not be averse to buying an instruction manual specifically for the Ideal No. 6 powder measure. Thanks! John Karlsson 
Rob and Abby
The End.
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