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Cornell Publications
January 2021 Newsletter 

For over 17 years our newsletter has gone to more than 50,000 Firearms Collectors, Enthusiasts, Historians and Professionals Worldwide. We now reprint over 6500 Vintage Gun Catalogs, Books and Manuals from the 1840s to the 2000s 
Calls From The Wilds
Back issues: you can view the newsletter on our website. For a downloadable copy of our catalog of reprints or manuals this will take you there. Also, we have Interesting downloads at our website. Please forward this letter to your friends.
Most Internet Browsers – Firefox, Edge, Opera etc – have decided to truncate, or cut off, the bottoms of long emails. There is a tiny note at the bottom allowing you to retrieve the rest of the email. Rob and Abby
Cornell University (no relation to us) is requiring all students to get flu shots... unless they're minorities. The Cornell Health Department explained that "historically, the bodies of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC)" have been "used by people in power, sometimes for profit or medical gain," BIPOC students may feel the flu shot is "suspect or even exploitative," and can request an exemption.
The supervisor of a Rainsville, Ala., sewage-treatment plant was suspended for allegedly making and bottling wine on the premises. "We try," shrugged Rainsville Mayor Roger Lingerfelt, "but you can't stop every little thing that goes on."
Telephone auto-correct disconnect- Wisconsin police swarmed a woman's apartment when her father reported she was being stabbed. The puzzled woman showed up minutes later, returning from a corona-virus testing center where she had tried to text her father that she was "being swabbed."
The Week


Schools in many districts are still holding active-shooter drills, even thought students are learning remotely. March 2020 was the first March since 2002 without a school shooting, but lockdown drills are still mandated in many public schools.
A deer hunter in the Czech Republic had his rifle stolen by a stag who charged him, somehow snagged the rifle with his antlers and ran off with it. Police said it was a scenario "that a film director would not invent."
The Week
I Read it in the Papers...



The world's highest and longest tunnel-to-tunnel bridge opened in 2012 to traffic in Hunan province, central China. The Aizhai suspension bridge links two tunnels 1,176 metres apart, carrying traffic 355 metres above the foot of Dehang Canyon. Construction of the bridge started in October 2007 and its main sections were completed in 2011. It is designed to help ease traffic in the mountainous region, where queues are common due to the narrow, steep and winding roads

The Guardian
Arms Heritage
AH Logo
Arms Heritage Magazine has now ended its ten year run, but that doesn't mean you can't still get printed annual issues from us, including the last one, year 10, that will be available shortly.  
Rants and Raves
Re:Browning 1969 M1919A4- M1919A6 M37 Technical Manual TM 9-1005-212-25 DOES THIS MANUAL (1919 BROWNING) COVER FIELD STRIPPING & COMPLETE MAINTAINTENTS joskrzyj-6 (ebay)
Please see attached images of contents pages, they should give you everything you need about the booklet. Cheers, Abby
Re:Browning 1969 M1919A4- M1919A6 M37 Technical Manual TM 9-1005-212-25 DOES THIS MANUAL (1919 BROWNING) COVER FIELD STRIPPING & COMPLETE MAINTAINTENTS YOU FAILED TO ANSWER joskrzyj-6 (ebay)
Don't the pages we sent you tell you everything that is in the manual? Abby
Rob Mouat
 Last month it occurred to us that many people browsing our website may not be using the tools that are built into the site. I made this graphic that we place at the bottom of each packing slip and email we send. It's pretty self-explanatory and we hope it helps:
Letters From Readers
1) YOUR 1950 Browning catalogue offers a SuperPosed for $200.00, why can’t I buy it at the advertised price?( Do you get a “bang” out of false advertising....Hmmmmm......)
2) Why can’t you provide me with gasoline at .22 per gallon? (I am aghast!(gassed?))
3) Why is it that you cannot supply me with a Cunard first class cabin for “90 Day Round the World Cruise” for $600.00 ( (My faith in Cornell is “dampened”)
4) Why is the sky blue? (How can I be “azured” you speak the truth?)
5) Does 2+2 REALLY equal 4? (Are you being “4th right?”)
6) The earth IS flat, why don’t you publish that “fact.”? (There is no getting “around“ this.)
7) Why don’t you print ANYTHING about ALIENS?  ( Is the truth “foreign” to you?)
Seriously, Thanks for what you do! Well, I hope you received your laugh for the day, I am sure you need it. Some people are beyond ignorant, rude or just plain stupid. I have ordered a few things from Cornell over the years and I have NEVER been disappointed. Please don’t retire! I tried that for 2 years and almost lost my mind....or what little is left of it! I am fast approaching 70 and the prospect of real retirement just scares me half to death. Stay healthy, Be warm & Be well, Cordially, Bill - William D. Bruni
Hi, Thank you so much for promptly sending out the replacement owners manual from my Universal M1 Carbine. It’s a replacement for the one I purchased from you a few weeks back. My dog decided to make it a snack. This replacement one went immediately in my gun safe! I left you positive feedback. Best regards, Paul
Hi! Do you ship to Denmark? Sounds crazy Sweeden is only 30 miles away from my home here in Denmark, but i cant find the manuel there. Best regards, Peter
Hello Peter, I am sorry we have suspended shipments outside the US after too many refunds due to slow shipments. It has just cost us too much money. Cheers, Rob
I've been waiting for this book for a long time now I should be getting free shipping
We are sorry but we cannot ship overseas or out of the country at this time due to delays at the Postal Service and customs as well as refunds for lost items. I will refund your payment.   Happy Holidays to you. Abby
Good day from…another world…. Even with the Covid I have been buying from round the world, including US.  So this is my first and last time with you.  I am sure you won’t mind if I don’t recommend you since… you can’t deliver! Claude Villeneuve (Canada)
Claude, Actually is isn't us that "can't deliver", we "won't" deliver, not "can't". Why? Because when people don't receive packages in a timely manner they complain to Paypal and Paypal refunds their money leaving us without the money. Does that make things clear? Furtermore Canada and UK now want us to collect Value Added Tax and submit a report every three months with payment. While we appreciate all the support from our friends abroad over the years, all that added work is just too much trouble. Rob
Dear Rob, I received a book on snipers from UK few weeks ago…..  Find another excuse than Canadian customs….  Capish…. Nevertheless, I wish you an Happy Holidays as well. Claude Villeneuve
As of this evening, December 16, it has been more than 16 days since I ordered from you, and paid for, the advertised in stock catalog on Lyman sights.  It still has not been delivered. Seven of those days can be attributed to the order not being filled in a timely manner.   USPS, the carrier you acknowledged was having problems, gives no indication via the tracking number where the book is or when it will be delivered.  Just want to keep you updated. Kind Regards, Jim Brannon
Dear Mr. Brannon, The book shipped within our stated time for manufacture, packing and shipping- five days. Please take up the delay with your postmaster, you have the tracking information. Rob
Just got it. Very happy. Sorry for being a pain in the a**.
Re:EK, JOHN Your Silent Partner c1965 Fightin Knives Book listed for delivery Jan 2...Still not delivered. No tracking either.. A nightmare. Please advise. John Sweeney (eb641- Ebay)
Dear Mr. Sweeney, I can tell you that the "nightmare" is the post office. We field 15 or 20 "where is it" questions a day from customers looking for overdue packages, some weeks overdue. I hope the PO is on the road to normalcy now that the holiday rush is over. As far as tracking goes, ebay, in its infinite wisdom, no longer allows us access to your email so our mailing program can't send you that information. I suppose ebay is trying to force us to use their mailing facility, but to do so we would need to know the weight of every publication we sell, all 6000 of them. Hope this helps and I hope your package arrives very soon. Cheers, Rob
You sent me the WRONG booklet , I ordered Thompson M1A1 and you sent me M1928A1 , different as night and day, PLEASE send the CORRECT manual by the way this is the 2nd time you have sent me the WRONG one,,Thanx, Russell Lewis
Isn't this what we sent you, twice? This is what you ordered:Thompson March 1942 Ordnance Maint M1, M1A1, TM9-215 Manual.  Please tell us what is wrong. This is a tommygunlink to the Thompson page:THOMPSON SUB-MACHINE GUNS - ALL CATALOGS & MANUALS Abby
No, it's not.  you show the 1928 a1 on the cover but it has a different booklet number, the correct the  TM1219 number is listed but you sen TM 215 guns have very different receivers they lightened and simplified the 1928 model so it has a side pull bolt and the magazine well is not machined to accept drum magazines as they are far more likely to jam, any service manual that starts with 1928 is not the correct one your correct item # is 1237 Russell Lewis
This is all getting too confusing. Are you saying the booklet is wrong? So, you bought it based on the picture and the picture isn't correct, right? If so, we will refund your money. Abby
Yes, that is correct.  it is not a picture of an M1A1, keep the money, type in search M1A1 you will see the correct firearm. Russell Lewis
OK, you bought the publication based on the picture and the copy doesn't help you, right? If so, do you see another publication that would give you the information you need. Abby
item #1237 is the correct booklet, thanx, Russell Lewis
Hi Russell, So, the insides were what you wanted but the picture on the cover doesn’t M1A1match? We appreciate corrections to the over 6000 publications we offer. We don't like to make mistakes, but we admit to it when we do. We changed the image on the cover but, of course, the insides remain exactly the same. I refunded the money you sent us yesterday for the same manual, we'll send you the correct one for free. I apologize for the confusion and thank you for the correction. Cheers, Abby
a day later...
Have you had a chance to mail #1237 yet? (Russell Lewis)
Russell, I don't know. We spend half the day answering "where is it" questions and the other half trying to get caught up with printing, binding, packing and shipping. We are overwhelmed. I said I would send it and we will if it hasn't gone out already, I promise. Cheers, Abby
sorry if you think I am a pain , but I have spent almost a year trying to get the CORRECT booklet from you! Russell Lewis
Russell, don't use capital letters when writing us. That is the equivalent of shouting. Second, I immediately refunded your money and spent an hour fixing the cover of a publication to your specifications. Third, you spent a year trying to get the correct item? What? The first I heard about it was three days ago and when I finally understood what you wanted I responded right away. Abby

my apologies, sometimes you should try looking from the customers perspective ,your add says 6000 firearms, it does not say 6000 popular guns. I promise you I wont bother you anymore. Russell Lewis
Re:Canjar 1964 Rifle Accessories Does this publication identify, show, or discuss the Canjar single set trigger offering(s) they had for the 1885 Winchester High wall single shot rifle? I'm trying to find a viable option for my project and don't want to make a purchase mistake and buy the wrong part. Gamecatcher (ebay)
Gamecatcher (ebay) I don't see any mention of old Winchester models, only ones manufactured at the time of publication (1964). Abby
Hi im interested in this for my STG44 butt trap but why is the front page blue ? my understanding the origional was all black and white ? danievalmon6: (Ebay)
We were sent images by a customer in Germany. The cover was blue in the images. I would also point out that we don't make perfect "forgeries" of originals, we cannot do that with over 6000 old firearms catalogs, books and manuals. So, we do the best we can to reproduce readable copies in the most presentable way we can. Cheers, Rob Mouat for cornellpubs
ahhh i see ok, yes an origional should be a white book with black illustrations no colour atall - i attach a pic for you would you be able to do them in white atall please ?
Hi there, very best wishes to you from Kevin in Australia. I have bought several reprints from you in the past and am very satisfied with them. I also used to receive a newsletter from you on shooting items and other good information. I had a computer crash a couple of years ago and had to get a new email address and so have missed out on your newsletter. I would appreciate being able to receive this once again please. Lets hope this new year brings a much better outcome for us all. Thank you, best regards, Kevin.
Hi Kevin, We no longer ship overseas through our ebay account and because ebay blocks your email address we can't add you to the newsletter either. So, I'm afraid to sign up you have to find our website where the newsletter link is near the top in the middle. Cheers and Happy New Year, Rob for cornellpubs
vette-gn (ebay)
Please send me the tracking number on my eBay purchase of December 15, 2020
9400111202537854153173 Michigan mail is very slow - wish I could help - thanks for your patience. Abby
It appears the delay was caused by the Brighton, MI post office.
Yes, the distribution center asked postmasters to not ship any more packages until the logjam broke, so they were held up locally. We got a two-day Priority package from our daughter in Connecticut yesterday! The 2-day package from Connecticut was mailed on December 16 arrived Dec 29! Abby
Thankyou for the update on shipping.
Purchased your Stevens Arms & Tool Catalog on 12/15/20 and apparently still in Michigan.
Etc… dear Readers, we won’t bore you with the hundreds more emails we got about slow shipping, some, multiple times a day from the same person keeping us up to date on their local mail delivery. And that is not even counting those people whose anxiety inspired them to call- again and again! Then there were the even more impatient types who opened cases at ebay of paypal complaining about slow shipments. The time it took to answer all this garbage slowed down shipmentsroadrunner even more causing yet more complaints.
It is peculiar that so many people blame Abby for the slow post, the pandemic and life in general. I've spared you the most profane of the lot. Some folks can be very mean and recent events seem to have empowered (a word I don't like) weak people to strike out, sometimes blindly at anything they see as "those in power". We now live in "interesting times". What a couple of months and it hasn’t stopped yet! Rob
Hello and happy New Years. I hope you are both still doing well. Do not let them drag you down. The service you provide at Cornell Pubs will be sorely missed if you give up and I will miss your retorts on the gripe page. Not sure which one will upset me more to be honest :) Hang in there and stay safe. Chris Nelsen, O'Right Brothers Service
Hello Abby, I am collecting material for an article for one of Germanys most famous gunpapers the 'Deutsches Waffen Journal'. The title is 'History of Reloading from the beginning up to now'. I am somekind of a free hobby author for the DWJ. With some luck while searching in the WWW, I found your very interesting homepage. My favour would be buying every of your old catalogs. But this seems a little bit too expensive for me. Do you see any possibilty that I can have access to some articles or catalogues for some pictures and descriptions over some decades of your big collection? Looking foreward to your reply. Best regards and stay healthy! Juergen Muenzberg from Bavaria
Hello Juergen, I am afraid I must disappoint you. We have suspended shipments outside the US due to the many lost packages we have had to refund to the buyers. Also, I regret we just don't have time to extract pages for the many people who make that request. I am sorry, Cheers, Rob
Have received catalogs ordered. I am a returning customer. Pleased with your printing.  Actually could not be more pleased. The Navy Arms 1972 Gun Catalogmakes me realize now what bargains I should have taken advantage of then. Recently started reading your news letter, great example of squeaky wheels who feel the need to be greased. Damned hilarious. Terry L. Hedges
Re: Speer 1956 Wildcat Rifle Loads Volume 2Does this manual have info on any ICL cartridges in it?? I just acquired a 300 ICL and 375 ICL and have no load data for either one Thanks, Mike
Hi Mike, I'll send you the contents pages. I was going to but ebay won't allow me to take an image of the page and paste it to you, so I can't. Sorry. I don't see anything that says ICL so I doubt that would work for you, also no .375 ammo. there is a 30 short mag and a.30 Newton but no .300 either. Have you tried Handbook for Shooters & Reloaders Vol II 1966 Ackley-Wildcathas the .30 ICL mag. (.264 Winchester necked up to .30); .300 ICL Magnum; and .375 ICL Mag. Rob
Rob, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, I have purchased one of the Ackley books, it does have some data but not what I am looking for, specifically trim length. That is why I was kinda interested in the one you have but it don't have what I'm after either. Thanks again, Mike mbrmik9 (ebay)
The items for auction 290893130793 and auction 370791493359 have arrived; I've just left positive feedback. Within minutes of browsing the 1903 catalog I learned about several relic long arms in my collection. I expect these catalogs to continue to help me as my reprint 1928 catalog has for decades. Thanks! Rwporter (ebay)
Hi Abby, I received my order today and everything is great. Thank you for this order, as well as all my previous ones, and also for providing a such great service for those of us who enjoy perusing old firearm, ammunition, reloading and sporting goods catalogs and publications. Happy Holidays and stay safe. Best regards, Duane Dunlap
Rob and Abby
The End.
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