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Mary Aranas Yoga
December: Lights Up!   *   Issue #180
Mary Yoga ENews  *  December 2020
O The Weather Outside Is Frightful ...
In many more ways than one! But, as my stargazer friends tell me, the December Jupiter-Saturn conjunction last appeared 400 years ago at the start of the Renaissance age, and may well signal a new renaissance age as it now appears in the creative, idealistic, intellectual house of Aquarius.

I know very little about astrology, but I sure do like the idea of a renaissance, or rebirth! And it feels that way for me as we enter 2021.
With vaccines infusing fresh hope and stamina, the days lengthening and lightening, a new leadership team to begin earnest work on the people's behalf, may we feel a renewed hope for second chances. Or 42nd chances.
That is what Christmas at its heart promises: renewal. A second chance. Again, and again. The love that renews. Feel life's expansion in your chest, even now. Feel your breath.
May we surge, and resurge, with life's effervescent urge to renew, expand, create.
We are part of that. You are part of that. Feel the  air swell your chest.
For now, we breathe. While we have breath, what shall we create?
We can create a more wonderful life for us, and others. In what ways can we do that? New Year's thoughts to chew on!
Yoga Nidra Teacher Training March 19-22
Ever wonder what elves dream as they nap? If you were to dream a little waking dream, what would you want to dream of? What journey would you want to take?
Yoga Nidra is an ancient art merged with modern science, to access deep relaxation of mind and body. Lucid dreams and mindful intentions live within a safe, creative place of transformation. It feels fantastic, blissful, deeply relaxing. It heals and balances at deep levels. And it is legal in all 50 states!

Mental, emotional, and physical tension can deprive us of rest, and rob us of peace and clarity, making us more susceptible to minor and major life ailments.
This 25-hour training is for anyone, including yogis, teachers, healthcare workers, students, parents, caregivers, artists, and busy professionals. You will gain understanding of this deep beautiful art, and be able to guide yourself and others through customized practices of various lengths, themes, and chosen subjects, as they or as you need.
March 19-22: Fri/Mon 5-8PM; Sat/Sun 5 hours each
Details and Registration here. Questions: Email me!
Restorative & Reiki Training Jan-March
Registration is open for my 2021 Mother Mary Restorative Trance Meditation 100-hour Teacher Training:
January 15 to March 8, 2021

4 Levels of 25-hour, Fri-Mon

Weekend modules, each level.
These include: reading/writing homework, attending online classes, plus our Zoom training sessions, which will also be recorded for your use:
Restorative Teacher Training Sessions

Schedule (Eastern Time):
Friday and Monday 5-8PM
Saturday 1-6PM
Sunday 2-7PM
Level 1 Basics: January 15-18
Level 2 intermediate: Jan 29–Feb 1
Level 3 Reiki I + Restore: February 19-22
Level 4 Reiki II + Restore: March 5–8
*Single day Reiki I: Feb 20
*Single day Reiki II: March 6 (Reiki II pre-req)

Levels I and II prepare you to teach a full repertoire of Restorative Yoga both private group classes, whether online, or once safe, in live group settings. Levels III and IV offer more variations and integration, including Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree trainings, respectively.
Trainees will receive certificates corresponding to their 25-hour Levels they attend, or the full 100-hour Advanced Teacher Training, for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education purposes. This program is part of Pure Yoga New York's 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training track.
See more details and registration here.
June: Wagging Tail Retreat
My lovely yoga retreat co-host and teaching partner Ora Ramat lives on a beautiful 100-acre farm in Bethel, New York, where for the past nine years we have hosted yoga retreats in Spring and Fall, and sometimes Winter!
June 18-20, 2021 we receive guests again, offering a wealth of beautiful nature scenery, healthful, delicious meals, and yoga styles from flow to Nidra to Restorative, in nature and in the glorious light-filled yoga studio with vaulted ceilings, fronting the swimming pool.
Space is limited; inquire about early registration to allow us to plan and reserve and honor your space requests.
More details in monthly ENews and on website!

Email Privacy; Forward
I value your privacy and do not share email lists.
Thanks for being part of my cyber-sangha, my spiritual family via time space virtual dimensions of sharing and of being.
May you have a peaceful, warm, bright, and self-connected New Year's. Perhaps you will join me this year in writing your future self a New Year's Letter, that you can open a year from now on January 1st. And so we time-travel, as we indeed always do. Bon voyage, fellow explorers! You can always find me through my website.


In this issue:
O The Weather Outside Is Frightful ...
Yoga Nidra Teacher Training March 19-22
Restorative & Reiki Training Jan-March
June: Wagging Tail Retreat
Email Privacy; Forward
Restore Wednesdays
ValenTHAI via Zoom
Class Passes
Giving Gratitude
Photo Thanks
Restore Wednesdays
January 6, 2021, join my new RestoreMix Wednesday zoom classes: deeply restful, self-nurturing yoga postures on pillows, cushions and props, guided by my trance meditations and restorative breath and alignment cues.
Wednesdays at 11AM-12:15, RestoreMix is a 4-week cycle of Restorative Yoga styles each month:
1st Wed: Flow & Restore
2nd Wed: Yin & Restore
3rd Wed: Restore & Nidra
4th Wed: Restorative
Each class is 75 minutes and suitable for all. Pre-reg for a confirmation email and entry link. Donations of $5-$15 apply, or check out the class passes below!
ValenTHAI via Zoom

Calling all partners, family members, friends, loved ones! Any couple that wants to share nurturing, loving bodywork:
1-3pm Sunday Feb. 14th: Give and receive a great, guided Thai massage, with a loved one!
Join my friend Bassam and myself in our delicious Thai Yoga Bodywork workshop for couples/partners/friends.
Bring your own wine and chocolate, or hot chocolate and cherries, or beer and nachos, as you desire, to refresh yourselves, and toast each other after!
We will lead two separate sequences; you will treat one and be treated to one! Friends are pairs too!

Pre-reg needed. Donation via Venmo to Mary: $50/couple; or Early Bird $45 by Jan. 31.

Class Passes
Because classes add up, and because not everyone has the schedule to attend live classes, see these monthly subscriptions:

$25 Recordings of one monthly series of your choice (Nidra/ YinFusions/ Slow Flow Meditation/ RestoreMix).

$50 One month Zoom class series, plus its recordings.
$60 Recordings of all classes only, all month.
$108 Recordings of all classes, plus all month all class access.

Your 30-day month begins with the first class after your payment. Email to register!

Giving Gratitude
I am so grateful for the privilege to donate 10" of my hair every two years, to groups that provide wigs for hair loss patients. This year, Children with Hair Loss benefit from my care by Gregory at Mark Garrison Salon. And, owner Mark turns out to be a yogi, with longtime mutual friend Matt!

Photo Thanks
Thanks to Jeni Rogers and Om Factory for Thai pics with Bassam.  Thanks to Ora Ramat and Wagging Tail Yoga for retreat center photos.  Thanks to Pure Yoga for the black and white Restorative photo.
Thanks to: the Internet, my brother, my iPhone and my friends for many other shots!
Thanks Chris Martucci for my Time Square photos!
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