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It's Time for a New Beginning, but Where to Start?
How do we start fresh, begin anew? It’s a question that comes up every year in January, sometimes in February (Chinese New Year or Imbolc). In these days, especially in the United States, it’s a poignant question. So much has happened in the past year that has tested us on so many levels that it’s hard to even recognize that there is an opportunity for something new to begin.
Thank goodness for nature. Despite all that occurs around us, nature continues on with its cycles – sunrise continues, as does sunset; the moon continues waxing and waning; the seasons remain constant and ongoing. It’s an unending reminder that there is always a new day, always a time to begin. The holidays, like New Years, are another reminder.
Ancient cultures recognized that the cycles in nature didn’t just represent something to inspire stories and legends – like Apollo carrying the sun across the sky – but generated a kind of energy that reflected a specific event. This energy would dictate the timing of ceremonies to benefit from this energy.
In modern times, we recognize this too. We can feel the expectant energy rising when the sun peaks over the horizon. We can feel the peace that often comes while watching the sun set. There’s a difference in how we feel at mid-day vs. midnight. We know the energy is different, but most of us are not raised to perform ceremonies that celebrate rites of passage or honor new beginnings.
It is this understanding, that energy changes throughout the day, that also reminds us that on a smaller scale we are surrounded by energy that changes based on the events that occur in our lives. From the tension left in a room after an argument to the celebration of a newborn first coming home or the lethargy and even sadness that sickness can often bring to a space.
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Nature's Gifts
Research: Nature as a Mood Lifter 
Harvard ResearchHarvard shared research in 2018 that showed how being in nature affects the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain tied to repetitive negative thoughts and emotions. 
Taking time in nature on a regular basis -- two to three times a week for 20 to 30 minutes -- reduced blood pressure and the stress hormones in our bodies. The research notes the positive impact of being surrounded by nature. 
"Having something pleasant to focus on like trees and greenery helps distract your mind from negative thinking, so your thoughts become less filled with worry," says Dr. Jason Strauss.
And if you aren't able to get outside among the trees and animals, even listening to recorded sounds of nature has a similar affect on our bodies according to research done in 2017. Here's a link to the research.
Upcoming Events
Finding Your Path to Happiness - Jan. 28
Taking control has been tough in this past year, but there are two areas of our lives where we still have control: our bodies and our homes.
We can control what we put into our bodies and what we put into our spaces, and this control can be empowering. In this two-hour course, join noted nutrition expert and chef Monique Costello and feng shui expert Bill Schwingel as they share their more than 40 years of experience to help you use proven health research and ancient principles to make positive powerful changes in your life.
You'll learn what changes to make and how to make them for a healthier body and home. You'll also receive the tools you need to continue implementing those changes toward a path to greater happiness.
Anyone who registers before Jan. 22nd, you'll receive a special price!

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Introduction to Space Clearing -- Feb. 4 to 25
Learn how to change the energy in your home to align with your dreams and aspirations.
This sacred art has been used by indigenous cultures around the world to mark significant rites of passage in the lives of their community: the birth of a child, reaching adulthood, getting married, entering a new home, the change of seasons and even honoring the end of life.   
Today we have lost our connection to these rights of passage, in part because we do not take time to honor them. One way to reconnect, and honor, those rites of passage is through space clearing. While today's rites may look different from the indigenous world, they still remain. They are the significant events in our lives that either create change or we want to create change. A space clearing allows you to honor what has been and prepare for what is to come.
In this set of four online courses, you'll learn:
1. The four steps to effective and powerful space clearing
2. The tools you can use to space clear your own home
3. How to tap into the elements to enhance your clearing
4. How to create the focal point for change in a clearing
At the end of this series of courses, you'll be able to perform a space clearing in your own home to effect positive powerful change in your life! 
These online classes will start Thursday, Feb. 4 at 6 p.m. and run each Thursday until Feb. 25th. They'll be hosted via Zoom. If you register before Jan. 8th, the cost is $89 (a $40 savings!).

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Introduction to the Medicine Wheel - February 20

In this two-hour online course, you'll learn to apply the principles of The Native American Medicine Wheel as a tool to relieve stress and find greater balance.

You'll learn about the many facets of the Medicine Wheel:
1. The Four Directions
2. The Four Elements
3. The Animal Totems
4. The Cycles

You'll also learn how you can create your own wheel so you can use it to center yourself, connect with the different aspects of nature on a deeper level and even get answers to help you on your life path.

This class will be led by Bill Schwingel, who has been using the Medicine Wheel and its principles as part of his energetic practices for more than 20 years as a licensed feng shui and space clearing practitioner, Reiki practitioner, earth energy practitioner and Medicine Card reader.

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