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 The View from Here. . .
Fall 2021 and Preview 2022
We're Not in Kansas Anymore!
Not every big change of reality involves a house falling on someone’s sister, a town filled with munchkins, and a yellow brick road (not to mention flying monkeys)! Even without such obvious markers, Mother Earth and humanity are hurtling into very new territory. It is a new energetic environment with an increasingly higher vibration, where manifestation can happen almost immediately, many human activities and behaviors will no longer yield the expected result, and much darkness and muck will be revealed. New territory, indeed! And there is no turning back.

Most people have not consciously noticed—let alone embraced—this change. The new reality physically resembles the old, so it's easy to ignore. And yet, the changes being manifested by the higher vibration on the planet are felt by everyone on a very deep level. Because people can't identify what they are feeling or what is happening, they are moving into fear, uncertainty, and intense resistance.

Humanity is lurching along into this new vibration, kicking and screaming the whole way. Many feel like they are walking downhill on ice, and they are desperately flailing around, grabbing for a non-existent railing, trying to control the descent and stop the slow slide into the unknown. It will take a decade or more before everyone starts to recognize, accept, and adjust to all the differences in this new landscape.

It's up to those who understand what's happening to help show the way. This won't necessarily be easy, because we are now in Earth 2.0 and Humanity 2.0, and there is no manual! Those who understand—and even those who can feel the new vibration and the new “ripeness” in the air—must still feel their way, learning and adjusting to the new reality like everyone else. They are just more aware of what's happening, and why.

The last few years have been years of transition to the new, higher vibration being experienced on the planet. The events of 2020 and 2021 provided the tornado that shook everything up enough to land everyone firmly in this new reality. In 2022, the transition process will escalate on the ground.

Resistance—manifesting as anger, fear, and desperation—continues to be one of the most prevalent energies on the planet, even though everyone knows that “Resistance is futile”!

The Chaos Continues

The chaos in the outer world will continue, and possibly escalate, in 2022. It is the result of resistance, the clash of the old vibration/paradigm versus the new, the clash of those who resist change and those who embrace it. This clash will continue to play out in many ways, on the personal, national, and global levels: The information wars, continuing revelations, the purging of trapped emotions and unhealed wounds, and a decrease in tolerance of injustice.

The more afraid of change that people are, the more they will become unbalanced, volatile, vitriolic, and desperate. Bullies will become louder and more demanding as they cling desperately to the illusion of control. Politicians fearing a loss of power, status, and wealth will continue to create policies and laws that are more and more authoritarian, repressive, and regressive, in a futile attempt to “go back” to times that they believe were better (at least for them). The desire and need for control—especially over others who are seen as threatening to the status quo—drives those who are afraid to greater desperation and more drastic actions.

This will continue in 2022, as the planet and humanity move more and more into this new reality. It could be so much easier, if people would let go of their fear and resistance, but many will be unable to do so. They simply feel too threatened at a deep, core level, and have no idea why.

Remember that the Universe always supports courage, change, and growth. Embrace change, and the obstacles fall out of the way like Dominoes. Resist change, and the Cosmic 2-by-4 moves into position to “nudge” you along! It will become important to identify where and how fear and the need for control are manifesting in your own life.

It will be helpful to remember two predominant questions that will apply to just about everything in 2022: In order to step out of your comfort zone and allow meaningful change, 1) how bad does it have to get, and 2) how long will it take? These are questions you might want to consider throughout the year in relation to many different topics. The answers are totally up to you!

The changes will continue. They will be easy or hard; it all depends on the level of resistance.

The Information Wars

The information wars have been stoked over decades by media personalities, shock jocks and “info-tainment” outlets—with increasing participation by politicians—who have recognized that manipulating people through fear can be quite lucrative. Manipulating, gaslighting, and outright lying have not only become the norm, they have been weaponized, even by those purporting to deliver the “news.” And there is a subliminal mind-control element present in the deliberate continual repetition of the messages. They don't call it television and radio "programming" for nothing!

The divide created by this decades-long effort has resulted in two separate portions of the population believing in, and living in, two separate realities, based on what they have come to believe.

A major key for navigating through the information wars and all these changes is: discernment, discernment, discernment! Many have no idea what is true or what to believe, so they pick their favorite media personality or media outlet and believe them. But belief does not make it so, and the world is smothering under a blanket of illusion and delusion.

The new energies present the need to learn to discern the truth, rather than simply following the pack or following authorities. Be careful of where, and from whom, you receive your information, no matter which “side” you are on. Take note of what beliefs you hold, and why. Beware of any and all manipulators and purveyors of fear, even if they are "trusted sources."

Discernment is one of the prevailing lessons of these times, and allowing yourself to be taken in and duped may have harder consequences in 2022 than ever before. As the vibrations get higher, the Universe demands more of us. In addition, smug superiority over those you believe to be deluded and wrong will not serve you in the higher energies. In fact, it will bring your own vibration way down. In the next year or so, we will all become familiar with the concept of instant karma!

At the beginning of the year, the energies will shift and soften, and the increase in love energy will be felt on the planet. The people will eventually come back together, and this will happen faster if everyone can agree to stop trying to convince everyone else of their viewpoint. Letting go, holding your beliefs lightly, and allowing others to have their own views and their own journey—and deciding to be happy, rather than right—will serve you well in 2022.

Living in kindness, love, and compassion will always assist in creating peace, joy, and the life you desire. The Golden Rule is a great teaching that many have forgotten. Always remember that you get back what you put out, and what you resist, persists. Holding others in contempt and hurling anger at them will only backfire on you.

Purging of Trapped Emotions and Unhealed Wounds

Much of the sturm und drang that the world will continue to experience in the coming year is the result of the ongoing purging of trapped emotions and unhealed wounds. There are national wounds as well as personal wounds, and a great purging and healing is long overdue. To heal completely, the festering wounds must be opened and cleaned, and deeply trapped emotional energy must be released to stop it from wielding unconscious control over your life.

Anything that has not been openly addressed will find its way to the surface to be dealt with. While this may be very messy and extremely uncomfortable, this is a good thing, and by the end of 2022, many will feel lighter, and freer, as a result of this deep purging and healing.

Many of the earth and weather events—earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, and hurricanes, etc.—actually represent a purging of negative energy and rebalancing by Mother Earth. This is necessary as the planet and humanity reach a much higher level. These events—many of which will be seen as “catastrophic” because of the destruction of life and property they can bring—will not only be the impetus for improved construction materials and techniques (and moving construction away from environmentally sensitive areas), they will also help to bring the people together and create more compassion.

As always, it is better to work with the energies, rather than resisting them!

The Revelations Will Continue

These are the times of revelation! Much has been revealed already, and there will be many more revelations to come this fall and throughout the next year. Be prepared to be shocked and dismayed, as once-revered authority figures will be shown to have feet of clay. The illusions and delusions are being stripped away from everything. The Light is shining brighter and brighter, and it will become increasingly harder to keep anything hidden or in the shadows. Again, what used to work, will no longer work, and “the [men] behind the curtain” will be exposed and seen for who they are, what they’ve been doing, and what they stand for! And it won’t be pretty!

In the United States, this is all happening on steroids, as Pluto returns in February to its position at the time of the founding of the country, overturning all the rocks and exposing all the secrets as it comes. There will be many “worms” coming out from under those rocks. And many will recoil at what is revealed.

Pluto rules power—who wields it, and how. It also rules corruption, secrets and all things hidden and behind-the scenes (especially secret power). And because Pluto is in Capricorn, it is shining its light on politics, government, institutions, corporations, organizations, and overarching systems (such as money and the economy). You may remember that the economy crashed in 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn, as if announcing its arrival in the sign.

Of course, Pluto's influence has been felt increasingly over the last 5-10 years, and it will continue to be felt for many years to come, as it crosses its exact U.S. natal position, slowly moves away, then retrogrades back over it. When it returns to forward motion, it will roll over that point again, and as it moves away its influence will finally wane.

What’s the purpose of all these revelations? People tend to look away from anything unpleasant, basically hoping it will go away or resolve itself if not too much attention is paid. Anyone who has had roaches knows that problems only grow worse if they are not identified and addressed. These long-standing unaddressed problems are now like dead bodies long hidden under the rug in the living room—and Pluto is causing them to stink, so they can no longer be ignored!

In 2022, there will be less and less tolerance for corruption, abuse, injustice, and unfairness, and there will be increasing demands to root this out wherever it exists and make things better for everyone. There will likely be more—and bigger—protests against policies and laws that do not support the people. As the revelations increase, the people’s tolerance will decrease.

Responsibility and accountability will be required at all levels, as more and more people reach the point of screaming, “I’m mad as Hell and I just won’t take it anymore!” The movie from the mid-70s with that famous line, Network, was prescient, and considerably ahead of its time!

It’s All Good!

Even though all these changes may be fear-inducing, disconcerting, and extremely uncomfortable, it’s all good! Everything and everyone is moving in the right direction, moving into a higher vibrating reality. Every person on the planet came specifically at this time to be part of this great shift! Don’t lose heart now!

Technology will continue to change faster than even the kids can keep up with, and new uses and applications will be found for this new technology in many areas of life: science, medicine, business, education, construction, agriculture, the economy, energy, and more. Be ready to be dazzled!

Individuals will change, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Many will become more sensitive, intuitive, and psychic. Many will find themselves experiencing more understanding and compassion for others. Tastes and tolerances for food may change. Sleep patterns may be disrupted temporarily or permanently changed. As the body adjusts to the new energies, bouts of headaches, vertigo, nausea, and gastrointestinal upsets may be experienced. (If these reach a level or duration that causes concern, seek medical assistance.)

Tolerance for toxic and abusive relationships and situations will decrease drastically. As people begin increasingly to empower themselves, abuses and dysfunctional behavior and relationships will phase out, and there will be an end to the very Piscean concept of victim mentality. Perhaps we’ve been seeing this in people’s reluctance to go back to work at jobs that don’t pay enough to support a life or family.

The fog will lift as people learn to trust themselves and discern the truth. More and more people will make changes and choices that will bring them more joy and fulfillment in their work and relationships. Self-love and authenticity will grow. Creativity will flourish, and with that will come more happiness and joy.

The cleansing of the body politic will bring more of those who truly wish to serve and help the people, and great gains can be made to level the playing field and truly bring opportunities and justice for all. Obviously, this won’t happen in a single year, but progress will slowly be made, especially as the people make different choices at the ballot box.

Yes, in 2022 the changes and challenges will continue, and many already feel weary to the bone. But these are exciting, wonderful times, as humanity moves slowly out of dysfunction and self-loathing and into self-love, self-empowerment, and living in authenticity! Everyone has the opportunity now to manifest the life of their dreams. Be careful what you put out there, because you will get it back much faster than ever before!

The best things you can do throughout this transition are:
1) Find something that brings you joy or makes your heart sing, and do more of that;
2) Use and share your creative gifts and knowledge;
3) practice living in authenticity, integrity, kindness, and compassion;
4) Take time to be of service to something or someone;
5) Stay out of fear, anger, and judgment as much as possible;
6) Be about your business and pay more attention to what you are doing in your own life than on what others are doing; and
7) Focus on all that is good in your life, rather than on what you don’t like or what is difficult. Whatever you put your attention on, or your energy into, will GROW!

Whether you look at the glass as half empty or half full does not change the amount of water in the glass, but one will make you feel much better about it! It’s always a choice between whether to focus on (cling to) the doors that are closing, or on the new doors that are opening, bringing new opportunities to help you create more peace, joy, and love in your life. Letting go of things that don’t matter, or that you cannot change, will help you rise above the chaos in the world. Remember that lives are manifested one choice at a time.

Choose wisely!

Shhhhhh... this article is an edited version, adapted for my newsletter, of my article in the Predictions Issue for 2022 in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, which will hit the newsstands and online November 1. You read it here first! 
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Who is Ellyn Dye?
I am an Intuitive Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Reconnective Healing® practitioner, and a Practical Mystic.

A Near-Death Experience (NDE) in 1985 expanded my psychic abilities and created an ongoing link with some very loving—and humorous—Guardians of humanity and the ancient wisdom, who gave me a huge amount of information about life and the evolution of mankind, and continue to guide me.

I bring this knowledge and connection to my clients and audiences, along with over 30 years’ accumulated wisdom and understanding of metaphysics, life on earth, and Who We Really Are.

I am the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key—an adventure about believing in yourself and the power of Love, with information about life that I received during my Near-Death Experience.

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In this issue:
We're Not in Kansas Anymore!
Who is Ellyn Dye?
It's Going to be a Bumpy Ride!
Moving Forward in October
My NEW Website,
Like What You See?
It's Going to be a Bumpy Ride!
We all probably have whiplash from the speed of time flying by this past year! It certainly has been an ongoing lesson in letting go of our preconceived notions and expectations about what our lives are going to be like. And we all know how much we like to let go of those ideas! Right?
For many of us, our attempts to get "back to normal" have shown us that "normal" went out the window quite a while ago, and it probably isn't coming back any time soon.
In fact, we are probably just seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of all the changes that have come as a result of that tiny little virus that threw us all into lockdown for a year and has kept us in somewhat of a standoff for the months since then. And that, too, may not completely resolve itself any time soon.
Every time we've felt that we were getting a handle on things, or seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, we've been forced to let go of that expectation and adjust, yet again.
The higher-vibration energies have continued to flood the planet, in a recurring undulating wave! 
We truly have entered new territory and, like players in that old party game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, we landed in it blindfolded, and we're all just feeling our way along, bumping into walls as we go.
It's the Great Shift of the Ages, and we all signed on for this, but we probably had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! We probably totally underestimated how hard it would be!
Our Bodies Have to Adjust, Too
We also probably really underestimated the toll all these waves of high-vibration energy would take on our bodies as we try to integrate and adjust.
I can't tell you how many people I know who have been experiencing recurring bouts of vertigo (some very severe), disruptions of sleep patterns, nausea and intestinal issues, headaches, and even swollen feet and ankles, since the beginning of the year! Many people go through batteries of medical tests trying to identify the cause of what they're experiencing, only to be told that they can't find anything, which causes huge anxiety on top of everything else!
Any weaknesses in our physical systems are also coming up to be checked out. That can be a blessing, because we might catch something that needs attention before it gets too bad.
Mood swings, usually swinging down, are not only hitting those who are prone to them, they are hitting people who have never experienced them before. Sudden waves of hopelessness, helplessness, and despair are grabbing people by the throat and throwing them down. And it's no wonder, when you look at all that's happening in the world!
And what about all the new allergies and sudden food intolerances that people are experiencing? Carnivores suddenly don't want meat, and vegetarians suddenly crave it. One day you're enjoying your favorite food, and the next day your system will no longer tolerate it! Bummer!
No, you are not alone in experiencing these things! They are indications of the body adjusting to the new energies. The adjustments are harder—and the "side effects" more severe—for some people than for others. And they can be pretty scary!
Of course, whether they are caused or merely aggravated by the incoming energies, if any of these "symptoms" are severe and concerning, be sure to seek help!
What Can We Do??
As we move through all of this, the best things we can do are to make sure we are getting enough sleep (even with all the disruptions), getting good nutrition, eating clean and healthy foods, drinking enough water and staying hydrated, getting exercise and communing with nature, and being social and maintaining good relationships. It will also help to create or continue a spiritual practice, such as meditation or simply taking time ever day, to clear the mind and connect to the higher realms. 
Yup! It's all those things that we've been told are good for us all of our lives! 
We also all need to really start on the journey, or move farther down the path, to self-love. We need to step it up and truly care for ourselves, listen to ourselves, and give ourselves what we need when we need it. We need to make time and take time for ourselves.
Let's become so secure in ourselves that we don't need to be right, we don't need to have everyone agree with us, and we don't need to convert anyone or put down anyone who has a differing view. Let's work to stop needing that kind of validation and sense of superiority!
When we spend so much of our emotional energy in fear and anger, judging and feeling threatened by others, we forget that we are immersing ourselves in that nasty, negative energy, and attracting more of that to ourselves. Do we really want to wallow in that energy?

Let's disconnect from the media and the constant, repetitive programming, too. Let's empower ourselves, take responsibility for ourselves, and stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated through fear.
Of course, none of this is easy, or we all would have been doing it all along! But time is catching up to us, and it will really behoove us to focus more on ourselves and what we're doing than on others.
Self-love and self-focus can cause others around to us call us "selfish" (because we're not doing what they want us to do), they are just plain wrong. Self-love and self-care are never selfish. They are necessary. Now more than ever!
Moving Forward in October
We have had a lot of planets in retrograde this summer, starting with Pluto going retrograde at the end of April. Saturn followed in late May, then Jupiter and Neptune in late June, Chiron in mid-July, Uranus in mid-August, and Mercury on September 27.

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury go direct in October, (in that order) and we will feel the shift in energy. We will feel it most strongly with Mercury, which is a "personal" planet that affects our day-to-day lives(most of us know how communications, details, and electronics can go a little crazy when Mercury is retrograde!). Jupiter and Saturn are considered "social" planets and affect the way we move in the world and relate to society. Pluto, one of the "outer" planets, is felt deeply in the personal and collective unconscious. Chiron is connected to our wounds, vulnerabilities, and insecurities, and how to heal them.

When planets and asteroids (like Chiron) go retrograde, it isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just different. They present a different energetic influence on us than when they are direct.

In essence, the power of these planets is asleep when they are retrograde. They are not operating or affecting us at "full steam." Usually retrogrades signal a time to go inside, to take stock, to review and revise what we've already learned or done, before moving forward or starting new projects again.

Pluto retrograde has given us some time to review the element of power in our lives, how we use it and for what. Do we empower ourselves, or give our power away? Do we use our power wisely, or do we abuse it and others?

Neptune has a way of casting a fog over us. It can be a fog that prevents us from seeing clearly, or it can be a fog of illusion that prompts us to believe what isn't true, or to not know what to believe. With Neptune retrograde, the fog and illusion may lift, giving us a chance to clearly see what is going on and what we've been believing, and why.

Jupiter retrograde encourages us to expand our spiritual side and grow, and with Saturn retrograde we all get a bit of a breather from Saturn's normally strict rules and lessons, so we can assess how far we've come.

As they go direct in October, we will feel the shift of energy, and a push to gear up, get out there, and blaze new territory. And of course, when Mercury goes direct on October 18, we can relax into clearer communication and details that seem to work out right again!

We'll get another push in December, when Neptune and Chiron go direct, and in January, when Uranus goes direct.

If you pay attention and focus in, you'll begin to really feel the energies and learn to work with them, whether they are moving forward or retrograde!
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