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February 2021 Newsletter 


For over 17 years our newsletter has gone to more than 50,000 Firearms Collectors, Enthusiasts, Historians and Professionals Worldwide. We now reprint over 6500 Vintage Gun Catalogs, Books and Manuals from the 1840s to the 2000s 
Calls From The Wilds
Back issues: you can view the newsletter on our website. For a downloadable copy of our catalog of reprints or manuals this will take you there. Also, we have Interesting downloads at our website. Please forward this letter to your friends.
Most Internet Browsers – Firefox, Edge, Opera etc – have decided to truncate, or cut off, the bottoms of long emails. There is a tiny note at the bottom allowing you to retrieve the rest of the email. Rob and Abby
fauciTopps Now baseball  cards featuring an image of infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci throwing the first pitch at basball's season-opening game sold a record 51,512 copies in 24 hours at a price of $9.95



"James Suzman, in his ambitious new book about the history of work, the UK Based anthropologist draws on his research among hunter-gatherers in the Kalahari Desert todogspaint a picture of preagrian life that appears almost Edenic. Unlike today’s harried wage earners, hunters-gatherers, he tells us, devoted only 15 to 17 hours a week to gathering food and another 15 to 20 doing domestic chores. Otherwise they enjoyed themselves, justifiably confident their resources wouldn’t fail them. The agricultural revolution expelled us from that paradise, and Susman’s fashionably grim view of the fallout “may strike a chord with many readers”: he doesn’t deny the positive effects of that revolution but argues that we’ve been relatively discontented ever since."
 Phil Coggan in the Economist
It seems the hunter-gatherers enjoyed a bit of banter after the hunt but rather than chiding the fellow who missed the prey with his spear, they praised the arrow-head maker of the successful archer. Happy, happy people. With the advent of agriculture, populations increased replacing egalitarian communities with social hierarchies leaving some people always hungry and tilling the land. And that evidently leads to our miserable lot today.


Keith Mitchell has taken over as editor of Hangfire, the newsletter of the New Zealand Antique Arms Association. He has generously offered our readers the opportunity to read his first four issues. You can select them below to open them as PDF files on your computer.


Husband and Wife Christmas Shopping
A couple were in a busy shopping center just before Christmas. The wife suddenly noticed that her husband was missing and as they had a lot to do, so she called him on the mobile.
The wife said " Where are you, you know we have lots to do."
He said "You remember the jewelers we went into about 10 years ago, and you fell in love with that diamond necklace? I could not afford it at the time and I said that one day I would get it for you?"
Little tears started to flow down her cheek and she got all
choked up…
"Yes, I do remember that shop." she replied.
"Well I am in the gun shop next door to that."
I Read it in the Papers...
Real Noozpapers With Real Nooz
We like “old-fashioned” newspapers and subscribe to several local and national ones. But… we’ve noticed with the financial squeeze on papers, all of them, the quality of proof-reading has diminished dramatically leading to young reporters publishing stories not yet read by someone who checks for logic, spelling, tenses, grammar and math. There are a lot of errors in papers today.
Our local blab had a breathless story about a local businessman who had just bought a 100-foot yacht with which he planned sally forth from Michigan to cross Lake Erie, the St. Lawrence River and then venture down the coast of New England. The reporter told us he was confident to make such a long journey because his boat bunkered 100,000 gallons of fuel. Hmmm. Well, let’s see, a tanker truck that delivers gasoline to your local service station holds around 11,000 gallons and the truck is about 44 feet long including the cab with the engine. Imagine nine of those stuffed into the belly of the poor fellow’s boat. Not to mention a bill pushing a half million dollars to fill the thing up! (OK, up with which to fill the thing.)
"Magnet Fishing helps clean Michigan's waterways"
Now we come to an article in the Detroit Free Press last weekend that had been picked up by the USA Today Network. The story was written by Nour Rahal
Apparently a fellow appropriately named Danny Helper has devised a method of river fishing where he attaches a rope to a commercial magnet then ties it to his waist or a tree. "You use a really heavy-duty rope that you tie off to yourself around your waist, or a tree, or a railing," Helper said. "You just throw it out there and see what you get." What he gets when he tosses the magnet into the river and drags it across the bottom collection the slimy refuse lurking below the surface is a load of junk, but, to him, interesting junk. Danny says he has retrieved old guns (judging by TV shows the cops might be interested in those), a safe (same here), an old dumbbell and a couple of bikes. The mighty heave Danny makes must be must be worthy of Atlas because the reporter tells us "the weight of the magnets can vary between 300-3,600 pounds." I'm not so sure I'd tie the magnet to my waist.
Arms Heritage
AH Logo
Rants and Raves
Ref: Speer 1959 Reloading Manual No. 3 for Commercial Cartridges Thought I was buying an original, not a reprint! You deceptively don't list as a reprint in the item heading, so if a buyer doesn't read the fine print in the complete description below he doesn't relise it is a reprint! I have bought reprints from you before, but in this case only an original will do!!!  terbear122436
Terry, Ebay does not give enough space in the title to state reprint on most items like this one with a long title. We put "reprint" directly under the title in the description in huge type so you can't miss it. You say you have bought before so you are familiar with what we have done for 15 years on ebay. We cannot resell a used book so keep it, we will accept the loss and commissions paid to ebay. Abby will refund the purchase price. DO NOT RETURN IT. Rob
Hi Abigail, terbear122436 sent you a message about their request: Declined offer, I wantsmith full refund! Also I don't want it. I opened the plastic wrap, but not the booklet, it is pristine! ebay
Terry, OK, we will refund the shipping as ebay forces us to do. But, because you bought from us before, you know what we are reprinters. Furthermore, you could easily see the large type under the name of the item that it is a reprint, so we feel your demands for refund of the postage are grossly unfair. Because we print to order we cannot stock items. A return is useless to us and to pay more to give you free postage to return it just compounds the problem, throw it away. We resent your accusation of deceptive advertising, particularly by a previous customer, so don't buy from us again. Rob Mouat
You may call that large print, but I sure as hell don't. The font you printed the title with is a large font! My intention is to mail back your Reprint!!! at my cost, and if it is of no use to you, then you can throw it away!!! terbear122436
We suspect he really wanted the next Speer down the list, the: Speer 1959 Wildcat Rifle Loads Volume 4 and just bought the wrong one. We think he got mad at himself and to wriggle around the problem he fabricated this nonsense. Actually, all he had to do was politely tell us he made a mistake and we would have sent him the correct one, no charge.
Rob Mouat
Corona Virus
A month before the first American died of the corona virus, scientists already had designed the vaccine. In a Massachusetts lab last Jan. 13, Moderna researchers used the genetic sequence of the virus, made public by China, to design an mRNA molecule that teaches the immune system to recognize and neutralize it. By February, their vaccine had actually been made and shipped to the National Institutes of Health to start clinical trials. This largely unknown time line shows that while development of coronavirus vaccines was astonishingly rapid, approval of them was painstaking. More than 300,000 Americans died and 16 million were infected while a nearly miraculous solution underwent testing and approval. “For the entire span of the pandemic in this Country,” David Wallace Wells said in New York magazine “we had the tools to prevent it.” But for sound reasons of safety and ethics, science and governments did not authorize their use – until December. 
William Falk, The Week Magazine
Can Michigan Power Grid Handle EVs?
Michigan has a long way to go to get ready for millions of electric vehicles. General Motors Co pledge to eliminate gas and diesel powered vehicle production by 2035 promises to reshape the industry. But as it is, Michigan’s power grid wouldn’t hold up if everyone across the state started driving electric vehicles.

"There is something like 6 -7 millions vehicles in Michigan” said Benjamin Burns, Marketing Director for DTE Energy Company Charging forward EV Program. “It’s not until there is 1 million to 1.4 million electric cars before we could see a significant number of quality issues."
To travel 100 miles the average electric vehicle needs the same amount of electricity an average American home uses each day to run appliances, computers, lights and heat and air-conditioning. Adding several million vehicles at the same time in need of regular charging risks overwhelming the system.
The Detroit News
This article surprises us two ways. we had no idea electric cars used so much power and if we were to extrapolate this across the country we are going to need a lot more wires, aren't we?
Letters From Readers
Dear Rob and Abby - after reading your latest newsletter I was thinking of ordering something just so I could complain about not getting as fast as I wanted it.   I'm still happy with the stuff I got from you a few years ago and my Vice President of Financial Matters says no more old guns, so until that edict is lifted I'll just say thanks for providing a truly unique service, keep up the great work... George Rasley
Hi Rob and Abby ,  Just a short note to let you guys know that you do a fantastic job . I’ve ordered off you a couple of times now and have never been disappointed . Having been in business now for over 41 years , it’s more than evident to me that you just can't please everyone . Let’s face it, some just don't want to be pleased . It’s a shame that you had to curtail your deliveries to overseas and of course , I understand why. Let’s hope things improve soon . Anyway all the best to you both and keep up the good work .  Regards , Des , Custom Gun Cases & Accessories . ( Australia )  
Dear Abby, I just read the Letters From Readers section of your latest email and as usual, some of the comments and criticisms from customers were uncalled for. I apologize in advance Abby, but I have use some capital letters here; IGNORE THE UNEDUCATED DISPRESPECTFUL IDIOTS!! You are doing a service unlike any other and there are thousands more that appreciate it than the ones that dig real deep to find something insignificant to complain about. Hang in there and have a great New Year. It has to be better than the last one! Hopefully... David in Southwest Utah
Got the usual kick out of reading all the gripe letters in this issue.  Just want to say to all the gripers: "Get over yourselves!" And although I haven't ordered anything lately, I want to give you and Abby an upper-case WELL DONE for everything I've received in the past. I pray that you will stick with it.  If I still lived in Fowlerville I'd offer to help, gratis pro Deo, but it's out of the question now as I am six hours away.  Yours is such a valuable resource for researchers like myself. Phil Way p.s. I gave up on eBay selling over seven years ago now.  Don't ask.  You and Abby are tougher than I am.
I always enjoy your newsletter but had to drop a line to say the picture of the truck'sbeep beep dented quarter panel with the Coyote's sticker on it just cracked me up.  That photo brightened my day, thanks! Paul Simmons
You do a great job. Here’s a list of FN Browning .22 Trombone Serial numbers and an article I wrote on variations in case it’s useful to you or anyone who is looking at them. Feel free to distribute as you wish – free of copyright etc etc. Regards, John Gregory
Thanks John, we added it to the Browning 1922-1973 FN .22 Trombone Rifle-Serial #s, 50s Catalog-Manual, Differences ++
Hi, Listen,it has been brought to my attention that I as of yet I have not received the Take Down of the Winchester 94 Rifle. I have been pretty busy here at the shop that I never noticed that I didn’t have it.If it weren’t for Ebay asking for my feedback I probably wouldn’t have noticed that I do not have the manual.I surly was a bit surprised when I found that I didn’t.So where do we go from here? I can assure you that I am not the kind of person who would say that I never received something when I actually did.Please let me know how you would like to handle this.Thank You for your time.Rick Palluck
Rick, I just noticed that last night, when you sent us an email telling us you had not received your item, at the same time, and before we had a chance to respond, you gave us neutral feedback which, of course, is not flattering to our reputation. Later, you discovered you had actually received the item two weeks ago. Now, if I send you a feedback revision request will you please remove the neutral feedback? Thank you for your attention to this matter, Rob for cornellpubs
I definitely will. I’m sorry about the negative feedback. I will do whatever it takes to make it right.....Rick
Hi Abigail, Your feedback revision request for Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Sequence of Take-Down and Assembly Operations (291730225465) was sent to ric-pri-2gh4m4q1zm. Reason: You confirmed to the seller that you had accidentally left the wrong feedback.
I as of yet haven’t received the form. I did how ever sent a request to eBay to help me make this right. I’m doing what I can. Rick
Rick, I sent you a revision request form. It should be pretty simple to fill out and submit. Did you get it? Unfortunately, I can only do that once through ebay which is another reason sellers really encourage buyers to let them fix a problem before giving less than positive feedback. I hope you can do the revision form because for me to attack the problem from our end will take a load of time and multiple people at ebay, none of whom is anxious to help a seller. Please let me know. Rob
I’ve been trying to get to the Feedback on that item but my tablet won’t cooperate.What else can I do?? Rick
Rob,l was able to fill out the revised form. I’m really sorry for creating this problem. I will be more careful in the future when filling out a feedback. I appreciate your patience concerning my screwup.Have a great evening. Rick
Thanks Rick.
Readers: this is a good example of a problem with ebay. People seem to feel the only way to fix a problem is to give less than positive feedback when, actually, the best thing to do is contact the seller. Of course, if he doesn't respond then ding him, but give him a chance! As you can see the time and energy to unwind a less than positive feedback is challenging. We do appreciate Rick's revision of his feedback.

EK, JOHN Your Silent Partner c1965 Fightin Knives. I was very disappointed. It was copied and sentences were missing off of the page  gbugs295063kcp (ebay)
I was disappointed to see a neutral feedback before we could try to fix the problem. You can see from other feedbacks that we've done a pretty good job over the last 20 years bringing rare publication back to life. Now, can you tell me if the booklet was cut poorly or if it was a printing problem? We've sold hundreds of the piece with no complaints so I'd like to know what went wrong so we can fix it. Rob Mouat
Yes. Some of the pages were complete sentences at the top of the page while others were missing bits and pieces at the top and bottom. It was as if the toner in the copier was running low and was only had the toner in places as opposed to the toner being evenly spread throughout the cartridge. I was pleased with the information that was provided in the booklet and found it to be very interesting over all. gbugs295063kcp (ebay)
Ah, that could be. We have been swamped with orders and I suppose I don't check things as well as I should. I'll print you another and hope you will agree to revise the neutral feedback if I am successful in getting you a good copy. Neutrals really hurt Abby and without her this whole thing goes down the tubes. Cheers, Rob
Yes. gbugs295063kcp (ebay)
ABBY: My Catalog came on time  and beautifully packaged; thanks to both of you for the service you provide to collectors and researchers. Respectfully submitted, Tom Quigley
Saw you had a (Malcolm) Circa 1890 catalog.  I was wondering if you had anything earlier aprox 1860-1880.  Or know of a good book on William Malcolm Telescopes. Regards, Kent Williamson
Hi Kent, This is what we have for Malcolm: MALCOLM TELESCOPES - ALL CATALOGS This link gives you all the publications we carry about sights and telescopes: The Whelen books on Telescopic Scopes are excellent but are of a later era- '36 and '44. Cheers, Rob
Hi Abby, Your web site shows a link “ITHACA GUNS-ALL CATALOGS” which then shows about 51 catalogs(my count). Would there be any special price to purchase all of these? Thank you, Jim Cuthbert
Hi Jim, My response to your kind question will sound very strange but here goes. We often get requests for large collection sales and we always tell the person to buy a few to see if they like what we do before committing to a large order. Not everything we do is perfect especially with very old catalogs (see about us at the website), but most important we do not make perfect forgeries of originals.
Regarding discounts, we only offer them for multiple orders of the same title, not for collections, especially not those that are largely in color. Color reprints are incredibly expensive to make and printer companies are squeezing every dollar they can out of ink supplies. A $50 cartridge five years ago is now over $250. I am planning to raise prices for color items when I get a chance.
So, if you are serious about Ithacas, please order a few covering the range of years offered and if you want to continue we can work on a bunch of them. Thanks for writing, Cheers, Rob
Do you also have a manual for the Dickson Special Agent .32 hand gun? Thanks Steve
No, I don't think we have ever seen one for that pistol. Abby
On 1/21/21 I ordered item 2049 Remington 1899 Arms Catalog. It is advertised as having 66 pages and the version I received has 48 pages. I was particularly interested in the  1894 shotgun, which it has, but also interested in the ammo section so I could learn more about ammo to use in my1894. It states there is an ammunition/chart. My version has a chart but no ammunition information. Did I receive the whole catalogue? Is there a catalogue that describes the shot shell of that era?
Hello Roger, Your question has a complicated answer. First the catalog you have is the complete one for that year, the 66 pages was a typo that nobody has noticed in 12 years it has been listed on the site. I fixed it. Next, when Abby did the index she used ammunition when referring to the shot table that appeared in all Remington catalogs of that era. The first Remington catalog to discuss loads was for the autoloading shotgun about eight years later, but only for that gun.
Apparently Remington merged with UMC in 1910 (not the 1912 commonly stated in wikipedia) because our dated 1910 catalog shows both companies together on the front page stating common ownership. The ammunition listed in the 1910 catalog does not state appropriate ammunition for any specific gun. The pre-1900 catalogs, on the other hand, do note when a particular gun is safe to use with nitro powder.  Hope this helps, Rob
Hotchkiss 1885 Revolving Cannon Catalog - does the you have for sale include the complete blueprints for the hotchkiss revolving cannon? ulk77more
No, the picture you see is a parts drawing for operators, not a machinist’s blueprint. Rob for cornellpubs
Savage Model 1907 Pistol Owner's Manual "It Banishes Fear" -32 cal. Rimless and Smokeless
Hi Abby: Bought a copy of the above referenced manual recently !  First of all, thanks for doing a very nice job in making this reproduction . Picked it up, started reading it and couldn't put it down !   The only little negative I have regards the contrast of the pictures.
I realize that the graphic content is probably 100 years old and it might not be possible to enhance this material .  It would certainly be great if the pictures could be enhanced in some way !   The rest of the printing is nice and dark making it easy to read ! If you can improve the contrast /darkness of the graphics content this reproduced manual will be 100 percent… thanks for listening! Jim 
Sorry Jim, we do the best we can to preserve over 6000 old firearms publications. We do admit some are not perfect. It is nearly impossible to attribute definition to an image that it never had. This situation sometimes occurs when we are working with an older copy.
Also, we have to consider that most of our offerings only sell rarely so the time we can spend on any one item is limited even if, with effort, the images could be improved. We try to keep the price as low as possible, if we spend a lot of time improving images, the price goes up and we sell even fewer. Life is a vicious circle! Best wishes, Abby
Just wanted to share this with you. My late uncle left me an inoperable (bored and plugged per law) Marlin machine gun. I've been trying to figure out if it was an aviation mount or what they called a potato digger. These were mass produced for WWI, but turned up all over as late as the second war. Missing the wood grips but a real classic. Paul O’Keefe
Hi Paul, These publications should help you.
Colt-Browning 1901-1917- M1895 .30 cal Machine Gun (Potato Digger) Manual 74 pages, about 11" x 8", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a photocopy. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid-free paper. Fully Illustrated with 16 plates. Two plates each with two images of cutaways of the action are printed on 11 x 17 paper Handbook of the Colt Automatic Machine Gun cal. 30 w/Pack Outfits and Accys GPO Publication No. 1758. August 17, 1901, revised to July 31, 1916. Printed 1917

Marlin-Browning M1917 Machine Gun (Potato Digger- M1895)24 pages, about 11" x 8", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Parts illustration.
Cheers, Rob
Thanks. I ordered one manual the other day. I really want the thing cleaned professionally, but these days I don't trust anyone as I might end up labeled an extremist just for trying to preserve a work of art. I hate politics, and try to leave all such alone. Too bad politics does not reciprocate. I'll try to clean it myself if the manual helps me do such. Again, thanks very much. Paul O’Keefe
Beretta 6.35mm Automatic Manual c1932 Do you move photos of the inside of this manual? I have a similar gun but wondering how close it is in similarity as I can't seem to find one of mine that is in english. Is there a schematics drawing? ryan1522 (ebay)
Do I move photos? Don't know what you mean. By schematics, do you mean exploded parts view? If yes, not really, there are some good "cutaway" drawings and parts views. Schematics didn’t come into general use until the 1950s. Rob
Bear 1969 Archery Catalog. Good Afternoon. Does the catalog give specs on each bow such as brace height? Thanks, Kens 3119
Hello Kens, well, not knowing what a brace height is it is hard to answer your question. Most have a height and some say things like "56"- hunting clearance length tip to tip when strung 53"" Abby
Great Western Gun Works 1882 - Retail Sport Goods and Guns - Great catalog, thank you! It has exactly what I thought would be included in it. May I use an image from the catalog for a research project? (it's a 1/2 page ad for watches) with credit to cornell publishing? richarhufnage3
Yes, sure, and thanks for the plug! Abby
I’m contacting PayPal to reject payment for the shipping. What are you shipping? I will pay for the manual but I’m telling PayPal not to pay the shipping. Just pathetic.
Well now "bosshoss", you won't be surprised to learn we take offense to being called "pathetic" so, go ahead and fiddle with Paypal. Let's see, when they ask, I think we can call the extra charge a "service charge" for listening to belligerent people like you. Rob at Cornell Publications
Order number 11-06418-78267, Item # 370791494253, Item name 447 John  P. Lovell arms company 1890 gun catalogue. I have been trying to cancel this before shipment, not notified it was shipped yet. This is not the manufacture of my gun I am researching. Do not want it now... Dottie Livingston
Oops, too late. Let us know when you get it. Abby
Hi Abigail, dorlivin29 let us know that they want to return item John P. Lovell Arms Co. 1890 Gun Catalogue, Boston for a refund. Ebay
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Awwww. Abby
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Rob and Abby
The End.
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