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Drama League of Ireland
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 As we head into the Bank Holiday weekend, the weather is in keeping with the general mood of optimism as our country gradually emerges from the darkest days of Covid. Let's hope that, by adhering to the guidelines on, we can all welcome a phased return to performance. See below for the latest on the easing of restrictions and tweets from Minister Catherine Martin:
DLI Administrator Valerie is on holiday next week. Please email with your queries - membership enquiries to Membership Secretary, Mary Newman: Valerie returns on 14 June.  
Barbara McCluskey of Marsh Insurances has sent the following message to our groups insured with Marsh:
If groups decide not to proceed with renewal from 1 June 2021 due to lack of activity, their existing policy will lapse. When they do require cover again, they can contact Marsh for a quotation. These quotations will be issued on a pro rata basis to tie in with the common renewal date of 1 June.
All enquiries to:
01 2026049

We are absolutely delighted to be able to bring you Summer School 2021. It seemed an almost impossible ask a few months ago, but, following the Government easing of restrictions, and the success of the vaccination rollout, we decided to go ahead with our ever-popular annual event - for the 55th time! The bookings are flying in, UL is booked, and, while it's not quite full steam ahead, we are ready to take on what will be a somewhat different Summer School.  However, the excitement of it going ahead at all is palpable! Bookings in the first few days are strong and very encouraging, and I would urge anyone who is thinking about attending SS to book as soon as possible. Our lineup of tutors is, as always, top class, offering a varied and interesting array of courses to suit all theatrical skills.
The health and protection of everyone involved in our Summer School is our utmost priority, given that the current Covid pandemic is not fully under control just yet. Our strategy for dealing with this will be guided by the prevailing Government and HSE guidelines, and will be led by a professional Covid Officer that we will be engaging to oversee all things Covid. As of now, extra layers of protection will include:
Rapid Antigen Testing of all participating in the Summer School - this will be in addition to everyone filling in a Covid-19 Attendance Form Checklist within 48 hrs of arriving on campus.
Depending on prevailing guidelines, each course may have to remain in their own bubble for the week. That will likely mean that all people on the same course will be accommodated together, eat together etc.
The Stables catering staff have assured us that they will set up to accommodate over 100 people for outside dining.
We will be using the largest rooms available in UL, windows open at all times, and frequent outdoor breaks. Weather permitting, we may well be able to conduct sections of the courses outdoors.
We will be requesting that no one leaves the campus for any social activities, and, if anyone has to leave, it should be from utmost necessity only.
Our social calendar will have to be very different to what we have been used to -  the evening activities will be designed within Covid Guidelines.  We still need some fun after a hard day in the classroom!! 
So, book a course if you haven't already done so, tell your friends to do so also, and do not miss out on the first major event in the amateur drama calendar since Covid-19 shut down everything that was dear to us over 15 months ago. You can be assured of a warm and safe welcome in the beautiful surroundings of the University of Limerick in the first week of August for DLI Summer School 2021. 
With best wishes
Ollie Kenny
DLI Summer School Director
085 1742044
Ever wanted to give acting a go, but felt a little uncertain?
Now is the time to take the plunge. Whether you are new to drama, or have some experience, this is the course for you. Catherine will guide you on a journey where you will play, explore, create and reflect. Throughout the week, participants will engage in a variety of drama activities exploring character, text, intentions and objectives. We will be creating, devising, improvising and performing whilst building confidence and having fun in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment.
Tread Softly will include a variety of group physical warm ups, stretches, acting games and exercises, group activities, pair work and also some individual work. This will be practical, hands on, embedding some physical theatre techniques as well as some written work.
For those with little or no experience who wish to immerse themselves into the world of directing, to those with some plays under their belt who wish to find new ways of working, this hands-on practical workshop allows you to consider the various elements of a director’s practice.
During the week we will negotiate the text, and develop scenes that have clarity, vision and truth. Techniques will be demonstrated, giving participants an up-close insight of how a working director might bring the page to the stage. Learning will be active with participants having the opportunity to direct work over the course of the week and within a supportive and nurturing environment we will evaluate, consider and reflect. While the course concentrates on the director’s creative response to the work with a company of actors, we will also look at the practical areas that a director needs to consider.
Declan lectures in Performing Arts for the Hons Degree Programme at Sligo IT. He trained at the Gaiety School of Acting and Michael Chekhov Europe.
For those with some acting experience, this course is an introduction to the dynamic principles of the Michael Chekhov Technique, through ensemble and solo performance.
We will work to discover connectivity between imagination and physical expression. Exploring psychophysical performance, inner and outer activity, we will seek to establish the grounds by which sensation and feeling can be summonsed in performance. If transformation is the goal for the actor in performance, how can it be achieved?
Text: The Only Jealousy of Emer by W.B. Yeats
Director Wayne Jordan has spent the last three years working on a Master’s in Devised and Object Theatre at the Faculty of Alternative Theatre and Puppetry in Prague. This course will deal with creating original material and exploring short texts/scenes with a focus on the elements of the body, space and objects.
Participants will be introduced to approaches and methods drawn from the traditions of material research and object theatre, and will explore how they might apply these approaches to their own work and context. The course will be structured around the creation of a series of short compositions and exercises to be presented to each other throughout the week.
Participants will be expected to direct, perform, give critique and create original material.
The course is designed for actors seeking techniques for rehearsing strong central roles which undergo profound changes over the course of the drama. It has participants on their feet from the start, exploring such elements in stage performances as rhythm in movement and speech, ensemble work, improvisation, physicalising dialogue and collaborating with fellow actors in finding stage actions. It explores recent adaptations of Ibsen's A Doll's House—whose iconic central role offers the most compelling and most frequently performed example of character undergoing a radical change; —including an imagined sequel, Lucas Hnath’s A Doll’s House, Part 2, where the husband, daughter and nanny turn the tables on Ibsen’s famous lead.
The course gives an overview of the actor's process from first encounter to final run through. It addresses such tasks along the way as breaking down a play into events, achieving spontaneity within the given circumstances of the play, and developing techniques for interpretations grounded in actions. It also offers actors techniques for critiquing their own work.
It will also give practical insights into the acting process and enables participants to bring their personal strengths and experiences to bear on the tasks involved.
The techniques explored translate into each participant's particular circumstances, and especially supports those performing at a competitive level; however, the course assists all participants to gain confidence in taking on central roles. It asks of each participant to be the change they want to see in the world and to experience how theatre-making is well placed to support us in making those changes.
Ciarán McCauley's class will concentrate on Movement and Physical Theatre. All theatre is physical, at the very least the actor has to walk on stage but, HOW do they move? In this course we will explore and investigate the fundamentals of movement on stage. We will ask many questions and look to ourselves for answers. The course will take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal development in your role as Interpretative Artist.
We will also have space for attention to voice, with an introduction to a range of warm-up routines and exercises to develop breath control and strength for projection and clarity. The course will be vigorous and by its very nature physical. The emphasis will be on doing, but in an atmosphere which is nurturing and rewarding.
This course will help the student take a script from text to onstage presentation, exploring the technical elements that affect the sensory aspects of theatre through Lighting, Sound, Set Design and Audiovisual practice.
It will explore how to create production values under the constraints of time, budget and available equipment. This will be a blended learning course, suitable for complete beginners and experienced production personnel alike.
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