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Mary Aranas Yoga
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Freedom * June ~ Summertime 2021
Mary Yoga ENews * Issue #186
Freedom ~ What Does It Look Like For You?
As we approach July 4th we may wonder: What does freedom look like for me? What shackles can I shed? For me, for others?

Lately I've had the privilege of experiencing both 12-Step and S.M.A.R.T. recovery programs, and I'm in awe of the huge capacity for compassion and courage within a hurt humanity.
What can we humans not do, in faith, with love, with community? I believe the answer is only known through inspired doing. Words don't teach, life experience teaches (Abraham-Hicks). And what a privilege to be alive in the gift of learning.
Yes, our planet ark has been tempest-tossed with upsets, shocks, stress, changes. Every emotion intensified, learning opportunities exaggerated. Where were you tossed? Are you lightning-scarred? Weary? Bereft? Thankful with deeper love for gifts we do have?

As land begins to appear, some wade slowly ashore, reuniting with loved ones; what treasures do we take from the storm? Did we shed any baggage? Fears. Resentments. Self-judgment.

As we wind up the month of June, united with LGBTQ Pride in celebrating the beauty of diversity, what are YOU proud of about your unique, precious, lovable, once-in-a-lifetime eccentric you?
Compassion Course ~ Embarked!
The 2021 Compassion Course online set sail on its 52-week journey, last Wednesday, June 23! And I couldn't be happier to be on it again as one of many global crew members supporting our pods of compassionate seafarers!
My Wednesday evening bi-weekly practice group has grown. We welcome a fresh crop of enthused, compassionate, loving souls who just wanna make life more wonderful for themselves and others. What a way to spend two hours, every two weeks, in playful community and discovery!
NYC NVC has extended Compassion Course Late Registration to July 7 (you'll need catch-up reading). Do jump on board!
Schedule & Vacay
My darling hubby and I have been through a lot this recent season and are taking a much needed set of vacations this summer, that include some beach, and then some glaciers and some ports.

I'm also taking a break from Zoom yoga offerings for the summer. With resumption of my private and group classes, and my teacher trainings and retreats to schedule, I will reconsider whether and how online yoga will fit in my fall/winter schedule. Thanks to those who kept each other and me company through those screens! So much fond memories & love do we share! 2020!
Don't be shy; don't be strangers. Write me to share what's on your yogic hearts. And yes, spirit and heart are yoga matters. Didn't you notice?
Summer Schedule
Thursday: Yin/Yang 12-1:15PM
Thursday: Yoga Nidra 2-3PM
[Friday: Flow + Restore 11:45AM-1PM - none in May]
Saturday: Slow Flow Meditation 12-1PM
Tuesday: Regeneration Yoga 12PM E.85 Street Club
Tuesday: Restorative Yoga 1:45PM E.92nd Street Club
Sunday: Vinyasa 11:45AM E.54th Street Club
Fall Foliage Retreat at Wagging Tail Yoga: Sept 17-19
~ Early Bird price ends August 1st
Photo Thanks; Email Privacy
Thanks to Greg Franklin for the blast-from-the-past pic of Bike-Acro, and for the basing bike!
Pride Ride photo: thanks to the Deep Playa organizing team of Zach, Jonny, Miguel, Bassam.
Bookends with Anna Simpson thanks to Grant Henry Media. Wagging Tail Yoga Retreat pics thanks to Lesley Kennedy. Bedragggled kitty photo thanks to an anonymous SMART Recovery Friends & Family group sister. Journey to Destiny thanks for glacier pic.
Other photos courtesy my iPhone, including with my lovely, smart, niece Monica at the Pride ride, Alondra Siguas basing Beach on Pyramid; Ben Klein coaching me through a straighter Hand to Hand. Friends uplift friends!
I value your privacy and do not share email lists. Feel free anytime to Reply, Forward, Subscribe, Unsubscribe!
My June ENews is 30 minutes into JULY ~ Happy Dominion Day, fellow Canucks! Until next time ~ choose freedom; choose Joy! ~


In this issue:
Freedom ~ What Does It Look Like For You?
Compassion Course ~ Embarked!
Schedule & Vacay
Summer Schedule
Photo Thanks; Email Privacy
Fall Foliage Retreat
Pure & Equinox
Fall Foliage Retreat
Ora Ramat and I joyfully announce the resumption of seasonal weekend retreats at her 100-acre Catskills estate, Wagging Tail Yoga Center!

Join us Sept 17-19 for an unforgettable foray into fall foliage, fun, beauty, nature, adventure, play, friendship, yoga, great food, rest and relaxation!
Our array of yoga styles include Restorative and Slow Flow, Yoga Nidra, Hike and Partner AcroYoga, and playing with Slackline Yoga for those interested.
Space is limited and typically do sell out.  Reserve early for space! Early Bird ends Aug.1st.

Pure & Equinox
It is such a thrill and a pleasure to begin to see the Pure and Equinox yoga studios fill up again. Yes, everyone is out of practice. Yes, we are still super careful, even vaccinated, with spacing and sanitizing.
And yes, we LOVE hearing and seeing each other breathe, move, smile, glow!
And ... at E.92 St. Equinox, for Restorative Tuesdays, BOLSTERS are back! Yay!
I'm suspecting by Fall I will resume Restorative classes at Pure, with bolsters! I've held back on them, and now am just enjoying more summer time for play. ~ Which, I hope you all are, too!
Perhaps even one day we will feel safe enough to bring back AcroYoga to my beloved Pure Space, where it has not been since 2012!
We can dream; we can create; we can enjoy our creations, with community!
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Mary Aranas Yoga  •  310 Lexington Avenue  •  NY, NY 10016

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