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Mary Aranas Yoga
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Heart Open  *  Mary Yoga ENews
August 2021  *  Issue #188
Breath of the Heart
A year and a half into the pandemic that constricts our breathing.... On again, off again with masks, shutdowns, travel restrictions. How's your breath doing? Metaphysically, and physically? How's your heart?
We refer to upper backbends in Yoga as "heart-openers."
Whether it's cobra, camel or wheel, it is true that vulnerability, tenderness, and exhilaration can all visit, as we lift into these postures.
Our breathing apparatus gets simultaneously stretched and compressed, and it takes far more intention to cycle the air through our backbending lungs. That's why backbends are prescribed to be both energizing and mood-lifting. We actively give ourselves the intentional gift of life that is air.
As we lift into a collective backbend, this long stretch of the heart, I wish you kindness, tenderness, and as much gentleness and self-care, humor and forgiveness (for self and others) that your breath of the heart may inspire in you! Hang in there ~ and breathe!!!!
Weekly Classes NYC
Join me at 3* Equinox clubs on the Eastside:
Tue* 12PM Regeneration Yoga
Tue* 1:45 Restorative Yoga
Sun* 11:45 Vinyasa Yoga
And at Pure Yoga Westside:
Thur 12-1:15 Yin/Yang
Thur 2PM Yoga Nidra
Sat* 11-12 Slow Flow Meditation *to Sept. 18
Sat* 11-12:15 Flow & Restore *from Sept. 25
All schedules always updated at:
Email me for a guest pass to a Pure Yoga class!
November Retreat Postponed
While we just got back from our wholly-vaccinated and all guests 72-hour tested Alaska Cruise, the November Thanksgiving Retreat in the Dominican Republic is postponed, out of respect for the Delta variant saying to us: "Stay thankful! Stay put!" 
Watch for future tropical yoga trips!
Photo Thanks
This issue brings heart-opening memories of and thanks for these photos:

  • Chris Loebsack and Becca Krauss at Om Factory
  • Adam Rinder (photo credit: Wari Om) in Central Park
  • Emilia Conradson Tuerack, Fire Island, w/Fara Marz
  • Justin Bench at Wanderlust VT (pc: Kadri Kurgun)
  • Ora Ramat & students at Wagging Tail Yoga Center
  • Alaska Mendenhall Glacier
In this issue:
Breath of the Heart
Weekly Classes NYC
November Retreat Postponed
Photo Thanks
Sept 17-19 Retreat
Privacy; Forward...
Sept 17-19 Retreat
Join our band of open-hearted, vaccinated, playful yogis in our Catskills weekend retreat Sept. 17-19, at Wagging Tail Yoga Center in Bethel, New York.
Ora Ramat, hostess with the mostest, opens her home and glorious yoga studio, woods and meadows, pool, grounds, organic garden, to us, again!

Enjoy delicious catered meals, Slow Flow and Restorative, Nature and Flow Yoga, Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime. 

Receive your own gift journal on arrival, relax, stroll the grounds... enjoy refreshments before class ... and let the replenishment begin! Join us.
Privacy; Forward...
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May your heart ❤️ grow wide open; may your smiles and laughter be as delicious as every tear, near and dear! May you intentionally breathe full and deep into this heart-opening time!


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Mary Aranas Yoga  •  310 Lexington Avenue  •  NY, NY 10016

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