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Mary Aranas Yoga
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September Sunshine  *  Safe, Sweet, Satisfying
Mary Yoga ENews  *  Issue #189
September 2021
Safe, Sweet, Satisfying
I am so grateful to get to share live Restorative Yoga love at Pure Yoga and Equinox again.... Wafting between widely spaced mats, using my voice, imagery, music and aromatherapy to cue "yoga nap" postures.... Allowing you the "let go, let down" permission to bathe in your own Relaxation Response cocktails of dopamine, oxytocin, seratonin, and endorphins. Yeah. Dreamy for me, too!
As we left the studio, a blissed-out student and I agreed that we all need something to look forward to. Restorative class for her is that. I feel that way about retreats and vacations, now, too. That's why our September Catskills retreat, which I mention in our right column, felt so healing for all who came, team and guests. And why, I plan more "restorative" for me and others.

My yoga motto has always been "first, do no harm"; so, once safety measures are met for all who choose to come, we can stretch deliciously into ease, strength, balance, and yes, bliss! Yes, like yoga!

In that light, I am planning my first restorative tropical retreat Jan 5-11, 2022: it's for me, family, friends, students, whoever is called to sunshine and sweet breezes, optional yoga 2x daily, and tons of relaxation and downtime, with beaches, pools, and international cuisines for the choosing. And safety measures that meet my standards. You decide if they meet yours.

There are plenty of Dominican Republic adventures you can book, or go on a town tour, or remain onsite at the sprawling, all-inclusive, all-luxury resort we're on, with multiple beaches and pools, cabanas, water sports and scheduled activities. Safety protocols for flights, and on the resort, are in place.

Flights from New York are under $400, and under 4 hours. We were required to show vaccination and negative Covid tests when we went in July, so we feel satisified, for us, on the Safety and Sweetness front. Each to their own.

Let me know if the Sunshine and Sunsets are calling out to you, so we can include you in our planning as we make inquiries on rooms and prices, and obtain the best package for our little yoga vacation adventure of rest and relaxation! The resort is both family friendly and adult friendly, with areas for families, kids' fun zones, and adult-only quiet zones.
Read more here and reach out with questions!

Studio Class Schedule
Equinox Eastside (3 diff clubs):
Tue 12-1 Regeneration Yoga at E.85th St.

Tue 1:45-2:45 Restorative at E.92nd St.
Sun 11:45-12:45 Vinyasa at E.54th St.
Pure Westside:
Thur 12-1:15 Yin/Yang
Thur 1:45-2:45 Yoga Nidra
Sat 11-12:15 Flow & Restore
 *Email me for a Pure guest class pass
Photo Thanks; Email Privacy
Most photos by me on my amazing iPhone 11. Other thanks to:
*Pure Yoga
*Lesley Kennedy
*Raul Aranas
*Lifestyles Holiday Vacation Club at the Tropical and Cofresi Beach Club, Puerto Plata, DR

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With much savor & sass ~

Safely, sweetly, satisfyingly ~
In this issue:
Safe, Sweet, Satisfying
Studio Class Schedule
Photo Thanks; Email Privacy
Weekend Bliss
Pure Flow & Restore
Monday Morning Zoom
Weekend Bliss
Here is a slideshow from our Sept. Fall Foliage Catskills weekend retreat! So divine to return to Wagging Tail Yoga, the 100-acre farm in Bethel, NY hosted by my co-teacher & my soul sister Ora Ramat.
As "1st, do no harm" is my 1st yoga edict, we took health precautions that all those who came felt good with. Safe, sweet, and soooo satisfied!

The laughter, food, yoga, friendship, nature, rest ~ such a delight to look back on and look forward to ~ the "family" feel ~ again. Here are some past retreat photo albums!

Winter or Spring is our next Weekend Retreat. Email us!
Pure Flow & Restore

My "spa yoga" 75-minute Flow & Restore is back at Pure Yoga! Yoga Nap, Saturdays 11-12:15.

I'd suspended it for summer, awaiting yummy bolsters to return. Now, we are back!

If you are not a Pure member, email me to be guested! Safety protocols will apply.
Monday Morning Zoom
Also back: my Monday Morning Slow Flow Meditation on Zoom, 10:30-11:45, with recordings, so if the time doesn't fit, purchase it to practice later in your day!

We start our week with long seated meditation, focused on a chakra each weekl; then, our very slow, meditative, ├╝ber mellow flow, maintaining the chakra focus.
Each class invites requests, so each class is customized to the small weekly sangha ~ family ~ whether you are sharing simultaneous space or time-shift space.

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Mary Aranas Yoga  •  310 Lexington Avenue  •  NY, NY 10016

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