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 The View from Here. . .
Summer 2022
Light at the End of the Tunnel
When the whole world looks like a giant dumpster fire, it’s hard to look past it and see that little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, let alone know that it’s not the light of an oncoming train!
What’s happening in the world and in the USA—such as Brexit, the ongoing destructive invasion of Ukraine, the rise of white supremacy and authoritarianism, the rolling back of Constitutional rights, a political assassination in Japan and almost daily mass shootings in the USA, and other dramatic political upsets—is highly disruptive at best, and tragic, traumatic, and heartbreaking at worst. And we as individuals cannot control any of it. It’s enough to make us all just fall into despair, give up, and hide under the covers for the duration.
Even so, there are definite glimmers of light at the end of the long, dark tunnel that we’re moving through, and it is important to find and focus on the bits of light out there, rather than sit in despair, enveloped by the clouds of darkness. And it is more important than ever to do whatever we can do to be a Light in that Darkness right now.
This is the Last Hurrah of a Dying Paradigm
Everyone on the planet is feeling the massive incoming energies of change, and the majority actively support and embrace the changes that are coming with it. Over the last 75 years, we’ve seen amazing changes to make life better for people, particularly in terms of civil rights, more people embracing democracy and freedom, and remarkable advances in technology. We should all be sitting pretty, right? Unfortunately, not.
As with evolution in general, change never comes in a straight line. These changes have and will come in waves, with times of progress invariably followed by times of backlash. Over the last 25 years the periods of progress have brought more and faster changes, particularly in social issues—and the backlash has become greater and harsher. This process is normal.
Always remember that, although there is always a wave of backlash after expansion, we never go back as far as we were when the preceding wave of expansion began! And the setbacks never last. It's especially important to remember that when things are looking really bleak.
The backlash, of course, comes from resistance. While so many people embrace change, there are large swaths of the population—estimated at 30%—who feel completely unnerved and threatened by the changes that have come and the additional changes they feel and fear are coming. Even people who embrace change can resist, because of fear of what those changes will bring. As the energies of change have increased exponentially over the last 10 years, the resistance and backlash have increased exponentially, too.
In fact, it’s obvious that the resistance has reached fever pitch. People at all levels feel that their lives are not only changing, but they feel and fear that they will lose everything—power, money, opportunity, status, their sense of superiority, and even their entire way of life.
Ordinary people are acting out more overtly and more violently, lashing out in anger more and more as they feel more and more threatened. Emboldened and with nothing to lose, they are joining together in acting out in loud and hostile ways. For the rest of us, it can be pretty scary and unsettling, but we just have to ride it out and take precautions.
People in power, such as state/national legislators and members of the Supreme Court, are expressing their fear by enacting or repealing laws to roll the clock back to when they believe their power was entrenched and unquestioned, when the toxic white male hierarchy paradigm reigned supreme. In essence, they want to repeal the 20th Century and go back to the time when (only) white men were totally in charge of everything, and women and people of color were property. Those who enjoyed being “kings of their castle” are enraged and terrified as they see their status and power slipping through their fingers and they are now taking steps to get their power back.
What we’ve been experiencing is essentially "the Last Hurrah," the last desperate attempt to hold on to the old, outgoing paradigm by those who feel most threatened by the new. The more fearful and threatened people feel, the louder, more aggressive, more violent, more vicious, and more draconian they become.
Abuse of power and bullying are becoming the norm as those who are terrified scream with rage. We are seeing this play out in the streets, in school board meetings, and at all levels and in all branches of government, and in the process, they reveal just how corrupt, dishonest, and abusive they are. And yes, how very scared they are!
As ugly as it is (and it IS truly ugly!), it is good for all those previously hidden feelings, ideas, and situations—white supremacy, toxic authoritarianism and extreme religious views, and hypocrisy and corruption in government—to be exposed for what they are, and for how much damage they have done and can do when left unchecked and unhealed. We can't fix something when we don't know how broken it is.
The problem for those who are violently resisting change (and the salvation for the rest of us) is that time and progress march on, and their increasingly desperate attempts to stop it may be successful temporarily, but they ultimately will fail, probably sooner than they imagine. Their efforts will not work, and they will lose even more as a result.
Of course, most people who are paying attention to what’s been going on over the last 10-20 years are well aware of all of this. It just helps to be reminded from time to time that this is all part of the Great Shift and the great churning up and purging of all that is corrupt or not built on a solid foundation, and anything incompatible with the new energies and the New Age.
It is a very long, difficult, exhausting, and ugly process, but it is necessary, in order to create a stronger foundation going forward. And while the process seems interminable, it will, indeed, end, and the rebuilding will begin.
Turning Points, Tipping Points, and Inflection Points
Everyone is exhausted and overwhelmed from everything that has been happening and, unfortunately, it isn’t going to end anytime soon. We are in the process of a massive “cleanup on aisle 9,” and we’re finding that the mess is bigger and worse than we thought.
It won’t be pretty, it won’t be easy, and it won’t be fast. In fact, it’s going to be a long, hot summer and the bombs will just keep dropping, both literally and figuratively!
Expect increasing outbursts of rage, demonstrations, and war, and keep yourself and your family safe. The bleed-through energies of all the echoing, turbulent cycles will be dominant throughout the summer and into the fall. (See side article for more on cycles.) People have had it (with one thing or another), they are fed up, and they won’t take it anymore, and they are being hostile, aggressive, and often violent about it.
Unfortunately, the people don’t all agree on what they are for and against, so there will be even greater clashes over what changes must come.
Throughout the summer, we will see more and more lies, corruption, misogyny, and racism on the part of local and national “leaders,” as they either show their true selves or have their facades stripped away. As the veils thin, no one can hide who they really are or what they've been doing. It will be shocking and demoralizing and perhaps disillusioning for the rest of us.
Again, it’s all part of the process, and the process is normal. We are on the brink of massive turning points, tipping points, and inflection points, and the process is excruciating! It will all escalate through the summer and into the fall, and actually start to level out in late fall or early winter. ("Start" to level out, not "finish"!)
This is Not a Time for Wimps! Learn to Observe, but Not Absorb
We have a population filled with grief, fear, horror, and rage, and each of us is being forced to recognize our limits, budget our resources, and protect ourselves from overwhelm and despair, not to mention actual violence. We have an opportunity to learn to observe all the horrible things going on in the world, but not absorb all that negative energy. We must recognize that detached compassion is simple self-preservation, rather than callousness.
We have the chance to stop making ourselves suffer when we see that others are suffering, because that only discourages and debilitates us (and we have enough of our own suffering as it is).
Instead of focusing on all the things we can't control, it really helps to identify when and in what ways we can do something (contribute to a cause, run for office, support a candidate, and vote), and then empower ourselves to do it.
We must focus not on all that is going wrong, but on those things that are going well, and remember to be grateful for those things. We must focus on what we want and what steps we can take to create better lives for ourselves and others.
And yes, we will all likely have to undergo discomfort, inconvenience, and possibly hardship and sacrifice as we move through this time of great transformation. We may have to hunker down, get more creative about how we spend our time and money, and maybe even curtail some of our activities.
But these hardships are only temporary, and we are strong, resilient, and creative, so we can and will rise to the occasion!
Look at How Far We've Come and All We’ve Learned!
At the beginning of the year, we definitely learned how fragile peace and our democracy are! 
We have learned the high price of apathy toward our democracy: If we do not keep involved, we may get something we really don’t like, or lose our democracy entirely! We have realized that we must stay active in politics and never take anything for granted, including our privacy, rights, and precedents under the law. Voting is not only a right, but an obligation and a necessity. Living on political autopilot is no longer a viable option.
We have seen more and more people wake up to the need to pay attention to the instances of government overreach and negligence, and to recognize their role in allowing it through their apathy.
We have seen how very far bullies and bullying will go, if allowed to go unchecked. We have seen many lost opportunities for standing up to bullies, so the bullying has escalated to a staggering extent. Coupled with that, we have seen all too clearly what happens when there are no consequences for bad actions: the bad actors become further emboldened; they do more and worse than they already have.
We have seen where unfettered disparity in income leads: to a plutocracy with a shrinking group of “haves” who are becoming increasingly wealthy and an ever-growing group of “have-nots” who are becoming increasingly poor. Workers lose rights and become more and more like slaves because shrinking wages no longer support them, and emboldened companies abuse them.
We have realized that the old concept of civil discourse and compromise in politics was much better than the extreme polarization, gridlock, and lack of progress that we experience now. No one got exactly what they wanted, but we all got something, and progress was made!
We have started to be able to distinguish between the elected representatives who are serving with integrity and a desire to do the right thing, and those who are totally focused on their own power and lining their own pockets, with little regard for the people. And we’re seeing how all that dark money corrupts them and ruins our lives.
We are starting to understand how we’ve all been manipulated by advertising and political commentators (again, all driven by lust for money and little regard for truth), and we’re learning to spot it when it’s happening. We have experienced what happens—and how dangerous it is—when social media and our trusted media sources provide propaganda and lies, rather than the truth.
We have felt our very foundations crumble, individually and collectively, and we have had to reassess our priorities and determine what we really want in life, to whom/what we owe or pay allegiance, and to identify and examine our deep-seated myths and beliefs to see where they have led us.
We have begun to see our friends and family in a different light, based on the beliefs and ideals we still share or those that have greatly diverged. The composition of what we perceive to be our “tribe” as well as our “reality” may have shifted greatly.
And we are finally starting to take our power back and empower ourselves to make our voices heard and to start working to clear out the trash, clean house, and create the kind of life we want. We are recognizing that we can—and must—walk away from or expel toxic situations and relationships, because we deserve better.
There Really IS Light at the End of the Tunnel!
Have faith! There really is light at the end of the tunnel, and it isn’t an oncoming train! If we look carefully, we'll see it, and it's getting brighter, ever so slowly.
In order to remodel the house, there has to be a lot of break-down: walls come down, cabinets torn off the wall, and there is a ton of destruction, discomfort, and debris. And quite often we find additional things that need to be fixed: mold in the walls to remove, lead pipes to replace, and an electrical grid to rewire. It always takes a lot longer and costs a lot more than we think it will!
Look at the world (and especially the U.S.) like an old house being gutted before the remodeling begins: lots of noise, dust, clutter, and a ton of inconvenience, annoyance, and bother! But it’s necessary, and in 10-20 years, we will be happy with our newly configured leadership, governments, and institutions, that are built on a solid foundation!
What lessons have you learned through these important transits and cycles? What changes have you made to love yourself and become more aligned with who you really are? What changes have you made to create a better life for yourself? What can you do to help create the country you want, with the kind of leadership you want and deserve?
What are you doing to shine your Light in the world? As each of us explores and makes these necessary changes toward something better, that IS the Light at the End of the Tunnel!
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Who is Ellyn Dye?
I am an Intuitive Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Reconnective Healing® practitioner, and a Practical Mystic.

A Near-Death Experience (NDE) in 1985 expanded my psychic abilities and created an ongoing link with some very loving—and humorous—Guardians of humanity and the ancient wisdom, who gave me a huge amount of information about life and the evolution of mankind, and continue to guide me.

I bring this knowledge and connection to my clients and audiences, along with over 30 years’ accumulated wisdom and understanding of metaphysics, life on earth, and Who We Really Are.

I am the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key—an adventure about believing in yourself and the power of Love, with information about life that I received during my Near-Death Experience.

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In this issue:
Light at the End of the Tunnel
Who is Ellyn Dye?
Cycles and Cycles and Plenty of Flashbacks
The Fear of Missing Out is Really Hurting Us
My NEW Website,
Like What You See?
Cycles and Cycles and Plenty of Flashbacks
We are in a time of many, many large and small cycles ending and beginning. They relate to planets returning to positions where they were in previous fraught times, and we are all experiencing déjà vu and energetic bleed-through of those times.
Just as we see in the cycles in our personal lives, we have the opportunity to re-examine and re-live (re-do) all that was not previously concluded in balance and harmony. So as each cycle ends, unresolved problems are seen, and a new cycle begins in which we can make any necessary changes and rebalance. That's how it works ideally, anyway. It's all much more chaotic and disruptive than we want, and far easier said than done!
While Neptune in Pisces (2016-2026) is wonderful for creativity, innovation, imagination, idealism, and spirituality, it also throws us into a thick fog, where we can't think or see clearly. It brings conspiracies, illusion and delusion, demagoguery, zealotry, idealogues, fundamentalism, and difficulty in discerning truth from fiction, fact from fantasy. Sound all too familiar?! Thank you, Neptune!
Neptune teaches us lessons in discernment, creating boundaries, and healing from codependence and toxic relationships. The most obvious bleed-through energy is that of the Civil War. We have seen plenty of that kind of division in the last six years, and we will see more in the next four.
Pluto moving through Capricorn (2008-2024) brings back the energy of the American Revolution and churns up all the problems, dysfunction and dirt in traditions, governments, institutions, and overarching systems (such as the economy, healthcare, and distribution systems), as well as dealing with deeply buried secrets and lies. It's about status, money, achievement, and hierarchy. At its worst, Pluto in Capricorn brings elitism, hoarding of wealth, and authoritarianism.
As a result of this cycle, we’ve seen the “holes” in our governing systems that have allowed unbridled corruption, and the need for legislative protections, because we can no longer rely on elected officials to do the right thing. And we’ve seen dark money, deviousness, corruption, hypocrisy and downright lies being revealed at the highest positions in government and industry.
Pluto also rules all types and aspects of physical energy and power (e.g., the oil industry, the energy grid, and new types of energy production) and all aspects of personal power: who has power and how it is being used or abused.
While Pluto deals with alchemy and transformation, it often expands an issue to extremes before transformation can occur. This transit affects the entire world. Think Brexit, the decimation of Ukraine, and highly placed government officials recently assassinated or fleeing their country.
In a Pluto Return for a country, it is a time of being forced to take a long, hard look at what’s going on with all of these aspects of society, choosing how we want to be as a country going forward, and making the necessary and often very painful changes.
Do we want Democracy or authoritarianism? Are our governments and institutions on a solid foundation? Are they sustainable? Is everything functioning properly for the good of all? If not, we must decide what needs to be done and make those changes—all while many fight tooth and nail to preserve what was, and the power structures of the past that no longer serve anyone but the few.
Transformation can come, but it will include many hard truths, and a lot of pain and hard work on everyone’s part.
But it's OUR government, after all, and it really is up to us to demand the changes we want and need, and elect representatives who will work for us, rather than themselves.
Throw in a few more cycles ending and beginning, such as a cycle from medieval times (crusades and wars of conquest (“taking what I want because I can”), World War II (fascism and white supremacy), and a cycle from the 60’s (fighting for civil rights and women’s rights), and you start to see why everything seems like life has been thrown into a roaring blender with the top off!
The good news is that the more chaos we see, the more the process of transformation is working, and the closer we are getting to the outcome we all want!
The Fear of Missing Out is Really Hurting Us
It's amazing how we used to have one big story that would fill the news cycle for a couple of days, and now there is so much happening that it's hard to keep up!
And maybe we don't need to keep up!?
Our fear of missing out on something, of not being in the know, keeps us chained to the media, mostly to our detriment.
Do we really need to tune in for our daily dose of outrage and horror? Does that help us in any way at all?
We must always remember that the media has always been more about making money through viewers and advertising sales, than it is about informing us of news in an unbiased way.
The hallmark for news in the old days when only newspapers existed was "if it bleeds, it leads," meaning the more bloody and awful the news is, the more prominent the story will be (front page above the fold), because drama attracts readers. That guiding principle has continued across all forms of media today, although there seems to be an added concept at play: if we can make them afraid, they'll continue to tune in so we can assure they are safe—at least for one more day. If it isn't making us angry and afraid, they're not doing their jobs (to make us keep coming back for more and thus, increasing their viewership and their ad revenue)
Manipulating through fear is the name of the game, and media companies and advertising agencies have continued to refine and enhance their methods since the 50s. It's practically reached the level of mind control, and probably IS mind control for many people who can't stand back and see what they're seeing for what it is.
With television, it is particularly chilling, and they don't call it television "programming" for nothing! When we tune in to a news commentary channel and leave it on all day, we hear the same thing over and over and over again. It becomes familiar, creates neural pathways in our brains, and yes, we become totally programmed to believe what they've been telling us.
Far worse if we fall asleep with that channel on! It wreaks havoc on our subconscious minds all night long!
In a way, our media has been weaponized against us, and we're the only ones who can recognize that and protect ourselves from it.
It's always good to check in and see how watching that show makes us feel. Do we feel anxious and afraid after watching for an hour?? THEN STOP WATCHING!
How can we raise our own vibration (which really is one of our major missions in life, especially in these chaotic times), when we are constantly feeding ourselves with bad news and fear?
It really is our choice. It really is up to us to monitor and take responsibility for what information, disinformation, or misinformation we put into our heads, not only the actual content, but also the quantity.
Just as we must take responsibility for what and how much we eat to stay healthy, and on what/how much money we spend to stay financially sound, it is increasingly important to "budget" what we watch and listen to protect our minds. It behooves us to make sure we're getting a healthy balance of the good news and the bad news—and there really is plenty of good news out there, it just isn't emphasized.
So, if you are starting to feel depressed, discouraged, despairing, angry, or helpless, change the channel or unplug the TV, watch a funny and/or feel-good movie, put on some dance music and dance around the living room, go out for a walk in nature, or even better, go out and volunteer to help someone. Shift your attention to something that makes you feel good, uplifted, optimistic, and empowered.
Going on a "news diet" will only free up time and make you feel better, and you really won't miss out on anything important! I stopped watching the news for months and found that I didn't miss anything. I can always read the headlines on my home page when I open my browser, and that pretty much covers it! If someone asks me, "did you hear about..." I can usually say yes. I know about it, but I can choose not to wallow in all the morbid or depressing details (and still be a good person!)
I can't do anything about 99.9% of what's going on, and what's being reported in the news, but I can make a note and take whatever actions I can (like writing my members of Congress or getting out to vote when the time comes). While a steady diet of news makes me feel disempowered and helpless, taking action when and where I can empowers me and shows me that I can make an impact on someone's life.
It's all a question of taking charge of where we place our attention and being conscious of what ideas we are "entertaining." It's a question of taking charge of how we spend our time, and with time flying by so fast, we will lose it quickly if we don't take charge of how we spend it.
It's a question of choosing to do things that lift us up, rather than bringing us down, because we are the only ones who can keep our energy and vibration up. And that will be our only salvation.
The rest of this year is going to be a real roller-coaster, and we're going to be knocked off balance over and over again, with one shocking revelation after another. As more shocks come, there will be more acting out with loud and violent reactions.
We have the rest of the year to practice staying in our emotional center, or rebalancing quickly when we get thrown off (and we will)! And the more we practice, the easier it gets.
This is really a time to focus in on ourselves, our lives, and our loved ones, to be nurturing and loving, and stop agonizing over things we can't control.
Remember that it's not our job to fix the rest of the world or solve the world's problems, and we couldn't do that even if we tried. So let's just try to make our own little part of the world better. Creating Heaven on Earth can only happen one person at a time.
If the rest of the world seems to be going to Hell in a hand-cart, we really aren't obligated to jump on for the ride!
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