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Mary Aranas Yoga
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Trust, Thank, Appreciate * Mary Yoga ENews 
Issue #191 * November 2021
Hello my friends! Happy November! I hope you had a touch more hearty and warm feasting and thanksgiving than last year. This year ~ as every year, but more poignantly for our endurance ~ we had ongoing losses and gains, individually and collectively.
One thing we gained more than ever perhaps, by sheer force of necessity: the realization that we do have choice of where and how to focus, what to put our attitudes and attention on.
We do have agency in our emotive climate control to a greater extent than we may have known or realized. Isn't that good to learn?

I take inspiration from the eternally positive soccer coach Ted Lasso, of the show by that same name. Coach Lasso's "Believe" sign above his team's locker room door begs the question: "believe in what?" And maybe: "why believe?"
Each of us answers those questions personally, and the answer affects our lives and the lives that we affect. We choose what to believe, and why. Even when we say "it's just fact" we are simply stating what we have chosen to believe to be true.

For me, it gives clarity and calm to believe: in purpose, meaning, care. In love. Connection. Trust. Appreciation. Thanksgiving. When I do, the surprising and wonderful gift that comes fluttering down on me is the soft, winged thing that feels like Hope. And the more I make the choices, own the choices, to dwell there ~ in any of those lifting, and lighting choices ~ the more of them come and delight and surprise me with more in which to believe.
This season, play with purveying delight for yourself and others ~
Play the appreciation game, and as you dwell there ~ feel it, bask in it, and you will not  be surprised to see it engender more gifts to appreciate!!! Test yourself!!!

The Breathing Bar
Like a Tapas bar, each pranayama plate is delectably exquisite, superb on its own. Some days you will want one, and other days, another. Try 'em! What do you love? Rest after 2-4 minutes of any pranayama practice to give yourself a chance to feel what you feel.

Square Breath:
Inhale 4 counts
Hold breath in 4 counts
Exhale 4 counts
Hold breath out 4 counts
Trance Breath:
Inhale 4 counts
Hold breath in 7 counts
Exhale out lips 8 counts
Grounding Breath:
Inhale in lights from sky
Exhale roots deep, wide
Clearing Breath:
Inhale lights from sky
Exhale clearing to earth
Schedule & Tropical Retreat
My Saturday Flow & Restore at Pure Yoga* is now 12:15-1:30PM. Below: 3x week Pure / 3x week Equinox classes, & Monday morning Zoom. No AcroYoga back on my schedule yet. Stay tuned, my flying friends! *Email me for Pure guest pass, or membership contact info.
Mon 10:30-11:45 Slow Flow Meditation on Zoom
Tues 12-1 Regeneration Yoga Equinox E.85
Tues 1:45-2:45 Restorative Yoga Equinox E.92
Thur 12-1:15 YinYang Pure Yoga
Thur 1:45-2:45 Yoga Nidra Meditation Pure Yoga
Sat 12:15-1:30 Flow & Restore Pure Yoga *New Time*
Sun 11:45-12:45 Vinyasa Equinox E.54
There's still time to hop a direct flight to Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic, for my January 5-11 divine rest & restore yoga vacation with me, my hubby, and our small sweet friendly group!
We vetted the luxury resort in July, and are so tickled to share it with you!
Email me for a holiday bonus gift, for a limited time!

In this issue:
The Breathing Bar
Schedule & Tropical Retreat
Meditate "Magic 4"
Appreciation Lists
Photos; Privacy
Meditate "Magic 4"
A wise teacher of mine advises doing these 4 actions daily: 

1) Meditate 15 minutes.
2) Get outdoors.
3) List Appreciations.
4) Feel Presence of love.
(1) Meditation may be as simple as listening quietly to a sound in the room or in your mind (word or syllable) or your breath. 
Centering Prayer is both (1) and (4) at the same time. Gardening is both (1) and (2) at once. Fishing or biking also. And if you pack a journal on a hike, you might get all (4).  
Meeting yourself each morning for 15 minutes, and the daily Magic 4, are a great start to the day!
Appreciation Lists
Random Happiness List:
Golden leaves
Bikes and scooters
Breath & body to move
Fingers, hands, feet
Yoga students, colleagues
Friends to share meals
Delicious foods & drinks
Music streaming
Free ice skate rinks
Skates and sky
Laughing children
Hot chocolate
Bubble baths
Books, Movies, Shows
Work to explore
Peers to learn with 
This appreciation list is a general one. Title your lists to get richer, fuller appreciation list explorations:
My School
My Work
My Friend
My Health ....
So FUN, and enriching.
Photos; Privacy
Photos this issue except the Tropical Beach Resort aerial view are all from my iPhone.
They include: Central Park, St. Bart's Church, Alaska glaciers. The leafy view from my laptop Zoom screen is Orange Lake, NY, on NYCNVC retreat.
I value your privacy, and do not share email lists. Please Reply, Forward, Subscribe, Unsubscribe any time!
Happy season of lights!

Love ~
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Mary Aranas Yoga  •  Murray Hill, Manhattan  •  NY, NY 10016

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