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livicates new song
to his Empress
Click image to listen to "i"
A new music king has blasted on the scene with a new spice that has ignited like wildfire. The people keep asking for more from he released “i”. The love and respect vibrates all through this song. A timeless message capturing the immortal love of H.I.M. Haile Selassie & Empress Menen I. Jahdon champions the significance of balance between man and woman in this love song penned for his Empress. Written and Produced by
Oshane Mamby (Look Ya Noww Entertainment).
“i” is the title track to Jahdon’s widely anticipated sophomore album, to be distributed early 2022 by Tuff Gong International.
Jahdon, singer, songwriter and producer, garnered international recognition in 2017 with his breakout hit single/video
Congo Bongo.'' In 2020 he released his debut studio album "369" which earned him a review in the Jamaica Gleaner as
"Reggae Music's Next Messenger" during Reggae Month 2020.
Amidst the covicious impact the pandemic has had on the music industry Jahdon has successfully released new singles:
"Here We Go" (feat. Truvice), "Broomie and Cooking" and "i"
Jahdon is working on releasing his 2nd album early 2022, distributed by Tuff Gong International.
Jahdon / Reggae Festival Guide Interview - Reasoning bout “i”
• What made you choose the stage name Jahdon?
My middle name is Doniel, nickname Dandy. I am also from the parish of Clarendon in Jamaica. My original stage name was DJ Don, however to myself I was more of Singjay than a hardcore DJ. A cousin of mine coined the term “Jahdon” and it fit well.
• Why did you choose to pursue music?
I can honestly say that music chose me. I had early exposure to music through my hometown, Canaan Heights.  I would hear local sound systems like Syntex, Ruler Force & Jah Bless playing. Growing up I saw a lot of DJs and stage shows. As a youth from the ghetto in a single mother household, music was within my reach. I didn't have the resources to pursue sports and other activities like my peers, however i had my voice and a passion for melody and i tell myself that i'm going to use it to change my mom’s life.
• What kind of music do you listen to?
Jamaica is a musical oasis and not just for Reggae and Dancehall; every genre is played on the island. So I am inspired by a lot of local and international sounds. 3 artists that deeply inspire i are the 2 great Bobs: Bob Andy & Bob Marley, also Peter Tosh.
Explain the symbolism in the artwork for “i” single 
The artwork for “i” is a collaborative concept between i and sketch artist Ras Ato. The story behind the symbolism is that it is a 2-dimensional depiction of “i”...myself, Jahdon. The 5 point star represents my body. The pyramid literally means “fire in the middle” and is a symbol for my mind. The 3rd eye is a spiritual tool, which we all have, whether or not one wants to acknowledge that. The ankh is the symbol life and represents the male and female principle. These are universal symbols of life, Jahdon uses them to empower. H.I.M. Haile Selassie & Empress Menen I represent the power of balance which is necessary to sustain life.
• What inspired the song “i” and where were you when you wrote it?
This song was written for my Empress. i don't deal with Romeo & Juliet. i emulate the most divine & natural love story in creation...the synchronous crowning of H.I.M. Haile Selassie & Empress Menen I. As a man and leader, knowing my Empress is the root & backbone to i & i movement...i & i proudly salute every queen, every champion, every empress out there with this song. I wrote it in 2020 during the global lockdown.
• What is your 5 year goal?
To build a more effective marketing team. Reggae music is an underdeveloped industry but it has the most potent & conscious messages. My generation has a duty to see Reggae music flourish to its highest potential. I intend on having my own band, having a stronger network, building my label Look Ya Noww Entertainment and creating the Jahdon Foundation. I will continue to build on what I’ve already been doing. I am not afraid to make mistakes, I never make fear stop me from making moves. I’m invested in building a strong legacy.
• What makes you unique?
The struggle of my environment. Not having access to resources so i always have to be creative with what i have to tell my story. The way i tell my story makes me unique. I don't write pen to paper, I medz. I am not an emotional person on a day-to-day basis but through my music that’s how I channel my feelings. I am very stubborn, I like to do things my way. So I'm not afraid to break rules. I am not afraid to ruffle feathers with my truth. I'm not afraid to say the things that people are thinking. My honesty makes me unique and I channel that also into my music.
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