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Mary Aranas Yoga
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December 2021: Once More Into the Breathe
Mary Yoga ENews  *  Issue #192
Noble Lustre in Your Eyes
We might be excused for feeling like battle-weary soldiers at the threshold of a New Year, crying "not again" with new pivots and uncertainties, more new normals to challenge our creativity, courage, and commitment.
New York is once again an epicenter, setting records for daily caseloads. Friends are tired, some grieving. All have something to grieve, even as we breathe deeply and dig deep for something that feels like valor.
"For there is none of you so mean and base/That hath not noble lustre in your eyes."
We are not fighting a literal war, though it may feel like one. We are fighting an internal war. Can we find the noble lustre in ours, and each others', eyes? That's my yoga challenge.
That's the balancing pose I'm working on, friends. This year my family was disrupted as so many were by stress; in our case the fallout included disagreement over questions of drug use, abuse, and dependency. A time for ever more renewal of valor, creativity, courage, and commitment.

The pandemic proved we earthlings are a social tribe, as Barbra Streisand sang. We "people who need people... are the luckiest people in the world." All our pains of separation during these times: surely they reaffirm the force of love! How lucky we are to feel that! And we can do one better: we can expand our love far beyond the limits of the song lyrics: Not "one person" but as one.
Once more, dear friends, into the breathe! Are you with me?

For now, my January tropical yoga retreat is postponed ... I have tentative dates in mind that will be announced as our global evolution reveals them...
And the good news about the added length of time ~
(1) More excitement of anticipation
(2) More teacher partners to sign on to participate
(2) More friends who desire to join our retreat...
I will not even reveal the date ideas, as yet, though I have them, but feel free to send suggestions!
Restorative Arts Teacher Trainings
In 2021 I shared a sacred Zoom space for my 100-Hour Restorative Teacher Training with trainees from Germany, Canada, and the USA, from my Zoom screen.
We began in January, and ended in March with a beautiful invited online class of guests that filled our screens with peace, ease, gentleness, and care. I was so proud for my graduates. They are splendid Restorative teachers! 
Little did I think we'd be doing it online again in 2022, but that is where we are. On the plus side, those local to NYC will have access to live classes with me and other Pure Yoga teachers, and may study and pair-assist with other NYC trainees, if they choose to arrange it.
Those around the globe will not only Zoom in to our online modules and receive them as recordings for review, but video segments now, and PDF manuals. Those unable to attend NYC classes may receive some of my recorded Restorative classes for augmentation of their practice.
The modules will be co-run with Pure Yoga and qualify for Advanced Teacher Training hours or Yoga Alliance Continuing Education hours.
The two weekends in March will cover: Restorative Yoga Foundations (25-hour), and Restorative Yoga Intermediate/ Advanced (25-hour).
In May, two more weekends will cover Restorative Arts Advanced Techniques:
Yoga Nidra (two Saturdays) and Reiki I and Reiki II (two Sundays). These two trainings are 25 hours each (50 hours together), and may be taken together, or as just Nidra or just Reiki; or bundled with the March Restorative for 100-hours Restorative Arts Training.
Stay tuned on my website, and Pure's, for dates, pricing tiers, and prerequisites. This is such a rich time to learn soothing skills for yourself and others, as a vocation or as a gift of care; for groups and individuals, distantly, or in person! Invest in healing. Invest in yourself.

For January, my group classes stay the same:
Mon ~ 10:30-12 Slow Flow Meditation ~ ZOOM
Tue ~ 12-1PM Regeneration Yoga ~ Equinox E.85
Tue ~ 1:45-2:45 Restorative Yoga ~ Equinox E.92
Thur ~ 12-1:15 YinYang ~ Pure Yoga West
Thur ~ 1:45-2:45 Yoga Nidra ~ Pure Yoga West
Sat ~ 12:15-1:30 Flow & Restore ~ Pure Yoga West
Sun ~ 11:45-12:45 Vinyasa Yoga ~ Equinox E.54
Email me to be guested to a Pure Yoga class!
See my schedule any time at: 
Photo Thanks

Thanks for photos this issue to:
Grant Henry Media for group retreat pic with Esco, Lindsey, Juan; Joe Longo for sunset backplank pic with Jake West; Pure Yoga for Restorative pic, Wari Om for this Union Square Park Padmasana with Adam Rinder, and my iPhone for all of the others....

In this issue:
Noble Lustre in Your Eyes
Restorative Arts Teacher Trainings
Photo Thanks
Self Soothers
New Year's Gifts
Self Soothers

Self-regulation is not just for children. We all benefit by learning to self-calm. Breathwork, pranayama, is an entire body of yoga.  Here are a few to try:

1) A long inhale, followed by longer mouth exhale, relaxes the nervous system.
2) Inhale 4 count, hold 7 count, exhale 8 (through lips). After a few rounds, say "sleep now" on your exhale, and relax in rest.

3) Kirtan Kriya: touch your thumb-tip to each fingertip sequentially, chanting a sound for each tap. This becomes rhythmic like rosaries or prayer beads.
The thumb represents the fire element; the index air; third finger ether, ring finger earth; pinky water. So, you balance the elements within you.

3 classic chant options are:
"Sa Ta Na Ma"
"I Am At Peace"
"Let There Be Peace"
Conscious community and communication are an evolutionary step we as a human race are ready for.

We find our favorite paths. Here are a few I like:
*Thom Bond's online Compassion Course and Compassion Book
*John Kinyon's weekly "Conversations Across The Aisle" Thursdays 5PM PST/ 8PM EST.
*CNVC and NYC NVC two compassionate  communication learning centers I find helpful.
*Contemplative Outreach supports Centering Prayer, a Christian contemplative quiet meditative practice.

New Year's Gifts

As we move from the end of a very tough year into the blank slate of the new:
With each question below, breathe in color and lights from the sky, and bathe those lights throughout your body.

"What do I celebrate in myself this past year?"
...Breathe, swirl, bathe...

"What am I grateful for, this last year?"
...Breathe, swirl, bathe...
"What do I desire, for this upcoming year?"
...Breathe, swirl, bathe...
With Question 3, bathe the  fullness of the beauty of the desire through you. Bathe in the blessed gifting of the feelings and sensations of your answers, through you.

As the gifting breaths continue to bathe through you, you might begin to swirl those lights out and beyond you as well.
Breathe in the fullness of the beauty of those gifts within you ... and then ... if it feels good ... share them outward.
Happy New Year, my dear friends! ... With Trust, Valor, and Compassion!


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