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February 2022 Newsletter
For 18 years our newsletter has gone to more than 20,000 Firearms Collectors, Enthusiasts, Historians and Professionals Worldwide. We now reprint over 6000 Vintage Gun Catalogs, Books and Manuals from the 1840s to the 2000s 
Calls From The Wilds
Back issues: you can view the newsletter on our website. For a downloadable copy of our catalog of reprints or manuals this will take you there. Also, we have Interesting downloads at our website. Please forward this letter to your friends.
Most Internet Browsers – Firefox, Edge, Opera etc – have decided to truncate, or cut off, the bottoms of long emails like this one. There is a tiny note at the bottom allowing you to retrieve the rest of the email. Rob and Abby

At first the concept is a little hard to grasp, but What3Words is quickly becoming part of your life. Essentially, What3Words has used GPS signals to divide the world into 57 trillion 10-foot squares. Each square is assigned a three word code, such as "scar-milk-focus" that will direct a vehicle to that exact spot.
Imagine being broken down on a lonely highway with nothing in sight for miles around. By giving a tow truck driver the three-word code he is directed to your exact location. Worse yet, think of an emergency situation where, instead of giving a street address ("was that 22407 East Larcenous Boulevard or 22704 Larkansas Blvd in Texarkana?"), all you have to say is "pets-flies-teeth" as displayed on your phone or smart-watch. Download the app today, and make sure all your family and friends have it too!


The tornado video has been around for a few years. It was passed off originally as a National Geographic purchase for a million dollars, but, of course, it isn't real. Just imagine being in the aircraft taking the airborne videos! Oh, and we might have heard about all those big jets flying off on their own!


Less Lightning during Lockdown
lightningCommuter trains and office blocks weren't the only places to fall silent during Covid lockdowns, reports the THE TIMES, UK – so did the heavens. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that in spring 2020 when much of the world was sheltering at home, global levels of lightning fell by up to 20 percent. The meteorological change appears to have been driven by the drop-off in pollution that resulted from sharp declines in traffic and industrial activity,. Researchers think very fine particles of pollution play a key role in generating lightning, because they serve as platforms for ice crystals to form in clouds. The difference in charge between these ice crystals at the top of the clouds (positive) and larger half hail-like particles at the bottom (negative) is thought to create lightning. So less pollution means less lightning. The steepest reduction in lightning strikes was recorded in heavily industrialized areas, such as northern Italy's Po Valley and the Indian city of Kolkata.


How to End the Story
So, for 2,200 years you've been building this wall, and now
it's about 13,170 miles long, how do you want to end it?



Not so fast pardner... The term bootlegger originated during the late 1700’s along the Cornish coast of England. After the United States war of independence, the United Kingdom was in near financial ruin. Taxes rose enormously to pay for the conflict and that caused the fishing industry and other industries to collapse in Cornwall. The locals turned to smuggling salt, textiles and alcohol from France. Cornish smuggling evolved into an enormous business with hundreds of people involved at any one coastal village. Division of labour amongst the smuggling community resulted in the evolution of roles such as “Batsmen” (armed men to fight the Revenue Men), “Barrel men” (carrying contraband up from the beaches to the caches) and the “Bootleggers” who carried the contraband ashore. They wore long baggy sea boots and were able to stuff some of what they couldn't carry into the boot tops.


And where did you want that trench dug Mrs. McGillicuddy?
Built by Krupp (now ThyssenKrupp) of Germany, the Bagger 288 excavator is the world's largest land vehicle. It is now owned and operated by RWE AG, a large utility company. If you want to get the dirt out, or move a mountain, this is absolutely the right machine.


Cornell Website
(where we don't have to pay commissions,
thereby lowering prices for everyone!)
Well, now, a little pre-announcement! We are finally in the process of developing a new website! Believe it or not, we've been working on getting a new site since 2013. We've interviewed a dozen or more companies and people over the years and we've hired a beercouple but none, until now, has panned out.
Anyway, at vast expense, it is happening now and soon we should have a new website that is not only desktop friendly, but will work on all those hand-held things people carry around staring at all the time. The site will also be able to sell some of our publications as PDF instant downloads... that should be handy if you find yourself at a gun-show, a dealer or a friend's house and need one of our publications right on the spot. We are working to make the new site intuitive and to resemble to old site as closely as possible, so there should be no learning curve.
All this modern convenience will come at a price and I regret to say that once the site is up and running we are going to have to raise prices. So, if you need something you've been putting off, now might be the time make that purchase.
Here is an early glimpse:
The new site will retain the search features we now have as well as featuring some nifty new ones.
Rants and Raves
A little holiday magic!


Dear cornellpubs, I never meant to send negative feedback. I was very satisfied. Please send a link and I will change that to positive feedback. Matt
Letters From Readers
Abby- First off, very cool what you're doing! I am reaching out about an Ad from Black & ringBell 1930 Scottish Gun Catalog how-to-do-it reprint. I have gone down a rabbit hole trying to find more information about this product or similar products and was curious if you recall running into it in any of your other reprints. It is a 'defence ring' with the eyes and tongue jutting out- i have put picture below. Other versions were gargoyles and devil faces. I know this is a long shot, but in the off chance you remember seeing anything like this somewhere, any help would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to hearing back from you, thanks! -Kevin
Hi Kevin, I know we've seen them before but I have absolutely no idea where in the 6000 catalogs and manuals we offer we saw them. Sorry to be no use! Cheers, Abby
Hi, there!! I'm wondering if this Case 1966 Knife Catalog Bradford, Pennsylvania catalog has any information on the 102-12 chef knife? Thanks! ryrich-44 (Ebay)
Yes, it is pictured with specs in the catalog. Rob for cornellpubs
Wonderful! Thank you for checking. Do you have any other Vintage CASE catalogs for sale? If so, which years? I'm looking for any catalog with information on the 102-12" Chef Knife. Anything pre-1972-ish. I think the knife was discontinued in the early 70s.
The only other Case catalog we have is the '64 which has the same knife in it, but I'm not sure we have that issue on ebay. Rob for cornellpubs.
I'd happily buy a copy of the '64 catalog from you as well!
fare loserI'm sorry I looked and we don't have it on ebay. We are forbidden by ebay to give you the exact url for our website. Rob for cornellpubs.
Can you tell me if within this issue the “Everlasting 44-50” shell casing is shown or listed? It will be in one of the early Stevens 1889 Arms & Tool Company Gun Catalogs? Thanks jcoop1137
Yes, the 44-50 shell is pictured and listed. Rob for cornellpubs
REF: Lyman 1958 Handbook of Cast Bullets 1st Edition - I am looking at you handbook and need to know if it has data for the 455 Webley? Regards Paul Fritcher
Paul, It does, yes. Cheers, Rob for cornellpubs
REF: Sniper Weapons System (SWS) 1989 7.62mm M24 Operators Manual - Are these manuals your reprints or are they from a US government printing agency? What size are they? Bayonetben Ebay
They are our reprints, most are from originals (see the image with each advertisement) and the size is noted in the description under the title of the publication. Rob for cornellpubs
Is this an original maunal? I was not happy with a photocopy micbub14 (ebay)
Please look at the picture with the advertisement to judge quality, text from the ad:
58 pages, about 11" x 8", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated.
Holland & Holland 1926 Sporting Arms and Rifles Catalog - Do you have any photo of how it will look when completed/printed ? andahl33 ebay
It looks like the picture included with the ad but with, perhaps, a different binding color, we usually use white. The bottom image in the ad is of an inside page (not shown here-ed). Rob for cornellpubs
Deitemeyer 300 Shotshell Reloader Tool Manual - Hi mate, Can you tell me the cost to post a copy to Australia. Postcode 6083. Thank you, Mark
Hi Mark, To be honest, we have no idea. Australia wants merchants to collect their import duty and taxes we don't have that license. So, we use ebay global shipping and they don't tell us what they charge you, but it is plenty! Add the item to the cart and see what they want before you commit to the purchase. Sorry I can't be more help, Rob for cornellpubs
Owen Submachine Gun c1943 Instruction Book (UK) - Dear cornellpubs, Hi, I’d be interested in the Owen Gun book , but I’m in Australia and find the postage cost is too high. Is there any alternative way of posting to make it affordable ? Thanks. -langas2407 ebay
The quick answer is no. Postage is now extortionate and we don't have the "license" to collect your duty and taxes as now required by Aust., the EU, Canada and the UK, so, we have to use the ebay shipping service over which we have no control. We are working on selling pdfs at our website but don't know if ebay will allow us to do that on their site. Anyway, that is a couple of months away before we are ready. Sorry to not have better news, Cheers, Rob for cornellpubs
Help, I am doing research on police equipment. Could you tell me which 2 of these reproduction have the largest # of items. #742 #923 #581 #931 Thanks, Rick
Hello Richard, I know this sounds dumb but, honestly, the best way to answer your question is to say you should check the index with each item. Without counting the items on each page that will give you the best idea. Also, we go by item name, not sku number when doing research. Cheers, Rob
Rob, Thanks was just wondering about pages devoted to subject. I'm not obsessive/compulsive enough to ask for an item count. I should have been more clear. Rick
So, I'm guessing the numbers you sent are not police catalogs- enter the word "police" in the search bar for those. Anyway, we are absolutely slammed at the moment and won't have time to do page research for probably a month or more- (we get requests for that every week). The index will have to do for now. I am sorry, Rob
That's ok. Rick
“Houston, the Eagle has landed.” I’m happy to report all the publications made it safe and sound thru the USPS punt pass kick team. They look fantastic and I couldn’t be happier. It was a pleasure doing business with you so I left 5 star positive feedback (and a few kind words) on your behalf. Happy New Years and all the best, Chuck
Dear cornellpubs, Do you have manual for Winchester 62a -brucjohanse-23 ebay
The quick answer is no, but I can tell you that the M62 has a nice takedown instruction in the Winchester 1933 (big catalog) Gun Catalog, and the Winchester 1940 Component Parts Catalog has a nice parts flat plan view. For comparison, the Winchester 1938 Component Parts Catalog has the same parts view for the M62. The 62 and 62a parts seem a little different. All those catalogs we should have available at ebay. Rob for cornellpubs
Thank you for being there. John Dauffenbach
Walther Olympia Model OSP Pistol Manual - Hello. Does this manual cover the Walther OSP 2000 (22 short) pistol? I've provided pictures. Thank you. philsailer ebay
Well, I don't think yours is the same model as the one we advertise. There is no mention of M2000 and the barrel is round and not covered by the receiver to the tip. Ours is for a .22 short but I suspect yours is just a later issue. Rob for cornellpubs
not realWalther Olympia Model OSP Pistol Manual - It looks like the manual is in English. It that correct? Thank you for your time rabbit65360 ebay
It is in English. Rob for cornellpubs
Dear cornellpubs, Hi there, can you list a Crosman owners manual for the model 180 ? I will buy it thank you -trumpetguy0095q6g ebay
Sorry, we don't have one. Rob for cornellpubs
SIG 1980 Sturmgewehr PE57 Brochure (SG 510- in German) $14.95 - Dear cornellpubs, Hi, would you take $10 for it? Thanks! Best regards, Will -wilker70 ebay
No, I'm sorry, we print to order and sell our products for little more than the cost to print and bind. Note the catalog is in German. Rob for cornellpubs
Winchester 1910 June- Repeating Arms Co. #76 Catalogue - Hi I own a Winchester model 1894 built in 1910, Would this catalog show these guns and what options were offered? Thanks ramairbob400 ebay
Yes, it also has a "manual" for the gun. They put takedown descriptions in the catalogs back then. Rob
Dear cornellpubs, Hello again. I just came back from your store and I’d like to kindly request a price consideration on the combo purchase of four additional publications as well. Please see screenshot enclosed in regard to the titles. Thank you and it’s getting late, this can wait until tomorrow so please let me know what you can Foo, mañana. Good night, “Cheers” -cdubee1825 ebay
Hello, apparently screenshots don't work with ebay, they don't seem to allow them, are you from overseas? You may buy anything from us you wish. We can't, however, discount our products sold on ebay because the ebay commissions and charges take most of the profit. We have not raised prices at ebay in ten years but plan to do so later this winter. If you are abroad, shipping is extremely expensive today. I am sorry to not have better news but I thank you for writing. Cheers, Rob for cornellpubs
Interested in Speer 1,2,3&4 books. Do you have a picture of the how the actual books look? Are they bound like the original books or just flat paper? Barretn ebay

Books are bound by a machine using heat-activated tape. You can hold the book by a single page and the book opens flat on a table. As you can see, we've sold a lot of them. Rob for cornellpubs. Buy one and see if you like them, Abby
Dear cornellpubs, Hello, I’m very interested in your Speer manuals Vol. 1, 2, 3 and 4. Do you by chance offer any discounts if I buy all four? Thanks Jason -jason-slayer ebay
houseJason, I am sorry but at eBay where there are very high commission costs, we can't sell for less than advertised. Besides, these books are extremely expensive to print with the increases in ink and paper and we have not raised prices to reflect that. Cheers, Rob for cornellpubs
Dear cornellpubs, I definitely understand that. In your listings you say you can combine shipping, how do I do that for the four manuals? Thanks. -jason-slayer
Ebay isn't easy, but there are two ways. Put all the items in the cart and ask for a combined invoice, or if you can't find that just buy them and send a note to Abby to refund shipping overage and she will take care of it. Don't worry, we do this all the time. Cheers, Rob
Dear cornellpubs, Hi .ive recieved the flobert package today unfortunately it has come water damaged ?and some of the pages have stuck together .the outer packaging was partly torn open i would have thought a paper product to be shipped to the uk would have been in a plastic sealed envelope to begin with .please advise on what can be done.thankyou -johny980 ebay Australia
Johny, Thanks for your note. You are entitled to a refund through the ebay global shipping program, just call them with the item number #290893130500. The item was shipped in a waterproof Tyvek envelope. It could have leaked around the flap if submerged or, more likely, opened by customs which either closed the item improperly or threw it away. Anyway, I am sorry for your inconvenience. Rob for cornellpubs
Hi there, I was wondering do you have an electronic copy of Owens & Austen Machine Carbine 1949 Small Arms Training Manual? Thank you, Matt Moss (New Zealand)
Matt, I can make you a pdf of the manual, just buy it online and request Abby refund the shipping (if you are offshore shipping will not be charged). Cheers, Rob
Matt, I’ve made the PDF. Sorry, it took a while to put this together for you. Also, we have several Owen manuals, you know. Cheers, Rob
Thanks for this Rob, yes I'd also like the Owen Submachine Gun c1943 Instruction But not able to pay quite that much for pdf, any discount for my order not impacting your inventory or handling etc?  I'm a historian, I run, I'm in the middle of researching the Owen and Austen for a couple of in depth videos and articles. Will mention you guys as the source of the manuals.  Best, Matt
Matt, you must be joking. I spent over an hour in correspondence and preparing the file for you and you want a discount on $14? RM
Absolutely not Rob, I have already paid for the 1949 manual and it is excellent. I very much appreciate your efforts, it will be invaluable. I was just enquiring if you guys would consider a discount on the other 1943 manual, as I'm not ordering a physical copy and in return I'd  recommend Cornells to my readers and viewers. My apologies if my previous email was poorly worded, no offence intended.  Kind regards,  Matt
Matt, I'll try to make this brief. We store our printing files as two separate files, one .cdr file of the cover and a .doc file of the insides. To make a cover we have to open CorelDraw save the .cdr as either a jog or pdf the open Acrobat and combine the two, usually with some jockeying. Print files actually take much less time because they are automated. So, no we sell pdfs for the same price as print copies because of the time and aggravation it takes.
On the other hand. We are working on a website where we will offer "either/or" as an on the spot download, should be available in six months or so. The pdfs will be a bit less expensive.
Actually, while I'm waiting for the kettle to boil for a nice cuppa I should add that collecting these old publications as donors was very expensive and time consuming. Sadly about 60% of what we offer very rarely sells if at all. For example the Owen you bought cost $37 in 2008 and we have never sold one. So that has to be factored into the price equation.
Abby and I are not trying to make a killing in our retirement but we would like to come out in the green side. I don't mean to be offensive either... read the Rants and Raves at the website and in newsletters! Cheers, Rob
Abby, I am looking for the above subject.  Winchester produced these manuals with hand drawn illustrations for their shotguns.  I have those manuals for the Model 12, the Model 12 Featherweight,and the Model 37 Single Barrel. I was told there was no manual produced for the Model 21 Double Barrel. These manuals were produced in the 50's.  Hopefully, one was produced for the Model 1897.  I consider them to be a work of art when you see the illustrations and realize the work that went into creating them. Thank you for the help, John Buban
Hi John, AA Arnold was the fellow who did the hand drawings in the late 50s and early 60s. I believe we have all he did listed here.  You can recognize his quickly by looking at the image that pops up when you place your mouse over the name of the manual. Cheers, Abby
Gabriel-Hubley Metal Toys and Cap Guns 1975 Catalog - Dear cornellpubs, Hello. I have a dealer order form. GABRIEL 1975 which shows Daisy .the worlds best doll. I am hoping it is in your catalogue . could you please confirm if there is advertising for it in this? Or was there more of these in 1975? Or do you have any others that have Daisy (mary quant doll) advertising? Many thanks Donna-Maree -dmd.1969 (ebay)
No, sorry, there are no Daisy dolls in the catalog and I don't believe Daisy catalogs had dolls either. Abby for cornellpubs
Wing Archery c1962 Catalog - Is the stapled card included? jameste123 ebay
In a way, it is an image superimposed on the cover, not a separate card. Rob for cornellpubs
Federal Gas Protection Laboratories 1934 - would you sell one for 10.00? kaleighxxx
No, I'm sorry there is little profit in what we do to preserve over 6000 old arms publications, of which about 3700 are on ebay. Rob for cornellpubs
Colt 1986 King Cobra Manual - All of them are with the hole? Punched? aellul028 ebay
Hello, The original we worked from had a hole punched in it just as the picture shows. I do have a hole punch so if you buy it and want the hole, I can pop it in for you, just let me know. Best, Abby
Abby, I am looking for a parts diagram, manual, for a 1925 Lefever Ithica 12ga Nitro Special. Can you help Thanks Dave
Hi Dave, About the closest we have is this booklet: Lefever & Ithaca 1939 Shotguns & Parts Stoeger Catalog  It is just a parts view in flat plan form (exploded parts views didn't come into use until after WWII- 50s and 60s). My guess is that your gun will match one of the included diagrams. Owner's manual's, well, Ive never seen one. Best,  Abby
Savage c1927 Arms Company Catalog - This catalog repro should be marked Savage Arms Corporation if it's 1927. Please verify. George Carr sasquatch60: ebay
Hello George, Nowhere in the catalog is there a company name and location where it would be appropriate to use the proper company title. There is also no date anywhere, other than as handwritten on the cover. That is why we call the catalog circa 1927. I used the word company to describe the company with I'll change it to corporation if you think that would be more appropriate. Cheers, Rob
Rob: II'm not doubting that it isn't a 1927 issue, but Savage Arms Corporation was in existence until very early 1928, and I just want to verify how you determined the vintage. I' have my Grandfather's .300 Savage takedown, shipped in late 1927, marked "Corporation." So thia all falls into place. Thanx! George Carr
Rob and Abby
The End.
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