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Mary Aranas Yoga
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February 2022  *  Restorative Arts 
Issue #194  *  Mary Yoga ENews
Compassion: Sutra 1.12
Perhaps, like me, you find it challenging to feel well when you are conscious of the distress of fellow living beings. How do we balance compassion and calm, find the centeredness we need for effective action, for ourselves and others?
Yoga Sutra 1.12 speaks to that challenge:
abhyāsa-vairāgyābhyāṁ tan-nirodhaḥ

This verse invites us to balance Abhyasa (focused practice) and Vairagya (dispassion) or, we may say: Effort and Ease. We offer our very best (effort), then we release our desire to control the results (ease). Like the Serenity Prayer, it strengthens and calms us in much the same way: Best efforts. Release the results.

If you find yourself chronically tense, in solidarity with those in harm's way, consider applying Sutra 1.12 instead of either trying to deny your pain or deflect it, for example through blaming. Neither tactic works for calming us or centering us, rather they prolong and deepen our pain.

Abhyasa/Best Effort:
How do we apply best effort? To help Ukraine people, for example, avoid rhetoric, seek clarity of what you are wanting (contribution, care), and take considered action. Replace overwhelm with connection to your values, apply the best action you can choose. Time, NPR, Fortune.

Music, yoga, meditation, prayer, movement, expression (laugh, cry, sing, dance), nature, art, appreciation, gratitude, rest, pleasure. Connection.
Self-Care, my friends. You have way more presence to offer when you are not at war with yourself. Emotions are stirred up when we see conflict: fear, doubt, judgment, shame, get triggered. How do we triage ourselves?

When's the last time you put your legs up on a bolster?
Restorative Arts Teacher Training 2022
I am blessed to have had a decade of Restorative yoga teachers pass through my trainings! Each with their unique gifts and experiences and special talents. All yoga teachers have their unique teaching voice, and Restorative even more so. I help you to discover or enrich your voice.
Restorative Arts 2022 via Pure Yoga is offered entirely online, including recorded segments and live segments, with participation and interaction, as well as homework, and practice teaching.
Module 1 is Restorative Yoga, 50-Hours over two weekends, covering Restorative Yoga Foundations March 25-27 and Restorative Yoga Advanced April 8-10.
Module 2 is Yoga Nidra and Reiki (I & II), 50-Hours over two weekends: April 29-May 1st, and May 13-15.
Weekend 1: March 25-27
Weekend 2: April 8-10
Weekend 3: April 29 - May 1
Weekend 4: May 13-15
It is one of the great privileges and pleasures I have, to sharethese Restorative Arts trainings with you, and the world. Join me!
2023 YINspirations
January 4th to 10th, 2023: Save the Dates! 
Come to one of my favorite new places to escape to for beautiful weather, gracious people and hospitality, rest and relaxation ~ and Yoga ~ if you wish! Newbies/ Family/Friends are welcome on this restful YINspirations Retreat.
We offer Yoga 2-3x/day on beach or lawn: sweet, strong, balancing, so you return smiling, soothed, and more in love with life and yourself than ever.
For a treat, I offer guest teacher Donna Davidge, plus my husband Raul's hypnotic guitar melodies in savasana.
New Year Journaling and journal prompts make this an inward retreat as well as outer. Ommm...
In this issue:
Compassion: Sutra 1.12
Restorative Arts Teacher Training 2022
2023 YINspirations
June 24 Weekend:Catskills Retreat
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June 24 Weekend:
Catskills Retreat
June 24-26, 2022: Join us Friday to Sunday for a yoga retreat in the Catskills!

My co-teacher Ora Ramat hosts us on her 100-acre property Wagging Tail Yoga, in Bethel, NY.

Beautiful yoga studio annexed to the outdoor pool, yummy yoga, delicious meals, gorgeous grounds, campfire/ fireplace circles, warm sharing!

Retreat from the long workweek/year to enjoy this pastoral weekend oasis with us! See more.
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The photos for this issue came from my iPhone and my friends' iPhones, including Ora Ramat and retreat mates.
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Much love, my Valentines!


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