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Mary Aranas Yoga
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July 2022 * Summer Savors * ENews Issue #199
Mary Yoga & Coaching
Restorative Arts Teacher Training: Autumn
Autumn brings: 2022 Mother Mary Restorative Arts teacher training. Whether you have your 200-hour Yoga certification or not, whether you are a wellness provider or trainer or not, you are sure to derive great benefits by deepening your skills in the Restorative Arts of Yoga. Yoga Teachers receive Continuing Education credits or Pure Yoga Advanced Teacher Training credits, as applicable. Regardless, you will be equipped for restorative self-care and other-care, for group or private students.
Module 1: Basic + Advanced Restorative Yoga takes place over two weekends, October 28-30 and November 11-13. All modules are recorded for the event that some sessions don't meet your time zone or schedule for live attendance. Together with homework, these two weekends comprise 50 hours credit.
Module 2: Yoga Nidra + Reiki, take place over two weekends in 2023, January 20-22 and February 3-5.
Module 1 & 2 can be taken alone (Module 2 requires approval) or take both together for a bundled price.
Email Andrea Borrero at Pure Yoga for registration details.
Email me for questions on content, or on the suitability of this training for your background and goals.
And yes, the above is a "viparita karani" restorative inversion, with available prop!
"Restorative Yogis OR AcroYogis": You Are Needed
Are you a Restorative yogi or an AcroYogi? Your help is needed! Let's aid this yoga teacher & clinical psychology master's student in her thesis. I love interdisciplinary research, and I love yogis who desire to help the world! Rosa is still 30 students short on the AcroYoga and Restorative front! Flow yoga is pretty well covered. Shall we help her? Meet Rosa below, in her words:
YOGA, BURNOUT & PERSONALITY In my master's thesis in Clinical Psychology at University of Vienna, I am investigating how personality, burnout prevention, and three different types of Yoga are related, namely
- Flow Yoga
- Partner Yoga
- Restorative Yoga.
Do you practice any of these Yoga styles regularly? 
Would you be willing to complete my survey?
It takes 15-20 minutes to fill in and is 100 % anonymous.
To thank everyone who participates and forwards the questionnaire to other Yoga practitioners, I have recorded two ultra short breath exercises: a four minute grounding practice in German, and a six minute pranayama in English. 
Thank you for your support and enjoy your practice!
Rosa Stark
Yoga Instructor 
Berlin//Vienna//San Francisco
Friday Night AcroYoga YinYang ... and JAM
Friday Night AcroYoga ~ August 26th at Cosmic Fit Club!
With a delicious YinYang (therapeutic and acrobatic, lunar and solar) blend of spicy and sweet, and a Jam after ~ Because ~ what's sweeter than play and practice with a loving community?

Whether you are a veteran of AcroYoga, or a newbie, you will be rejuvenated!

Serotonin, endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin will cruise through you, marinating your cells with the juiciness of feeling fun, adventure, trust, friendship, kindness, and new confidence.
How healthy is THAT! 
Yes you will grow stronger, more balanced, and more flexible, that is a given. But more importantly, you will become more self-connected and self-aware, more honest; a much better communicator! Why else would I love this art? ... It is soul yoga but with people. People you meet, the ones in your life, and you! Your own playful inner child.... So... TGIF!!! Come and play! 
14-Day "Double Your Energy" Cleanse Reset
My friends know I enjoy 10-day fasts of the Master Cleanse twice a year for over a dozen years now. I just ended an 11-day fast and I am bursting with extra energy, clarity, power, and peacefulness.

Cleanses, whether fasting or not, refresh our systems, reset our patterns and habits around food, and eliminate toxins that slow us down and mire us in fatigue, fuzziness, aches, and proclivity to ailments. I am a huge fan of cleanse resets. I find them meditative, enlightening, pleasurable, and anti-aging.
Many prefer gentler cleanses than the Master Cleanse, including pre-made kits where you only eat what is sent to you. Some of these are good (be sure to do your research) - AND at the same time, when it is done, it is done. You HOPE to emerge with shifts in your eating habits, before the next time.

My "Double Your Energy" 14-Day Cleanse 
is a healthy, real food, EATING cleanse and reset that I will support with Zoom/phone meetings, journal prompts, and a gorgeous digital manual with food lists, recipes, nutrition and detox education, and mind and body self-care tools and tips.
Phase 1: two days of prep and goal-setting. Phase 2: seven days of EATING excluding specified foods (toxifying, acidifying, and most common allergy-causing and poorly tolerated foods). Finally, Phase 3: five days of re-introducing excluded foods, 1-2 at a time, for you to journal which foods add or subtract from your newfound clarity, lightness and energy. 

The result is a deeper understanding of your metabolism, body needs, moods and emotions, and your agency over all these. Your skin, hair, joints, muscles, gut, and brain will all feel like a freshly bathed baby. And you will 
build a stronger, cleaner, more knowledgeable, happier food relationship for life.
I would love for you to "get" the higher energy, joy, and better-feeling body-mind I "get" with cleanses, through this gentle yet effective eating cleanse reset with me! Email me to get on the list to receive information/answers to questions about the cleanse! 
*Registration for this August Reset Cleanse gets a one-time deep discount, as we take this trip together for the first time!
*14-Day Cleanse: Aug.19-Sept.1st (2 days prep, 7 days eating cleanse, 5 days food re-entry with journaling = 14 days).
YINspirations: EXTRA Early Bird for Jan. 4-10
Winter blues ever get you? Blustery sleet, grey icy rain? I am a tropical bird in all my cells. Knowing that I'll fly to the Dominican Republic in January, after New Year, makes my heart sing, my entire Nov-Dec more light-filled! How about you?
Of course you can plan your own ideal getaway, with yoga or not! If with, it might be an ashram, an eco-adventure, a bootcamp. I honor all your tastes and preferences! And "if"... 
If ... you want a relaxed luxurious all-inclusive resort, an array of pools, sand beaches, restaurants, cabanas ... yoga 2x daily with me and my delightful guest teacher ... lullabies from my guest guitarist ... some group meals, some independent meals ... personal time to take tours, do water sports, activities, read, write, and just really  unwind ... 
Well ... consider registering now for YINspirations Retreat January 4-10, 2023 in Puerto Plata, DR with me and my mates!
We've priced this delectably low added referral bonuses, and if you read to here, you have an EXTRA Earlybird  code (shhhh, just here): 

$150 off if you register "now" ie place your non-refundable $250 deposit by August 15th and quote "Superbird 15". You can still earn referral bonuses later. Take a leap!
In this issue:
Restorative Arts Teacher Training: Autumn
"Restorative Yogis OR AcroYogis": You Are Needed
Friday Night AcroYoga YinYang ... and JAM
14-Day "Double Your Energy" Cleanse Reset
YINspirations: EXTRA Early Bird for Jan. 4-10
Fall Retreat Update
Transformational Coaching
Photo Credits
Email Privacy
Fall Retreat Update

Our latest Wagging Tail Yoga Weekend Retreat, our #16, was more delicious than ever!!

Ora and I are taking a break this Fall to make room for our own trips and projects! - Autumn in Tuscany for me.

We've also reformatted our 2-day weekend to create a longer, 3-day weekend retreat for Spring & Summer 2023, for more play, space, fun, and connection.

Mark your calendars now for the first weekend of June, 2023 (Thur-Sun or Fri-Mon)!

Final dates will be posted by 2023. Email if you want to be put on our advance notice "retreat invite" email list.
Transformational Coaching
Twenty years ago I took a leap of faith into a 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training with ISHTA YogiRaj Alan Finger and his ISHTA teachers.

It was my vision, after my mom became the second parent I lost to cancer, to support people in finding their pathway to wholeness.
Now, twenty years hence, in 2022, I am thrilled to be a dual certified  Health and Life Coach, in the Transformational Coaching Method taught by Health Coach Institute.

Currently, I offer 90-day, Love My Body, My Life transformation journeys and custom journeys.

Clients are selected after a free 45-minute discovery session, a powerful coaching session whether we keep working together or not.

Email me with interest in a discovery session.
Photo Credits

Photo thanks this issue include (models + photographers): Ora Ramat, Chris Rosen, Charles Lee, Sandy Ames, Alondra Siguas, Anne  Eyrignoux, Wagging Tail Yoga, Tropical Beach Resort & Spa.
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I am so appreciative of your cyber-connection through the miles and years, from 2006.
Wishing you deep peace, high joy, fulfilling abundance, and expansion in your life journey!


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Mary Aranas Yoga  •  Murray Hill, Manhattan  •  NY, NY 10016

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