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Mary Aranas Yoga
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Mary Yoga & Wellness ENews * Fields of Dreams
Aug 2022 * Issue #200
If You Seed It ... 
Our fields of dreams ripen in their own mysterious, magical rhythms that may bear no resemblance to Earth's.
When your dreams are in a fallow season, trust the wisdom of dormancy. Trust the seeding, nourishing, beneath the surface. Dream the fragrance, the juice you know them to have. Honor the seeding for the deliciousness of harvest to become inevitable, and the more relished.
My own season of dormancy lasted well over a year. When studios had opened, and we resumed teaching... when streets and eateries swelled, and masks became optional ... planes flew, vacations boomed.... I taught, I dined, I vacationed.... And I stayed slow, and low.

I was nourishing my inner life. My family had gone through a shared emotional injury that gave everyone the option for more growth. This was a winter of silent expansion for me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach, learn, and evolve within this time.
Now at 18 months' gestation, my fields flower and bloom! None of the fallow time was wasted, though it felt soooooo long. None of the rain was wasted, none of the sun. None of the dancing in the fields was fruitless. Thank you if you danced!
I gather armfuls and basketfuls. I know my fields aren't all ripe. But now I can see reality in my dream fields. If you cannot yet, nourish the soil. If we do not seed our dreams, how can they flower?
Moi: Certified Life And Health Coach 

A crop I am harvesting: I am a Certified Life Coach and Health Coach!
I completed both my two certifications this year with the stellar HCI school. I am in "Mastery" transformation coaching grad school. And, I am loving every coaching program I've run, and every client! Of Life Or Health Coaching! And, the seasonal Foods Cleanse Reset I am so enjoying guiding people through! My website Mary Aranas Yoga is now Mary Aranas Wellness. Everything expands fluidly, co-creatively.
It is difficult to express how transcendent has been my coaching path. Just as Yoga in 1996 and Yoga teaching in 2002 expanded me; as AcroYoga teaching in 2008 electrified everything I do, see or touch; so becoming a Health and Life Coach in 2022 has energized and dazzled my world with new creativity. If there's a Life or Health issue you need support on, consider a 90-day investment in your transformation, and reach out to schedule a discovery session if you are ready for it.
Class Changes
My schedule is always updated on my website whether for ongoing weekly classes or upcoming events.
All can be found at

*Email me for a guest pass to a Pure OR Equinox class.
Here is my fall class schedule:
Monday: 10:30AM Slow Flow Meditation, Zoom *New Date Series
Tuesday: 12-1 Yin Yoga, Equinox E.85
Tuesday: 1:45-2:45 Restorative, Equinox E.92
Tuesday: 8-9PM Yin Meditation, Equinox Park Ave *New Class
Thursday: 12-1:15 YinYang, Pure Yoga West 
   *New Time from 9/8: 12:15-1:30PM
Thursday: 2-3PM Yoga Nidra Meditation, Pure Yoga West
Saturday: Restorative 12:15-1:30, Pure Yoga West *New Name
Fridays 1x/Month: YinYang AcroYoga, Cosmic Fit Club *New Class
  *Next date: Sept. 30th ~ on CFC and my websites, IG, and FB
Restorative Arts: Module 1 & 2
'Tis the season for Mother Mary Module 1: Restorative Yoga Foundations and Restorative Yoga Intermediate/Advanced Teacher Trainings.
These two 25-hour weekend trainings take place respectively over October 28-30 and November 11-13 weekends.
These are hybrid training models with the freedom of both flexibility and participation. Some pre-recorded video segments allow flexible self-study. Some live online sessions allow interactive learning, engagement, and practice, peer and teacher connection, and Q&A. All digital sessions are recorded, so those dealing with time conflicts may still participate on their time.
Register early to receive the Mother Mary TT Manual and reading lists early (from one month in advance, ie Sept. 28 for Weekend 1, from October 11th for Weekend 2).
These 2x25 hours are Yoga Alliance CEUs hours for all RYT teachers, and YACEP approved for Pure's 300-Hour Advanced TT program.
Details here. Questions? Email
YINspirations Retreat Jan 4-10
Dear Diary: It is getting autumnal. While I love the late summer sienna colors and enjoy the sunset swirls of the leaves, I know that I will weather the holidays and midwinter better if I plan a sunshine escape between November and April. What do you think?
Dear Yogi: We agree! Wherever you delight to go, feel that your heart smiles to picture it! Follow your heart's impulses. And book it early so that you can enjoy the pleasure of it throughout the fall, as the days get shorter!
YINspirations January 4-10, 2023, 7-days, 6-nights at Puerto Plata, DR is a restorative Yoga vacation and retreat with Mary, Donna, friends and family.
You are welcome solo; you are  welcome with friends and family. You're welcome for Flow, Yin and Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini, Partner Yoga. All yoga is tailored to the group. Details: here
A $250 non-refundable deposit reserves your space.
SAVE $150 Early Bird ends October 1st.
Email Privacy
I value your privacy, and do not share lists! Please feel free to Reply, Forward, Subscribe, Unsubscribe!
Maha Shanti, great and mighty peace to you! Thanks to all my abidingly generous and good students, teacher colleagues, teachers!

In this issue:
If You Seed It ... 
Moi: Certified Life And Health Coach 
Class Changes
Restorative Arts: Module 1 & 2
YINspirations Retreat Jan 4-10
Email Privacy
Labor Day NVC Discovery Weekend
Fresh Food Cleanse!
VOTE: Postcards
Photos Thanks
Labor Day NVC Discovery Weekend

This Labor Day, I join the in-person, live Non-Violent Communication Discovery Weekend in Boston, led by Antonio Espinoza of NYC NVC.
From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, 9/2 to 9/4, we explore and practice the NVC skills of Observation (distinct from evaluation/ judgment), Feelings (versus stories), Needs (versus strategies), and Requests (versus demands), and how these apply in our lives.
Antonio is a stellar teacher, and the weekend promises to be richly engaging. NVC tools are sooo valuable for self-knowledge, and making life more wonderful!
If it meets your needs for adventure, learning, and community, take a look and jump on in!
Fresh Food Cleanse!

My first 14-Day Fresh Food Cleanse Reset was great for all involved, for me too!
We cleared brain fog, digestive, hormonal issues, raised energy levels, gained strength and tone, lost an average 4 lb. each, without feeling deprived, enjoyed foods, beverages even social times, and learned so much what our bodies respond best/poorly to.

Most of all: we have new, fresher appetites, and new chef & shop skills for energized longevity ~ the only kind of longevity I am interested in!
Email me to get on the mailing list for my next Cleanse dates! Yes, you can ask questions about adaptations for work and life schedules!
VOTE: Postcards
I just bought 100 postcards & stamps! Writing postcards vs. letters doesn't just save a wee bit on my wrists, time and postage, though that is significant to me!!

But I also feel the visible effect of words winging their way through the land lends a tribal ripple effect. We are herd animals.

So, moo, moo. A sample card (1 of 3) to voters:
"Thank you for being a voter! Who you vote for is private, but whether you vote is public record. Please vote in the Tues. Nov. 8 election!" Join me?
Photos Thanks

Photos thanks this issue to:
Sandy Ames, Derek Pashupa Goodwin, Katie Capano, Health Coach Institute, Pure Yoga, Lifestyles Tropical Resort, NYC NVC, Daily Kos.
Please forgive typos! My staff -me- gets enthused! ADHD likely, or in Yogic terms  excess vata - wind,  air, breeeze, sounds....
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