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Mary Aranas Yoga
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December 2022  *  Season of Lights  *  Issue #204
Mary Yoga & Wellness ENews
January & February
Jan. 4-10: YINspirations Retreat
Jan. 16-29: New Year Fresh Foods Cleanse
Jan. 19: AcroYoga Fly & Thai Thursdays
Jan. 20-22: Yoga Nidra + Reiki Training Level 1
Feb. 3-5: Yoga Nidra + Reiki Training Level 2
Feb. 11: ValenTHAI workshop 7:30-9:30
Feb. 12: Valentine Restorative Feast 1:30-3:30
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! YINspirations Jan 4-10
As you read this, my backpack, harmonium, and big smile are ready to fly to Puerto Plata, DR, for a delicious New Year's YINspirations yoga retreat.
Twelve lovely souls join myself and Donna Davidge enjoying  sunrise YinYang, and sunset Yin/Restore, Yin/Nidra, Kundalini and AcroYoga. This is a dream since Raul and I visited Puerto Plata last July, in 2021.
"Hey, why not a retreat here?" I said. He: "Why not?" And ... here we are, a little over a year later, with our friend and soul sister Donna, and eleven others!
We wanted to share what we found delightful and medicinal: delicious dining, beauteous nature, relaxing vibes. Space. Time. Freedom to explore, tour, or simply be. Hear the waves. Happy New Year!  
AcroYoga Fly and Thai
Om Factory, New York's home of AcroYoga, will once again host a solar/lunar AcroYoga class, Thursdays at 8:30PM, starting January 19th.
We will "test fly" it three months, see if it "takes" in this format, so come help us seed it and grow it!  
Yes, I know 8:30 sounds LATE on a weeknight! I hear ya!
But, consider this: We artfully express ourselves, channeling all we've needed to say or feel all week through playful partner AcroYoga movement, 30-40 minutes. We clear our bodies and minds! With laughter, play, learning! Best clearing, ever.
THEN you get led through some melting Thai Yoga bodywork that will relax the mind and body and soften the heart and soul, so you will sleep better on Thursday nights than on any other night of your week.
And you will end your week refreshed and renewed. If that isn't an enticement to come out on a weeknight, and be glad that you did!
Don't make me do this alone! 8:30 Thursday, New York winter nights, could be no fun at all, or they could be WAAAAY fun! Let's do it!
No partner needed. All levels are welcome
Yoga Nidra & Reiki in Jan. + Feb.
Module 2 of Mother Mary Restorative Arts, in collaboration with Pure Yoga's Advanced Teacher Training Program, takes place over two weekends in January and February.
Jan 20-22: Reiki Level 1 (Fri/Sat)/ Yoga Nidra Level 1 (Sunday)
Feb 3-5: Reiki Level 2 (Fri/Sat)/ Yoga Nidra Level 2 (Sunday)

You do not need to be a yoga teacher to learn about, or to deepen your Yoga Nidra experience, AND yes, you WILL learn how to guide yourself and others in the magical, powerful meditation practice that is Yoga Nidra, lucid dreaming meditation.

Reiki energy healing, once attuned, is practiced first of all on oneself (Level 1) and then to loved ones, including animals, plants, even machinery. In Level 2, we expand to include distance and time, as well as thoughts, emotions, situations, and we add on power symbols.
Both training weekends are part of Pure Yoga's 300-Hour program, and eligible for Yoga Alliance CEU hours if you are an RYT. To maximize our time together, students receive materials in advance, to read and to view before our live Zoom sessions on training weekends.
Registration is online and/or through Katelyn Buttitta at Pure Yoga.
Valentine Restorative Feb.12
NOT to forget: the most important valentine of all. Yes, You. Yourself. The relationship between you and you: without that being loving, you're limited in the capacity for love with the world around you. Come take care of, love up, and nurture that precious self!
Join us for Valentine's Day Restorative Feast, Sunday February 12th, 1:30-3:30 at Pure Yoga West. We, my restorative angelic team and I, shall balance all seven of your chakras. We shall do so through Restorative postures over bolsters, healing touch, selected aromatherapy, sound and music, and meditation and imagery visualizations. All guests receive an aromatherapy gift. There will be a chance to buy selected aromatherapy, afterwards.
Space is limited; register early to save your space! Valentine Bonus: Bring a friend and save when you register together.
Article Title
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It is my wish and dream for you that 2023 will bring fresh happiness, exponential joy, growth and freedom, for you and yours! And we may meet on our joyous, ever-expanding paths!

Shanti ~ Shalom ~ Peace & Love be within & with you!
Jan 16-29 Cleanse
Buckle up! Watching "Emily In Paris" is so much fun because we loved it in Paris, and seeing all those places, art, and frisky romance, is such a treat!

Well, if you're called to feel frisky yourself, why not try this 14-day Fresh Foods Cleanse Reset with me, this New Year? It's Jan 16-29, in 3 phases. Yes, you will eat, and yes, you can go about your life!
Every single grad (I've led it twice thus far) reports feeling friskier, brighter, and happier: physically, emotionally, and spiritually! And wiser and more in love with their bodies.
One reason I rejoice to do it seasonally myself now: I feel incrementally better each time, and in between, as well as spectacular, during! Join me?
ValenTHAI Feb.11
Welcome back, ValenTHAI  couples! That means you! Friends, family members, or dates, all couples are welcome! 
Come share the giving and receiving of healing Thai Yoga bodywork with a friend or loved one: Saturday February 11th, 7:30-9:30PM.

Bassam and Mary love leading these sequences! The flows we guide you with are healing, loving, and releasing. A "Do Not Miss" event each year!
Join us live at Om Factory in USQ and share wine and chocolate after! Or, if you live far away ~ join by Zoom from the privacy of your own home!

Space is limited, so save the date, and watch for or email for registration details!
Weekly Classes
Email for Eqx/Pure guest pass!
Tue 12 Yin @Equinox E85
Tue 1:45 Restore @Equinox E92
Tue 8PM Yin @Equinox Park Av
Thu 12:15 Yin/Yang @Pure Yoga
Thu 2PM Nidra @Pure Yoga
Sat 12:15 Restore @Pure Yoga
Thu 8:30 AcroYoga Fly+Thai
   @Om Factory (from 1/19)
Photo Thanks
Thanks for photos this issue to:
Karen Fuchs
John Thomas Suhar
Jeni Rogers
Om Factory
Pure Yoga
Cofresi and Tropical Resorts
And to my models:
Megan Kelley
Raphael Aranas
Bassam Kubba
Gina Newlin
Matt Giordano
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Mary Aranas Yoga  •  Murray Hill, Manhattan  •  NY, NY 10016

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