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Mary Aranas Yoga
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January ~ Beauty & Bounty
Mary Yoga & Wellness ENews * Issue #205
January 2023
Bounty Begets Bounty
Fresh from the refreshingly delicious tropical YINspirations Retreat I led with my friend Donna Davidge and my retreat partner and strolling minstrel husband Raul Aranas, I am freshly aware of the vibrational Universe we live in.
Whenever you're stuck on a decision or for inspiration, try this: Go do something that feels good. Pet your cat. Get outside. Move your body. Watch something funny. Dance to a great song. Give someone a happy surprise. And watch what happens. 

Our greatest "work" lies not in our to-do lists, but in our to-feel lists. Try that out. And when you rev up those tingling, vibing feelings, you'll find so many "next logical steps" as people, ideas, events seem to line right up to match those happy feelings. Like, a double rainbow to wrap up a first morning's beach yoga practice!

Don't take my word for it. Become a life scientist! Joy, however little to start, begets more joy. Practicing the "feeling place" of joy may feel strange at first. I know, an awful job, but somebody's got to do it! 
ValenTHAI Saturday Feb 11
Not sure how to celebrate Valentine's Day? Want to enjoy a deeper sense of intimacy and appreciation for one another?
ValenTHAI Date
Saturday, Feb. 11th
7:30-9:30 PM
Om Factory
Spend time with your partner/ friend/ family member)  applying the blend of yoga stretches and loving touch that is Thai yoga bodywork. It’s a reminder to make time for touch in your relationship, and a gift the two of you can share throughout your lives. In this two-hour workshop, you will both give and receive, and learn various Thai bodywork techniques, some self-care skills, and a guided bodywork sequence. 
ValenTHAI Date is available in-person, and also on Zoom for those living farther away or preferring more privacy or ease from home. Register early to ensure a spot!
Valentine Restorative 2/12
Treat yourself to this Valentine Sunday afternoon feast for body and soul! 
Sunday, February 12th, 1:30-3:30PM, Pure Yoga West
Recline over bolsters in deeply peaceful postures to soothing music and selected aromatherapy, my magic guided meditations, and a 7-chakra balancing journey through your senses and elements.
Mantra, yantra, birthrights, and Thai & Reiki nurturing touch complete your Valentine spa date with Self. Register with a friend ~ you each save! Pre-register early to ensure a spot, as space is limited.
Aromatherapy gift for each guest! Stay to shop aromatherapy items, or scented eye pillows, or go enjoy Pure's steam room, pre-dinner!
Coach Clinic: 2 Dreamshops
75-MINUTE DREAMSHOP: “Who Am I: Fully Fulfilled” 
8PM-9:15 ET  Two date options: March 29th / April 17th  
The Big Five of Your Life: Love, Money, Work, Health, Spirit ....
Join me for a beautiful crystal ball look and feel into who you are when fully fulfilled in each of life's "Big 5". 
Think of this as an adventurous safari drive, but the Big 5 are all you! This lucid dream drive is experiential, tingly delicious, and powerful. In small group, via live Zoom. Space is limited. 
Fee: 75-minutes, $75  Sign up or the date that suits you best: MARCH 29th or APRIL 17th.
Weekly & Monthly Classes
Zoom Monday Morning Class + Recording:
Monday 10:30-11:45AM Slow Flow Meditation  $20
Equinox Eastside: 3 clubs - email for guest pass
Tuesday: Yin Yoga Meditation 12-1PM, E.85 St./3rd Av
Tuesday: Restorative Yoga 1:45-2:45, E.92 St/3rd Av
Tuesday: Yin Yoga Meditation 8-9PM, Park Av/E.33 St 
Pure Yoga Westside: 204 W.77th Street - email for guest pass
Thursday:    Yin/Yang Flow 12:15-1:30
Thursday:    Yoga Nidra Meditation 2-3PM
Saturday:    Restorative Trance Meditation 12:15-1:30
Om Factory Union Square: 873 Broadway, 2nd Floor
Third Thursdays: 8:30-10PM $30 (Feb 16, March 16)
AcroYoga Fly & Thai AcroYoga + Thai Bodywork 
Photo Credits
Photo Thanks to:
Jeni Rogers, Wari Om, Lesley Kennedy, HCI, my iPhone 13 Pro.
And models:
Ale Ruiz, Jonny Nobleza, Megan Kelley, Donna Davidge and the inspiring YINspirations students! 
In this issue:
Bounty Begets Bounty
ValenTHAI Saturday Feb 11
Valentine Restorative 2/12
Coach Clinic: 2 Dreamshops
Weekly & Monthly Classes
Photo Credits
Fly & Thai 3rd Thursday
May Cleanse Reset
June Catskills Retreat 
Email Privacy
Fly & Thai 3rd Thursday

Third Thursdays are now
AcroYoga Fly & Thai Night at Om Factory Flight School in Union Square!
Unwind from your Thursday with a fun, playful first half AcroYoga class and second half Thai bodywork, so you will be completely relaxed and ready for the night, and a great weekend!
All are welcome. No partner needed. Come!
3rd Thurs: 8:30-9:45PM 
Feb 16, Mar 16, April 20
May Cleanse Reset

Happy and grateful to do and to lead these delicious, wholesome, bountiful, beautiful, seasonal, 14-day Fresh Foods Cleanse Resets.
Join my seasonal online group cleanses, with a full-color Manual, full of recipes and step-by-step lists of fresh foods ~ such a huge range of options! ~ plus the science of: WHY cleanse, why THESE foods, why not THOSE. I learn something new each time!

Especially helpful for: pain and inflammation reduction, digestion and sluggishness relief, weight loss, sober support, fertility support, strength and energy replenishment and boost.
Spring Cleanse May 13-26. Shoot me any questions!
June Catskills Retreat 
It's not too early to mark your calendar to save the dates for our weekend retreat June 2-4 in the rolling hills of the Catskills.
Nature, beauty, peace, delicious food, a pool, an organic garden, 100-acre wooded and pastured land, glorious yoga studio, and yoga morning and evening with myself and Ora Ramat.... Time to be, and play, and rest!
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May you breathe with beauty and bounty in our beautiful, bountiful world.
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Mary Aranas Yoga  •  Murray Hill, Manhattan  •  NY, NY 10016

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